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Leading An Explosive Revolution In Another World! - Volume 3 - Chapter 12



’’His majesty is here.’’

The elven attendant that entered the guest room notified Kester and almost immediately, a young male elf walked in. Every action of his was steady and mature and he had a majestic aura about him that looked beyond what his physical age would suggest. Behind him were 2 other people. One was the elven girl Tess who had unworldly beauty whom she had met once before. The other was a more familiar face that gave Alisha a shock.

’’Molan!’’ Alisha called out and waved.

Molan too waved when he saw her, ’’Hi.’’

’’Why are you here!? I thought something happened to you!’’

’’There's a lot of reasons.’’ Molan said as he smiled sheepishly. Alisha wanted to question him further but stopped when she saw how exhausted he was.

He looks so tired, Alisha thought, he's almost like a different person when compared to how energetic he was before. Did something bad happen?

He looked like he would collapse with a single touch. Alisha's heart ached at how tired and weak Molan looked.

’’I'm here, Cha-kun~’’ Kester said as he jumped off the chair and made his way over casually. By right, humans ought to kneel when having an audience with the king of elves. Even a human monarch has to bow. Yet Kester's behaviour did not enrage the elven king in the least and he even smiled.


Who exactly is the Headmaster, Alisha wondered.

Every royal and noble in Rosa, as well as every other country, knows about Kester. Though Kester is the Headmaster in St Txarango, he is not from the country and even holds key appointments in many other countries though those appointments seem to be merely titles and he doesn't do any actual work. Yet the respective countries are happy to have him on their payroll for an exorbitant sum. What kind of human is he to have such special treatment? Alisha had asked many others before about this but daddy said that she didn't need to know and others just gave answers that were as good as none-

Because the previous generation asked for it.

This was the reason why he received these appointments. Whenever the previous generation passed on the torch, they would instruct their heirs to continue this practice of respecting Kester deeply. There was clearly a reason for this, but whatever it was, it was safely guarded.

But then, this begs the question of how old the Headmaster really was. Alisha thought.

Of course, many have tried to investigate him given how well-known and enigmatic he is. But these efforts have always resulted in investigators being charged under dubious counts before they can get to anything substantial.

’’What business do you have?’’ The elven ming asked.

’’I'm actually here to look for Tess but then no one was around at her place so I came to look for you.’’

’’Tess and I just came back from outside the Forest.’’

’’Does Tess already know? About Tina-chan's current status.’’

Tess nodded, ’’Sorry.’’

Molan probably knows as well, which is why he is like this, Alisha thought. Alisha had been deeply troubled over how she ought to tell Molan about this. Tina had gotten into this state while she was with her after all and Alisha was afraid that Molan would begin to hate herself for this and even throw his temper at her.

But Molan was now sitting far away and his expression was hidden behind his long fringe and she couldn't tell if he was angry or sad.

’’Due to various reasons, the half of the mission that Tina-chan was shouldering has returned to its original owner, to Tess. Because she has lost her reason to live, Tina-chan has returned to the state she was in before she received the transference.’’

’’I learnt about this from Tess on the way back. All I can say is fate is toying with us.’’

’’Having Tina-chan die like this is troublesome and I wish to save Tina-chan.’’

’’Life and death is up to the Gods. Going against the will of the Gods is impossible.’’

’’Hai~ But I've already promised Willy and Sasha. I have to fulfill my promises.’’

’’What are your plans, Kester? I would like to hear them.’’

’’I'm planning on killing Tess.’’ Kester said as a matter-of-factly.

The atmosphere froze over instantly and Alisha was the first to speak up, ’’H, headmaster! Don't joke around like that!’’

’’I'm not, I'm serious.’’

’’You said you had a way-’’

’’This is it.’’ Kester said as he turned to look at Alisha, ’’The returning of the mission to Tess cannot be reversed. The only way for Tina-chan to live is for her to be the only Emissary by having Tess die.’’

’’Can we do it like the last time, using that, geh, transference spell, and do what we did the last time!?’’

’’No. Transference can only be used once. Each Emissary can only use the spell once.’’

Alisha looked toward Tess and Tess nodded, ’’Un, I can't use it again.’’

’’Because transference implies that the Emissary will die. And having the spell interrupted like what happened to Tess earlier is a unique and unprecedented situation.’’

’’Kester, is it for political reasons that you wish to save the human Emissary?’’ The elven king asked.

’’No, it's because of my promises.’’

’’But she will inevitably be drawn into human political conflicts and this is not good for the human race as a whole.’’

’’What happens after that is too troublesome so I'm not going to think about it.’’

’’Headmaster! I know I pleaded with you, but I didn't think that the solution would require the sacrifice of another!’’

’’Eh, if something of equivalent value isn't sacrificed then Tina-chan can't be saved, Sasha.’’

’’I, I retract my request! What I said earlier doesn't count!’’

’’Hmm? Sure, I'll just fulfill the promise I had with Willy then.’’


’’Kester, I am very much against the idea of using the Emissary for personal gain. Human always claim to be wise but they always make the gravest of mistakes. But... Kester, us elves owe it to you. If you, as a representative of humanity, ask for Tess's life, then I have no right to reject.’’

’’- But only if Tess is willing. If she is even the least bit unwilling to, then don't blame me when I disregard our ties and go all out against you.’’

’’Why is everyone against me...’’ Kester complained as he pouted, ’’I'm not going to make Tess do something she isn't willing to. I'm good friends with her. She asked me to bring Molan and Tina-chan to the Oracle the last time and Tess told me that she doesn't want to be the Emissary anymore...’’

’’... Is that so, Tess?’’ The elven king asked.

As though she'd long come to a decision about this, Tess answered with no hesitation, ’’Un.’’

Alisha couldn't help but feel respect for her. From Alisha's perspective, it seemed like the fates of Tina and the elven girl were bound together. They were also very similar in that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for others, no matter the cost. They were both also very beautiful, both inside and out.

The elven king couldn't believe his ears and asked Tess once more, ’’Are you certain you are willing to give up your life for a human you barely know?’’

Huh? Barely know? Alisha felt like rolling her eyes.

Tess didn't hesitate, ’’I've decided this long ago.’’


’’I won't change my mind.’’


The elven king wanted to continue persuading her but Tess ignored him and turned to Kester, ’’Is Tina still alright?’’

’’Not good~ Her soul will disappear in 3 days.’’

’’Please wait.’’

’’Alright, for how long?’’

’’Tomorrow. After Zkocha performs the purification for Molan.’’


’’Un, if the purification fails, Zkocha will hurt Molan and I will protect him.’’

’’Cha-kin, how can you hurt my student? I'll get angry.’’

’’I'm only thinking about from the big picture.’’

’’So Kester, please wait till tomorrow. I want to make sure Molan is safe. After that, you can kill me.’’

’’Alright~ I'll do what Tess tells me to do, hehe~’’

’’Umm...’’ Alisha said as she raised her hand somewhat hesitantly and interrupted the,.

’’What's wrong, Sasha?’’

’’Molan ran out just now...’’

I've had enough.

Tina is dying, Tess is also dying. This is the second time already. Tina died for William and Tess died for Tina. You both are really impressive.

Can't you all just live safely and simply? Isn't living the most important thing?

When I was weak, I lost you both. Now that I have gained power, you both are still going to leave me. For what did I seal a contract with the demon? After losing so much, I still haven't gotten the ending I desire.

Does this game have no [HAPPY END] for me?

Tess, what are you doing sacrificing yourself for Tina? Her pride won't allow her to rejoice in living again. If she would, she wouldn't have blocked the sword for William. Tina, why did you do that for William? You left me all alone without thinking. Why then did you even pick me up?

But you both. You both lit up my life. In this world, I'll have nothing if I lose you both.

’’Come on out, Blackie. How many times do I have to yell for you to come out?’’

It was now at night and I was in my designated room, calling out to Blackie over and over. Will you just do your job and come out when you're being called, bastard.

’’Too noisy, you're too noisy. Stop calling for me so often.’’ After calling to her for 227 times, Blackie finally appeared irritatedly.

This time, in William's form.

’’Can you not choose him of all people?’’

’’I want to be a winner in life every now and then.’’

(TL: William is described as 高富帅. Literally tall, rich and handsome. Mandarin slang describing a guy who has all the desirable traits in life.)

’’A winner in life won't be wearing an 'I LOVE MIKU' t-shirt while watching Bakemonogatari and be excited while watching a pair of siblings brush teeth together.’’

A laptop and stack of manga appeared along with her, both of which are exactly as they were in my home back in earth.

’’I recreated them from your memories.’’

’’I guessed as much.’’

Just like the sailor school uniform.

’’What business do you have? Be quick about it, I'm very busy.’’

’’What the heck are you busy with?’’

’’After I'm done with this, I'm going to start with Shinseiki Evangelion, some controversial series, Hayate no Gotoku, Shana... I'm planning on doing all series with Kugimiya Rie. Ahhh, Kugimiya is the best.’’

Another Kugimiya addict has been born.


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