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Lazy Dungeon Master - Chapter 1


I Don't Want to Work...!

’’I don't want to work.’’

Getting summoned into a different world. Well, after Kami-sama heard my only condition, he answered me, Masuda Keima.

’’... Umm, what did you want?’’

’’A life that I wouldn't need to do anything would be good...’’

’’... Even if you're reincarnated as a tree?’’

’’Ah~, that would be great~’’

Kami-sama sighed with an amazed face.

’’That's... why did I listen to your condition... will you hear me out?’’

’’Eh? What is it?’’

Though I think his story was about the circulation of mana and something about demons, I wasn't listening that well.

’’In your original world, could you have researched something like a golem? With that, doesn't it fill you with motivation...?’’

’’Eh? Hahaha, not really. Though there are some students nowadays like that~’’

Making a maid robot to live my days in comfort, that was my dream.

Though if I told Kami-sama about such a dream, he'd find out I'm a useless member of society.

By the way, I did mess around with studying something like a thirty centimeter ready-made robot kit that could move at school. Make it myself? Too much trouble...

’’Okay, there's no time left so... though it was special, I'll ask the next person.’’


’’Well, I'll just make you able to understand language. Oh, be sure to do your best since you have my blessing.’’

’’But I don't want to do anything...’’

’’Though there is magic in the world you'll be reincarnating into, I don't believe civilization has developed to the point where you don't have to work. Besides, if you are summoned purposely to do something, it might be just what you want.’’

’’I want to go back inside...’’

’’Well, do your best.’’

My vision was surrounded by bright light.

In this way, I was summoned to another world.


’’A-alright! The summon was successful! ... Eh, wait, h-human!? Why!?’’

Though I don't know by what fundamental law, I appeared in a room whose walls were shining faintly in white.

Before my eyes was something called a loli wearing a white dress, a cute girl that lo*ic*ns would covet.

Though since I prefer ones more grown up, sorry.

... As for my foot fetish though, with her wearing knee socks it's not bad.

’’Why... such a small fry despite putting in all of the DP...’’

’’... Can I sleep?’’


’’Can I go to sleep? Oh, is there a futon?’’


This guy. Despite saying I was sleepy she's yapping noisily.

’’Ugugu, what, this toy monster is talking and not listening! ... Ah, human huh. I wonder if that's why it's talking.’’

’’Oi, what are you... you're giving me a headache, keep your voice down.’’

’’Ah, o-okay... Wait, what's with you! I am the summoner, you should obediently listen to what I say.’’

’’Oi little girl... where's your papa and mama? I'd like to go home.’’

’’Who's a little girl! Y-you're a monster summoned by the dungeon core! I'm going to work you until you die!’’

Dungeon core... monster... yup, I don't get it. I was summoned, so am I not a hero?

’’Hey, quickly get up to leave and slaughter the bandits! Since I even invested 1000 DP, aren't you actually pretty strong!?’’

She suddenly started talking about something dangerous, oi.

’’I see, since I'll listen to you for a sec, speak. What's a dungeon core, a monster, and DP? As for being summoned... I get that.’’

’’Oh, what, maybe you're smart since you can talk? I am a magician or... well, it's fine. This is my dungeon.’’

’’A little girl is the dungeon master...?’’

’’Aaah, so you know of dungeon masters. But there isn't a dungeon master in my dungeon. Ah, but if forced, I wonder if I'd call myself the dungeon master?’’

Of course I don't know what dungeon masters in the world are, but I imagine they're something like the ones in fantasy games from my memories.

But, the dungeon core... in other words, the heart of the dungeon. This little girl is...?

’’Rather, though you said humans are small fries, aren't you a human?’’

’’I'm not, just this appearance is that of a human... wait, what's that 'you'!? You will call me master!’’

’’Ah, come to think of it I haven't heard your name, what is it?’’

’’Mine? It's Dungeon Core No. 695.’’

A number? Talk about cutting corners... no, if there's a 695 that mean's there are at least 694 others. If that's it, naming would be one of the things skimped on.

’’Got it, Rokuko.’’

’’Huh? What?’’

’’No, since it's hard to say Dungeon Core No. such and such, I decided your name is Rokuko. Your full name is Dungeon Core Rokuko. Ah, I'm Masuda Keima.’’

I turned Dungeon Core No. 695 into Rokuko, what's this girl saying while staring at me?

’’Huh? Mahsewtah Kehma? ... Is that an alias? Rather, what are you saying on your own-’’

[Naming received, Master acknowledged.]


Though I didn't understand what was going on, that's how I became a dungeon master.


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