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Law Of The Devil - Chapter 308.2


Chapter 308.2

Law of the Devil Chapter 308 Part 2

JoJo was going to say something more, but Rodriguez only smiled and pulled on her sleeve, before pulling her along with him as he walked away, no longer willing to argue with Cybuster. The elder guard Old Yan glanced at Cybuster, but said nothing and followed along.

Du Wei couldn't help but feel conflicted. Finally he was seeing some of her strong companions show up on the scene-it was a rare chance for escape! But even so, he was fearful of White River's strength. If it came to fighting, all of his people might not even be enough for this one weirdo. But if he just let the chance go...that would be more frustrating than he could say!

The thought that this guy was going to take him up the snow mountain and...peel his soul away? Was that something to joke about?

His mind spun quickly, yet he was already secretly prepared. Sitting there, his hand went into his sleeve.

Sure enough, after Rodriguez and his bunch walked in, the hotel's hall wasn't big, but there was ample light. Plus, anyone who was a warrior would always subconsciously look through their environment. Rodriguez and his companions immediately spotted Du Wei sitting in the corner. They were all surprised, not expecting to meet a duke here.

Du Wei's expression, on the other hand, was quite odd. He coughed, but before he could speak, White River had already smiled and said in a low voice, ’’Hm, these people, you know all of them, don't you...that one is Rodriguez? Hm. That's him? Your subordinate?’’

As he spoke, his eyes flashed with mockery.

When JoJo saw Du Wei, she cried out loudly, ’’What? Why are you here?’’

She walked on over without even looking at White River and sat next to Du Wei, her tone more than a little displeased, ’’Du Wei! You didn't even think to talk to me you got engaged to my sister? You didn't even invite me to the ceremony? What the hell is that supposed to mean?’’

An awkward smile on his face, Du Wei flashed a look at JoJo. Unfortunately, his violent female companion refused to read into his expressions and only got angrier. ’’Why aren't you speaking to me? What the hell are you doing, rolling your eyes like that at me!’’

She slammed her palm down towards the table, hard.

Although she wasn't much of a warrior, she was still a seven or eight level fighter in terms of strength. If she had actually made contact with the table, it would be a goner by now. But JoJo felt that as her hand pressed downwards, an icy frost pricked her palm, almost shooting through her hand, numbing her whole arm.

In shock, she drew back her arm and stepped back, her eyes landing on White River. ’’You...’’ Taking a deep breath, she glanced at Du Wei and snapped, ’’Is this person also your subordinate? When the hell did you get such a good fighter! Hey! What a guy. I'm trying to talk to your duke, and you have to interfere?’’

White River wasn't going to get mad over something like this. He looked up at Joanna and said softly, ’’I'm eating. I don't like it when someone interrupts my meal.’’

JoJo had always been a proud, fiery-tempered person. Hearing his words only made her angrier, ’’Hmph! You don't like people interrupting? Try and stop me, then!’’

Already she had pulled out her flute. A silver battle aura swirled around it. Waving it, she brought it down on the table.

How could Du Wei have the time to stop her?

A sliver of light seemed to flash through White River's eye, and JoJo cried out in pain. Her flute hadn't even reached the table when a tremble ran through her body and she flew backwards. With a clunky sound, her flute was also missing a piece.

She flew out quickly, yet she also seemed to be frozen in place in the air, unable to move. A slight bit of shock flashed through Rodriguez's eyes as he suddenly took a step up, extending his left hand. Seeing JoJo fly out towards him, he grabbed the corner of her clothes and spun her around in the air before gently lowering her to the ground.

After she landed, JoJo felt a sudden weakness in her legs. Before she even stabbed the table with her flute, a harsh, cold air had broken through her battle aura and shot up her wrist, freezing her through and through! She landed on the ground, feeling chills through her body as her teeth chattered together. But she was proud and unwilling to look weak in front of others, so she clamped her jaw shut, preventing any noise from coming out. Even so, her eyes were full of shock and anger as she glared at White River.

Rodriguez's power was levels above JoJo, so his gaze was much different.

Even so, JoJo was also quite strong. Being beaten back immediately after attacking like that, without even being able to see the enemy's moves...

Rodriguez wore a serious expression. He was experienced, of course, and he had been wandering all his life. Seeing the helplessness in Du Wei's eyes, he had already made a guess at the situation, and slowly walked up. Eyes fixed on White River, he said slowly, ’’May I ask who you are?’’

When White River returned his gaze, there was for once admiration in his eyes. But he didn't respond and turned to Du Wei instead, ’’What do you say? Are you going to try and see if you can escape now?’’


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