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Black Summoner - Chapter 38


Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Return

We escape from the underground of the Hermit's cave, and we leave the hut. I feel so tired today. Sara's contract was extremely difficult, but I succeeded. Why was difficult? She didn't stop crying. After Sara awoke, she kept crying for tens of minutes. The sorrows of decades began to bloom. I exerted myself in order to make her cool down somehow. I persevered in a battle with Victor. Come to think of it, it was like when I met Efil.

After all, I told the story of the contract somehow and receive the word of the contract from her.

’’GUSU ...I ... do ...’’

Yes, the contract is complete. She has a beautiful appearance, but she still is like a child inside. It seems that the demon lord Gustav brought her up as a pampered girl. Well, I do not know the adult age of the devil, though.

She is on my piggyback now. And she is still crying. The feeling of her chest on my back is pleasant, but when I hear cicadas in the ear, I am very uncomfortable. I would like her to walk by herself soon...

By the way, Gérard is not in a state like Sara now. Apparently, there seems to be a sign of evolution, and walking is the utmost. Somehow I will endure this place, I will cancel summons in a place nobody can see.

’’Oh, you're back. ...... What about that woman? ’’

The magician who sets the barrier notices this.

’’The devil was subjugated, apparently it seems that it was sealed, sticking to this woman.’’

As I talked in advance with Melfina we arranged the story like this. An adventurer entered that room for the first time witnessed the sealed Sara. Sara = became a devil as it is. It is slightly unpleasant to disseminate such reputation as Sara became a friend. More than anything, she would prefer to hide the demon's daughter identity.

’’What? Did you really subdue the devil!? Proof that!? ’’

’’This is the proof, you should be able to prove it if you can appraise it at a place that you know.’’

I handed part of Victor's armor to her. It is bad for Victor but we decided to make him a devil attached to Sara. As this, the story will pass tentatively. Victor himself is buried in the ground and I make a memorial offering.

’’Oh, my liege ...... I think it's the limit......’’

’’That's what I said before. ’’Is there a knight who keeps a crying woman waiting?’’ I'm glad I waited until you evolved, didn't I? Be responsible for your own words.’’

’’U, uh ......’’

Hang on, Gerard.

Sara's horns and wings were a problem, but it was solved by her equipment. The effect of the ’’camouflage hair closure’’ that bundled Sara's red hair into a side tail, the features such as the horns, wings, and tails of the devil disappeared and became as as a human woman. It is a mystery whether the Demon Lord Gustav had made Sara in anticipation of this, but probably it seems to be so if you consider parents' fondness.

’’We are very tired, so we will take her with us and return to Perth. Can we leave the rest of the process to you?’’

’’Well, leave it to me, I'm sorry I am about to cry, I'm all right now, please rest assured.’’

The mage misunderstands me for being good. We'll assume that a dismissal is done over now.

We go through the barrier and through the camp where C class adventurers such as Urd san are standing watch. Sure enough, Urd's party came over here. Focused on it, we draw the attention of the adventurers on the vicinity.

’’Oh, you're safe, Kelvin! What's up with that beauty? The Knight is pretty exhausted, too! Did the Devil do it!?’’

Urd san hurried up his questions. He is worried, but it was not the time.

’’Wow ... ... something is going to happen ...’’

Yes, it was not the time!

’’Urd san, I will explain later! Gerard is badly wounded in the combat with the devil! In order to treat this it is necessary a medicine that I have in Perth, so please excuse us!’’

I unleashed a machine gun talk that surprised even myself and leaves off.

’’Hey, Kelvin ’’

’’Sorry, Urd san. See you later! Gérard, bear this dash only!’’

We ran to the forest at full speed.


The town of Perth, the road ahead of the entrance.

’’Sigh, it's refreshing. I thought what would happen at one time. ’’

’’Is it the first time talking after the evolution?’’

Gerard was successfully released from the summons, evolved within my magical powers. The Evolved race is Netherworld Knight. Melfina said that it seems to be a sub-tribe of the Netherworld Knights appearing in the S-Class dungeon. Without being ashamed of that name, the big black armor changed into a more solid, princely armor, and the status side was also incredible not less than Victor. Surprisingly, the Battleship Dreadnought black shield that should have been destroyed was on the left hand. Moreover, like Gérard, it is strengthened, and it is reborn as S class armor.

’’Huhun, this is also the result of respecting chivalry,’’

’’I only saw it as a mother who toasts the toilet.’’

The appearance of Gerard in the last stage was like that.

’’Oh, you stopped crying, Sara’’

’’... .... Yeah’’

Before I knew it, Sara listened to this conversation. I thought that communication in the brain was possible, but she was not used to it yet. Let's speak normally.

’’Is your body OK?’’

’’It's ok, thank you for your concern. Uh ... ....’’

’’My name is Efil;I am slave and maid of our master’’

Efil lifts the skirt lightly and bows gracefully.


’’I'm Melfina’’

They greet each other. Clotho is bouncing on Efil's shoulder.

’’I told you even when we signed up, but I am Kelvin.’’

’’I I am Kelvin.’’

’’I am Sara. Thank you. You hear from Victor, but I am the Demon Lord Gustav's daughter. ...... But now, is it really good that you make me your follower?’’

Sara looks anxiously over the shoulder.

’’I'll do something about it. Even if it looks like this, my concealment skill is S-class. There is no need to worry about your status being seen by appraisal.’’

’’... I was surprised at your ability to beat Victor, but who are you really? You're not a hero, are you?’’

’’Do not worry because the heroes are elsewhere. I'm just an adventurer who likes a little combat.

’’’’’’A little? ’’’’’’

I can hide there.

’’Enough, ungrateful people, you will make me cry, I need someone to comfort me.’’

’’What, I'll get used to it soon, we will arrive in Perth, is the effect of camouflaged hair locks okay?’’

’’No problem. Ah, but ...’’

Sara says something.

’’What happened?’’

’’’’I've never been in a town before...I only went out to the Castle garden.’’

’’Are you nervous, by any chance?’’

’’......a little’’

Well, she was raised up without putting out to the public. By the way, when I was talking with the wizard and Urd, I felt like she was crying while watching the situation. She was pretty shy.

’’For the time being, we will head to the inn when we enter the town.’’

’’...Thank you.’’

’’All right, everyone is good.’’

’’’’Ze, we'll act accordingly.’’’’

It seems that it will take more time. Sara was stiff on his back while we went into Perth.


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