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Black Summoner - Chapter 37


Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Demon Lord's Daughter

’’Healing Recovery circle’’

After the battle with Victor, we recovered the whole party. As a result, there was not much damage to everyone, but there were many scenes to cool the liver. No, I could fight the former Demon lord's aide and I won. It can be said that it was a big fight.

’’Well, are you still alive?’’

The one I was asking was Victor who was a fighter to the end. He lost his first two arms, opened three holes in his body, and fell on his back. It was the so-called moribund state.

’’Yes...I'm afraid I still have a breath.’’

’’So it seems.’’

There was no ambition when we meet, and soon we were about to finish the long life.

’’But, there is something I want to ask before you pass away.’’

’’......What is it?’’

'Did you really want to eat the Demon Lord's daughter?'

I noticed in the middle of the battle that Victor was careful not to hit the sealed demon when attacking. Even if Victor's attack, which is a demon hits that seal, the seal cannot be destroyed by a person who does not have the character of a human, and cannot even touch the woman. That is what he is telling before the battle, it's impossible not to know that.

’’KUFUFU...... you are a quick-eyed person......’’

’’Why did you say such a lie? You have nothing to gain.’’

’’Yes, but I have to do... which goes, doesn't come and shoulders seriously...? And I was entrusted by Gustav......’’

Victor spoke slowly.

’’My life will not be long anymore......Brief history, let's talk...... ’’

It is the end of the fight between the past Heroes and the Devil.

-The Demon Gustav was a violent king. Since his ambition was to become the Demon Lord, he invaded other countries' territories, and wage war. People began calling him demon Lord, finally a Hero was summoned, and the demon was suppressed.

It was tyranny, Gustav was even feared by his vassals, but there was one who forgave his soul. Sara was his only daughter. After he went to war, and his wife died, it became a secret. The existence of having a daughter was thoroughly eliminated. It was a secret that only the aides knew. Sara did not know the world and also only limited devils could communicate with her.

Gustav was convinced of his defeat when the man's army, led by the hero, invaded the castle. The four devils were overthrown in various places, and only I, Victor who was Sara's caretaker was left. My strength was not overwhelming enough. Gustav did not grieve over me or the country, and I fear the safety of his daughter as much as possible. The Hero was close at hand. If a daughter's existence was known, there would be no Sara.

Gustav sealed Sara as a desperate measure. The Seal stopped the time of her flesh and forced her into a deep sleep. When Gustav himself died, the transfer magic team automatically startup and transferred her to the hideout. When that was done, done, the effect that it can be unlocked only to humans is added to the seal chain. Like the hero, demons and monsters could also target her. If that was the case, it can be programmed to release the seal by a weak race person as a whole as a trigger. Fortunately, Sera did not go as far as Victor, but even within the devils, she was proficient. As long as the opponent is not a Hero, she would never lose.

Gustav ordered Victor to escort Sara before confronted with the Hero. Victor was going to fight the Hero with Gustav and opposed it. However, the moment he saw Gustav's face, he could not resist obeying. The Demon Lord Gustav, who was so feared, had his father's face, which Victor had never seen before. Victor officially departs to a hideout where Sara will be transferred.

It was two days later that he heard that the Devil Gustav was killed by the brave. Victor keeps the tied up mind and succeeds in arriving at the hideout without being revealed. However, Victor was greeted by an underground door that does not open. Like the chain seal, it had a mechanism that can only be opened by humans. The door was cleverly concealed, and it cannot be easily discovered even if it was a professional adventurer. That is, as long as the adventurers who happen to visit accidentally do not open...

Victor spent a long time at this hideout, something to say after that. The appearance The appearance was just a place with an ordinary hut. First of all, there was no foundation in the basement. There was also a way to force a man who brought it to unseal, but there was a possibility that hero knew of it. Then wait until the time when there was no hero. It was the life of a man who had only decades until they were gone

’’ And, the time that I visited, this era ... war of the nations happened, but it was equal to a child play if compared with the demon king ......’’

And this basement was discovered as a dungeon, and by chance, the doors were opened by adventurers. It seems that Victor was planning to eat the powerful adventurers that were coming and raise his power then he would release Sara's seal.

’’I mean, it was totally insane.......’’

While spitting blood, Victor continues.

’’There is one wish, there is ... ... Would you please give Sara, your friendship......?’’

’’... ... I do not mind it, but why?’’

’’Kufuh ... ... you are strong, and trusted by your friends monsters, even ...’’

He looks toward Clotho and Gerard.

’’Clotho is obvious but have you noticed that Gerard is also a monster?’’

’’That was the only thing I understood as soon we met, okay ... ... summoner-san?’’


’’Sara has never left the castle... If you can do it, please show her the world, please ...’’

’’... ... Don't you know if Sara acknowledges that she will be under my control?’’

While grinning at the edge at the edge of the mouth Victor answers.

’’I absolutely agree, I will ... ... Sara is curious, so... Besides, since we battle... ... she is awake from sleep.......’’

’’Wondering what's going on ...?’’

’’Kuhufu ... ... If you solve the seal, she can open her eyes immediately ... she heard this conversation too ......’’

’’...He doesn't lie.’’ [TN one of the subordinates I don't know which. Melfina I guess]

Apparently, it is true.

’’It's a proposal, but don't you want to be under my control? Then I'll let you recover.’’

’’It is an attractive invitation, but my lord is the Demon Lord and ... ... and it seems to be too late ...’’

The consciousness of Victor fades away.

’’Kufu... It is strange to ask a demon, but if you feel like it, this matter, please, I will ...’’

The power comes out of the body, and Victor stops moving. At the same time, a fanfare sounds in the brain.

’’Level up or ... ....’’

Due to the level difference, the amount of experience value is not odd. Fanfare does not stop ringing. However, it is a little empty......

’’Well, let's release Sara.’’

’’Is it good? Indeed, Melfina said that she could be a demon king ... ....’’

Efil's concern is the most.

’’Ha-ha, I'm a sentimental person. Huh, really stuffed but sweet, I...... ’’

Touch the Seal chain. The chain glows pale white and breaks at the next moment.

’’Well, can you hear my words?’’

The devil of red hair slowly opened her eyelids

’’... ... both father and Victor are stupid!’’

She burst into tears.


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