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Kuro No Maou - Chapter 390


Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Oddity

Monday, the 14th of May . That was the fateful day when I fell unconscious in the literature club room, woke up in the infirmary, and ended up being confessed to by Shirasaki-san . And on Tuesday, that is, the very next day, I shared in her lovely handmade bento and made a promise to invite her home, my home, where I now lived alone .

’’―― So, how does Friday sound? I'll make dinner at your place, so that'll be fun . ’’

And thus the promised date was decided upon . Friday, the 18th of May .

’’I'll tell my folks I'm staying over at a friends house, so don't worry about that . ’’

Additionally, it was decided she would stay over .

’’Also, Saturday, let's go on a date!’’

It felt a bit odd that she was already staying over before we had our first date .

’’O-O-OK... looking forward to it . ’’

And despite all the implications, I had not the pureness of heart that would compel me to deny her requests .

That week was, tough . You couldn't blame me for being out of whack in anticipation for what would clearly become one of the best days in my life . I didn't know what to do with myself . The classroom lectures went over my head I, I couldn't even remember what I had for dinner last night .

And yet, the time I spent with Shirasaki-san at lunch and after school, those moments were permanently seared into my mind . About what she'd make for dinner, what places we'd go for the date, all that sugary sweet-talk between boyfriend and girlfriend .

I was falling for her more and more every day, I knew that . I could think of her, only her .

’’Haah... get a grip, man...’’

I realized I was dazed in love, but the throbbing in my heart just wouldn't settle down .

Especially today . Today was the day . The promised day . Friday the 18th . And currently, it was already 7th period . The weekend would start after this last class .

Any other Friday, I'd be bored to sleep in classic literature, but today was very different . I desperately leashed down my nerves so I could write down the notes from the blackboard .

And once the dreary lecture about uncommon conjugations started, I took that as my cue to look out the window .

My seat was in fact beside the window so I got a good view of the field outside where a multi-section gym class was being held .

Today was an uncharacteristically sunny day of Fall, and the guys outside were shedding sweat in an intense game of soccer . I was kind of jealous, I'd be a lot less worked up if I was out there running around instead of staying put in this boring class .

I enjoyed soccer . I wasn't exactly good at the sport, but I had the fortune of being tall and well built, so I wasn't too shabby either . Though, I kind of felt like the ref always fouled me way too much .

I was drifting into thought while calmly watching the soccer team boys absolutely crush the nerds . But then,

’’... Wait, who's,’’

All of a sudden, at a corner of the soccer field, a little girl appeared . No, it clearly wasn't someone returning the ball after someone kicked it far off field . No really, you could tell she wasn't a student here at a glance .

’’That's... a maid?’’

Because that little girl over there, was dressed in a maid uniform . Her long black hair was topped with a maid's headpiece, a pure white apron that symbolizes cleanliness was wrapped around her deep blue dress that extended to a long skirt . No doubt about it, it was a maid uniform .

And this girl who was dressed in such maid attire looked to be no older than a grade schooler . Also, walking beside her was a small black puppy .

Maybe she'd wandered in here while taking that pet for a walk . But then, even children would realize it was a high school seeing all the classrooms and students . She was a pretty bold kid to be able to walk in here anyway . I wondered what her parents were teaching her . No, it couldn't be anything good since they were making her cosplay like that .

This kind of felt really surreal . I mean, it'd be strange enough seeing a maid walking around town, but in a school setting, it was like, she was an oddity .

And obviously I wasn't the only one to notice such a bizarre presence . Everyone playing soccer was staring inquisitively at the mysterious little girl maid and pet puppy .

And then, the one who approached her first was the gym teacher, the man who'd been overseeing the match . An outsider had wandered into the school grounds, so it was obviously a teacher's duty to see to it .

’’Hey there little miss, you can't come here, this here's a high school you know?’’

I was just guessing what he said . The mean-looking gym teacher had quickly run over to the little maid girl .

Normally, a kid like her would either start crying or try to run away by now, but this girl was calm . She pulled on the puppy's chain-like leash and walked towards the teacher herself .

And then, there was a scream .


The little puppy that the maid girl was leashing along suddenly brought its fangs fangs to bear at the gym teacher . Then, faster than the eye could see, the animal leapt onto the man, biting down on his face . The teacher made a throaty scream as he got knocked down .

The rabid pet's master, that is, the maid girl had let go of the leash before the attack and looked to have no intention of stopping the creature's carnage .

’’Oi, what the f*k is that?’’

’’Holy crap, that dog's going crazy . ’’

The other kids in class had of course heard the loud scream and had started gathering to the window . I was no different, I too was already standing with my eyes glued to the scene happening outside .

The boys and girls who were there, as it was still gym class, seemed to also keep watching dumbfounded . If this puppy had attacked one of the girls, I'm sure some of the more gutsy boys would at least attempt a rescue, but the one under assault just so happened to be the tall and buff gym teacher .

The worst someone like him would get was a few scratches . A small pup like that shouldn't hurt him at all―― was what everyone believed .

Right up until that same little pup bit off the teacher's windpipe .


’’What the hell, he's bleeding a fountain over there!?’’

Even from this distance, I could see the blood splattering out and all over from the man's neck . It was at this point that all the onlookers went into an uproar .

But the insane violence was far from over .

The teacher looked to be in excruciating pain as he desperately tried to hold down the bleeding wound on his neck . But the dog showed no mercy .

No, it wasn't simply attacking, this dog was eating . I could clearly see the little dog bite into the teacher's face, tear apart his flesh and gulp down the freshly procured meat .

’’... What in the world,’’

It was shocking enough to see a dog eating human flesh, but the absurdity didn't end there . With every bite, the dog seemed to be consuming the man ever faster .

The first bite was not that deep, the second bit off a whole chunk, the third, the fourth―― and before I noticed, the dog had devoured the man's head whole, bones and all .

This was unreal . That had to be some kind of monster disguised as a puppy . Or maybe some kind of man-eating alien or beast from hell .

Just now, a teacher of our school was reduced to nothing but a headless corpse . And as for the pup, it almost seemed to have gotten bigger in size .

No, I wasn't just imagining things .

The bigger dog kept on eating the corpse, bones, corpse, bones, clothes and everything in between . And once it was done, the pup had now become a very big dog . It looked like a Siberian Husky, no, that there was a true wolf .

’’This is just, crazy...’’

I muttered vacantly, not speaking to anyone in particular . I mean, really, that beast, it'd killed and eaten a grown man while it was still a pup . And now it was much bigger . I didn't even want to imagine what this now doberman sized monstrosity could do .

It was a massacre .

The jet black wolf attacked the students one after another . The monster didn't distinguish on se*, and so, it's first victim ended up being a short girl who'd twisted her ankle and couldn't run .

The wolf leapt and swooped down over the girl, knocking her to the ground . A piercing scream, was cut off . One bite was all it took to chomp off half of her head . The other half was swallowed up with the next bite, causing the wolf to further increase in size .

After gobbling up the rest of the dead girl in her blue tracksuit, the wolf began to seek out new prey .

The other students had scattered like mice, crying, screaming all the way . But mere human legs couldn't possibly grant them escape . Humans normally can't even outrun dogs, and those students had no hope whatsoever against the monster in disguise currently hunting them down .

The wolf that had finished devouring the girl had now grown large enough to bite off a human head whole .

There went another head . The muscle and bone of the neck that was supposed to hold it in place was gnawed off as if it were a thread of plastic rope split by scissors .

Once it was done with its third victim the wolf pounced into 3 more kids as they ran . Its claws, thick and sharp like cleaver knives, all 3 students collapsed onto the blood that had gushed out from their backs .

The monstrous canine kept growing as it ate . It'd already become taller than its prey before my eyes .

The beast's maw could now swallow people whole, while its ferocious claws could scoop out earth as it saw fit .

It was almost like a giant monster now, a kaijuu .

’’What the hell, is happening... I, must be having a nightmare...’’

Eaten, devoured, slaughtered, killed―― I muttered in sheer disbelief at the atrocious hellscape laid out before me . I really didn't feel like all this was real .

But no matter how hard I shut my eyes from reality, I wasn't waking up .

Many of my classmates were howling in fear and anger, some girls had started crying from shock crying from shock . I could still hear them .

I reopened my eyes . It was all still there . The soccer field drowned in blood . The remaining students still running furiously despite more than half their number having been culled .

I could say it was after around one and a half classroom's worth of students . That's when the kaijuu of a wolf had finally hit a plateau in its growth . The monster had feasted on people and had grown to a soaring 10 meters . I didn't know if it couldn't grow any more or just didn't need to . Which ever it was, it brought no good news .

And it kept on doing what it did . The giant wolf was systematically hunting down the remaining students while all they could do was run away anywhere and everywhere . It was then that I recalled the other Oddity .

The one who set loose this hellish monster, the little maid girl .

’’... What's she up to?’’

As if she was completely oblivious to the slaughterfest being carried out by her pet, the girl was quietly walking along the bloodstained ground . She was looking around restlessly, as if searching for something .

In different circumstances, I'd find that sort of mannerism adorable, but the scene behind her was one of insane carnage, a monstrous wolf was gobbling up a steadily decreasing supply of tracksuit wearing high school kids . The little girl felt just as terrifying .

There was no way she was just a normal girl . Hell, I doubted if she was even human . She could be a monster just as bad as that wolf, if not worse―― I was now focusing my attention on her, which, seemingly, wasn't a good idea at all .

And then, our eyes met―― I think .


No, not 'think', she really did see me . The girl started running straight towards the building my class was in . Even the way she ran was cute and feminine, with a spring in her step .

Her eyes were fixed to me, looking beyond the 2nd floor window and right on my face . She was now close enough for me to get a detailed look at her .

The little maid girl's long black hair, that was down to her waist, fluttered around as she ran closer, her face beaming with a smile as if she'd finally reunited with a long lost love . The right half of her face was hidden under long bangs but from the round yet sharp eye that peeked from her left, I could tell that she was making a lovely expression .

Then, her gaze never leaving me, the girl pointedly pointed at me, shouting,

’’Goshujin-sama, there you are~!’’


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