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Kuro No Maou - Chapter 388


Chapter 388

Fiona's Happiness


A small yawn escapes my lips as I sluggishly get out of my bed .

I can hear winter footstep during this time of the day . It took a bit of reasoning to get me out of my warm bed, but the stimulating smell of spices had caused my conscious to choose to be awake . No desire to sleep could defeat my appetite .

I had no regrets leaving the bed behind me as I moved towards the smell, my stomach grumbling as I walked .

It was not a very large apartment room, and the kitchen was right in front of me . And there was a man standing there;cooking . To me, his back looked like it was shining .

As a woman, I was slightly taller than average, but he was so tall that I had to look up to face him . His broad and powerful back was distinguishable as that of a first-rate warrior or knight . Even a child would be able to tell . In fact, he was much more . He was a berserker . First-rate warriors would flee before him .

And now, that back which held such superhuman strength was bare without even a single shirt to cover it .

His back was like steel, like armor made of muscle . Looking at him, I had to swallow down my saliva for reasons that had nothing to do with the cooking .

Just like a male adventurer who is lured towards a succubus, I find myself wobbling towards him . If he wasn't wearing his favorite underwear of black dragon leather either, if his lower half half was naked as well, I might have dashed forward and jumped on him .

In any case, I would reach him quickly in this small room . I would be at a distance where my hand could reach, and then a distance where our skin touches .

There is no hesitation or modesty . I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him, just like I had wanted to .

’’Good morning, Kurono . ’’

’’Morning, Fiona . I'm almost finished here, just wait a moment . ’’

’’Sure . ’’

’’...I suppose you aren't going to let me go then . ’’

I imagine him smiling . I wish that I could see it, but I didn't want to leave his back, my cheek against his . I couldn't leave even if I wanted to, there was nothing to be done about done about it .

’’I'll wait patiently . ’’

’’That's not the problem . It'll burn if I can't move . ’’

’’Meat tastes better if its a little burnt . ’’

’’You'll get something more than just well done . ’’

’’That's quite a predicament . ’’

’’Anyway, you should go change . You're too tempting when you are naked . ’’

Yet he's seen me naked plenty of times . Kurono could be cute when he says such innocent things .

There was no getting around it, I agreed and begrudging untangled my witches embrace .

Nightmare let out a frightening and healthy neigh once again as I and Kurono rode together, gallantly making our way to the Academy .

Now we were heroes that everyone in Spada knew about, the 'Nightmare Berserker' and the witch . We made such a great couple, the looks of jealousy that of jealousy that the other students threw at us felt good . It was nice to have our relationship accepted by everyone .

We left Mary in the stables and headed for the classroom, hand in hand . Our fingers entangled, what I like to call the lovers tangle . I didn't want to let go of him for a second . I think this, but reality won't allow it . But it was alright, I was a woman who could wait .

I let go of him with a little regret and sat in the chair next to his . The adventurer's course had free seating at least . Even if a seat was already occupied, the students were understanding enough to give me their set . It is very important to be able to read the situation .


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