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Kuro No Maou - Chapter 387


Chapter 387

Lily's Happiness

’’...Lily . ’’

I hear a voice . A voice calling my name .

Who-, it was obvious who it was . That low male voice that reached my ears, it was from the person I loved more than anyone, more than anything .

As soon as I thought this, my conscious awoke . My eyelids sprang wide open .

’’...Mmm . ’’

It was so bright . But my eyes quickly adjusted .

And what my eyes then took in, was a sight that was very familiar to me . Not just his form standing in front of me, but even the room I was in .

Nothing was strange, everything that entered my vision was in its right place . Even then, I felt a faint sense of unease .

’’Huh...Kurono, why...’’

Kurono . Even after inspecting him up and down, I could not point out anything unordinary . Both of his eyes and his hair were black, proof that he was an outsider . What he wore over his tall frame was the jet black robe, 'Bahamut's Embrace . ' The trademark of black mages .


This place, yes, it was my home . It was a place I spent thirty years in after being run out of the Light Fountain . It was a small cottage built quietly in the Fairy Garden .

Kurono was standing in front of the table in the middle of the room . I was now sitting up on the the bed in the corner .

’’Are you still tired? Should I not have woken you?’’

’’...No, it's fine . ’’

I didn't feel any annoyance at being awakened . I had just dozed off . And either way, I could not be mad at Kurono, even if he had woken me up in the middle of the night . No matter how small the reason was .

’’I wish I could tell you to take it easy, but today is the one day that I really need your help . ’’

So saying, Kurono took a step towards me, and before I knew it he had picked me up . It seemed that my weight did not matter to Kurono, whether I was in the form of a child a child or in my true form as I now was .

His strong arms carried me into the air as if I weighed almost nothing .


I was suddenly pressed against his chest . Being held like a princess . It all happened so suddenly that I let out a weird gasp . I was embarrassed, but... I was also grinning from happiness . My cheeks grew hot .

’’Or I could just carry you to the village like this . If you want to sleep more?’’

He added that there was no guarantee that the ride would be comfortable, and gave me a wicked smile . I no longer had the consciousness of a child, and such seductions in my current state were hard to were hard to resist .

’’I, I'm...fine . Really . ’’

I sounded shrill . I knew at that moment that I went red in the face . Even someone as insensitive as Kurono would see that .

’’But, you haven't gotten off yet . ’’

’’It's because you haven't let me . ’’

’’Can I?’’

’’...No . ’’

My, my, his expression seemed to say as he chuckled . Kurono started to walk as he continued to carry me in his arms . Ahh, I was so happy . But, somewhere in the corner of my brain, I think: more, I want more .

’’But I will let you down before we reach the village . We can show them how close we are tomorrow . ’’


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