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Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu Ken - Chapter 227


Chapter 227


1500 imperial soldiers are stationed in Troize, the nearest town to the Mercouri Village.

I came there with Hikari and my women, and also Rex and Soora.

But although I said that, we didn't enter the town. We stopped for a while at a distance where we could see the whole town.

「It's here?」

「Un, when I interrogated the humans that Hikari caught, they confessed that they came from here」

Olivia answered my question.

I got a bit interested in her ’’interrogation’’.

「Since we're already passing here, let's capture it and make it our first base」

「Is Kakeru-san going? Or should I destroy the outer walls first with my Hundred Lightning Array?」

Io suggested.

Io who accompanied me during the wars in Siracuza and Comotoria used the same strategy many times.

She would cast a great magic spell to support the charging soldiers and disrupt the enemy soldiers' tactics.

It was very effective, so Io suggests to do the same thing in many times.

「No, let's take a different way this time. Tanya, and also this Tanya」

I called Tanya of this era who is standing a step behind Io, and the Tanya our era who stayed inside Eleanor.

And, Io.

I called the three of them.

「Let's try to defeat as many of them using magic」

「I-I'll do my best」

「Leave it to me〜!」

The two Tanyas had the same face, but their reactions and expressions were the opposite.

On the other hand, Io slightly tilted her head.

「Defeat as many as we can? Do we only need to move together with Kakeru-san?」

「No. Olivia」


「You're my ace up the sleeve」

When I said that, Olivia was a little surprised, and after that, her face flushed with red.

Olivia returned to her dragon form. She flew to the sky with Io and the two Tanyas on her back, and went towards Troize.

Seeing them off were me, Hikari, andーー

「W-What was that?」

I heard Rex's trembling voice from behind.

When I turned around, I saw Rex's face with a pale expression and Soora who grabbed his body.

Although Rex looked quite scared, he still stepped forward to cover Soora.

「What what?」

「S-She, that person turned into a dragon, right?」

「You're talking about Olivia? Yeah, that's right. Have you heard of the name Olivia?」

「Olivia......dragon...... Don't tell me, is it the Dragon King Olivia?」

「You know her?」

「O-chan's famous〜!」

『After all, soldiers are being gathered from all all over the empire to subjugate Dragon King Olivia. It's not strange for them to know』

「I see」

「Why is the Dragon King......most of all, who in the world are you......?」

「Rather than that, have you made up your mind?」


「About becoming a king」

「Are you, serious?」

Rex showed a different expression from fear.

It's the same with Soora who is hiding behind him.

Although they looked daunted when I asked them ’’would you like to be a king?’’ when we were in Mercouri Village, but their reactions completely changed after seeing Olivia's appearance.

「What would I get from making fun of you?」

「If you say that, you would get even less for making me a king」

「It's not ’’you’’. I want you to become Mercouri's King. It's just at the right timing, since you were exiled from your village」


「......are you comrades with Calamba-san and Siracuza-san?」

Soora who was hiding behind Rex asked timidly.

「They visited the village, right?」

Soora nodded slowly.

「If so, you should understand what I'm trying to do」

Soora nodded again.

Rex had a face that looked like he doesn't understand at all, but that's fine for now.

It's enough as long as Soora does.

「Well's about time」

I looked at the distance. the distance. The three girls and Olivia is about to enter Troize's airspace.

「Lend Tanya ice magic powers」

【Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 59 minutes 59 seconds】

The ability I got from the lottery, it allows me to lend my ability that's multiplied 777x temporarily.

I used it on Tanya of this era. She has the least amount of magic powers among them.

That is also the signal.

Olivia flew around the airspace of Troize, and magic spells were casted one next to the other from her back to the ground.

Huge amount of lightning and ice fell to the ground.

Magic spells were thrown down from up above the sky, where ordinary humans' magic spells and arrows can't reach.

「First is, aerial attack」

『They can't do anything with that』

「I guess so. In this era, how many people can land a counterattack on Olivia who's flying that high?」

『Probably less than five』

Eleanor answered clearly.

Although she doesn't have the memories of the episodes that happened in this era, she still has ordinary and common knowledge.

The aerial attack that even Eleanor guaranteed continues.

Rain of ice and lightning fell.

I could feel from this far, that the far, that the town of Troize was turned upside down, and smoke rose from here and there.

「It's so amazing, Otou-san」

『That's true. How can you think of something like this?』

「Hikari, you could do that too with your drakes right?」

One hundred drake soldiers. Although they're still puppies, they are still from the dragon race.

「Uhm, uhm, if they grow up a bit more, I think」

「I'll look forward to it」

’’Hikari will be able to create an air force huh’’, I really looked forward to that.

「Wait for it, Otou-san!」

「Yeah, but before that, we should capture that town first. Hikari」


Hikari made a big nod and turned to her Demon Sword form. On top of that, she summoned one hundred drake soldiers that transformed into human form.

「What?! Where did they come from?」

「The girl turned into a sword......」

Rex and Soora were stunned. It's a refreshing reaction.

「Just wait there. I'll pick you up after we finish」

’’Give me an answer at that time’’, I said that and left.

I led the drake soldiers towards Troize to clean up the mess made after the aerial attack.

It was a piece of cake.

With the aerial attack and land troops, Troize was easily captured.


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