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Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu Ken - Chapter 17


Chapter 17. Shopping with all your money.

I distanced myself from Helena-hime. Looking bashful as she looked down, she looked super cute.



’’Maiden of royalty can only have one man in her entire life, it has been decided like that so..’’


I immediately able to guess what was she mean by saying those word. I am her first man, and thus, will always be.

TLN: Well that escalated quickly.

That was what Helena-hime trying to say.

’’Un, I understand.’’

’’Although it will be quite hard for me to move into Kakeru-sama place for now.’’ Helena made a saddened look.

’’You words alone are more than enough, I'll be waiting.’’

’’Haii -!’’

And thus, Helena had become my woman.


The following day. Miu was holding something as she entered the room where I was relaxing.

’’Master, a letter for you.’’

’’Letter for me?’’

I received the letter from Miu, looking at the surface of the letter there was a crest which I had seen before.

’’It's from Saramas Firm.’’

I wonder what is it, to send me something like this.

I opened the letter and took the paper inside out, and read the spread out the paper.

(Bill, it's that girl price.)

I heard a voice resonated inside my head. As I cannot read this world's writing I am really grateful for that.

’’I see, he did say they will deal with the bill later after I bought Miu the other day, so it was that.’’

’’Was it about me?’’

’’What's wrong?’’

’’300 silver, to think that I would I worth that much money.’’


I don't know the market price for it but, I don't think that Saramas would do something like overcharging, well. I did think it should be around that amount.

’’Well then, I guess I'll go and pay it up.’’


I used the Warp Wing bringing 300 silver coins with me and went to Saramas firm and paid Miu's bill. A number of silver coins were a little bit bulky so it was quite hard to bring.

’’Certainly, I have received 300 silver coins, and here is the certificate.’’

I received a splendid piece of paper with the character of ’’Saramas Firm’’ written on it.

’’Thank you for doing business with our company.’’

’’Ah, if there's anything else that I need I'll be seeing you again.’’

’’Which reminds me Yuuki-sama. Have you heard the rumors that the Kingdom are issuing a new type of currency soon?’’


My heart skipped a beat. Probably it was the matter where I suggested Iris-hime to change the currency to a paper bill. Of course, I knew that, but I kept it to myself.

’’That's a news to me. Is it often the case where a new currency would be issued?’’

’’No, it only happens when the ruling kingdom changed. Normally it would not be the case.’’

’’Is that so.’’

I heard a lot of rumors regarding the soon to be issued paper bill. Originally it was a matter that I proposed to Iris-hime, furthermore it's a thing that I pretend not to know. Thinking about the type of rumors, it should be on that level at least.

Only, deciding the unit of money is the new thing that I heard. Probably it would be like 'yen' or 'dollar' or maybe something along the line.

’’By the way, it has caught my attention since earlier but. The thing that Yuuki-sama got on your waist, is that...’’

’’Hn? Ah, is it regarding Eleanor?’’

I picked up the cursed sword from my waist and showed it to Saramas.

Though 'she' has been quite obedient lately since we started our cooperation, but it still quite dangerous for others to touch thus I've always kept it by my side.

’’As I thought it's the cursed sword, Eleanor. To think that you would have something like that.’’

’’I'll say this beforehand. It won't sell it.’’

As I remembered that Saramas is a merchant, I said it as a reminder.


I exit from the firm. When I was about to use the Warp Wing to teleport back to my mansion, I realized that there was something that shines came out from my pocket. I was greatly surprised when I pulled it out.

It was a lottery ticket. I have used all the 10 lottery tickets that I had to draw it 11 times, but why would there be a lottery ticket left in my pocket.

I somehow had a suspicion -

Miu's certificate.

After I paid for Miu's certificate of 300 silver, I got one lottery ticket.

’’Is it because I bought something and thus I was given a lottery ticket is that it?’’

As of nowadays, it's a normal thing in Japan but this is another world. I was not able to make a positive proof as it was a weird lottery.

That's why I decided to do an experiment.


The total asset that I had with me was close to 2000 silver coins. I brought it all out in the city. I used one silver to have a meal but, I didn't get any lottery tickets. I went to the tailor, and I got Miu's maid outfit made. I spent about 10 coins but the lottery tickets never appeared.

I went to a shop one after another and bought a lot of things, I used about 100 silver coins but still I didn't get any lottery ticket.

This new lottery ticket, so buying from the market was not the cause for it to appear? Then, there is the second possibility that I could think off.

I bought something from Saramas Firm, using a large amount of money at that.

’’Welcome in, oh my. Isn't Yuuki-sama? Is there anything that I can help you with?’’

’’A little bit, there's something that I need you to prepare for me.’’

’’Please state whatever thing that you had in mind,’’ Saramas said it with his merchant look.

Now then, first off I'll try buying something casual.

’’I need furniture, some furniture that I had back in the mansion had aged quite a lot so I would like to change them.’’


’’If that so then, it would cost about 25 silver coins, how about it?’’

’’I'll leave it to you.’’

After I count the silver coins up to 25 I then passed it over to Saramas.

’’Thank you for doing business with us. I will have it prepared immediately.’’

’’Please do,’’ I replied and wait for a while.

There was no appearance of a lottery ticket.

Does it not have anything to do with Saramas Firm, if that so then would it be the cost? I gave a thought about something and once again asked for Saramas.

’’I'd like to buy a painting.’’

’’Painting is it?’’

’’Yeah, a painting that you would usually put inside a waiting room, a painting with frame. I don't really have any knowledge regarding painting so please find me the one that is priced about 300 silver coins.’’

300 silver coins amounted to Miu's worth. The lottery ticket might appear if I spent the right amount.

’’I understand.’’

’’Well then, this is the 300 silver coins.’’

’’Certainly we have received the payment. However for this one, it will take some time for it to be arranged...’’

’’I'll leave it all to you.’’

It was already within my expectation as I just bought something expensive. Rather than that, lottery ticket. I feel around my pocket area and then... It's there!

The lottery ticket that was not there until recently had appeared. Taking Miu's payment and the transaction that I had just now, it matched the condition. In another word, I will get a lottery ticket when I bought something expensive. With that set, I won't hold back.

I walked toward Saramas with the lottery ticket (Saramas can't see the ticket) and take out all the silver that I had left.

’’I have about 1 600 silver coins left, what else can I buy with this?’’

’’.....What a unique shopping that you have.’’ Saramas said with a faint smile.

His reaction is just reasonable, if I look it from his point of view certainly I would feel the same.

However, from my point of view.

This money is just something that I need to spend on something to obtain the lottery ticket. I don't really care to do an actual shopping.

’’Please wait for a while.’’ Saramas said and withdrawn himself for a while before coming back with a tray in his hold.

It was a golden bracelet with a jewel embedded on it.

’’This is?’’

’’TThis is something that is quite popular among the upper echelons gentlemen these days. By putting this on the woman in your harem, you make them as your personal possession.’’


’’This is a sample. As it's solely built to be claimed as one's property, we're arranging it depending on the clients request. Like for instance, as a gold bracelet with jewels inscribed on it.’’

That is interesting.

Item that allows you to possess a harem.

It doesn't seem that I'll have the chance to use it anytime soon, but for the meantime, I'll just buy it.

’’Well then give me that one which equivalent to 1 600 silver coins.’’

’’Then it would be four bracelets, are you fine with it?’’


I took out the rest of silver coin along with the cloth bag and Saramas begun counting.

’’Certainly I've received the payment.’’ The moment Saramas said it, once again the lottery ticket appeared on my pocket. This time, there were five of it!


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