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Kuishinbo Elf - Chapter 64


Chapter 64

Kyu! Kyu!

Now then, going to the vacant lot in the back is fine, but wearing a pair of boots with my current appearance doesn't fit... was what I remembered papan stressed heavily.

If I remember correctly, inside the costume, there should be a pair of boots that is part of the set. Let's try wearing that.

I sticked my hands into the pocket that is inside the costume. *gasa-goso*(T.N. Things moving around)... found it, is it this?

I line up the boots that were taken out of the pocket and look at them. It was made to match the costume.

I then picked up the boots and closely examine them. The surface is covered by a layer of fluffy fur. When I look at the bottom... there was a pair of paws. It's so thorough! ?

For the time being, I decided to sit on a chair and put them on. I then look at the reflection from large mirror in front of me.

Yep, its a cat.

A humanoid tabby cat is being reflected. When papan saw this, he was extremely excited...

Though unfortunately, I wasn't wearing the boots that time.

I got up from the chair, and headed towards the vacant lot in the back.

Kyu! Kyu!

「! ?」

Wh... what?

I tried... taking another step.


...Oiiii, those are shoes with sounds? With this, I can't sneak around quietly! ? Real cats doesn't have such a loud footstep! ?

「Well, whatever... for now let's get going.」

After pulling myself together, I head towards the vacant lot in the back. (T.N. For real this time.)

Kyu! Kyu! Kyu! ......


The vacant lot in the back.

Now then... has anything happen to Peachy-sensei's seed? I've just planted it yesterday... so there shouldn't be a sprout yet.

When I look at the place where I buried the seed... a small green sprout is popping up.

「Early! It's way too early, sensei! ? The bud is yellowish and is just right.」

It had already sprouted. Is it possible that yesterday's ritual worked? But... this is a world with magic. Perhaps, it was actually effective. The seed too, is from Peachy-sensei... maybe so. Let's just say that.

Uh-huh, after I had convinced myself... in the corner of my sight, there was a green guy wiggling. That guy is heading towards Peachy-sensei's sprout in a straight line.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle...

Could it be! You want to eat it! ?

... I won't allow it! I won't allow iiiiiiittttttt! !

Kyu! Kyu! Kyu!...

Wiggle wiggle wiggle...

Kyu! Kyu!

Wiggle wiggle...

Kyu! Gashii!


「Any more... is bad」

That was dangerous... just a little more, and this Wiggle Lad would've eaten it. The Wiggle Lad that was caught in my hand is moving its short legs.

「Fuu... This isn't a place where a kid should come! Go back!」

I turned towards the direction opposite of Peachy-sensei's sprout and released Wiggle Lad. It seems that Wiggle Lad still had some attachment and looked towards Peachy-sensei's bud, but... it gave up and returned to the grass.

「Fuu... with this, I can have a peace of mind.」

Once again, I look at the sprout. There lies ... the green sprout that is small yet full of life. It is a newborn life.

「I must protect it... this life!」

However... it's not possible to protect Peachy-sensei from Wiggle Lad's evil clutches. What should I do... ?

I thought about it.

Proposal one.

Teach Wiggle Lad the importance of life.

... Rejected, he was trying to eat in order to live.

Proposal two.

Setup a scarecrow.

... It'd be ignored.

Proposal three.

Have Riot look over it 24/7.

... He'd get mad at me.

Gununu, I can't think of any decent plans! What should I do... at the very least if security cameras or security guards exist...

Nn... ? Security guard? Don't they exist! ? Guards of the fantasy world! Right! A protector that would work year round without rest!

「It's fine if I just use a golem!」

As expected of me! I'm smart! !

「The problem is that... I can't make a golem! !」

In other words... I'm back to the starting point! Ahhn! My idea was good, but my skill isn't enouuuuugh! ! Can't I do something about it! ?

... ! ? It came!

「... came!

「... If I can't do it myself, I'd just have to ask a friend!」

Reliance on others banzai! ! Because if I can't do it, then it's fine to rely on someone else! Fuhaha... ! Laugh! At this pitiful me...

However, if it is to protect sensei... I'd break a promise with god! !

I quickly headed towards my friend that is studying about golems.

Kyu! Kyu! Kyu!...


「... and, that's why.」

「Can't you explain it properly? 」

The classmate that is sitting in front of me is called Pururu Duranda.


She has curly, fluffy, pink hair. Her eyes appear to be sleepy and is pink, like her hair. Her eyebrows can't win against mine, but it is on the thick side. Her nose is small and her lips are plump. Un, she'd be erotic in the future!

She is a human girl.

「... I see, then golems would be the most suitable.」

「As expected of Pururu-sama, you get it... 」

Gehehe... I laughed.

Kui~hihi... Pururu laughed.

We were told by everyone that we have a weird way of laughing. Is it that weird?

「Well, if that's the case, Hobby Golem would be the most suitable.」

Hobby Golem? It's my first time hearing it.

「As the name suggests, it is a toy golem. However, it has a surprisingly excellent performance... though it depends on the maker.」

「Hou... 」

Even if it is a toy, it should work just fine against something on the level of Wiggle Lad! Alright... let's go with that!

「Where am I able to get that that golem?」

「Where... it is being sold normally in a toy store though?」

... Seriously! ? Now that I think about it... I don't have any toys nor had I bought any toys before.

「I... don't have any toys.」

「Eh... ? You don't have any money?」

Pururu was surprised. Well... that is something impossible for an ordinary child. I am not ordinary! Inside me is an old man after all!

... Somehow, I'm feeling sad.

「No... I don't have time to play」

「Ahh... I see, now that I think about it, sorry. I asked without consideration.」

It was explained before explained before that... I am performing my duties as a Saintess. She seemed to misunderstand that I'm in a nice situation. It is bad though...

「So, if I go to a toy store, then can I get a golem ?」

「Well... yeah. Do you have the money? It is quite expensive.」

It's all right, there's no problem. My saving is more than an average adventurer!

I explained about it in a subtle way.

... It seems that she understands.

「Un, then you should be able to buy a good one. Should we... go buy one right away?」

「You'd come with me?」

While saying「If you buy a random one, you'd waste money.」, Pururu was making preparation to head out. I'm thankful... for having friends! Thank you, Pururu!

Pururu and I arrived at the shopping district.

Our destination is the toy store 『Hustle Bobby』. This place is famous as the number one toy story in Philimichia. It has toys from several kingdoms, maniac toys, ancient toys...

Furthermore, they even have toys with the latest technology. Currently, the toy industry is the most advanced in terms of technology! Was what's being said passionately about this industry.

... I think it is a good thing.

Toys being developed is the proof of peace.

Though, there was a war just awhile ago...

And it had ended thanks to Takaashi and the others. It is something to be thankful about.

「Now... let's go in.」

「O... okay? ... Nn?」

There was a child that is staring intensely at the showcase as if devouring it. And, that child is someone that I know. Or rather... it would be problematic if I don't know that person.

「Rai, what are you doing?」

「Uoo! ? E, El! ?」

It was Riot. What was he looking at... ? Golems?

「... I was just a bit interested in it.」

... If you're a man, you'd understand that feeling. A tough and strong appearance... it's a man's romance.

「That aside... isn't this a rare combination?」

That was what Riot said after looking at Pururu and I.

For the most part, I am often acting together with Riot and the others, but the others, but if you were to ask me if I have a bad relationship with everyone else in the class, the answer would be... no.

Whenever I have time to spare, I would deepen my relationship with everyone. I am going to school to make friends after all.

Certainly... it is important to make a trustworthy friends, but there is never a demerit in having more friends.

And... it would be a sad thing if we have a bad relationship after spending so much time together. Is there anything you can't stand or dislike? The parts that are non negotiable, I don't plan on ever changing, but the parts that can change were changed.

Getting along with others is a matter of effort. Know it yourself. Know what you want to achieve. Know what you dislike.

If you don't know those, it's better if you stay alone. And... know the other person, and make an effort.

It is a very difficult thing. However, if you don't act due to fear... nothing will happen. However... if you make an effort, you'd make good friends. It is a happy thing.

「Ahh, I thought about having Pururu look at the hobby golems. After all, it's good to have someone knowledgeable with you! 」

「... Th, that's right. Haa... 」

Riot... what happened?

「Kuhihi... I see. So Riot is also interested in golems?」

「Uh... gumumu, that's right. I also... want one.」

「But, it is too expensive」, and he let out his complaint. Hmm, I've been indebted to Riot until now. Alright, I should return him a favor right now.

「Rai, I'll treat you to a golem」

「Eh? You'd buy one?」

When I nodded, Riot jumped in joy.

「You're soft... Kuishinbo.」

「I'm self aware, but... I like that about myself.」

Pururu looked at me with a bright smile. I feel like we were able to understand each other.

「Let's go!」

Riot urged me on.

... I feel like I can understand the feeling of a mother with a child. Un, Riot is easy to understaaaaaand!! Cute!

We entered the shop while Riot is pulling our hands.


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