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Kuishinbo Elf - Chapter 61


Chapter 61

My Favorite Street With the Street Stalls

Around this time, this place is always crowded with citizens and adventurers. This is my favorite time. It is full of liveliness and the clerks are passionately trying to attract customers.

「If you want delicious ramen, coming to our shop is the right choice! !」

「We have a new hamburger! !」

「That young man over there! Why don't you try one! ?」

Yep, this is good. From every directions, there are pleasant sounds and delicious smell. The people that are eating ... all of them are full of smiles.

The small fancy restaurants and cafes in the city center are nice, but I think I fit into this place more.

Stalls that are lined up together like houses for the people who want food or tools. Stores that have rare dishes, and stores that have rare items are lined up together. I will never get bored of this sight.

It is a bit messy, a bit dirty ... but here, there is heat and liveliness that nowhere else has. This atmosphere is giving me some energy.

Now then ... the stall I'm aiming for is ...

There! Wow, it is crowded today too.

「Welcome! Today what are you eating?」

It is the store where I ate mapo tofu before.

After eating mapo tofu here last time ... I decided that this place is a hit. Afterward as I've expected, through the words of mouth this shop is usually full. The place is crowded with customers, those that can't sit on the counter ate while standing and others find a suitable place to sit down and eat.

I look at the menu. I already ate mapo tofu here last time. When I am allowed to drink alcohol ... let's eat it again.

To tell you the truth, today is the fifth time coming here. Fried rice with pepper steak, dumplings with shrimp wonton ... both of them are excellent dishes. Hmm, there are still various dishes, oh? This is... ?

I've decided! I'll have this today! !

「Give me an ankake fried rice!」

「Alright! Please wait a moment!」

I sat down on a small empty barrel that is in the corner of the stall. Now that this shop is flourishing, there is never a seat, so ... this is my designated seat.

From here, I have a good view of the cooking process.

First, he spread the oil in his heated wok. Then, he added the eggs and quickly stirred it... and wait for it to become half-cooked. The rice is added. The rice appears to be cold. While his body is shaking, he splendidly mixed the rice and egg together. Next, a bit of green onion is added... salt and pepper for the flavor. There is no wasteful movement. ... This is very helpful.

Lastly, alcohol is added. Is it for the fragrant? I don't understand. With this the egg fried rice is complete.

I can tell that it is already quite delicious... the dish will then be supplemented with meat and vegetable.

From another pot that is being kept warm, the meat and vegetable ankake is added and the fried rice is now completed. It looks delicious!

「Aye here you go! Take your time!」


I took up the spoon and started eating the ankake fried rice.

Within the meat and vegetable ankake, there are Butch Rabi's thigh meat, bean sprouts, bok choy, carrots, bell peppers, and various other vegetables. The fresh texture, sweetness, bitterness, and richness of the meat mixed and is delicious. With just this, it it is worth of my money.

「*Chew*, *chew* ... *crunch* ... *mokyu*,*mokyu* ... *swallow*.」

(T.N. I seriously have no clue what mokyu mokyu is.)(Ed: it's loli eating noise)

... Delicious.

Next, I tried the fried rice.

The rice and eggs are mixed together, but the rice doesn't stick to each other and easily separates. This is the proof that every single rice is properly coated by the eggs. I'm not able to do this. Pros are amazing!

I brought the delicious looking rice to my mouth.

「*Mokyumokyu*... *ngungu*, *swallow*」

... Unbearable! It's been awhile since I've eaten a delicious rice dish. Now ... next I'll eat it with the ankake.

This is the best experience of ankake fried rice. Here I go! !

I used my spoon and scooped up the part where the rice touches the ankake and ... pakuu. (T.N. Sound of her putting it into her mouth.)

「*Blow*... *blow*, *chew* ... *chew* ... *mokyu* ... *mokyu* ... *swallow*.」

Deeeeellllliiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssshhhhhhhh! !

Because of how delicious it is, I used a power where a strange beam can come out. It didn't come out though!

The crumbly fried rice and the fresh vegetables. And combining both of them in the droopy sauce. Furthermore, this spiciness is unbearable. I think spiciness is also part of the dish's deliciousness.

Color, aroma, taste, texture, and then spice. It's perfect! Uncle!

I raised my thumb and thrusted a thumbs up towards the uncle while smiling. The uncle seeing that, smiled happily.

Eventually I finish eating and put the empty plate into the store's wash bin. Within the street stalls, there is an unspoken rule that once you're done eating, you put your own dishes into the wash bin yourself.

「Thanks for the meal! It was delicious! !」

While saying that, I hand over hand over the money.

「Thanks for the patronage! Please come again!」

I left the street stalls while feeling satisfied both mentally and physically...


Today is my day off. There isn't anything particular that I need to do as the saintess and healers also get regular holidays. For the sake of emergency, the association always has several people prepared so there is no problem.

「Before meeting papan and maman, should I go to the shopping district to do some shopping...」

While I'm in my room looking at the egg with a fire pattern, I thought of buying some souvenirs before going home. What I buy should be ... custard pudding. Yeah. It's probably because I'm looking at the egg. Definitely.

However ... what exactly is this egg? When I thought about using this guy to make pudding before, I hit it against the corner of the table ... and it didn't break. Damn it, it's hard~ what's going on! ?

「It's a strange egg ... ha! ? Could it actually be ... an egg shaped rock?」

... It's possible, it was Danan who gave it to me after all. Damn you, Danan... ! I won't forgive you! !

...... I felt like I heard someone sneezing somewhere.


Along with Nesha-san, I went towards the shopping district. I'm fine going alone ... but I was told that it was dangerous. I want to quickly become an adult...

My target is custard pudding. The store is called 『Angel Pudding』.

「We're here. Oh my... it's crowded like usual.」

「It is sure crowded... 」

『Angel Pudding』is a store that specializes in pudding. Their thoroughness is famous and they don't sell anything other than pudding. The manager is a tough old man ... but he talks like a maiden. In other words ... an onee. ... an onee.

Their specialty is my target, the custard pudding. It is wonderfully sweet, easy to eat, and furthermore, it is cheap. It is a smart arrangement by the manager so as many people can eat it as possible.

We lined up at the end of the long line. Majority of the people in line are ... women. It seems that no matter the world, women likes to eat sweets.

...Nn? That figure is...

「Hey~! Folk~! !」

「Nn... ? Ah, isn't it Eltina.」

It's Folkbert. Now that I think about it, Folkbert liked sweets. After having Nesha-san stay in line, I headed towards Folkbert.

「Hey, what is it today?」

Is it because he is used to it, Folkbert have a calm face.

... Is he a regular?

「I came here to buy some custard puddings. Papan and maman likes it. ... And of course, me too!」

I see ... and he laughed.

The puddings here are really delicious and rich in variety. Starting from things like strawberry pudding, banana pudding, milk pudding... there is even something like soy sauce pudding. Soy sauce is being used to bring out the sweetness of the pudding. Regarding the taste ... right. It's like mitarashi dango.

Anyways, there are a lot of varieties.

「Is that so, well the puddings here are superb. It is worth lining up to buy them.」

「Right? I can endure it if it is for something delicious.」

For awhile, we just have some silly conversations. And when it's Folkbert's turn to enter the store, I returned to Nesha-san.

「A friend?」

「Yeah, he really like sweets.」

While waiting for our turn, I had some pleasant conversations with Nesha-san. I'm happy because she is listening to me talk while smiling. Until we enter the store, we continued our conversation.


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