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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 99


Chapter 99 - Intoxicated Companions

Liliyn: [You're too soft towards children, aren't you? ]

Hiiro: [ Who knows. ]

Since it seemed like the discussion would drag on were he to react, Hiiro gave a half-hearted reply.

Liliyn: [ Nevertheless, Hiiro. ]

Hiiro: [........]

Liliyn: [ Your <<Word Magic>>seems to be quite an amusing type of magic. ]

Apparently, this seems to be the main topic of the conversation.

Liliyn [I was allowed this time to observe it for a long time on the way.]

According to her, the Desert Monster had continued to call for reinforcements halfway through the battle. As Hiiro had left Camus to take over the fighting, Liliyn lost interest as she began to kill the swarms of monsters in an attempt to kill time.

But then, she was shocked when the ground changed to ice.

Liliyn: [ To think that you possessed that much amount of power, Honestly, it makes me more and more interested in you, you know that? kukuku]

Hiiro: [Hmph! Still, wouldn't you agree your magic is something similar?]

As he was annoyed by the fact that she constantly kept pestering him with such notions, Hiiro began to retaliate with his own counterattack.

Liliyn: [ Nn? What do you mean by that?]

Hiiro [ Don't play dumb, You must have noticed by now right? My magic is versatile. It is even capable of examining the information of the target. ]

Liliyn: [ ......... ]

She remained smiling silently.

Hiiro: [ Your magic ....what I saw from before when you dealt with Baron Bone Lizard, those huge spikes were not your magic.]

Liliyn: [ .....hou ]

Hiiro confirmed it by the glint in her eyes.

Hiiro: [ Do I have to say it clearly? Your magic is a unique magic .... the name is called |Fantasia Magic|. ]

Then, he saw her tremble for the first time. Though her eyebrows twitched, as to be expected, her perpetual smile did not change.

Liliyn: [ ......... kukuku, somehow or other, it appears that you are more outrageous than I had imagined. ]

Hiiro: [ Right back at you.]

As a matter of fact, Liliyn already had a rough idea of how Hiiro's magic functioned. She anticipated that her magic's true nature might be discovered by Hiiro. Despite this, her heart stopped from Hiiro guessing it effortlessly.

Liliyn: ( He's interesting.... He's really Interesting!, Besides, I don't know whether or not this brat has noticed it, but apparently, he has a predisposition for getting drawn into problems easily. Kukuku, if I stay near this brat, I might be able to have an experience that's far more interesting than the boredom I've had to deal with.)

She chuckles at Hiiro's extremely rare disposition. She was convinced that more interesting things would happen after this.

After that, as they continued to glare at each other, Silva suddenly appeared and changed the atmosphere.

Silva: [ Nofofofofo! You seem to be having fun Hiiro~sama! nofofofofo! ]

Silva was unusually excited. Although Hiiro watched Silva with an annoyed expression, upon seeing the wooden cup in his hand, Hiiro began to speak.

Hiiro: [Oi, don't tell me that's alcohol?]

Silva: [ Nofofofofofo! Ye~s that is righ~t! It has qui~te a good flavour! ]

Gulping sounds were heard as he drunk the alcohol.

Silva: [ *puhaa~, this is irresistable~! ]

Shamoe: [ feeeeeeeeee! Don't drink too much, Silva-sama~! ]

While Silva was dancing in ecstasy from the alcohol, Shamoe was frantically trying to stop him, yelling in a desperate voice. However, as this had hardly any effect at all, she was on the verge of tears.

Liliyn: [ U..u.uuu.. As I thought, Shamoe really can't do anything. She really is a hopeless Maid.... *sniff ]

Liliyn also had a strange tension about her. Then he took a close look at her, and she also had a cup in her hands. Apparently, she seems to have been drinking as well.

Liliyn: [ Yea, this is really quite delicious. ]

Liliyn, who had the wooden cup before anyone was even aware, drank in a similar manner.

Liliyn: [ Hey, how about you? ]

Hiiro: [ Don't need it. I'm not interested in alcohol. ]

Liliyn: [ humph, the gaki-bastard isn't? To think you cannot drink this amount of alcohol, what a boring guy. ]

Hiiro: [What was that?]

There was a vein popping out of his head.

Liliyn: [ You won't drink my alcohol.. aa~ iyada-iyada. There is someone here who does not understand how delicious this alcohol is,... well for a brat like you, I guess milk is preferable. ]

As she began to leave after saying those words, Hiiro firmly grabbed Liliyn's arm.

Liliyn: [ mu? ]

Hiiro: [ Are you underestimating me? It doesn't mean that I cannot drink alcohol, I'm just not interested in it. ]

Hiiro forcefully took the wooden cup from her hands and drank it with great intensity.

Liliyn: [ O..Oi, that is... ]

Liliyn seemed to be agitated by this situation, though Hiiro did not pay any attention to her.

Hiiro: [ puhaa~ how about that!?]

Liliyn looked a little displeased. Although she had been boasting,,she did not actually understand anything about alcohol. She poured it straight down her throat without tasting it.

However, in contrast to Hiiro, Liliyn was blushing as she glanced back and forth between the cup and Hiiro's mouth.

Hiiro: [ uh? What's wrong Aka-Loli? ]

Liliyn: [ It... it's nothing! ]

After she had said that, Liliyn took the cup from Hiiro and left.

Hiiro: [ ..... what's with her...? ]

Hiiro tilted his head, not really understanding what had just occurred.

A little ways away, Liliyn was motionlessly staring at the cup she was holding with both hands.

Liliyn: [ N...No, though I do not have to worry about this insignificant little thing. But why does he not respond to this? Is he accustomed to it? No, no, to begin with, he doesn't care about this, still..... ]

Her face was dyed a gentle shade of red while she traced where his lips had been with the tip of her finger.

Silva: [ Onyaa~, O~jou~sama~! What seems to be the problem? ]

The butler who couldn't read the atmosphere showed up. He was grinding his teeth and his shoulders were shaking. He, the drunken butler who couldn't read the atmosphere, thrusted out his mouth similar to giving a kiss.

Silva: [O~jou~sama, this butler will, without fail, embrace you and kiss your lovely mouth~]

Steam came out of Liliyn's head when she heard the word ’’kiss’’. Then, his lips that reeked of alcohol gradually approached hers. Seeing that, a vein appeared on her head.

Liliyn: [ hohou.... Do you want to kiss that much? ]

Silva: [ *muchuu~ ]

Liliyn: [ Then, to your heart's content! ]

Liliyn embraced Silva with her small body.

Silva: [ O, oooo~! Thi... This is quite assertive! ]

However, for some odd reason, his body was somehow floating in the air.

Silva: [ nofo? ]

And while in that position, the ground approached with a terrible speed. No, it was his very own body that was approaching the ground.

Silva: [no, nofuooooooooooooo bugh!? ]

As it happened, Silva's face pierced the ground, silence enveloping the surroundings. Liliyn looked down on the body of Silva with her arms folded.

Liliyn: [ Just die in the ground already. ]

The |Ashura Tribe| were dumbfounded when they saw the situation. The children who saw Silva's body stuck in the ground found it amusing and began to poke his body.

Hiiro:(What are those guys doing....}

Hiiro seems to have been amazed at the situation and let out a sigh.

Hiiro:(And, this fellow...)

When Hiiro glanced to the side, what he witnessed was Shamoe, breathing deeply while sleeping with an adorable expression on her face.

Hiiro: (haa, they're all the same as always.)

As if troubled, Hiiro placed his fingertips onto his temples and shut his eyes. Still, he noticed a warmth spreading throughout his body, most likely caused by the alcohol. As the day ended a pleasantly cool breeze began to flow, resulting in a nice feeling. Thus, he thought that such a day was not so bad as he admiringly gazed at the night sky.

The next day, Hiiro and his companions decided to continue traveling because they can finally cross the desert. However, those who expressed their misgivings about the situation were Camus and the children.

Camus: [Hiiro... Let's be together.]

Hiiro: [ Impossible, There are things I have to do. ]

Camus: [ ... I heard about it yesterday. You're traveling the world. ]

Hiiro: [ That's right.]

Kid 1: [ Who cares about it! You get to live with us! ]

Kid 2 : [ Right, Right! ]

Kid 3: [ Don't go Hero! ]

Before he had noticed, Hiiro's name seemed to have spread. Ever since yesterday the children have been happily shouting 'hero'.

Camus: [I also want to go.... But I..]

Hiiro: [ You're right, you'll protect your tribe right? ]

Camus: [.... Un.... However.... I'm Hiiro's subordinate. ]

He looked down solemnly as he said that. Everyone understood how greatly he wanted to be with Hiiro.

Hiiro: [ Nitouryuu. ]

Camus: [ What? ]

Hiiro: [ If we meet again and you have become stronger, then I will call you by your name.]

Taken backed, he suddenly looks up at Hiiro.

Camus: [ Really!? ]

Hiiro: [ Ah, yes, so do the things that you need to do. ]

Camus: [ .... Un! I.....We were saved by all of you. Therefore... This favor... I will return it someday... Surely... Without fail! ]

Hiiro: [Well then I shall wait without any expectations. ]

Hiiro's cheeks slackened slightly as he spoke.

Following this, Sivan opened his mouth to speak to Liliyn.

Sivan: [Liliyn, although I'm not worried about you, it appears the ambitions you spoke of before have yet to be realized.]

Liliyn [Humph, I'll realize them eventually. ]

Sivan: [ Hohoho, when that time comes, by all means, I will lend you my power. ~nou]

Liliyn: [ .... That's natural. Since the old days, you've owed me for many things. ]

Sivan: [That's in good health. ]

Liliyn: [Don't go and become cowardly, alright?]

Sivan: [ Like you can talk, Loli-baba. ]

Liliyn: [ Shut up, you Damn Serious-jiji. ]

As they said thus, they both directed a smile at the other. This might be their way of saying their farewells. Following this, Hiiro mounted Mikazuki.

Camus: [ Hiiro.... ]

Hiiro: [ What? ]

Camus: [ When you get into trouble ..... I will come running to your aid. ]

Hiiro: [ ....... Later. ]

Camus: [...... Un! ]

Camus' expressionless face changed to a smile. The children by his side were also smiling as they expressed their gratitude. Naturally, the others did as well. Together, they all sent off their tribe's benefactors.

Hiiro: [Let's go.]

Mikazuki: [Kui!]

Liliyn: [ Farewell, Sivan.]

Silva: [ nofofofofo! Those were wonderful people! ]

Shamoe: [F-f-f-farewell to all of you!]

Thus, the four departed from the |Ashura Tribe's| village. Following this, Camus and the others waved until their backs disappeared beyond the horizon.

Camus' Perspective

Sivan: [ They left already?]

Camus: [ n..... ]

Camus' expression had a small trace of loneliness, it was the face of a man hiding a certain determination. Following this, he turned around to face everyone.

Camus: [ Everyone! Let's go report everything.... to the |Grave Tower|! ]

Thereupon, everyone raised their voices in strong agreement. They wanted to tell their wonderful experiences to the companions who were resting at the |Grave Tower|, yet, the true reason for the visit was because they wanted to let them see the growth of the Chief of their tribe. In addition, they needed to make a new grave for Rigund, Camus' father.

Peace returned to the desert, although there were still monsters that naturally wandered the sands. So as not to lose to the monsters, Camus decided to work harder for the sake of prolonging the |Ashura Tribe's| prosperity.

Camus Monologue

I'm also greedy like Hiiro. I've determined again that I will defend everything as long as these hands reach them. And I look forward to becoming even more powerful so that Hiiro will call me by name when we meet again.

I will proudly meet my friend someday.


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