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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 98


Chapter 98.

Upon returning to the Oasis, Sivan and the other's smiles were the first to greet them. Sivan heard the story from Camui, he was wearing a sad expression along the way, but Camui and the others were able to show a smile on their faces due to their safe return.

Afterwards, Hiiro was accompanied by Camui, Sivan and Jin-u to tend to the injured persons gathered at the Yurt.

’’Listen up, what I will be doing must be kept secret’’ (Hiiro)

He gathered magical power in his fingertip

’’I will only heal their injuries’’

The 3 people nodded affirmatively.

Thus, Hiiro began healing each person. Applying ’’Complete Recovery’’ word magic to do so.

Prioritizing the children who are clinging to life. Their Mothers who are nursing them, hugging them tightly began to cry.

And then, not only the mothers but also everyone who was healed were bowing their heads repeatedly in gratitude to Hiiro.

’’Rather than doing that, you should honor your promise, Nitouryuu’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes...I understand’’ (Camui)

’’Hmm? What promise’’ (Sivan)

’’Granpa’’ (Camui)

’’What is it’’ (Sivan)

’’Today we...Feast’’ (Camui)

’’hmm?’’ (Sivan)

After that it became very busy.

The Ashura tribe's dream of peace was achieved, and to celebrate Camui hurriedly began preparing for a feast.

Near the riverbank, several people were preparing a large pot, it is there that all the ingredients will be placed and cooked.

According to Camui the Ashura Tribe use it to cook whenever there is a celebration or a feast.

Everyone from the tribe gathers around the pot to eat and celebrate.

It was also a time when their dead comrade's soul would be resurrected and be with them at the same time it was an opportunity for the people to get drunk.

The women take charge of ordering the men when cooking. The women yell at the men when they put in the ingredients to early or when their vegetable cutting was sloppy. It was like the men were useless when it comes to preparing food. But in actuality, the job of the men of the Ashura Tribe was normally to hunt or fight or to face danger while the women's job was to provide support. So, for this feast it was really the women that have the upper hand. The men have no choice but to do what the women say.

The stirring of the pot brought forth a nice smell that was carried by the wind that appealed to everyone. It was a strong curry like smell. The smell made their stomachs growl and their mouths drool which made them unable to work. Even Mikazuki was drooling which resembled a waterfall spilling out of her mouth.

’’Hey, drooling bird’’


’’What do you mean 'gui'? Do something about your drooling, there is a puddle of drool already on your feet.’’

There is a puddle of drool accumulating on Mikazuki's feet, but because Hiiro told her about it she made a slurping sound to contain the drool, only to have it drip all over again.

Seeing this, Hiiro let out a sigh of exasperation.


The voice was from Camui who was coming closer.

’’What is it’’ (Hiiro)

’’About grandpa....thank you’’

’’Don't worry about it’’

Yes, After healing the seriously injured, Hiiro also healed Sivan's injuries as it was a request of Camui. Even though Hiiro thought it was a pain to heal people over and over, he thought better of it.

But Sivan himself refused Hiiro's healing, which surprise both Camui and Jin-u. They didn't understand the reasoning behind it. But Sivan said

’’This is a punishment that is etched in my body so that I would never forget.’’

He was angered by his own inexperience. In truth, he could have stopped Rigund himself. If he had done so, Camui would not have experienced a painful memory. But his right leg was amputated and his eyes went blind. In the end I entrust everything to Camui. He wasn't able to do anything. When its his time to go to the other world, he would think that those were not joyous years. Even though his body could be healed, he cannot move the way he can when he was younger. That is why he cannot forget his current useless self. He thought to himself that he will carry the burden of his punishment until he passes away.

But Camui ignored Sivan's words. He grew up to be who he is now because of Sivan's leadership. He was young when he lost his mother and his father. It was Sivan who guided him to adulthood. He disregards all of Sivan's past mistakes like what he was taught a chief would do. Camui wouldn't forget. Sivan doesn't need those injuries anymore. That is why he wants him to be healed as soon as possible.

Upon hearing those words, Sivan pondered for a moment. If he is to be healed, Camui must fulfill one condition. That his leg would be excluded from being healed.

Pointing to his artificial leg he said his request. Of course Camui protested against this. But this was the condition Sivan has set.

’’This stubborn old man’’ Hiiro said, with Hiiro's magic he can cure his blindness.

Even if his leg were to be brought back, he doesn't have the power to fight like he used to before. But with his eyesight back he could at least see his family. That's why he only wants his eyesight to be healed.

’’ are stubborn...grandpa’’

Camui was able to voice out a complaint.

’’That is my wish’’ (Sivan)

’’uuuu’’ (Camui)

’’Just you see’’

Children were laughing near the pot where Sivan was at. Of course many were surprised to see his eye sight back, but even so, his family was very grateful that he was able to see again.

’’Grandpa looks happy’’

Sivan had a smile on his face while he was playing with the children.

’’With this...Its fine isn't it?’’

’’Who knows, But that smiling face isn't bad to look at right?’’

’’Yes...Hiiro thank you’’

Hiiro closed his eyes and crossed his arms. That honest gratitude made his back itch. It wasn't like him, but its not that bad of an experience, he thought.

Hiiro then heard that the pot was done. He opened his eyes, the thing he was waiting for is finally ready. He then hurriedly walked towards the pot. He saw a hot red liquid being poured unto a large leaf being used as a makeshift bowl. It was a stew like food that had many ingredients in it. It even smelled like beef stew.

He placed (tossed) a handful of soup into his mouth.

Even though it looks that way, it wasn't spicy, it had a sweet and spicy taste into it which makes you want to eat more. If partnered with rice, he doubts that he could have stopped eating. As he was thinking this, one of the children came over and offered him a plate with bread on it.

’’Oniichan, here, take this’’

The child gave it to him with a smile, and everyone around was watching them. The other guys were eating the bread along with the soup, like a fondue.

Hiiro also imitated them on how they eat.


The moment he ate it, he instantly remembered. It was ’’Naan’’ (TL: unleavened bread) It was unmistakably curry with naan bread. Hiiro then proceeded to eat it vigorously.

’’Hehehe, is it delicious?’’


It was another child's face that showed up. This was one of the children that Hiiro healed. He came along side what it seems to be his mother.

’’A, Mom! Oniichan said it was delicious!’’

’’Oh? That's great!’’

The child replied with a smile.

’’I really am truly grateful’’ (Mother)

In the Yurt he was thanked more than enough, they still couldn't stop thanking him, Hiiro thought.

However he doesn't feel that it was a bad thing.

’’Don't worry about it, by the way this , this bread, what is it?’’

’’Oh, that is a fruit’’ (TL: nut;fruit;berry)

As she was saying this, she points to a tree. A palm tree from what it looks like. It was bearing fruits the size of volleyballs.

’’That fruit needs to be heated at the right temperature for it to be soft like this, it is our staple food here.’’

’’I see’’

’’But in the soup there are (リモーネ rough translation: rimo-ne/lemon???),<green-crab's meat>.<Torori shellfish> , ’’

I see, Hiiro thought, so that must explain why I was able to taste a lemon like flavor in the soup. That was why it had that sour taste. That explains why there is a green crab meat in here. It was fun chewing the crab meat, wherein the taste spreads in your mouth. The in it was very very soft. It had that red coloring in it though when cooked, the red color dissolves into the stew and becomes white meat, it was the reason why the stew had that red color.

To top it all off the torori shellfish gives off the sweet and spicy flavor to the stew when cooked and mixed together with the other ingredients.

I didn't see any other ingredients aside from vegetables but over all this soup was very well made. I didn't even notice that I already had 5 servings of it.

As the mother and child's explanation was over, they bowed and went off somewhere. It was then when Lilyn was walking towards me with a grin on her face.


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