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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 96


Chapter 96: The Conclusion, and a Tearful Parting

’’Jii-chan......fall back. Leave the me’’ (Kamui)

After seeing the expression of Kamui, who came running in front of him, Silva let out a ’’Hohou’’ in admiration.

’’It appears that there will no longer be any problems with leaving it to you’’ (Silva)

’’Hm...I made you worry’’ (Kamui)

’’Nofofofofo! I will go finish off the remaining two, so I may leave the main one to you correct?’’ (Silva)

At Silva's suggestion, Kamui's head nodded in response.

’’No. I'll take care of...all of them. That's why......move back a little’’ (Kamui)

’’Nofo?’’ (Silva)

Silva tilt his head questioningly, as he followed Kamui's orders and moved back a small distance until he could see Kamui's back.

Kamui stared fixedly at the desert monster.

’’Sorry......I.......didn't understand’’ (Kamui)

’’Gururururu!’’ (Desert Monster)

It's sharp eyes narrowed even further, as it targeted Kamui alone and began to growl.

’’ have been turned into such a form......the one suffering the most.......was Tou-chan after all. That's why....I’’ (Kamui)

As he said that, he took a single katana from his back and proceeded to place the blade against his arm. And then...


Like that, he moved the blade and wounded his arm. Naturally, bright red blood began to flow from his newly opened gaping wound.

Drip drip drip.......

Unsurprisingly, the blood began to fall to his feet onto the sand due to gravity. He returned the katana to its scabbard. Uncomprehendingly, Hiiro and Silva watched over his actions, as the area of blood-stained sand at his feet slowly began to grow.

’’My blood will...infect it’’ (Kamui)


The ground began to shake like a small earthquake. Then the red-stained sand alone flew up with a swish, and stopped as it floated in midair. It was just about the same size as an automobile.

’’I currently......can only control this amount but......’’ (Kamui)

The bright red sand began to swirl around above Kamui's raised right hand. And then it began to rise further into the air, and the mass of sand split up into fine bits.

The sand had split up into countless clumps about the size of marbles, and still continued to float high up in the air.

’’........Red Idol. .......I'm coming’’ (Kamui)

Kamui's glance became sharp as his eyes narrowed.

’’Model - Rain’’ (Kamui)

Pyun pyun pyun pyun pyun pyun pyun pyun!

The clumps, which had become small balls, headed straight towards the 3 monsters at an amazing speed. It looked as if it was a red rain.

’’Giiiiiiiiii!?’’ (Desert Monster)

While raising a cloud of sand, the clumps of sand mercilessly pierced through the bodies of the monsters like bullets.

’’Hou’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro watched that scene and raised his voice in admiration.

(It's true that blood is magic itself. By pouring that blood onto the sand, he successfully was able to move the sand as he wished, huh......well done Dual blades)

There were risks with spilling blood, but in exchange it appears you would gain the ability to freely control the sand.

Once the cloud of sand settled, the hole-ridden bodies of 2 completely annihilated monsters appeared. And though the remaining desert monster appeared to have guarded with its tail, that tail had become tattered. However, its body remained completely unharmed.

’’Gururururururururu!’’ (Desert Monster)

’’'s hard after all’’ (Kamui)

After Kamui murmured that, he raised his right arm into the air. As his did so, the red sand that should have scattered into the desert began to gather to him once more.

’’But.......with this only one person remains, no, one monster!’’ (Kamui)

’’Guraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’’ (Desert Monster)

As though its anger voltage had maxed out, the monster began to rush towards Kamui. While sand was kicked up, its propulsive force caused that sand to roll up.

’’Model - wall’’ (Kamui)

A red wall instantly appeared in front of Kamui.


The monster continued to charge at him, but

’’That level...won't break it’’ (Kamui)

In accordance to Kamui's words, though the monster's rush had an incredible amount of destructive force contained in it, the red wall didn't move a single inch.

’’Model - fist’’ (Kamui)

The sand turned into the shape of a large fist, and punched towards the monster.

’’Gururaa!?’’ (Desert Monster)

It received quite the shock, as the monster's face warped while being blown away. The monster, which then collided with a sand dune, unsteadily stood up while grinding its teeth and overflowing with killing intent.

’’.......even this is no good’’ (Kamui)

Hiiro also watched that situation.

(Even though that should have had quite a bit of attack power, even that wasn't capable of destroying the sand surrounding it......the sand must be packed quite densely)

Though the red sand should be substantially hard, even that was incapable of destroying the monster's armour.

(Now then, what will you do, Dual blades)

He watched over Kamui with distant eyes. That Kamui was once again changing the shape of the red sand. The monster, seeing that, also began to manipulate the sand. A large sand wave attacked Kamui.

’’'s useless’’ (Kamui)

Pyun pyun pyun pyun!

The red sand drew a circle as it began to move.

’’Model - storm’’ (Kamui)

The sand which had taken the shape of a tornado continued towards the approaching wave of sand.


The two sand masses clashed together like two swords locking together. And then,


The one that lost was the wave. It returned once more to sand as it dispersed. Seeing that, Kamui frowned almost sorrowfully.

’’'s different’’ (Kamui)

’’Guru?’’ (Desert Monster)

’’No. Tou-chan was......must more amazing.......much better......much stronger’’ (Kamui)

He sharply glared while glancing towards the monster.

’’You are......Tou-chan're not Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

The red sand once again changed shape above Kamui's right hand.

’’Model - hammer’’ (Kamui)

A large hammer appeared, but this time two of them were created. They then flew with incredible speed towards the monster, with one of them coming up from below the monster.

’’Guruaa!?’’ (Desert Monster)

The monster that was then thrown up into the air was met with the second hammer. This time, the hammer aimed towards the ground as it swung down.


Of course, the struck monster crashed downwards. However, what greeted it was the same hammer as before. This time, it again, like before, swung upwards.


It again flew up into the air, but ahead of it was again the same hammer which swung downwards once more. This repeated numerous times.

’’Gugii! Gakii! Rugaa!’’ (Desert Monster)

As though they were playing ping-pong, the monster which had become the ball moved violently between the two hammers. But because of that,


Cracks appeared on the monster's body, and sand gradually began to fall off of it. And then a green liquid began to fall from the monster. It was the monster's blood. Its arm was bent, and its tail was crushed. The fact that its blood began to flow out meant that the sand it had been wearing had been completely removed.

It was hit by the hammer in the air one last time, and then slammed into the ground. Its face was warped in pain, and its body shook as it desperately attempted to stand up.

Kamui drew the two katana from his back, and took a deep breath.

’’......I'll end it........Tou-chan’’ (Kamui)

After that, the monster perhaps felt fear from Kamui's killing intent, as it attempted to dive into the ground. However,


Both of the monster's hands tried to dig into the sand, but after seeing the ground they froze. This was because the desert ground, which should have been burning hot, currently had, for some reason, changed into ice and was releasing cold air.

’’Like I'd let you dive underground’’ (Hiiro)

Kamui was also surprised as he gazed at Hiiro, who had squatted down and written something on the ground.

[Freeze] /『氷結化』

The effects of the three word chain he had used for the first time. It had instantly turned the surrounding face of the desert into an ice field. The effective range was tremendous, and as far as he could see, had frozen even the area where the 『Ashura tribe』 was fighting.

And though everyone was bewildered at the sudden change in the situation, in truth the most bewildered one was Hiiro himself.

( think that it would have this much power. How astonishing)

As expected, it did not affect the entirety of the desert, but even so, compared to when he had used one word, which affected only a four tatami space, it was a frightening degree of power. Though he kept a poker face on, that he was excited internally was Hiiro's secret alone.

’’Now! End it Dual blades!’’ (Hiiro)

At Hiiro's words, he focussed once more, and poured strength throughout his entire body. Then he faced the monster and charged at full speed towards it.

’’Guru!?’’ (Desert Monster)

It stood up as though it were flustered, but due to the sudden change in environment, and having received Kamui's killing intent straight on, it fell into a state of confusion and its body stiffened.

’’Haaaaaaaaa!’’ (Kamui)


’’Guraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?’’ (Desert Monster)

The two katana pierced through the monster's core ball. Kamui grit his teeth as his face stiffened. Seeing blood fall from the monster's mouth, whose face imitated that of his father's, and the sensation as he cut through its life caused his expression to unintentionally darken.

After he slowly pulled out his pair of katana, the monster's back folded and it collapsed facing upwards.

’’Haahaahaahaahaa......’’ (Kamui)

Although he should have saved everyone from the fear of the monster with this, Kamui's face showed no delight, and his body trembled as he looked downwards and showed a downcast expression.

’’Gufu!’’ (Desert Monster)

The monster vomited a large amount of blood from its mouth. And then its core ceased to move. At the same time, the sharp red eyes which had continued to be filled with hostility gradually changed into eyes hosting a purple light.

’’..................Ka......mui.......’’ (Rigund)

Even with this, Kamui said nothing as his eyes widened. And then, with a feeling as though he couldn't believe it, Kamui stared at the fallen monster. The monster's eyes alone turned towards Kamui.

’’......Kamui’’ (Rigund)

This time he wasn't mistaken. That voice, and those eyes were, undeniably something that Kamui knew.

’’Tou........chan.......?’’ (Kamui)

With a clatter, the two katana that he had been holding fell to the ground. And then, he rushed over to the monster and came to his knees.

’’Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

’’......Kamui......I'm sorry’’ (Rigund)

’’!’’ (Kamui)

Again and again, he shook his head in denial. From his eyes, numerous tears fell.

’’ did well Kamui’’ (Rigund)

’’Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

Hiiro and Silva approached the two of them. And then the two of them glanced at each other in surprise, and continued to quietly watch over them.

’’I'm sorry......because of me, you've had to go through such painful times......’’ (Rigund)

’’! Because I'm the chief......I have to protect my comrades.....just like Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

’’Hahaha......I see.'ve gotten bigger Kamui’’ (Rigund)

’’To...Tou-chan.......’’ (Kamui)

’’So you've become.......the chief......haha, as expected of my son......’’ (Rigund)

As a faint smile floated on his face, he slowly extended his trembling left hand and placed it on Kamui's head.

’’You've......become strong’’ (Rigund)

’’Hic.......sob.......’’ (Kamui)

He sniffed as his tears fell onto the sand.

’’I was mostly......unconscious, but I felt it. Your strength.’’ (Rigund)

’’......really?’’ (Kamui)

’’Yeah, you've become strong but......even so you've got a ways to go......before you can reach my level’’ (Rigund)

’’......sorry. It would've been better......if I could've released Tou-chan much sooner’’ (Kamui)

’’...............Haha, I'm such a fortunate person’’ (Rigund)

’’Tou-chan?’’ (Kamui)

’’Unlike your mother who died so early on......I was able to see your growth like this through these eyes’’ (Rigund)

Kamui's mother passed away due to illness sooner after giving birth to him. After that, Rigund decided in his heart to raise him into a fine man. However, the incident with the desert monster occurred, and in the end he was only able to raise him with his own hands for a few years. To him, that was something he deeply regretted.

However, like this he was able to see Kamui's splendid figure,

’’This'll be......a great tale to tell her later’’ (Rigund)

By ’’her’’, he of course meant Kamui's deceased mother. Rigund put some strength into his arm and gently stroked Kamui's head.

’’Listen up Kamui......’’ (Rigund)

’’......wha, what?’’ (Kamui)

’’The main culprit that did this to me, that man......beware of《Scarface》’’ (Rigund)

’’《Scarface》.......’’ (Kamui)

Kamui recalled the person who had been standing atop of the Desert Tortoise that had attacked them. That person did indeed have a wound in the shape of a cross on his face.

’’He.......said that he was testing something out. .......exactly what he was testing, I don't know, but it's definitely nothing good. But......he said......that he no longer has any business with this desert’’ (Rigund)

However even so, he was saying that there was still a change he would come again, and continued to tell Kamui to be careful.

’’It's alright.......I will.......protect everyone’’ (Kamui)

Seeing Kamui's expression full of determination, Rigund appeared happy as his face loosened.

’’Haha, but you still have a ways. Your sand control is still -gufo!’’ (Rigund)

’’Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

Rigund vomited blood once more in pain. His breathing became rough, and his legs began to crumble away like sand.

’’Tou-chan! Your legs!?’’ (Kamui)

’’Haahaaahaaahaaa......listen......Kamui’’ (Rigund)

’’Tou-chan!’’ (Kamui)

’’Listen.......gohogoho! Haahaahaahaa.......become much’’ (Rigund)

’’Tou-chan......ok......okay! I will I will! Aill.......becwome......stwonger so......’’ (Kamui)

A large amount of tears and snot began to flow, and it was difficult to figure out what exactly he was saying, but Rigund was smiling.

’’Won't anywon.......I won't woose so! Thaths why......thaths whyyy!’’ (Kamui)

Already the area around Rigund's neck had become like sand, which danced about.

’’I'll be watching over beloved son’’ (Rigund)

And then, Rigunds entire body returned to the sand.

’’Thathss whyyy! You don't need to wowwyyyyy!’’ (Kamui)

At that moment, the battle with the desert monster had truly ended. It had a sorrowful conclusion, but even so, that which Kamui gained was great.

As Kamui watched the sand which danced into the sky, his mouth strongly tightened into an indifferent-like look, but it was evident by his expression that it had become the face of a man. While carrying what his father entrusted to him, it was the face of one who had gone through much and matured.


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