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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 93


Chapter 93: A New Word Magic Ability....and Title.

A variety of large and small rocks were lying around. Despite calling them small, they were still about the size of a person, the larger ones being close to ten meters tall. Counting through them one by one would be an endless job, yet, the desert monster was lying somewhere among them.

Hiiro: (《Boulder desert》, huh... It's exactly like that.)

While endless number of rocks kept appearing in the distance, Hiiro was thinking of the battle strategy.

Hiiro: (First, we need to find the monster itself... however, before that-)

Hiiro noticed that he had leveled up after he won the fight against Camus. Because of this, he was currently wondering about whether his 《Word Magic》 had gained a new ability.

Hiiro Okamura

Level 81

HP 1720/1725

MP 3000/3000

EXP 600976

NEXT 21707

ATX 504 (566)

DEF 405 (420)

AGL 637 (639)

HIT 356 (364)

INT 555 (559)

《Magic Attribute》 None

《Magic》 Word Magic ( | One Word Chain (Unlocked) | Air Writing (Unlocked) | Parallel Writing (Unlocked) | Two Word Chain (Unlocked) | Simultaneous Invocation (Unlocked) | Invocation Management (Unlocked) | Three Word Chain (Unlocked) |)

《Titles》 Innocent Bystander | World Traveller | Word Master | Awakened One | Ripper | The One Who Imagines | Killer of the Unique | Gourmet Bastard | One Who Follows His Own Path | Friend of the Fairies | Mikazuki's Owner | Monster Slayer | Wanderer | Lightning Speed | Sage | Little Girl Killer(1) | One Who is Skilled in Magic |(2)

And so, as per expectations, Hiiro had gained new abilities. Hiiro chuckled to himself as he had determined that fighting Camus was the right choice.

However, there was a title that caught his attention. Putting aside the last one for the moment, the title 《Little Girl Killer》 was a bit concerning. For some reason, Hiiro felt irritated(3) about those words. It was Hiiro's nature to confirm something that bothered him. And yet, at the same time, Hiiro felt that he would regret confirming the meaning behind those words.

Even so, he, almost unconsciously, clicked the words 《Little Girl Killer》with his finger.

《Little Girl Killer》(4)

You seem to be an existence that are blessed by, and attracts, little girls(5). In the eyes of little girls, your charm has suddenly increased(6). This is surely because you are also a Loli--(7)

With a snap, Hiiro canceled the explanation interface.

Hiiro was troubled. What is this? He thought that god was teasing him or something(8). If that really turned out to be the case, he swore in his mind to inflict punishment upon them with the word 「Curse」 | 『呪』.

However, as he had previously thought , Hiiro was now regretting confirming the title(9).

Hiiro sighed heavily. After he escaped from reality for a short period of time, he finally proceeded to address the main topic. Hiiro forcefully persuaded himself that this next part would be very enjoyable for him. Following this, the newly added 《Three-Word Chain》 of 《Word Magic》was clicked.

《Three-Word Chain》 MP Consumption: 600

It was now possible to write and connect three words. Similar to the two word skill, the effective range, influence, and versatility of the spell improves, although the effect duration still depends on the words written. When this ability has been unlocked, the restrictions placed on two word spells are lifted. Up until now, if you were to use a two word spell, the words installed using the 《Invocation Management》 skill would lose all of it's effect. However, this restriction was now released. Instead, this limitation now applies to three word spells. Additionally, the abilities of 《Simultaneous Invocation》 &《Invocation Management》 now apply to two word spells. However, the installation limit of setting 5 words doesn't change for 《Invocation Management》. Furthermore, in regards to the 《Simultaneous Invocation》, please exercise caution for there are certain words that cannot be used.

Basically, the restrictions of the 《Two-Word Chain》 skill are now applied onto the 《Three-Word Chain》 skill. However, if the process of writing the words was interrupted, the 《Rebound》 would decrease all of his status fields by 30%. Furthermore, Hiiro would be rendered unable to use magic, as well as being inflicted with a random Abnormal Status Effect. The Abnormal Statuses that may be inflicted include: Severe Pain, Paralysis, Sleep, Blindness, and Confusion. This Abnormal Condition would last for duration of 1 hour, while the reduction in stats and inability to utilise Magic would last for a period of 6 hours.

This 《Rebound》 was quite typical, or so Hiiro had thought. He would be subjected to risk even if he attempted to use it. It wasn't as if his status would simply be reduced, nor would he be rendered unable to use magic. The problem was the 'Abnormal Condition'. In particular, the confusion and severe pain caused would leave him at a disastrously high risk for a 1 hour period.

Hiiro: (No, the possibility of it being paralysis or sleep exists, but...blindness....haa, no matter what it is, it'd probably mean certain death if I got it in the middle of a fight.)

Although he could probably endure pain, it was undeniably certain that his movements would be hindered. Even after the the affliction had dissipated, Hiiro would most likely be left fatigued and vulnerable. Either way, the necessity for Hiiro to experiment and experience this at least once remained. Rather than having a unknown abnormality, it would be more easier to prepare if he knew what the disorder was. That way, he would somewhat be able to calm his uncertainties.

Hiiro: (Even so, I'm grateful for the fact that I can now install two word spells.)

With this, Hiiro was now able to implement a large array of tactics, allowing him to display even further cheat-like behaviour. Furthermore, his installed words had expanded to encompass 《Multiple Words》. In other words, apart from the one word spell, the continuous writing skill had now become available to Hiiro.

Up until now, whenever Hiiro attempted to use a two word spell, he could not use any other words. No, although he could activate and use other words, the effects of the two word spell would be cancelled. However, this limitation had now been lifted.

Now, if, for example, he were to use the word 「Flight」 | 『飛翔』 to fly, he would still be able to activate words such as 「Explosion」 | 『爆』 or 「Speed」『速』. However, as there seemed to be words that would not have this ability, there was a necessity for Hiiro to perform many experiments.

However, the limitations of this seemed to be naturally obvious to Hiiro. If he were to approach an enemy using the word 「Transparent」|『透明』 before casting the spell 「Sleep」 | 『寝』, then he would be so invincible, it would simply be ridiculous. Of course, if his target was one of the magically sensitive 『Evila』, then they might be able to somehow deal with Hiiro's tactic. Nevertheless, Hiiro deemed it to be too unfair.

Hiiro: (Kuku(10), this is really a Unique Cheat, huh.)

Even with such a restriction applied, Hiiro couldn't help but involuntarily grin at the tremendous versatility of his own magic. Although there were many methods of execution that would deliver a harsh 《Rebound》 should they be improperly handled, as long as one cautiously used it, the effects that it supplies are quite significant.

Yet, there was an important point that needed careful attention. This point addressed MP Consumption. The new title that Hiiro had just obtained, the one called 《One who is Skilled in Magic》, seemed to apply adjustments to his MP. Even though it appeared to further increase his MP, even after he had levelled up, Hiiro could still not afford to use his 《Word Magic》 frequently.

The reason for this was because, from the very beginning, 《Word Magic's》 MP consumption was significantly high. Even though he possessed several MP recovery items, it Hiiro would still be required to create time to be able use them during combat...

Hiiro: (Wait, I guess I could use the word 「Protect」 | 『防』 while taking the recovery items...)

Such issue was easily resolved. Yet, even so, the fact that Hiiro had a large MP Consumption Rate would not change. If he wasn't constantly paying attention, there was always the possibility of Hiiro having a depleted MP gauge when he let his guard down. As it seemed that there might not be enough MP to utilise during important times, it may prove fatal in this world.

Furthermore, although this time he was now able to cast three word spells, the MP consumed was 600. No matter how one thought about it, it could not be considered normal. If Hiiro were to use 《Air Writing》 in conjunction with this skill, the MP cost would be 600 + 100 = 700 MP. This meant that he could only use this combination of skills 4 times if his MP was completely full.

Hiiro: (I guess this is what they call the price of power(11), huh.)

As Hiiro had a limited supply of MP recovery agents, he determined that he must make effective use of them. Even so, it would not change the fact that his ability was a cheat.

Hiiro: (Now then....this time, I guess I'll be experimenting against the Desert Monster, huh....)

As Hiiro's party arrived at the 《Boulder Desert》 area, they stopped as they arranged themselves, seemingly without spirit.

Camus:「Everyone... move as planned.」

The 『Ashura Tribe』 nodded at Camus' order and moved out from that spot. They swiftly headed to their positions. The only ones that remained were Hiiro, Liliyn, Silva, Shamoe, Camus and Sivan. Only these six.

They surveyed the desert, yet, the desert monster could not be be seen. It may be hiding among the large boulders. Meanwhile, Liliyn called out to Hiiro.

Liliyn:「 Oi(12), kozou(13). Are you planning on slaying the monster? 」

Hiiro:「 No, I'm merely assisting them.」

Liliyn:「Then, that fellow will deal the finishing blow...huh? 」

As she spoke those words, she turned her glance towards Camus.

Hiiro:「That's right. This is the 『Ashura Tribe's』 problem. Then this problem, should be resolved by the 『Ashura Tribe's』 Chief himself. 」

Liliyn:「Hou(14). But can that guy really kill it? Even though his father is dead, from what we've heard, it appears to have taken on his father's appearance.」

Hiiro:「 It seems so. 」

Liliyn:「 But this fellow values the tribe above all else. Wouldn't it be quite a difficult opponent for him? 」

Hiiro:「 ... Who knows. However, this would be the so-called turning point 」

Liliyn:「 The turning point? 」

She knitted her eyebrows as she looked up at Hiiro.

Hiiro:「 Aa(15). If he turned away here, that means he would continue to live while being unable to kill his father 」

Liliyn:「 However, in that scenario, the tribe would spend everyday frightened by the monster. If they allowed the monster to run wild again, it was possible that they would be annihilated 」

Hiiro:「 Aa. If they choose to fight now, it will no longer be possible for them to turn back. Though I asked those fellows, it seems the barrier is made of that guy's father's life. Seems to be already reaching its limit. If we provoke the monster this time, even if they ran away, it would be sure to follow in pursuit. 」

If that were to happen, their oasis would be found, placing the tribe in danger. The children would also be helplessly killed.

Hiiro:「 Even if you advance by one step from here, the only road left to you is to defeat the monster. If they moved back from here, they would only gain a brief period of peace. However, even if they did advance, the only options left before them would be whether they defeat the monster or not.」

Liliyn:「 So it's either Heaven or Hell...huh? 」

Hiiro:「 So it seems..... apparently that guy's already made his choice. 」

Upon seeing Camus' eyes, there was no hesitation present. Hiiro slowly approached him.

Hiiro:「 It seems like you've got your resolve, huh? 」

Camus:「Nn(16)... I have. I....will defeat it. 」

Jin-u:「 Chief, even though I'm inferior, I shall also assist you! 」

Camus nodded slightly in response to Jin-u's words as he stared ahead.

Camus:「 ....Let's go! 」


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