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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 92


Chapter 92: United front

Camus looked at Hiiro. Honestly speaking, Hiiro had a hunch it might turn out like this after Camus had found the determination to take action. However, Hiiro closed his eyes and spoke.

’’I have no obligation to help you.’’(Hiiro)


’’Nope, no way. I do not work for free. Rather, why not ask that Baba-... I mean small person over there?’’(Hiiro) [TL: Babaa - Hag, granny ]

’’I can hear you, you bastard... How about I put you in an eternal sleep? Nn?’’(Liliyn)

A monstrous killing intent assailed Hiiro.'Hiiro hesitated, contemplating whether it was a mistake to correct himself by calling her small fellow.

’’Although I don't want to admit it, that person is strong. She can even clean up that monster without any problems.’’(Hiiro)

’’Oi, don't drag me into this. Did you really think that I would bother with such a troublesome matter? No! I have no interest in monsters or anything of the sort! Therefore, I won't even lift a finger! Kuhaha!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Yo! As expected of Ojou-sama! Even saints would faint in front of such arrogance!’’ (Silva)

’’Ojou-sama~! How splendid!’’ (Shamoe)

’’Kuhahaha! Praise me more! Hahahahaha!’’ (Liliyn)

Watching her laugh loudly as she was praised by her attendants, Hiiro felt like he was getting a headache. He made a mental note to not become like her.

’’Uun... I want Hiiro’’ (Camus)

’’Nn? Me?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Un.’’ (Camus)

’’Why?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Why.............Why?’’ (Camus)

’’No, I'm the one asking here...’’ (Hiiro)

Camus tilted his head and blankly stared at Hiiro, Hiiro already understood what Camus was so perplexed about..

’’Anyway, I will-’’ (Hiiro)

’’Then, what should I do?’’ (Camus)

’’Huh?’’ (Hiiro)

’’What should I do...... to have you come with us?’’ (Camus)

’’...........’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro once again realized just how stubborn Camus was. As he did, he had a great idea

(Speaking of which, I just leveled up a lot. I want to try that out... but...)

Actually, when Hiiro won the battle against Camus, he gained a few levels .. Since Camus was of a higher level than Hiiro, he was able to get a lot of EXP from defeating him.

’’Let's see. How about you become my underling?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh? Underling?’’ (Camus)

’’Nah, I'm just joking.’’ (Hiiro)

’’I will.’’ (Camus)

’’Just a joke.......Huh?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro could only stare at Camus completely speechless. His eyes looked serious, if anything, it feels like they are sparkling in happiness, but it may just be Hiiro's imagination..

’’O-Oi...’’ (Hiiro)

’’I will become... underling. So, your strength... lend it to me.’’ (Camus)

Hiiro completely meant it as a joke. Hiiro knew that having a tribe chief becoming an underling wouldn't happen. So, Hiiro threw it out there to get some time to think of what to ask in exchange for his assistance.

However, when you looked in Camus' eyes, one could clearly see that he was being serious.

’’Hey now, you do understand, right? You, the chief, to become some random traveller's underling, there is no way your tribe could agree with that, you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Un... that's right.’’ (Camus)

’’Hey, don't just say...'that is right' ...’’ (Hiiro)

Whenever Hiiro had to deal with Camus, his pace would completely get thrown off.

’’But... I decided to... be greedy.’’ (Camus)

’’Huh?’’ (Hiiro)

’’If it was only'd be dangerous. But,... if Hiiro comes... the risk of us getting wounded... decreases.’’ (Camus)

’’.......’’ (Hiiro)

’’I will protect... everyone. In order to do that... I will use any means available. What Hiiro spoke of...greed... is just like that.’’ (Camus)

Normally, as a leader, their pride wouldn't even allow one to lower his head like this. It was hard to believe, that someone would be able to accept something like this so easily.

However, Camus was willing to take any means necessary in order to protect his tribe. Even if he has to throw away his position or pride and allow himself to be used by Hiiro, he was willing to accept it all to protect everything.

(Haha...this kind of foolish greed also existed, huh.)

It certainly was Hiiro who gave him that advice. However, Camus came out with an extremely direct interpretation of it. Hiiro couldn't help but laugh at how pure Camus was.

Seeing Hiiro grin slightly, Camus tilted his head sideways..

’’Haha, man, you're quite an interesting guy, aren't you.’’ (Hiiro)

’’...Really?’’ (Camus)

’’Aa, let's go with that. However, will it be fine for you to decide to become my underling all by yourself? No, you talked about it with the blind old man, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Un... but everyone will agree with it. After all... it's for peace.’’ (Camus)

Hiiro looked into Camus' eyes. They were totally sincere and not even a wisp of hesitation could be seen in them. He was simply driven by the desire to protect his tribe. Camus was completely different from the hesitant person before.

’’Haha, you're quite an honest guy. ... Alright. With this, you will be my underling from now on.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Really?’’ (Camus)

’’Yes, it was quite unexpected, but I will take this as payment. I will also need to live up to your expectations. ’’

Camus made a victory pose to Hiiro's positive answer. To Hiiro it was fine either way. However if he rethinks about it again, he can obtain delicious food and obtain various information from them so it turned out to be an excellent trade. Another thing that put him into an accepting mood, was because he leveled up.

’’Seems like you have finished talking.’’ (Sivan)

Looking for a gap to step in, Sivan walked over to the two. On his side, there were others of the Ashura tribe, including children.

’’I talked with everyone. Though, there are some who still don't agree.’’ (Sivan)

’’That's right! Why should Camus Camus become that guy's underling!’’

’’Chief! We can handle the monster of the desert by ourselves!’’ (Jin-u)

One of the children and Jin-u complained, but Camus raises his hand to silence them.

’’No... I already decided. When it comes to protecting everyone... I will do anything.’’ (Camus)

The Ashura watching Camus could feel his decisiveness and were unable to say any more. However, the children still said what they honestly thought.

’’But, are you fine with that Camus Camus! Becoming that guys underling...’’ (Child A)

’’That is right! Camus Camus is the tribe chief!’’ (Child B)

’’Nn... It's alright.’’ (Camus)

While saying that, Camus placed his hands on the children's head.

’’Hiiro is...... interesting’’

The children were rendered speechless by Camus' comment. Sivan was the only one smiling as he turned to Liliyn.

’’Liliyn, your companion is lending his power but you aren't going to?’’(Sivan)

’’Fun, why would I need to bother with such a troublesome task? In the case of monsters and the like, my minion Hiiro will be more than enough.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Oi, who are you calling YOUR minion!?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nh? Hiiro is... her underling? Then, Am I also... her subordinate? Hmm? Eh?’’ (Camus)

Confused about how the relations worked out, numerous question marks floated above Camus' head.

’’But, are you fine with that?’’ (Sivan)

’’With what, old man?’’ (Lilyin)

’’The monster of the desert is really strong. I did see that youth's ability, but I am still uneasy. After all, it has absorbed Camus' father Rigund.’’ (Sivan)

’’Fun, like I care about that.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Oh, then what are you going to do if the youth happens to die? Isn't he the object of your interest? If he dies, you'll be bored again.’’ (Sivan)

Sivan says that to Liliyn, while rubbing his chin.

’’Mu...Muu.’’ (Liliyn)

Lilyin deeply pondered what Sivan said. At long last she found something that interests her. Hiiro, what's more she decided to follow him on his journey. Moreover, the journey had just begun. When Liliyn thought of losing her rare toy here, uneasiness flowed into her heart.

’’I-it can't be helped. Silva!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Yes.’’ (Silva) [Butler]

’’You'll be helping them.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Certainly.’’ (Silva) [Butler]

’’Oo~h, as expected of the Red rose witch being so generous!’’ (Sivan)

’’Hmpf, it's a given! My heart is deeper than the sea! Kuhahahahaha!’’ (Liliyn)

Hearing Liliyn's words Sivan did a small fist bump. Liliyn, who hadn't notice that she had been manipulated by Sivan, was laughing in high spirits from the praise. Honestly speaking, Sivan wanted to have Liliyn lend her own strength, but judged that this was better than nothing.

(Besides, that butler... his existence feels strange like the youths. Well, he can't be a common person as Liliyn has taken him to her side.) (Sivan)

Sivan thought he could increase the fighting force, and greatly increasing the odds of winning against the Desert monster. He felt relieved, that by stirring up Liliyn, he pulled Silva in as well.

’’By the way, where's the monster?’’ (Hiiro)

Jin-u expected the question and answered

’’It lies in area called 'Boulder desert' east of here.’’

Like its name implies, 'Boulder desert' is an area, where many huge rocks reside. Near it there's an oasis where the Ashura tribe originally dwelled. And, one of the large rocks there is named 'Grave Tower' where the deceased sleep.

The [Grave Tower] was located a notable distance from the monster. But because there was a chance 1 in 10000 that the [Grave Tower] may be destroyed in battle with the monster. No one in the [Ashura Tribe] had the motivation to engage the monster.

’’I see, because there are large rocks all over the places, we would be able to set up an ambush ’’ (Hiiro)

Sivan nods at Hiiro's analysis.

’’It is certainly so. However, the monsters of the desert have troublesome abilities, and the Desert monster has absorbed many of them.’’ (Jin-u)

’’It's as Sivan says... but on top of that... the most difficult one... is dad's power.’’ (Camus)

’’Power? Do you mean magic?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes. Same as... mine.’’ (Camus)

Hiiro thought that it would be really dangerous. Not only does the monster have the abilities of many other desert monsters, but can use sand magic, which is advantageous in the current terrain. Because Hiiro fought against Camus, he fully understood its potential.

’’...We should decide who will go.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hohou, for what reason?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn admiringly asks for the reason behind Hiiro's decision.

’’Hindrances only makes this harder.’’ (Hiiro)

The Ashura was angry at Hiiro's statement. However, Liliyn gives a nod while grinning.

’’Kukuku, won't you just obediently say that you can't protect everyone alone?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Shut up. It isn't just that. Certainly numbers increases the strength, but that also depends on the enemy.’’ (Hiiro)

’’N... What do you mean?’’ (Camus)

Camus asked while he tilted his head.

’’The monster can use the same magic as you, right? Using it in desert will be effective against both single and multiple targets with all the sand. Also wasn't your father very skilled at using sand?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes. Dad is... even more skilled at wielding it than I.’’ (Camus)

’’Then it's clear that even if we attack in a huge group there's a high risk for casualties before we can even deal any damage. And, it's not just the casualties that will be the problem but also having the shock of seeing someone close to you die. Even you, can you say that you will stay calm when you see the monster that has the appearance of your father wounding or killing your tribesmen?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I don't know... if I can.’’ (Camus)

Camus looked down and clenched his fist hard. Even if it isn't his father, seeing someone with the same appearance cut down your tribesmen one after another might, cause Camus to lose himself.

’’That's the most troublesome aspect. Also, are there any others who may have the resolution to kill the monster with appearance of the former chief?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro's question caused a commotion in the Ashura. There were some who also turned pale. All of them have been indebted to Camus' father, and some have had their lives saved by him. Whether they could suppress their feelings and take the monster's life, is what worried Hiiro.

That is exactly why Hiiro judged that, they should decided who to take with them. If someone who hasn't made up his mind participates, they'll only turn into a liability.

’’And there's one more thing. Among your people who are currently wounded, are there anyone with a strong will?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?... Yes.’’ (Camus)

’’But you still lost. In other words, the monster is stronger, and that is exactly why there shouldn't be any hesitation in killing it. Nitouryuu, didn't you say that you don't want your tribe to get harmed? Then, you should head out only with a small number of people, in general your best. It's up to you to select the ones who are strong and are willing to confront the monster and return safely’’ (Hiiro)

’’........ I understand. Everyone... are you still fine with this?’’ (Camus)

Camus turned to his tribe and asked. Listening to the talk, they were unable to hide their troubled expressions. They look at each other, and questioned themselves whether they can really kill Rigund.

Among them, there was one who immediately came out and knelt in front of Camus.

’’Chief, I, Jin-u, have already prepared myself for this.’’ (Jin-u)

’’Jin-u...’’ (Camus)

’’The previous chief... Rigund was a person whom I admired, and the one I desired to become like. But now, he must be suffering after having his mind corrupted from being turned into a monster. And, that can be said for the current chief as well. Since that happened, you were suffering all this time. I have entrusted my life to the chief from the beginning. Please use me however you see fit. Together let us free Rigund!’’ (Jin-u)

’’...Jin-u... Thank you.’’ (Camus)

He closed his eye momentarily, but it was only for a moment. Then, he stared directly at Jin-u

’’But,... don't tell me to... use your life.’’ (Camus)

’’Chief...’’ (Jin-u)

’’I... think you should take care of your own life. So... don't die, Jin-u’’ (Camus)

’’... I understand.’’ (Jin-u)

Watching the exchange between the two, the others also started to show a will to participate. However, Camus refused them by shaking his neck.

’’I have something... for everyone to do.’’ (Camus)

’’Yes. The monster of the desert possesses an ability to call other Monsters. Your role will be to prevent them from getting near Camus' group. Leave handling the monster-... Rigund to Camus and Jin-u.’’ (Sivan)

Each one of them reluctantly nodded to Sivan's statement. However with this it seems to have been decided who will face the monster of the desert.

Afterwards, they spent some time figuring out the most effective way to fight and it ended off with Hiiro summarizing it all up.

’’I'll sum it up. For the ones who can fight, we'll leave only a minimum number to defend here and the rest will go to the surrounding area of 'Boulder desert'. There, we will engage the the monster. The ones who will be fighting the monster are me, The Old-Man, Nitouryuu and Topknot.’’ (Hiiro)

’’T-top knot...?’’ (Jin-u)

Jin-u didn't seem happy with the nickname. However, Hiiro continued with the explanation.

’’The monster of the desert has the ability to call other monsters out, and if it ends up being used and other monsters come, the Ashura on the outside will take care of them. You got that?’’ (Hiiro)

Everyone nodded in agreement.

’’Boy, you don't need to worry. If they turn out to be useless, I will take care of the small fries’’ (Liliyn)

The Ashura become very motivated when Liliyn said so. They wanted to show her not to underestimate them

’’What, you'll be also coming along?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Of course. I couldn't be missing out on this interesting show, right? Kukuku.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Fuhn, what a wicked loli.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Sheesh. As usual this ba-baa is only driven by her own desires.’’ (Sivan)

’’Did you kids say something?’’ (Liliyn)

For Liliyn to calls even this old man Sivan a kid. Just how long has she lived...

’’U-um, um, um, what should Shamoe do...?’’ (Shamoe)

’’Shamoe, you will stay safe behind me, and calm down’’ (Liliyn)

’’Y-yes! I will do my best to to stay calm!’’ (Shamoe)

Even though Shamoe answered with great determination, she didn't know the meaning of the words she used. She'll only be a burden so she's meant to just quietly stand by.

’’Okay, if you are ready, let's go.’’ (Hiiro)


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