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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 90


Chapter 90 : The Conclusion !

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Camus thought that he had finished Hiiro. However, it seems that his attacks were too shallow. In which case, he will just attack again. However, this time, he would make sure he would get a diret hit. That's what Camus thought while staring at Hiiro.

Yet, seeing Hiiro's eyes, Camus changed his mind. There was a thirst for blood dwelling within Hiiro's eyes. Camus assumed that Hiiro wouldn't fall for the same attack twice. Hiiro's eyes conveyed that if Camus were to approach him, Hiiro would make him regret it. It was true that, as long as Camus had not confirmed the identity of Hiiro's magic, it would be dangerous to focus on close-quarters combat.

’’Approaching....Dangerous ? Then, with my sand...I will finish it !’’ (Camus)

The sand on Camus' right hand scattered as it fell onto the ground. After seeing that Camus had no intention of approaching him, Hiiro faintly smiled.

(It was effective..however, I have also made my preparations as well. This time, I will let you taste my true power.) (Hiiro)

He wrote <Speed>twice, activating them consecutively in order to create a synergetic effect.

Hiiro flew straight towards Camus. However, Camus pressed his hand onto the ground.

’’How bold....Here I go.’’ (Camus)

Camus discharged his magic power. He intended to use the same magic, yet, it seemed like the situation didn't turn out as he had expected.

’’ ?’’ (Camus)

sfx;Shi~n !

The sand wouldn't listen to him. There was no response at all. Then, he suddenly felt something odd with the sand underneath his feet.

(The sand... is hard?) (Camus)

He touched the sand with the tip of his toes in order to confirm it. As expected, he could feels that the sand had become harder than he had expected. It was similar to the dirt found on normal ground. As Camus was bewildered by the sudden change in the sand, Hiiro had already approached him.

Sfx : Dosu !

’’Kaha-!?’’ (Camus)

Using the momentum from the rush, Hiiro punched Camus in the stomach. Camus let out a big breath due to the sudden attack he received.

’’Confirm your footing clearly, Nitoryuu?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Gu....?’’ (Camus)

While holding his belly, Camus attempted to leave that place immediately. However, Hiiro pursued him as he tried to land the final blow.

(Ku-...compared to's faster !?) (Camus)

Camus was reduced into a state of panic. This frenzy was caused not only by Hiiro's Hiiro's abnormal speed boost, but because Camus was no longer able to use his sand for his magic.

Sfx : Baki-!

This time, it was Camus who got blown away by Hiiro's punch to his face. He tried to rotate his body in order to safel descend. However, the moment Camus landed, in front of him was Hiiro's fist.

Sfx : Dogo- !

Upon receiving another blow to his stomach, Camus once again released a large breath.

(Why.. is fast ?) (Camus)

Seeing Hiiro's sudden change, Camus grinded his teeth as he thought Hiiro was going easy on him until now. He thought, at this rate, he was going to get beaten up as much as Hiiro desired. For now, he needed to place a large distance between them first.

After he escaped, Camus took out his katanas as the pain in his stomach distorted his face. However, in the very next moment, the blade was pulled by something.

’’-!?’’ (Camus)

The source of the pull was coming from the ground below. However, there was nothing there but the sand on the ground. Camus thought the reason the katana fell into he ground was because he hadn't gripped it strongly enough. Camus hurridley tried to pull it out of the sand, however, it seemed that its weight increased considerably.

’’You sure it's alright to look away ?’’ (Hiiro)

When Camus quickly turned his head, Hiiro's kick imminently approached. Then-

Sfx : Doga-!

’’Gaha-!?’’ (Camus)

Being kicked in the face, Camus was launched off into the distance. He tumbled across the sand, just like Hiiro had before. Blood flowed from his mouth. He was unable to stand straight. Hiiro faintly smiled as he spoke say..

’’I told you, right ? Watch your footing.’’ (Hiiro)

’’...-eh ?’’ (Camus)

In the next instance-

Sfx : bushubushubushu-!

’’T-That's.. this is...My...?’’ (Camus)

Numerous sand needles appeared from under Camus' feet. Camus realized that it was just like the magic he had used before. While he was trying to figure out how Hiiro was capable of using it, Camus received several wounds on his body.

One sand needle directed itself at Camus' neck. It didn't stop at his neck, rather it was stopped from reaching his neck. Where it to continue its path, Camus would have undoubtedly died.

Camus stood shocked as he had no idea what was even going on anymore. He had already sustained countless wounds on his body. He did not have his katanas. Furthermore, due to the last attack, he no longer had any strength left.

’’It' defeat..’’ (Camus)

Not only Camus, but everyone who observed the fight were shocked by the results, their mouths gaping wide. I was as if time had stopped. Following this, Hiiro spoke softly...

’’It' win.’’ (Hiiro)

In that moment, the match had truly reached a conclusion.

(Fuuh. Seems like it went well...) (Hiiro)

This time, the fight proceeded as Hiiro had planned.

First, Hiiro would confirm what Camus would use the sand. In doing so, his primary objective would be to analyze precisely what Camus would react. That's why Hiiro confronted Camus' katanas with his own. He wanted to understand Camus' movements and thoughts.

Following this, as Hiiro couldn't simply allow himself to receive Camus' magic head on, he planned on using the word <Protect>in order to grasp the magic's casting intervals and special characteristics. However, since the footing was worse than he expected, Hiiro was unexpectedly forced to use the <Protect>word earlier.

As Hiiro had somehow succeeded in agitating Camus enough to make him use his magic. Using the word <Protect>to defend, Hiiro was able to identify a flaw in Camus' magic while successfully lowering his guard. It was at this time when Camus used his magic tsunami. (XJ: No. This is not the skill name. Raw : それが津波のような土の魔法の時である。)

At that time, Hiiro wrote a word and shot it below Camus' feet. As it was an installation word, it disappeared, absorbed by the ground. Hiiro then cut through the tsunami and rushed towards Camus. However, to Hiiro's denuine surprise, Camus avoided his attack.

Even though Hiiro attacked from an opening in Camus' defences, Camus managed to avoid it. Hiiro then wrote another word and, once again, shot it under Camus' foot. This was the second installed word.

Afterwards, Hiiro wrote another word and jumped right above Camus. The word was aimed and shot at Camus. However, he managed to avoid it as the words disappeared into the ground once again. This was the third and final word installed. In actuality, Hiiro clicked his tongue in order to prevent Camus from realizing what he was doing. Hiiro thought that if he appeared to be frustrated due to the fact that he missed, Camus would lower his guard.

At that moment, Hiiro thought that everything was in order. He didn't expect Camus to counter attack. Receiving an attack from the Sand Armor, Hiiro was almost rendered unconscious. He swore to pay him back in full.

The next phase of the plan depended on timing. Yet, by some luck, Camus decided to use a long-range attack after looking into Hiiros eyes. It seemed that Hiiro's act of pouring the feelings of 'do not come closer' into his eyes was effective. In addition, Hiiro could only grin as he saw the place where Camus was standing. The reason for this was because that was the spot where Hiiro had placed the trap.

He immediately activated one of the installation words, <Solid>. The sand suddenly hardened. It seemed that Camus wanted to use his best move, yet, the sand would not respond to him.

The reason for this was because the sand around Camus was no longer the sand he was familiar with. It was essential to be able to form an imagine when magic. It seemed that Camus' magic allowed him to control the sand freely. However, as he could not imagine how to control sand as solid as concrete, Camus' magic misfired.

Magic is the process to completely understand and operate a phenomenon. However, Camus was unable to understand the state of the sand at that time. As a result, he was unable to move the sand. Of course, it was still sand. If Camus understood its true nature, he might have been able to move it. (XJ: Mahouka Koukou no Reitousei?)

However, as Camys still had some MP remaining, he was confused as to why his magic misfired. Since he couldn't calm down and analyze the situation, he was rendered unable to manipulate the sand.

Given this chance, Hiiro intended to pay Camus back for the attack he received a while ago. He used two <Speed>words to create a synergetic effect and rush in to punch Camus in his abdomen.

Of course, Camus definitely attempted to escape. However, Hiiro attacked Camus in order to corner him into the place that Hiiro had prepared earlier before he launched another attack. When he escaped to that place, Camus should feel something unnatural happening to his katanas. Because of that, the katanas fell to the ground.

That was to be expected, Hiiro had used the word <Magnetic>. Camus felt that his katanas were being sucked into the ground. If it was the normal Camus, he wouldn't have dropped it. However, as he had taken damage, his strength was depleted. Being unable to maintain a strong grip on the katanas, Camus helplessly lost against the magnetic force. As expected, he managed to deprive Camus of his katanas.

Then, in order to deliver the final blow, Hiiro attack him once more. Of course, Camus was launched to the place Hiiro wanted.

This time, the word <Needle>was invoked. The reason Hiiro wanted to use this was because Camus was a practitioner of sand magic. Hiiro wanted to harass Camus by casting a spell identical to his own. Hiiro judged that it would reduce Camus' fighting spirit. As a result, it had somehow turned out well. Hiiro had won. All according to plan.


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