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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 88


Chapter 88 : Camus's True Power

Translator: ELYSION

Editor: XCrossJ

Hiiro and Camus stood atop the desert after leaving the Oasis with Jin-u's guidance. Wondering what's going on, those of the <Ashura Tribe>came to observe. Among said observers were kids.

The children are, of course, cheering for Camus. As for Hiiro-

’’Good luck, my Comrade !’’ (Silva)

’’D-Do your best ! Hiiro-sama !’’ (Shamoe)

Silva and Shamoe cheered for him, yet, he twitched at Silva's support.

(Who the hell is your comrade....?) (Hiiro)

Of course, Hiiro understood that he meant the comrade of Liliyn's fanclub. If he hit Silva, he will only rejoice. Thus Hiiro decided to ignore him.

(Well then. More importantly, how should I fight... For now,...) (Hiiro)

As he thought thus, Hiiro used the word [Pry] . Of course, the others noticed that Hiiro used his magic. Jin-u raised his guard.

’’What are you doing, bastard ?’’ (Jin-u)

Although Jin-u had asked him thus, Hiiro just pretended not to know anything.

’’I'm just doing some stretching. Magic is allowed in this fight, right ?’’ (Hiiro)

’’O-Oh....’’ (Camus)

Camus is very suspicious of Hiiro, but Hiiro ignored him.


<Level 85>

HP 2380/2400

MP 3270/3270

EXP 674441

NEXT 27911

ATX 588 (668)

DEF 490 (515)

AGL 800 (823)

HIT 450 (470)

INT 388 ( )

<Magic Attribute>: Earth

<Magic>: Sand needle (Earth, Attack)

Sand Wave (Earth, Attack)

Sand Armor (Earth, Support)

Sand Guard (Earth, Support)

Desert Storm (Earth, Attack)

Red Idol (Earth)

<Title>:<Ashura Tribe>| <One who lives with the Desert>| <Monster Slayer>| <Sage>| <Easy-Going>| <Dual Katana User>| <Red Sand>| <Chief of the <Ashura Tribe>> | <One who inherits their Father's Will>| <Lightning Speed>

(《称号》 アスラ族・砂漠と共に生きる者・魔物殺し・達人・のんびり屋・双刀使い・赤砂・アスラ族の長・父の意思を継ぐ子・電光石火)

(E: Changed the format to look more appealing? Changed the titles for consistency)

Hiiro was surprised for a bit that Camus was at level 85. However, Camus did not possess long range attacks in the superhuman class like Liliyn. There was something that's interesting in his parameters though.

(As expected, Speed is essential..) (Hiiro)

Furthermore, Camus was not even serious ,yet, He was able to see Liliyn's movement. That alone is already troublesome. Compared to Hiiro's level of 76, there was a clear difference in speed. There was over 200 points difference. Honestly, he was not someone that Hiiro could beat.

Though his attacks are not so strong, his agility is high. As he obtained the <Lightning Speed>title, that alone already explained quite a lot. Although Hiiro has already amassed quite a number of spells, Camus' magic has advantage over the earth. Hiiro wore a wry smile.

(Fighting with an Earth Mage in the desert's gonna be a pain, huh..) (Hiiro)

Everything here can be his weapon. Hiiro made sure not to forget that distance didn't matter here. Camus would probably have a way to control the sand.

Hiiro thought that this was gonna be a tough fight. For now, he prepared himself by erasing the <Magic Words>he installed on Mikazuki.

Hiiro could only set a maximum of 5 words. It was important to install them before the fight began. Liliyn stared in his direction with a face full of intrigue. It couldn't be helped if she's interested.

For now, the priority is to win this fight. Hiiro installed <Word Magic>on his arms. Then, something suddenly occurred to him.

(Maybe, I can use this desert..) (Hiiro)

’’We'll start soon.’’ (Jin-u)

Jin-u appeared in front of the two as they both nodded. Camus seems prepared. He unsheathes his twin blades as he took a defensive stance.

Watching those two, Liliyn and Sivan exchange opinions.

’’Which one do you think's gonna win ?’’ (Sivan)

’’Who knows? Their power is quite similar.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Then, Camus who has the geographical advantage will be superior.’’ (Sivan)

’’I wonder about that.’’(Liliyn)

’’Mu ?’’ (Sivan)

’’Certainly, he looks no more than an arrogant <Imp>.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Isn't that obvious ?’’ (Sivan)

Probably, this sentiment was shared by everyone as well.

’’But, he's... interesting.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hoh, that's rare. Wait, no. There's no way you would bring normal people. Are you saying that there's something special with that youngster ?’’ (Sivan)

Liliyn simply grinned.

’’See it for yourself.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Mu..’’ (Sivan)

’’Even if everyone believes that boy is at a disadvantage, when the fight starts, you will be surprised.’’ (Liliyn)

Seeing her laugh, Sivan sharpened his sense in order to feel the ’’surprise’’ she talked about.

Hiiro unsheathed his sword as the two glared at each other.

’’I... Will ..Correct you...My Family..Are not.. Idiots..’’ (Camus)

’’I don't care about that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh ?’’(Camus)

’’Right now, we're determining which one is stronger...right ? If you want to deny it, then prove me wrong, twin blade style.’’ (Hiiro)

’’You.. Will regret it...’’ (Camus)

’’Sure you will.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Guh..You will.’’ (Camus)

’’I will not.’’ (Hiiro)

’’You will definitely..’’ (Camus)

’’There's no reason to.’’ (Hiiro)

’’There is....’’ (Camus)

’’Ahem !’’ (Jin-u)

(E: Twin Blade Style, AKA Nitouryuu, is Hiiro's nickname for Camus.)

Jin-u cleared his throat to stop them from bickering.

’’Listen. The fight will be decided when one side gets knocked out (KO) or surrenders. Any objections ?’’ (Jin-u)

’’None.’’ (Hiiro and Camus)

The two answered in harmony. Jin-u nodded as he took a deep breath. Everyone gulped. The fight with their honor at stake will begin. The winner proves their statement right. The loser will have to bitterly accept. Staking that, they will fight. And then, to start the fight...

’’Begin !’’ (Jin-u)


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