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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 85


Chapter 85: Liliyn and Sivan

The desert sun glared down onto the group, causing them to sweat profusely. After walking for a while, the group saw something that they could rejoice about.

’’Is Oasis?’’ (Hiiro)

He thought it was an illusion, however, as Liliyn's group looked in that direction as well, Hiiro felt relieved. At the same time, their stomachs growled. Since they had walked for a long time, their constitution had been weakened as well. As it was almost lunch time, their stomachs let out a thunderous warning.

’’That place...residence’’ (Kamui)

Kamui pointed at the Oasis. It seemed like they'll be able to take a break soon

The was an area covered in greenery about the size of Tokyo Dome (about 1,240,000 m3). They were also able to see a pond there as well. Beside the pond, there was a single governing building that looked like a mongolian yurt.

(It's my first time seeing a's bigger than I expected.) (Hiiro)

A yurt was a round tent supported by two pillars at the center. The frame radiated out from the center of the yurt to form the roof. A thick sheet made out of wool was then draped over the framework to form the roof and the walls.

The yurt was about 4-6 meters in diameter. There were also several pieces of furniture nearby just like a dwelling place.

’’Ah, Kamui, it's Kamui’’ (Child A)

’’It's true’’ (Child B)

’’Kamui, Kamui’’ (Other Children)

Several children left the yurt, and ran towards Kamui. Kamui lowered his body and hugged each of them one after another.

(He is adored by the children, huh.) (Hiiro)

Looking at the scene before him, Hiiro felt nostalgic. When he was at the orphanage, as Hiiro was the oldest person among them, he was entrusted in taking care of the younger children. Even though he was doing it unwillingly, he smiled wryly as he remembered the innocent smile of the younger children.

’’Ah, hey, hey, Kamui Kamui! Who are those people?’’ (Child C)

When one of the children asked an adult woman near Kamui turned to look at him with caution.

’’Hey, lower your head and ask.’’ (Adult women)

’’EhEh~. but Mama, Kamui Kamui said he is fine with this!’’ (Child C)

’’That is right!’’ (Child B)

’’Kamui Kamui is Kamui Kamui!’’ (Child A)

All the children talked back to the adults. The adults responded with a hopeless shrug. The person with topknot hair that had returned beforehand emerged.

’’.....Chief.’’ (Person with topknot hair)

If you look closely, there was another person near him. He was an old man, who had so much wrinkles that you could feel the number of years he had lived. Furthermore, both his eyes were closed. There were burn marks on the top of his eyes, which may be the reason why he could no longer open them. Furthermore, he had a prosthetic right leg.

’’Gramps...will you listen?’’ (Kamui)

’’Un, yes I'll hear it’’ (Gramps)

After the old man responded, he slowly approach Hiiro and his group. It was clear that his eyes were not open, yet, he was staring at Hiiro.

Then, he just glanced over Liliyn's group and simply confirmed their presence. Hiiro noticed that the old man furrowed his brows when he looked at Liliyn. He then faced Hiiro one more time. Hiiro stared back at him without knitting his eyebrows.

’’......I see, what an interesting group of people.’’ (Old man)

He even smiled further, increasing the number of wrinkles on his face.

’’Right, Kamui, I heard most of it from Jinwu, but after seeing it, are you still going to proceed?’’ (Old man)

’’At that time...I will stop life on the line’’ (Kamui)

The old man laughed happily and said.

’’Hohohoho, that is impossible.’’ (Old man)

’’Eh...why?’’ (Kamui)

He was surprised by the response, and put on a puzzled expression.

’’Kamui, you are strong. You are strong enough not to lose to those older than you, but...’’ (Old man)

He turned to look at Liliyn with a his eyes closed smiling.

’’That is something else.’’ (Old man)

’’......That?’’ (Kamui)

Kamui moved his gaze toward Liliyn in the same way as the old man. Liliyn crossed her arms and opened her mouth.

’’That was a bit rough, right...Sivan?’’ (Liliyn)

Not only Hiiro, but also Silva and Shamoe was surprised by her response. For Liliyn to know someone that even Silva didn't know, it must be a very old friend. From that response, Hiiro also knew why Sivan had looked anxiously at Liliyn.

’’You know her......gramps?’’ (Kamui)

’’Yes, I didn't expect to meet her again in this place.’’ (Sivan)

’’Same here. For you to still be alive, you must be really stubborn, huh.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hoh hoh hoh, to be greeted in such a manner.’’ (Sivan)

’’Hey, you are acquaintances right?’’ (Hiiro)

They responded to Hiiro by nodding and saying ’’Ah’’

’’Once upon a time, for a little bit. You sure have put on a lot of years.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Do you have any idea how many years have passed since then? Well, you have no idea because you look just like before.’’ (Sivan)

’’Impressive, how do you know?’’ (Liliyn)

’’I knew from your voice and atmosphere. When I lost my sight, I became sensitive to those things.’’ (Sivan)

’’......What happened to your eyes and legs?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn put on a serious expression while looking at him

’’......If it is possible, I don't want you to know.’’ (Sivan)

’’Was it from the monster in the... desert?’’ (Liliyn)

’’That's right.’’ (Sivan)

’’A person’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hoh hoh, it is harder to win when you get older. Unlike you.’’ (Sivan)

’’Fu~n, it's only in your case, you received those wounds from protecting someone, right?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Gramps......’’ (Kamui)

Sivan tried to stop him from interjecting, yet, Kamui interrupted him and continued.

’’Gramps......protected me......that was all. I was...too weak...that was all’’ (Kamui)

At that moment, his expressionless face changed as he raised his eyebrows in a painful expression. From that, they were able to identify the cause of those wounds. When he was fighting the demon, Kamui was targeted so Sivan jumped in to protect him. They were not sure what the demon did after, however, because of that, Sivan had lost his eyes and right leg.

’’Kamui, my boy. As a chief, you had an obligation to protect the family. I was once the chief as well. Right now, you are the chief of this clan. As a chief, you shouldn't put on such a sad face.’’ (Sivan)

Even though Sivan cannot see him, he seem to be able to feel Kamui's pain.

’’Stay vigilant and resolute, and become a reliable man’’ (Sivan)

’’Un...I understand...sorry.’’ (Kamui)

’’Then, don't apologize so easily either’’ (Sivan)

Sivan shrugged in amazement.

’’Sivan, what is the identity of the demon of the desert? Why didn't you take part? If it's strong then...wait, no, even if it was an SSS Rank, you would still be able to defeat it if you tried. Don't tell me that it's using some sort of trick. Tell me the real reason.’’ (Liliyn)

Her words surprised those around them. Of course, Hiiro was surprised as well. The story wasn't the real reason and, like everyone else, he simply looked at Liliyn.

Most members of the Ashura Clan stared at Liliyn vigilantly. Yet, Liliyn completely ignored their stares.

’’....As usual, you can't hide it, can you? You are just as annoying as before, Loli-baba.’’ (Sivan)

’’Fu~n, why don't you suffocate to death in ladies underwear like you dreamed about, you old bastard.’’ (Liliyn)

They stared at each other as they felt explosive sparks being exchanged between them. Everyone around them swallowed uncomfortably. Hiiro and Silva stood silently and observed the scene before them.

(That said, for the Aka-loli to say whatever she wants around that weak old man.) (Hiiro)

Some people would think suffocating in a women's underwear is something to enjoy, but to Hiiro it was something sad;very, very, sad.

They were stuck in that position for sometime, then they separated and laughed faintly.

’’Hoh Hoh Hoh’’ (Sivan)

’’Kukuku’’ (Liliyn)

When the dark mood suddenly dispersed, everyone around them grew surprised.

’’Come with me, guests. I have something to show you all’’ (Sivan)

Sivan walked in a certain direction, scraping his leg along the sand. As expected, Hiiro and the group followed behind him soon after.


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