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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 84


Chapter 84: The Ashura Tribe

Note, the Samurai Man doesn't look like a Samurai, he just has a Samurai Haircut: A Topknot. But it's annoying to write that over and over again, so hes the samurai man until named otherwise.

With APs around the corner, I may have to take an extended break soon.

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 84: The Ashura Tribe

’’I can't... let you kill him.’’

The boy speaks, as if unaffected by Liliyn's bloodlust. Hiiro's attention was captured by the young man's strange actions.

From the samurai-ish man's atmosphere, and actions, it was likely that he was a man of some power. But Liliyn was head and shoulders above him. With the way things were going, Liliyn's claws would definitely found their way into his heart. The man himself was unable to keep up with any of her movements, and he probably had resolved himself for whatever fate awaited him. Even Hiiro could barely follow Liliyn, and that was only because he was a distance away.

But he could barely trace them. If he were to go against speed like that, it would be difficult.

(But that boy easily followed them)

Right, the boy was easily following the two's fight with his eyes. He had perfectly timed himself when he used both of his arms to throw his curved blade, and put a hold on the fight. To be able to do that, the boy must have been quite powerful himself.

While Hiiro wasn't looking, the Samurai man was by the boy's side. And surprisingly, he lowered himself to his knees.

’’I-I apologize, chief!’’ (Man)

Hiiro was startled at hearing the word, 'chief'.. Liliyn was the same, and her eyebrows twitched for a moment. But she quickly nodded as if to accept the fact.

’’Hmmhmmmm. I realized that quite a powerful person had been hidden in the sand, but I never expected the brat to be the head here.’’ (Liliyn)

’’So she noticed...’’ (Man)

The samurai man remorsefully spits out his words. In reality, their group had noticed the moment Hiiro's group had set foot in the desert. They had hidden several of their companions under the sand in order to initiate a surprise attack. But it seems that Liliyn had already noticed as such.

It was at that time, that hiiro started to understand the words she said. At that time, she had suddenly signaled Shamoe to stay by her side. And she also cautioned Hiiro himself. She had already noticed that they were surrounded by enemies.

’’If you don't want me to fight that man, does that mean you'll take me on? Hmm?’’ (Liliyn)

A fearless smile floats on Liliyn's face, but the boy shakes his head.

’’Did you come... to... lay waste to our desert?’’ (Boy)

’’We had no such intentions.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Then... why are you here?’’ (Boy)

’’We're just travelling. We're escorting that brat.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn signals to Hiiro, and the boy shifts his gaze to him.

’’Are you... from the 『Ashura Tribe』?’’ (Hiiro)

When asked, the boy gives a firm nod.

’’I see. It seems that you really do live in this desert. By the way, do you have any plans on letting us pass peacefully?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro grips his sword, as he lets out his words. The boy reaches for the pair of blades on his back, and slowly draws them. But the second both blades had come out of their sheathes, Hiiro knit his brow. The reason being, that instead of the edges you would find on a normal sword, the ends of the blades were cur rectangular, like building blocks. They clearly lacked the ability to cut.

The dropped the items, which were difficult to even call sword, to the ground, and they immediately sunk into the sand. They probably weighed quit a lot.

And he took the two black swords held by ths samurai man. Hiiro noticed it now, that the black swords the man held were of the same Japanese Katana Design as 『Piercer』. The boy pointed the blade of the two weapons at Hiiro, and prepared himself.

’’You shall... not pass.’’ (Boy) (TL: I couldn't help myself)

’’... I see.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro put even more power into the hand grasping his sword. The boy was probably restricting his own movements by carrying around those large slabs of metal on his back.

He removed those restraints, and took the swords, no, katanas, of the samurai man. And the fighting stance he took was well refined. Hiiro determined that the true owner of these two swords was probably the boy.

(It's as if he wasn't the slightest bit serious until now... interesting.)

In order to confront his enemy with his full might, he prepared to use his 《Word Magic》.

(The thing I'll need to be careful of is his speed. I don't know how heavy those swords are, but seeing as he could keep up with Aka-Loli's movements, I should assume he can move at that speed as well...)

Without taking his eyes off of the boy, he put his right arm behind his back, and wrote 『Speed(速)』. He set it to activate remotely with his invocation management.

Perhaps the other side noticed him using magic, but the boys actions grew more vigilant.

’’Wait a second, brat.’’ (Liliyn)

That one was directed at Hiiro.

’’What? I'll be the one to take him on. Don't step in.’’ (Hiiro)

If Liliyn tried to KS him, he wouldn't get any EXP.For Hiiro, who wanted to raise his level all at once, fighting a strong enemy was all that he could wish for.

(TL: KS = Kill Steal)

’’Just wait. There's something I want to ask.’’ (Liliyn)

Saying that, she turned her head to the boy.

’’Oy, you. Why are you relentlessly purging trespassers? It's not like this desert belongs to you or anything.’’ (Liliyn)

Her words were on the mark. Though they had heard rumors of the 『Ashura Tribe』 rejecting intruders, that was just because they wanted to protect their territory.

The boy spoke of laying waste to the desert. But when they tried to precede any further, the boy persistently barred them. As Liliyn was curious as to what he was hiding in the desert, she pressed him with question.

’’As if you, who are blessed with ignorance, would understand our feelings!’’ (Man)

The Samurai Man suddenly shouts out in an angry voice. But as if she didn't feel any rage at all, Liliyn returned her words.

’’Hmm, are you a fool? That's why I'm asking. Just answer already.’’ (Liliyn)

’’What!? You bastard!’’ (Man)

The boy raised his hand to order the man to silence. Understanding the meaning of the gesture, the samurai man closed his mouth. And the boy turned to Liliyn once more.

’’... Got it... will speak.’’ (Boy)

A dark expression clouds the boys face and he slowly opens his mouth.

’’In this desert... no, in the heart of this desert... a certain monster lives. Intruders... anger him... no good. We... in trouble. So... here, I eliminate you.’’ (Boy)

His peculiar speech patern made is hard to understand, but after a bit more conversation, the meaning got across.

’’To summarize, you 『Ashura Tribe』 are making sure that monster doesn't get angry. So you're trying to prevent those that don't know anything from wandering around here?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes.’’ (Boy)

’’And that monster is very tough, so you can't do anything with your own power?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't want... anyone to die.’’ (Boy)

If they fought without heeding the casualties, then perhaps they would have a chance of victory. But the 『Ashura Tribe』 are few in numbers. Among them, many are too old or young for battle. They especially didn't want to expose their children, who shouldered their hopes for the future, to battle. That's why they were living inconspicuously as to not do anything to provoke the monster.

’’But can't you just leave the desert then?’’ (Hiro)

The one who answered Hiiro was the Samurai Man.

’’We can't do that.’’ (Man)

With a somber expression, the man clenched his teeth.

’’Why?’’ (Hiiro)

’’The desert is our home. We're a race that lives and withers with the sand. Also... here lies the grave of the 『Ashura Tribe』. We can't abandon it.’’ (Man)

Near here was the 『Ashura Tribe』 settlement. From the days of old, they had lived here. And this goes without saying, but plenty of them met their ends here as well. For them, a grave stone was erected. That place was called 『Grave Tower』, and it was made by carving out a large formation of rock.

To the 『Ashura Tribe』, relations within the clan came before all else, and they respected their dead more than anyone. When one died, they believed that, while the body became an empty husk, the soul wold return to the clan. They were unable to abandon their grave along with the desert.

’’Then can't you just take that grave marker with you?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't speak the impossible. Do you think we could violate our precious treasure like that!?’’ (Man)

Well, once you've buried a man, you can't really dig him up to move him.

’’And preventing you from passing is also for your sake! You're no match for that monster! If you don't want to die, then leave quickly!’’ (Man)

’’I refuse.’’ (Hiiro)

’’... What?’’ (Man)

Hiiro's prompt decision was shocking, but moreso was the fact that it was a refusal.

’’Why must I, for some monster I've never even met, abandon the road I came down?’’ (Hiiro)

’’W-weren't you listening to what I was saying!? I don't care whatsoever if you're killed by that monster. But what do you plan on doing if that monster comes at us in its rage!?’’ (Man)

’’Hmph.Then we just have to kill it, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Wha... Y-you can only say that because you've never seen it! It's to late to run once you've gotten it angry!’’ (Man)

’’I'll say it as many times as I must. We will cross here. If you plan on getting in our way, we'll cross blades too.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Dammit!’’ (Man)

The Samurai Man gave Hiiro, who wouldn't listen to a word he was saying, a scornful glare. But the boy by his side simply silently looked in Hiiro's direction. And he put his hand on the man's shoulder, that was trembling with anger.

’’C-chief...?’’ (Man)

’’... Stand back.’’ (Boy)

’’U-understood.’’ (Man)

Following the boy's words, the man stepped back.

’’Oy, Aka-Loli. As I said, I'll be the one taking him down.’’ (Hiiro)

’’... Fine by me. But I don't know if he plans on fighting.’’ (Liliyn)

’’What?’’ (Hiiro)

The boy returned the swords in his hand to their sheathes.

’’What are you doing? Are you saying we can pass?’’ (Hiiro)

The boy silently stares at Hiiro again. And he quietly opens his mouth.

’’Are you going... no matter what?’’ (Boy)

’’Yeah, taking a detour would be a pain.’’ (Hiiro)

’’... Got it. Then... I follow.’’ (Boy)

’’What?’’ (Hiiro)

’’C-chief! Are you sure?’’ (Man)

The man raises an alarmed voice at the boy's proposal. But the boy gives a light nod, showing his intent.

’’... Understood. Then I'll return, and inform our comrades of these events.’’ (Man)

’’Yes... be careful.’’ (Boy)

’’Yes. Then.’’ (Men)

After the samurai man left the area, the boy turned to Hiiro again.

’’Introduction... late. I... Camus. I'm the『Ashura Race』... Chief.’’ (Camus)

(TL: If you didn't know, Camus is pronounced Kamyu. It's a French name. For more information, just google 'How do you pronounce Camus?')

By his disinterested expression, and his youth, one wouldn't think him to be the head of a race. Even if, as an『Evila』, his age conflicted with his appearance, looking at a boy that looked to be of a similar age to himself, Hiiro couldn't help but doubt his chiefhood.

’’Now, I'll take you... to home. There... please determine.’’ (Camus)

’’Determine What?’’ (Hiiro)

’’... Monster's... terror.’’ (Camus)

For the first time, a speck of fire glowed in the back of the young man's eyes. He was definitely showing his anger. Though Camus appeared to be devoid of emotions, he harbored quite a resentment for the monster.

Hiiro crossed his arms, and though of whether or not to follow the boy. Seeing the 『Ashura Tribe』's settlement was definitely one of the goals of this journey. It would be beneficial if they had someone to lead them there. Of course, there was no need to drop their guard.

’’Isn't it fine?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn said as such, so Hiiro directed his gaze to the others. Silva nods with a slight smile on his face. Shamoe is fidgeting by Liliyn's side, and it seems that her mind was unable to keep up with the sudden development.

Putting the maid aside, it seems the other two will follow without complaint. With Liliyn's strength, no matter how strong the opponent, she should be able to take them out if they show any signs of deceiving the group.

’’Got it. Then I'll have you be our guide.’’ (Hiiro)

The boy nods, turns his back to Hiiro's group, and starts walking. His men also get into rank and file behind him, and quietly follow.

(A monster of the desert... I bet it has quite a bit of strength.)

The strong Camus is taking such an attitude, so the monster should be something ferocious and uncontrollable, even for him.

As they walked, Hiiro approached Silva to see if he had any relevant information on the monster, but he didn't know anything. Liliyn's answer was the same.

’’But doesn't it sound interesting? Things like this aren't bad for entertainment.’’ (Liliyn)

’’You're one to talk, after you holed yourself into that mansion for so long.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Mu... listen here, brat! I only stayed there to accomplish my own ambitions! Don't forget that!’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn insisted this while pointing her finger at Hiiro, but Hiiro closed his eyes halfway, and let out a light sigh.

’’More importantly. How does that guy look from your perspective?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hmm? So you want to know? Hm?’’ (Liliyn)

An irritating smile manifested, so Hiiro got slightly pissed off.

’’Just answer the question.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hmhmm. Let's see, he was the Chief, right? I think he at least has the power to back the title.’’ (Liliyn)

’’So he has something of that level?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't play dumb. Since you also use a katana, you should understand that better than I.’’ (Liliyn)

Right. After seeing Camus's strength firsthand, Hiiro had a slight grasp of it. Neither side was serious, but still, it was apparent that he had a considerable amount of power.

’’In regards to physical ability alone, you wouldn't stand a chance. And his magic is still a mystery. It may be good that you didn't 1v1 him there.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn makes an ecstatic grin as she speaks.

’’Quite joking around. If we fought, I would have won.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kukuku. Where does that confidence come from... Well, when that battle actually comes to pass, make sure to entertain me. Kukuku.’’ (Liliyn)

Her phrasing made it seem as if she had seen through Hiiro's true strength. It's true that she said she was accompanying him to find out his secrets, and to reveal his identity. The feeling of having her stare at him while he fought wasn't a nice one. It felt as if he was being strip naked, and examined.

(Come at me if you will. I'll look for a time when this one isn't around.)

With that decision, Hiiro stared at Camus's back as he walked ahead.


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