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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 83


Chapter 83 : Battle in Raohrb Desert

(This is <Raohrb Desert>(【ラオーブ砂漠】) huh ?) (Hiiro)

The moment he entered the desert, he could feel warm dry air blowing against his cheek.

Up until now, there was no wind or daylight this strong. It's almost like he had entered a completely different world.

According to Silva, the demon land is almost covered in this. It's normal for an environment to change drastically. It's said that the <Evila>race is strong because they withstand these harsh environment.

Hiiro can't see anything ahead, only the horizon. After they walk for a bit, they stop because of Liliyn.

’’Oi, What's wrong ?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kukuku, oi, Shamoe.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Y-Yes !’’ (Shamoe)

Liliyn called Shamoe while ignoring Hiiro.

’’Listen Shamoe, Don't leave my side. Got it ?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Eh ? Y-Yes !’’ (Shamoe)

It's unknown why Liliyn said that, but Shamoe trusted her 100%, so she sticks close to her. Silva too, without saying anything, stands close to her. But, not Hiiro. Hiiro didn't understand anything she talked about. So, he asked.

’’Oi, What're you doing ?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kukuku, You will understand soon enough.’’ (Liliyn)

She said that and walked again, Silva and Shamoe also walking together with her.

’’Kui ?’’ (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki said that as if asking if Hiiro won't go with them as well. Hiiro sighed.

’’There's no choice but to go.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro said that while dragging Mikazuki.

There's a mountain of sand ahead, their destination is ahead of that. When they pass it, Hiiro stopped and was bewildered by the view. There's one person there. He never saw anyone like that before. ’’Who ?’’

Violet hair. Their hairstyle is like a samurai's. Its hair should be around 20 cm. Blue uniform. A bandage to cover the nose and mouth. And two sword behind their back.

That guy is folding his arms and glaring this way. It's obviously full of killing intent.

Hiiro's party is on guard and slowly starts approaching him. When they got close, that person silently talks.

’’I'll ask you one question. Do you want to leave or become a corpse ? Choose.’’ (???)

What a dangerous question. They can't ignore the pressure of that question. Depending on our answer, he won't do anything right ?

’’Who are you ? You're in the way. Move.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro responded just like that. That person glares even more.

’’Looks like you don't know the rules here. Then, I'll tell you.’’ (???)

His eyes shine suspiciously.

’’Kukuku, Careful Boy.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn is smiling happily, Hiiro wonders what's the matter.


Suddenly something sprung up from the sand.

(What !?) (Hiiro)

Hiiro hold his hand in front of his eyes to prevent the sand getting in to his eyes. And then, he looks again.

It's a person. He can at least see three people here. They all hold weapons and start coming with killing intent.

One to Liliyn, One to Hiiro, and One to Silva. All of them are wearing blue clothes and a turban-like hood, tied violet hair until their waist, a bandage to cover their mouth and on their back, twin blades like that guy earlier.

(<Evila>are all like this ?) (Hiiro)

To come without having a conversation, <Evila>are such a war-hungry race ? As if Liliyn is not enough.

Hiiro immediately draw his ’’Thorn Piercer’’ to fight.

Sfx : Kakiiiii ! (weapon clashing)

Their blades clashed and sparks are created.

’’Ku !’’ (Hiiro)

They're stronger than Hiiro thought. Hiiro is pushed back and clenches his teeth. Itseems the enemy also thought that Hiiro's power is stronger than they expected. After staring at each other, they dashed towards each other again.

But, the enemy didn't fall from the air, he instead uses steps to maintain altitude and flyover Hiiro.

(Don't tell me, Mikazuki !?) (Hiiro)

The enemy probably decided to kill Mikazuki first.

’’Oi ! Drolling Bird ! Go away !’’ (Hiiro)

Saying that, Mikazuki avoided the enemy that was trying to attack her from the back.

She never thought that the enemy would fall down like that. The enemy, stunned at Hiiro's action, has no other choice but to attack him again.

Kiiiiin !

Once again, their blades clashed. This time, the enemy might have grasped Hiiro's power since he didn't get blown away. Now, he's confident that he's stronger than Hiiro.

He has ascertained his victory. Suddenly...

Pishun !

Suddenly, Hiiro is gone from his sight. He's confused at the situation.

On Hiiro's arm the word <Speed>can be seen. He activated his word. Hiiro is also

confident to fight only with his Katana. He knew that his footing and power is worse than the enemy's. That's why, he used <Word Magic>.

’’Eat this !’’ (Hiiro)

He appeared behind his opponent, and slashed vertically.

Bushun !

Blood dripped on the sand, but..

(Che ! Too shallow huh..) (Hiiro)

The enemy managed to react in the last moment and avoided fatal injuries.

The enemy who had avoided Hiiro's attack lost his bandage that covered him. So, his true face is revealed. Rather than a man, it's more like a boy. It's without a doubt a pretty boy. On the boy mouth, a straight scar, and blood is dripping.

(EN: I'm gonna assume you meant mouth and not voice)

Wiping the blood, the boy said..

’’You..are strong, I will get a bit serious.’’ (???)

The boy takes the blade on his back.


’’Wait !’’ (???)

The one who sad that, is that samurai dude. Hiiro and the boy took a glance at him. He seems grumpy, but they don't know why.

’’Mu ? Is it over already ?’’ (Liliyn)

’’It seems so.’’ (Silva)

Hiiro looked at Liliyn and Silva. It seems they already defeated their opponents. Liliyn is trampling her opponent's head, and Silva is locking his opponent's arm joint.

’’It seems, you're not average people’’ (???)

’’If you think so, let us through already.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Fu, sorry, but that won't happen. Because..’’ (???)

He drew his twin blades, they were black. It's what people usually call Black Sword. He then put on his guard.

’’Because I will kill you all !’’ (???)

Hearing that guy, Liliyn's laughter echoes..

’’Kukuku, You will kill me ? What a funny joke.’’ (Liliyn)

’’It's not a joke, even if you're just a brat, I won't allow anyone in this desert !’’ (???)

’’Hou..’’ (Liliyn)

A dark smile can be seen. Liliyn emits blood thirst to destroy the enemy's blood thirst. The enemy stomps his feet and flew.

’’Che !’’ (???)

She smacked her lips because she can't see him. The enemy came down to strike, but there's nobody there.

’’Here !’’ (Liliyn)

A shiver runs down on his back. Just when did she get beside him ?

Dogo !

The enemy took a considerable impact from Liliyn's kick and shows a distorted face. He managed to adjust his body when he got blown off. When he landed, Liliyn's sharp nail is already in front of him.

The samurai guy is startled. He never thought Liliyn possess this much power. Even if he's going all out, she beat him as if ridiculing him. In that instant, he can see the little girl's wicked smile.

He thought, he's dead now.

Dosu !

Something interrupted and Liliyn put distance between them. The Samurai Guy is drenched in sweat, in front of him is a blade (scimitar of some sort, from the bishounen).

’’What's he doing ? That boy.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn took a glance from the defeated enemy, it was that boy who was fighting with Hiiro earlier.


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