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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 81


Chapter 81: Everyone's expectations

Judom Lankars was invited to the festival of birth, so he came. He came not only because he was a friend of the king's, but because he also wanted to see the ones known as heroes with his own eyes.

Previously, a commander of the country's military, a young man known as Vale Kimble, came to him and requested that he train the heroes, yet he bluntly refused.

Judom thought that he would give up afterwards, but Vale came time and time again. Because he was so persistent, Judom declared that he would decide whether he'd train them or not after he saw them with his own eyes.

That's why he came while using this celebration as an excuse. However, he came across a person he didn't expect to see there. That person was Nazaar Skride.

He called himself an artist. The king was in love with his artwork as he already possessed several of Nazaar's works. It was true that his artwork was amazing, capable of touching anyone's heart.

That man, however, wasn't just an artist. Judom knew that very well. And now, he noticed that Nazaar was spying on the heroes behind a pillar. Wondering if he was planning on causing something, Judom focused his gaze towards him.

It seemed like Nazaar had also noticed as he looked in Judom's direction. His eyes were saying: ’’I won't do anything to the heroes’’.

Judom knew about his personality. He wasn't the kind of person who'd do anything stupid. Understanding that, Judom stopped focusing on him.

Next, he began to look at the heroes.

(So those are the current heroes... How do I say it... They're just kids) (Judom)

Judom smiled bitterly while watching them laugh like they were having fun.

(Rudolf, do you plan on leaving our fate in the hands of these kids...?) (Judom)

With a sad expression, Judom looked towards the king who was still engaged in a conversation with important people.

(What are you doing, after sacrificing your own daughter... You're the king, Rudolf. Rather than throwing a festival of birth like this, isn't there something more important that you ought to be doing?) (Judom)

Looking away from Rudolph with a grave look on his face, Judom turned back and began to leave.

(I guess, in the end, I'll have to take action...) (Judom)

Thinking that, Judom departed from the venue with a sharp look in his eyes.

That evening, after the festival of birth had ended, King Rudolf was conversing with Minister Dennis Norman in the Oval Office. The contents of the discussion concerned the meeting requests received from the [Evila]'s Lord, Eveam.

As he unlocked the table's drawer and pulled it open, he took a signed letter from within. It was a letter that contained the details concerning the conference.

As Dennis saw this, he wore a difficult expression.

’’As I thought, it seems to be genuine.’’ (Dennis)

’’Umu...’’ (Rudolf)

In actuality, the letter that was held in his hand was not the only one that was sent. The other was a letter detailing the merits of entering into an alliance with them in great detail, one of which included inside information concerning the [Gabranth]. From the letter alone, it was clearly understood how desperately they were trying to establish an alliance.

Further included in the letter was the current thoughts that the [Evila] currently held.

’’Before, I was called by that man to have a talk. He seems to have hesitated to call it authentic.’’ (Dennis)

’’Judom, huh...’’ (Rudolf)

Indeed. Throughout the conversation, Judom had sprinkled the topic of how the letter from the [Evila] had arrived soon after they had immediately terminated the war between themselves and the [Gabranth].

Of course, as Judom had been constantly advising that there was a need for discussion, he was overjoyed by the news of an alliance conference as he supported it. Yet, Dennis was opposed to it.

Certainly, if they established an alliance, at the very least, the feud between the [Evila] and the [Humas] would end, possibly creating an era of peace. However, this obviously could not be considered anything else other than wishful thinking.

From what they could gather so far in their dealings with the [Evila], if they naively agreed to their demands, they would undoubtedly face harsh consequences. As their last alliance was betrayed, the [Evila] that came in the past performed the outrageous acts on humans, all for the sake of 《Evila Conversion》.

The most outrageous was the 《Evila Conversion》. After hunting countless humans, they were trapped in an experimental facility that the [Evila] owned. As the experiments ultimately failed, all that was left were countless corpses.

Although this was a fairly old story, the [Evila] that had actually conducted such experiments were still alive to this day. This was because they had long life-spans. If they were once again plotting to resume such experiments, this time, they may only be trying to lower the Human's guard so as to hunt them from their blind spot.

As long as such concerns were unable to be dispelled, Dennis would continue to preach the risks of such an alliance as he advised Rudolf. Yet, Judom argued clearly that the past is the past.

What was really outrageous about this argument was that, in addition to Evila's conduct, the Humas have performed numerous atrocities that caused grief and incited hatred from the other races. These included placing a bomb inside an Evila to destroy a village, suppressing and enslaving the Gabranth, and numerous other acts that the heavens would spit on.

However, the past was the past. If someone were to keep holding their grudges forever, they would lose sight of what is before them, causing them to miss the important things. Each side had erred, yet, that was in the past.

The most important thing is the future and what lies ahead. In order to prevent the wars and atrocities that occurred in the past, the bygone days when every race joined hands and coexisted in peace, is something that Judom strived for passionately.

From Rudolf's perspective both sides had valid points. They should cautiously approach the Evila, and only associate with them as necessary. LIke Dennis said, they should continue planning while remaining vigilant. If there is a chance that they'll be able to work together and coexist, the possibility should be pursued. Both of them are correct.

However, if either of them were mistaken, there is a chance that it would be the end for the Humas Continent. It is this reason why they were unable to come up with a decision.

In reality, they've already made their decision. In order to defeat the Demon Lord, Rudolf sacrificed his daughters. If they retreated and were killed in the process, their sacrifices would be in vain.

When he said thus to Judom, he moved towards the king and raised him by his collar as he spoke forcefully.

’’You shouldn't waste this chance! Everyone will be able to live peacefully! Your children will be crying with joy in the other world! Isn't that what you want?’’ (Judom)

A world in which no one is afraid and everyone can smile. If such a world wasn't created, the life of his daughters would be wasted.

With a distorted expression caused by being held up by the neck, Rudolf quietly told Judom ’’Let me think for a bit.’’ Judom furrowed his brows in an unpleasant expression, and, as there was no immediate response, he let go and walked away.

Then, he said

’’Understand? I'll also be coming with you to the conference. To allow you to focus on the peace negotiations, I'll protect you from the shadows. I've asked...please go to the conference.’’ (Judom)

After he said it, he left the place.

The two left in the Oval Office wore a wry smile as they remembered the previous exchange. Dennis, in particular, was appalled at the indignation displayed, even if Judom was Rudolf's best friend.

’’My goodness. This is the reason why I don't like dealing with such a violent person.’’ (Dennis)

’’Dennis.’’ (Rudolf)

When Dennis received a sharp glare from Rudolf, he thought he had gone overboard and prepared to make an excuse.

’’But, your majesty.’’ (Dennis)

’’Ahh, everything starts here. Nothing will be wasted. I will..... by no means waste the lives of my daughters.’’ (Rudolf)

’’S-so, you have made a decision?’’ (Dennis)

Dennis said with an uncertain tone.

’’Aah. Shortly, we'll head to the conference. ’’ (Rudolf)

’’What? Y-you can't do that!? What about those guys?’’ (Dennis)

Dennis, in his state of confusion, immediately tried to express his disagreement.

’’I know.’’ (Rudolf)

’’Eh?...What?’’ (Dennis)

’’I'm going to the conference. Like I said before, the life of my daughter, and those that put their lives on the line, will not be wasted.’’ (Rudolf)

’’This, your majesty.’’ (Dennis)

’’Judom will be coming as well. Also......the heroes.’’ (Rudolf)

’’The say?’’ (Dennis)

’’Aah, they are the key. As I said before, there is a chance that the Evila might make an unexpected move. In the meantime......we need to arrange ALL the preparations.’’ (Rudolf)

There was no hesitation in those eyes. It might have been the composure of a country's king, yet, sensing his ambition, Dennis swallowed and spoke. (E Note: Taishi's name in kanji means Ambition. Word play of some sort.)

’’The plan......has been decided, huh.’’ (Dennis)


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