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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 78


Chapter 78 The Buttler's Concerns

That night, While Hiiro was sleeping, there was a knock on the door. And when he answered it turned out to be Silva.

’’Can we speak for a moment?’’(Silva)

’’Sure, just make it quick.’’(Hiiro)

’’Yes!’’ (Silva)

Hiiro sat on the sofa, while Silva served some tea.

’’Well, what do you want?’’(Hiiro)

’’I Deeply apologize.’’ (Sliva)

Silva suddenly bowed his head. Hiiro didn't understand and tilted his head to the side.

’’What do you mean?’’(Hiiro)

’’It's about Ojou-sama.’’ (Silva)

.....{who is doing this Hiiro, Silva or Both??}

’’I thought you got forced.’’ (Silva)

’’Ah, that uh..’’(Hiiro)

It's look like she threatened Hiiro to join her on his journey.

’’Ojou-sama is a person like that, once she found something interesting, she will take it no matter what.’’(Silva)

’’That's true. I understand that.’’(Hiiro)

’’But, if it's really troublesome, you should go now when Ojou-sama is sleeping.’’(Silva)


Hearing Hiiro interrupting him, Silva had a blank face.

’’Wh-What's the matter?’’(Silva)

’’Even though I have no intention to go with that baba, Akaloli. It's not that I got forced against my will you know? Well, though it's true that she insisted a bit.’’(Hiiro)

’’Is-Is that so?’’(Silva)

’’Yeah, we already agreed. That's why jii-san doesn't have to worry, or, shouldn't you have some confidence?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nofofofo, I am confident, but, it's just that Ojou-sama can't see other people's circumtances and normally force something on them against their will.’’(Silva)


’’It's also due to the fact that Ojou-sama lives in such a remote place.’’(Silva)

’’Eh.. Is that so?’’(Hiiro)

Basically, this mansion is used so that she didn't bring trouble to others..

’’I don't think that's admirable though.’’(Hiiro)

’’Nofofofofo, even though Ojou-sama looks like that, she is also kind you know?’’(Hiiro)

Seeing Silva smiling like this, rather than a servant, he seems more like a father.

’’Since she has lived for such a long time, she has had to go through sweet and bitter times, and has a lot of experience because of it.’’(Silva)

It is true that being a level 148 surely means she cannot be half-assed in experiences. Just like he said, she should have lots of experience.

From the standpoint of life experiences, Hiiro can't even compare.

’’Aside from that, there is another reason why this mansion is built here, a BIG REASON.’’(Silva)


’’Like I have mentioned before, this place is full of weird and eccentric people. This building is also built for those who have lost their homes.’’(Silva)

’’Like her huh..’’(Hiiro)

’’That's right.’’(Silva)

It's true that Silva mentioned something about this being a place with weird and eccentric people. But, I didn't think it was built for that purpose.

’’Actually, I'm a <Spirit>’’(Silva) {Rather sudden lol}


’’I'm sorry that I kept silent about this before, but now that we are going to be traveling together, this is a courtesy.’’(Silva)

’’Is that so..’’(Hiiro)

Though Hiiro already had known this beforehand, since he used ’’Pry’’ () on him, he nod out of respect for his feelings.

’’And, as you already know, Shamoe is <Magical Beast>. It's hard to live in this land.’’(Silva)

’’I see. So that is why she built this building.’’(Hiiro)

Hiiro said that while looking around the room. Silva nodded.

’’Even so, there have been no guests for a long time. Though, monsters still come.’’(Silva)

Silva said that with a lonely face

’’Well, though I think the problem is the location.’’(Hiiro)

Well, it is the truth that this place is surrounded by lake. A better place surely exists.

’’Nofofofo, that's right. But, Ojou-same took a liking to this place.’’(Silva)


’’Because the abnormal is interesting to her.’’(Silva)

’’Is she an idiot or something?’’(Hiiro)

I really wonder if she lost her mind or something else entirely.

’’Nofofofo, an ordinary person like me can't understand Ojou-sama's interests.’’(Silva)

’’No no no, it's simply because she is simply too weird.’’(Hiiro)

Seeing Hiiro say that while simply sighing, Silva smiled and said,

’’Nofofofo, she likes your straight-forward approach you know?’’ (Silva)

’’I don't care.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nofofofofo, Since she always sticks with her decision, she got stuck here. Though, as expected, no one came.’’(Silva)


’’Ojou-sama is helplessly bored. She always told me to go travel on impossible quests for fun.’’(Silva)

’’Ahh, so that mountain huh..’’(Hiiro)

Now that I think of it, It was obvious that Silva was moving by Liliyn's order.

’’It's not only that though. But, Ojou-sama eventually got bored with that too.’’(Silva)


’’That time, when Hiiro-sama came.’’(Silva)

’’What a coincidence.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nope, more than a coincidence, from the start, I already intend to invite you.’’(Silva)

Hearing that, Hiiro narrowed his eyebrow.

’’oh really now?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, I immediately could tell that Hiiro-sama is not normal.’’(Silva)

’’I see... <Spirit>'s skill huh. Are you from observing race?’’(Hiiro)

’’Nofofofo, as expected, you truly knew. I presume, you have met another <Phem>?’’ (Silva)

’’That is the question.’’(Hiiro)

’’Nofofofo, that's a shame. But, even in the realm of <Spirit>, I'm not normal.’’(Silva)


’’Normally, <Phem>do not have the power to observe.’’(Silva)

’’I guess that's true. If it was true, you would have known immediately that I'm not from <Imp Race>, and see through my identity.’’ (Hiiro)

The <Spirit>I met before saw through my beast appearance. If Silva were to posses that power, it would be the same. But, since he didn't, I suppose he didn't have it.

’’Due to many circumstances, the eccentric me ended up here.’’ (Silva)

’’A Pervert right?’’(Hiiro)

’’Nofofofo, that's harsh you know. Nofofofo.’’ (Silva)

’’Well, after I got here, I'm wondering if there's something.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Is that so? But, that is Hiiro-sama himself is the one that makes the bored Ojou-sama that has been holed up here become cheerful again.’’(Silva)

’’Oi, I didn't do anything though?’’(Hiiro)

’’No no, Even Shamoe had the same thought. She who was a despised existence by <Evila>, can talk with you. She would have approved of it too.’’(Silva)

’’You sure praise me a lot.’’(Hiiro)

Hearing Silva say that so seriously, it made it somewhat awkward, While Hiiro averted his eyes, trying not to make anymore misunderstandings, Hiiro drank the tea.

’’It's nothing. It seems I have taken a lot of time. I'm sorry.’’(Silva)

’’That's true, but, is that person alright there?’’(Hiiro)

Hearing a ’’Fueee’’ could be heard. Silva opened his eyes wide for a second and smiled. (TL Note : Rishia !! XD )[Editor note: Like Totally man]

’’, I'm busted?’’(Shamoe)


’’That's because..’’(Shamoe)

GAZAGAZAGAZAFURUFURUFURU{sound of the door creaking?}

The room's door is unnaturally shaking.

’’There's no way to ignore it.’’(Hiiro)

’’Nofofofo, Shamoe, you can come in you know?’’(Silva)

Hearing that, Shamoe opened the door and peek inside. (SFX : Giii)

She just passed by chance and overheard Silva's voice. She tried to eavesdrop, but it seems she got busted a while ago.

When she heard the conversation, she touched the door and it began to shake. She tried to hold it, and it seems it gave her away. Though the last part is why she got busted.

’’A-Ah, Th-That was.. Eh-Eh, Sorry for eavesdropping!’’(Shamoe)

She bowed her head vigorously. It's not like that Hiiro mind eavesdropping, and he didn't blame anyone.

’’Don't mind it. That aside, are you alright?’’ (Hiiro)


’’We're going to <Evila>Capital. There will be alot of them.’’(Hiiro)

She already experienced her home being destroyed by <Evila>Though it's unlikely she will meet the same people, there are alots of them. They might be from the same race that banished her.

Hiiro thought that having that kind of experience would be trauma when she met other <Evila>

But, while he was thinking that, She's wearing a smile.

’’Th-Thank you very much! But, Shamoe's home is beside Silva and Ojou-sama. If they want to go, I must go too!’’ (Shamoe)

’’Nofofofo, it means she's also prepared.’’(Silva)

’’It seems so.’’(Hiiro)

It seems it's decided, that we will all go together.

’’Hiiro-sama, this might be sudden, but, as comrade, please take care of me!’’(Shamoe)

’’Wait. What do you mean by comrade?!’’(Shamoe)

’’Mumumu, of course as our beloved Ojou-sama's fanclub!’’(Silva)


’’As comrade!’’(Shamoe)


’’As a com-’’(Sliva)

’’Stop it!’’(Hiiro)

’’Boronbi !?’’(Hiiro) [EdN: Do not fully get what it means, but sounds funny]

Silva is given a short flight courtesy of a kick from Hiiro.

’’Geez, it seems I really need to leave that jiji’’(Slivia)


Shamoe was flustered as usual, and Silva also revived quickly as usual and now is saying. [EdN: Masochist spirit butler well well.]

’’Nofofofo, looks like it's gonna be fun now! Nofofofofo!’’(Silva)

’’Haa... I thought I was dead.’’(Silva){not sure}

’’A-Ah, Hiiro-sama!’’(Shamoe)


’’Sh-Shamoe also!’’(Silva)


’’I-I will bring new batch of tea, okay?’’ (Shamoe)

Looking at her greeting desperately, he already thought to leave her from the start. Suddenly,




She stumbled forward and magnificently dropped the pot on the bed.

’’Awawawawawawa, I-I'm sorry ! Sh-Shamoe is idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!’’(Shamoe)

While she's hitting her own head, her breast shake and Silva was looking at them dangerously.{Editor note: Pervert is as pervert does.]

(I should think of a plan to get out of here in tonight night...)

While he was think of this chaotic situation being an everyday occurance, Hiiro felt like a heavy burden was placed on him.


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