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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 74


Chapter 74: The Origin of the Red Rain

The metal spike's size was enormous, its magnitude so large that a normal person would be rendered unable to deal with it.The spike pierced the orb, pinning it to the ground. Unable to move, the orb slowly collapsed.

(What, what is that? Where did it come from?) (Hiiro)

Hiiro looked towards the direction where the spike flew from. In other words, he looked towards the sky. However, all he could see was the blanketing red cloud. There was nobody there.

Due to this, one could only wonder who had caused the orb to stop moving. As Hiiro thought, he could only come to the conclusion that it could not be anyone else but Liliyn. As she continued to emit her fearless smile, she flexed her finger towards the ground. In doing so-


Once again, nails began to appear in the sky. Moreover, this time there were multiple of them. Those golden spikes began to pierce and embed themselves into Baron Bone Lizard's body, one after the other.

Witnessing such a scene, Hiiro was stunned as he simply stared. He had absolutely no clue what had just taken place. Before he was aware of it, the orb from earlier had disappeared. The monster pertaining a Rank of SS was immobilized as its entire body was punctured by countless spikes that had lashed out at it.

The sensation of imminent threat that Hiiro had felt earlier had completely disappeared in an instant, as if it were simply a passing breeze.

’’Gu......Gii......Gaa.....’’ (Baron Bone Lizard)

Baron Bone Lizard desperately attempted to move its body, yet, above it were incoming spikes flying towards it. In addition, the spikes were even larger than the previous ones. As there were a multitude of spikes, varying in sizes and lengths, it could be determined that more and more bones inside of its body would be broken. Its tail was pulverized from its roots. Even the limbs that supported its body were brutally and cruelly shattered.

What had stolen Hiiro's vision in the next moment was the sight of pitch black wings growing on Liliyn's black, her figure afloat in midair. Her blood-like crimson long hair swayed. The rear figure of the girl who possessed obsidian wings that seemed to encompass everything resembled a demon that often appeared in anime or games.

’’Now then......this should finish it.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn brought her hand to the sky before swinging it down like a whip in the direction of the Baron Bone Lizard.

*Pakipakipakipaki-!* (TL: Sound of piercing?)

A single, massive spike appeared, its magnitude easily capable of obliterating the Baron Bone Lizard's body. It fell on top of the monster's head, shattering it to smithereens as it generated a tremendous shock wave.

The shock wave was so powerful, the debris came flying towards them. Similar to the orb from earlier, after a while it collapsed as if it were sand before being blown away by the wind.

The monster was completely stunned.

’’Now, I guess it's about here, huh.’’ (Liliyn)

As if she had just finished her shift at work, Liliyn indifferently spat out those words.

*Pachin!* (TL: Finger Snap.)

She lightly snapped her fingers. Then-


As Hiiro thought that the surrounding space had cracks appearing through it, a tone that resembled glass breaking resounded.

’’What!’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro looked around him restlessly. The whole scene returned to what it was before the body of the Baron Bone Lizard had appeared. The [Forbidden Emperor Cloud] was still present and the Red Rain continued to pelt down upon the empty field before him.

The shattered remains of the Baron Bone Lizard lay at the center of the field. All the golden spikes that Liliyn used in her assault had disappeared and the ground was completely intact.

’’......?’’ (Hiiro)

Unable to logically analyze the situation, Hiiro stared at the situation with a confused expression. Ignoring Hiiro, Lilyn retracted her wings and landed on the ground as if nothing happened.

’’Clean that up. I'm going to sleep’’ (Liliyn)

’’Understood. Have a good night, master.’’ (Silva)

As expected, Silva nodded his head as he acknowledged her order. While Hiiro was looking at Liliyn's back, she turned around and said.

’’What do you think? I'm strong, right brat? Fufu~n’’ (Liliyn)

She said with an air of superiority. Looking at the dumbfounded Hiiro, she smiled with satisfaction as she entered the house.

As ordered by his master, Silva approached the shattered bones of the bone lizard.

’’Hey, are you sure it's alright to approach it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, it has already been annihilated’’ (Silva)

’’A-Annihilated? So it's dead? You're saying It died?’’ (Hiiro)

Hearing Hiiro seeking confirmation twice, Silva nodded as he spoke.

’’I am sure you are surprised, but that is the extent of my master's power.’’ (Silva)

’’...Power? You mean that was magic just now?’’ (Hiiro)

’’You are completely right’’ (Silva)

’’Hold it, Isn't that weird? From what I've experienced so far, you shouldn't be able to use magic in the Red Rain right?’’ (Hiiro)

That was something that Silva had told Hiiro. Hiiro even confirmed it himself by using magic. It was clear that it had been disabled at that time.

’’Yes, it is clear that magic cannot be used at the current time. However, there is an exception.’’ (Silva)

’’Exception?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Indeed. It is this.’’ (Silva)

Saying thus, Silva picked up something and presented it to Hiiro. Upon closer inspection, what he held was a petal of the <<Golden Rose>>.

’’What's that?’’ (Hiiro)

’’This flower has a special effect. As I said before, this flower contains a considerable amount of life force in contrast to its appearance.’’ (Silva)

Hiiro heard it before when he was collecting it.

’’That life force is very compatible with living beings. It will bring numerous benefits to those that consume it.’’ (Silva)

’’Benefits?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, it is called <<Complete Origin>>’’

’’What's that?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro heard an unfamiliar word.

’’In short, the person who consumes this flower will be immune to abnormal statuses.’’ (Silva)

Abnormal statuses? ...I see, so that's why she could utilise magic? No, actually, the effect of the Red Rain is an abnormal status?’’ (Hiiro)

’’You are absolutely right. The magic seal caused by the red rain is an abnormal status’’ (Silva)

’’I see. For it to have such a convenient ability...’’ (Hiiro)

Of course, if Hiiro used [Word magic] and wrote the words [Restore] or [Normal], he would be able to achieve the same effect. However, because magic was sealed off during the [Red Rain], he was unable to use those effects.

’’I see, is that why she sent an old man like you to a poisonous mountain to retrieve it?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro was somehow able to understand the situation. In order to face this monster, preparation was necessary. That was why Liliyn sent Silva. However, Silva shook his head and said.

’’Nofofo, I'm sorry but your are wrong’’ (Silva)

’’What? I'm wrong?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes. Whether my master had this or not, a monster of this degree is not difficult for her’’ (Silva)

’’...Then why did she use something like this, this time?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Even if she looks like that, she possesses a strong desire to reveal her put it succinctly, she enjoys boasting her superior force.’’ (Silva)

’’Is she a kid or something?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro let out a breath as he said it. Silva responded with a happy smile.

’’Nofofo, does this not display the extent of how obsessed she is with you?’’ (Silva)

’’.....?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro knitted his eyebrows as he craned his head.

’’There was no need for her to reveal her trump card to a worthless enemy. As she was interested in Hiiro-sama, she used her magic in an attempt to surprise you. Nofofofofofo. (Silva)

It seems that she used the <<Golden Rose>>only because she wanted to show off.

’’But is it possible to defeat it without magic?’’ (Hiiro)

Yes. That was the strange part. He could understand who was the stronger one level-wise. Yet, he did not think one could emerge victorious against an SS Ranked monster without the use of magic.

’’Fumu, fumu. Certainly, if the opponent was a normal one, it would be impossible. That monster is Baron Bone Lizard. A unique monster befitting of an SS Rank.’’ (Silva)

It was precisely as Hiiro had thought.

’’However, no matter how strong an individual may be, they will always possess a weakness. Although Baron Bone Lizard is no different from such persons, it is also not an exception to this. Said weak point is a cylindric bone which acts like its core. Unlike the other bones, this one singular bone has a considerably lower defense value.’’ (Silva)

’’Is that so? Meaning that if it's destroyed, it will be defeated? (Hiiro)

’’Indeed. However, no normal adventurer would be capable of easily destroying it. Only those that have over 600 Attack Points are capable of destroying said bone. (Silva)

Although it may seem like obtaining 600 Attack Points would be difficult, if one was able to, they would be able to obliterate said monster in one-hit.

’’Basically, it's weak in close-combat?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Indeed. It's specialty is shooting it's Bone Ball, the red orb that appeared earlier. Other than that....(Silva)

Even though Hiiro had heard a lot, it mostly consisted of ranged-attacks. Rather, Hiiro was more surprised learning that the ball was made from bone as he had not expected it.

’’Even so, considerable swiftness is required in order to get close. One also needs great perception to find the cylinder, and the power to attack it. Ojou-sama possesses all of such qualities. Thus, from the very beginning, there was no need for her to use magic to defeat it. It has always been as such. (Silva)

’’I see. By the way, I wanna ask you something.’’ (Hiiro)

’’If it is the matter of Ojou-sama's magic, you realize that, should I not obtain her express permission, my mouth shall remain closed, yes?’’ (Silva)

’’I don't give two shits about that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Fo!?’’ (Silva)

As Silva thought Hiiro would be curious about Liliyn's magic, he was shocked upon hearing Hiiro's response.

’’What I wanted to ask about is the <<Golden Rose>>.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ha, haa. Are you perchance referring to the Red Rain?’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah, how long's it gonna stay there? Earlier, you said that it would last for three days. During this time, we can't use magic right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’That is correct. The previous time, it had continued to rain for a period of three days. However, as I had stated earlier, scale of the red clouds this time is particularly large. The Baron Bone Lizard that appeared this time is also larger than the previous. Ah, I forgot to mention that the Baron Bone Lizard's power is proportional to the size of the red cloud. Since the energy of the clouds is usually confined within the lake, the Baron Bone Lizard absorbs the power from the Red Rain. It is because of this that the larger the cloud is, the more powerful the Baron Bone Lizard becomes. Furthermore, this is only time that it has initiated an attack. In addition, even if we slay it, after some time, it will respawn from the lake.’’ (Silva)

It seemed to be a monster that appeared often. Furthermore, as it is a timid creature, it waits for an opportunity when magic cannot be used before beginning its hunt. It appeared that it usually fed on weak monsters that lived in the lake.

’’I see. I understand the details about that monster. So? How do I get to the outside from here?’’ (Hiiro)

’’The...outside?’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah, I no longer have any business here, right? I'm gonna go continue my journey.’’ (Hiiro)

Silva frowned upon hearing Hiiro's words..

’’I apologise. However, the Red Rain is still pouring outside. It is dangerous. As I said before, the rain is very heavy. Because Baron Bone Lizards are originally born from it, it will not cause damage to them. However, on normal bodies, it will feel like countless stones pelting upon them from the sky. It would cause tremendous damage.’’ (Silva)

’’Guh...’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro looked up the sky while groaning. It was exactly as Silva had indicated. In this kind of rain, even if one had an umbrella, it would not be able to withstand it. Also, the boat that was required to cross the lake was going to sink.

’’Is that so? In other words, I can't get out if this rain continues, huh?’’ (Hiiro)

’’It would appear so.’’ (Silva)

Hiiro sighed deeply.

(Damn. I just wanted to grab some meat, yet, it turned into this disaster. Why do I always get caught up in trouble?) (Hiiro)

However, it was a fact that Hiiro was rendered unable to use his magic at the present time. Even if he asked Silva for the <<Golden Rose>>, there would not be any in stock.

(It can't be helped. Even though it's troublesome to be near that brat, I don't have much choice but to ascertain the situation first, huh...) (Hiiro)

Following this, he returned to his room to sleep.


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