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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 73


Chapter 73: The Monster of SS Rank

As soon as the group heard the cry, they exited the mansion in order to confirm what it was. As soon as they passed the door entrance, they could see something rising from the red lake.

’’T-this thing...’’

Baron Bone Lizard. That was the monster's name. Hiiro had never heard that monster's name before, however, unknown monsters like this were to be expected. That aside, the atmosphere around this monster was similar to something that he had encountered before.

(No, this presence.)

The monster definitely had an atmosphere different from other monsters Hiiro had encountered, yet, for some reason, it felt familiar to him. It was clear that the ’’Baron Bone Lizard’’ wasn't a monster that he had encountered before.

During his time in Japan, there was a TV show that talked about reptiles similar to Komodo Dragons. The contours and physique of this monster were the same, however, its size was beyond comprehension.

It was at least 10 meters long. Furthermore, it had no muscle nor meat, making it unclear as to how it was capable of movement. It's whole frame was constructed out of bones. It looked as if a dinosaur fossil at a museum had just came back to life.

The bones were pure bright red. It emitted a crimson glow that one could use to clearly identify it in the middle of the night.

’’For f*k's sake, even though this mutant usually stays holed up in the bottom of the lake-’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn spoke with a displeased expression.

’’For it to come out at this time. What an annoying bunch of bones.’’ (Liliyn)

When Hiiro heard those words

(Usually at the bottom? Doesn't that mean it rose up to the surface because the Red Rain appeared?)

From his analysis, Hiiro knew that the current situation was quite treacherous. This was mainly due to his magic being rendered unusable. If it was normal monster, he would have very little issue beating it with [Thorn-piercer]. However, the monster before him was anything but. As he contemplated, he inhaled sharply as he suddenly remembered.

(This feeling, it's the same feeling I felt before against that guy.)

Recalling those memories, Hiiro involuntarily shuddered as he unconsciously stepped backwards. This was caused by trauma he had received earlier, yet, he didn't take his eyes off of it as he cleared his throat.

(Fu, no doubt, this atmosphere is that of an SS ranked monster.)

When Hiiro separated from Arnold and Muir, he encountered a monster by accident. It was monster called [Duke Eagle]. After coming to this world (Edea), it was the first time that he had fought with his life on the line.

The Duke Eagle was a SS Ranked monster. It wasn't a monster that Hiiro, who was around level 50, could face by himself. Although he was fortunate as he managed to repel the monster, it was a life and death experience.

Now, a monster possessing a similar foreboding atmosphere to that previous encounter was right before his eyes. That was the Baron Bone Lizard

(This is bad...this is really bad...)

He had leveled up since then, however, without his magic, he could do little. At his current level, he would be able to face an S ranked monster normally. However, without his magic, he wouldn't stand a chance against this monster.

Just as Hiiro clenched his teeth and tried to come up with a plan to escape, the Baron Bone Lizard opened its mouth wide. Unsure of what it was going to do, Hiiro looked at it in a daze


It made a faint buzzing sound that reverberated throughout the surrounding area. Then, a red orb appeared in front of its open mouth, gradually increasing in size.

’’To start off with a such a bold move, what did it think this place was?’’ (Liliyn)

A displeased, unsurprised expression appeared on her face. Her level was over 100. However, as she was incapable of utilising any magic in this situation, she could only resort to physical attacks. Unsure of where her composure came from, Hiiro scowled.

’’Silva, give me that.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Here is it’’ (Silva)

Obeying her orders, Silva, who was beside her, took out something from his chest. It was something that Hiiro was quite familiar with.

(That's...the [Golden Rose]?)

Indeed, it was as Hiiro had indicated. The object was what had been on top of the Cactus Man's head when they were passing through [Venom Mountain], the [Golden Rose]. This was something that Liliyn had ordered Silva to retrieve.

(But why take the rose out now...?)

In the instant that Hiiro attempted to understand what Liliyn was going to do, she surprised him by munching on the [Gold Rose].

(She...ate it!?)

Hiiro didn't expect her to eat and just stared blankly at her. She continued chewing and then.

Gokuri (Gulp)

It didn't look like she enjoyed it, yet, it was clear that it had entered her stomach. She then proceeded to look at the Baron Bone LIzard with a keen eye.

’’I'm still sleepy. I'll have you disappear quickly you pile of bones’’ (Liliyn)

In spite of this, the one that had made the first move was the Bone Baron Lizard. The red orb that was over one meter in diameter suddenly shrunk to about a sphere with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

(It condensed its power?)

It probably planned to shoot it like a bullet. Yet, it was clear that what the monster had produced wasn't just a mere bullet. It was definitely something much more powerful.

(From what I can remember, I think the [Duke Eagle] used something similar.)

Due to Hiiro's experience, he was able to predict that the Baron Bone Lizard was about to do something dangerous. He felt sweat flowing down his spine.

’’Hey brat, move out of the way’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hey, you’’ (Hiiro)

’’Just be good and move aside. I know you're strong but stand back and watch my fight.’’ (Liliyn)

Saying thus, Liliyn jumped in front of Hiiro and faced the Baron Bone Lizard.

’’Hey!’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hiiro-sama, please come over here.’’ (Silva)

All of a sudden, Silva moved beside Hiiro, proposing thus as he bowed his head.

Hiiro accepted his proposal and stepped aside. He looked at Liliyn with doubt as she took on a SS ranked monster by herself.

(You can't use magic right now!)

Even though she had Unique Magic, no matter how powerful it may be, she couldn't use it right now. Both Silva and Liliyn herself should know this as well. And yet, she proceeded with her reckless action.

Hiiro himself was a irregular existence, however, it seemed that there were people even more abnormal.

Despite Hiiro's concerns, Liliyn looked forward as she smiled fearlessly.

’’Fuwa~, Hurry up and come at me small fry’’ (Liliyn)

A *clack* sound was heard, perhaps induced by Liliyn's yawn.

[GuGyaGyaGyaGyaGya] (Some sort of roaring sound)

The condensed red orb flew at Liliyn.

Shuiiiiiiiiiiii! (Sound of something moving really fast in the air)

The orb came at Liliyn with tremendous speed. Without losing her smile, she casually held her right hand towards the orb.

A noise that sounded like something splitting could be heard upon collision as something flew out in response.

Gusa! (Stab)

At that moment, something golden had appeared in the center of the orb... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

..................a golden spike appeared in the center of the orb that the Baron Bone Lizard released.


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