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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 7


Chapter 07: Bon Voyage!

He planned to go to the Guild for his quest reward after he rested a little bit more. His blood-spattered appearance drew the attention of by-passers, but he was so exhausted that he paid it no mind.

(Hah... Maybe, I can clean... my clothes with magic)

With that in mind, he moved somewhere without people and wrote ’’clean’’ on his clothes. And when he activated it, the bloody clothes became all clean again in an instant.

(When I write it on my body, I won't be needing a bath...?)

He kept it in mind to try it out later. And if it worked, he would be delighted about such a convenient power.

At the guild, the woman at the counter widened her eyes in surprise. Because he completed the quests, which demanded to hunt ten goblins, with a far higher number: 22.

She looked at the 22 ’’goblin fangs’’, which he presented as proof for the quest.

’’I am impressed you managed to hunt so many. Especially considering that you only registered yesterday, Okamura-sama.’’

’’Whatever, evaluate it already.’’

He wanted to get over with it before he was dragged into something troublesome. The woman apologized on his words and properly did her job.

’’The advertised reward is 35000 Rigin, but I can give you an extra 10000 Rigin for all these 'goblin fangs' you are turning in. What do you say?’’

’’Yeah, do that.’’

He had no use for the ’’goblin fangs’’ anyway.

’’Then please wait a moment.’’

Saying that, she took his card and went somewhere. After a while she came back and returned his card. The money had been added to it. He brought the card closer to his chest and recited disappear, whereupon the card dispersed and vanished.

Now he had enough funds for the inn for a while and could even buy a fair number of MP restoration pills. With this quest he realized that MP pills were an absolutely necessity for him.

When he wanted to use the ≪Word Magic≫, which by itself already had a high MP consumption, numerous times, he should have a large number of restoration pills at hand.

(I got to test out a lot of stuff and realized how important the MP pills are. I better buy as much as I can carry.)

Hence he went straight to a general shop and bought the necessary items for battles, including a new weapon. It was the cheapest kind of a sword, but still cost 30000 Rigin. The reason he bought a new one was because the blade of his knife was chipped. Well, naturally that happened when he fought so many demons. Lastly, he bought a red robe as a protection gear.

He chose it, since it had a high magic resistance and an unexpected high protection value. The red was kind of flashy, but he made do with it, thinking that he will get used to it.

(Wait, couldn't I have fixed the chip in the blade with magic... Like if I wrote 'new' or 'original' while remembering how I bought it... Moreover...)

Various things came into his mind, but he had already bought the sword.

(Well, it was just a knife anyway. I'll use magic from now on)

The knife was only bought due to a shortage of funds at the beginning and he had intended to buy a sword when he saved up some money anyway, so he would now first try magic to repair the blade before buying a new one.

And when the blade actually chipped and he tried ≪Word Magic≫ to repair it, the blade really turned as good as new with the word ’’new’’. His own magic apparently knew no bounds.

For one week then, Hiiro completed quests from morning till evening. At first he just wanted to save up money and level up, but it was surprisingly fun when he tried it.

He saw flowers he never saw before and encountered various demons. It was also quite enjoyable to think of ways to defeat these demons.

He didn't consider himself to be a battle maniac, but he might have to reflect about himself as he unintentionally got elated about how to kill a strong opponent, the real thrill of an RPG.

And by this and that, his Guild rank raised as well, turning from the blue F rank into the violet E rank. Not to mention his pile of money and levels.

The woman at the counter called him a new rising star as there certainly were hardly any beginners that completed twenty to thirty quests in one week.

(It's likely that things will get troublesome when I work here any more and the king hears about it)

He feared that he would get told to fight with the heroes if he was that strong, which would be horrible. His freedom was the only thing he wouldn't surrender. He didn't want his fun life in the other world get spoiled from obligations.

(I guess it's about time)

He made his resolve while checking the contents of his big bag.

(Tomorrow I'll leave this country)

Yes, he resolved to go on a trip.

Enough money on his hands, a good level and above all, his mentality toughened up. With that, he could even survive during a trip.

Hiiro Okamura

Lvl 18

HP 210/210

MP 640/640

EXP 4672

NEXT 480

ATK 89 (100)

DEF 65 (80)

AGI 137 (139)

HIT 77 (85)

INT 102 (106)

≪Magic Attribute≫ None

≪Magic≫ Word Magic (Single Chain Unlocked)

≪Title≫ Innocent Bystander, World Traveller, Word Master

Guild Card

Name: Hiiro Okamura

se*: Male

Age: 17

From: Unknown

Rank: E



-Weapon: Short Sword

-Guard: Red Robe


Rigin: 567000

On the next day, Hiiro groaned while spreading his map on the ’’Toll Road’’ outside the town. It was necessary to decide where to go.

He technically had an idea. Going south, there was a big town called ’’Frentor’’, albeit not as big as ’’Victorias’’. It was a famous trade town.

But Hiiro rather tended to go to ’’Surge’’ instead, a town in the west. ’’Surge’’ was close to the country border, right next to the continent, where the ’’Gabranth’’ lived.

Since he came to another world, he naturally wanted to meet a ’’werewolf’’ or ’’werecat’’ by all means.

But right now, there was a tension between both countries. He didn't think he would be able to pass the border easily. However, being an adventurer, he heard some news.

That the countries certainly had placed restrictions on each other, but lot of ’’Gabranth’’ were adventurers and often went on jobs together with ’’Humas’’ adventurers.

The individual and nation's opinion were different things. In other words, the nation's opinion didn't represent the whole race. Some people worked together with each other.

Still, a lot of people in this world detested other races right now. They were especially out of sorts with the fighting ’’Evila’’.

Nevertheless, Hiiro believed that he had to confirm it with his own eyes. To begin with, he wasn't interested in the opinion of others, priding himself with the conviction to come up with his own answer by experiencing it himself.

Therefore, he decided to head to ’’Surge’’. Crossing the border would be possible one way or another as well if necessary.

But it was quite a distance to ’’Surge’’. A long trip called for resolution and good feet.

On his way, he came by the ’’Clair Forest’’, where he had been before. There was no more need to be wary about this forest, but he needed to get through there. He entered the forest and defeated the demons that attacked him flawlessly.

With his current AGI, the movement of his opponents looked like they were standing still. Their difference in strength was that obvious.

(Well, I'm not a beginner anymore)

Hiiro was experienced fighting even stronger demons, so the slimes and goblins appearing in the forest weren't worth mentioning.

He easily passed through the forest and got onto the ’’Tempus Highway’’. Following it straight lead to a small town called ’’Ames’’. His plan was to stay the night there and go on tomorrow.

’’Oh, a jewel slime in such a place?’’

He spotted a sparkling slime shining like a jewel in front of him. As he had read the Guild's reference book once, he got a hold of the different kind of demons.

’’I can sell its 'jewel slime core' for quite a sum. No escape, dude.’’

Hiiro drew his sword with the eyes of a hunter. Money was important after all. After he killed it without letting it escape, he nodded satisfied.

’’That's a good sign. Mh? Now it's a yellow rabbit.’’

The next demon that appeared was a literal yellow rabbit. Its attack power wasn't all too strong, but it was quite fast. Still, not so fast as to bewilder him, because right now, he could move even faster than the yellow rabbit.


He cut it into two with his sword. Three of them had shown up, but one seemingly got away. He kept the hunt quest drop ’’yellow rabbit tail’’ just in case. Defeating the appearing demons, he headed towards ’’Ames’’.


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