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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Majuu (Demon Beast) Girl - Shamoe

Hiiro was sleeping on his back, yet his body somehow felt heavy. Hiiro suddenly opened his eyelids. He was startled by the spectacle that appeared before him. He did not know when or who had mounted themselves on top of him. Hiiro attempted to raise his voice.

(Hiiro) ’’Wha...-!?’’

However ~smack~ he was smacked on his mouth by that very someone's hands.

(Hiiro) (why is this!?)

He was shocked by who was there. Although he could not see who it was for a moment, he determined the person's identity upon looking at their head, done up in twin tails. Yes, the person in question was the maid named Shamoe.

However, there was obviously a different atmosphere surrounding her compared to the time at dinner. Her previously pink hair was now stained in a pitch black darkness. Her eyes that seemed to faintly sag were now sharpened like a beast as they emitted a golden glow.

Furthermore, she possessed something that she clearly did not have during the dinner. This being a set of Kemonomimi and tail.

(Hiiro) (What the hell's this guy trying to...-!?)

She looked at Hiiro with an expression that resembled a beast that had found its prey. She was looking down on him with a smile, licking her lips in delight. Hiiro found himself stunned at the changes that had occurred to her compared to the time at dinner.

(Hiiro) (I don't really get what's happening but for now-!)

He tried to grab her hands that were covering his mouth, it was only natural for a victim to struggle to break free. However, she had an iron grip on him. Hiiro could feel the pressure almost breaking his teeth

(Hiiro) (W-what kind of brute strength does she have!?)

Hiiro had no choice but to use his fist. However, she had reacted faster. Shamoe grabbed both of Hiiro's hands and head butted him.

(Hiiro) ’’Ga-!?’’

Hiiro began to see stars from the considerable impact. Following this, the maid began to strangle him with both hands.


She possessed tremendous force. If Hiiro had slackened his resistance even slightly, he would have been rendered unconscious instantly. As the situation would become really bad at the rate things were going, Hiiro invoked the previously installed ’’Protect’’ without particular regard for the consequences.

The characters he wrote on his arm appeared with a ’’powa’’ as it exhibited its effects. Pale blue magic appeared before Hiiro's eyes.



Shamoe, noticing the magic, leaped backwards, away from the bed.


While Hiiro had one eye closed, he coughed as he rubbed his neck.

’’Gururururu’’ Shamoe growls at Hiiro.

As if she were a famished beast, Shamoe growled as she slowly prowled around the room on all fours. She appeared to be searching for an opportunity to pounce on her target. Actually, that's exactly what she was doing. Her eyes were glaring at Hiiro, filled with killing intent.

(Hiiro) (...if I don't take this seriously, this could get pretty dangerous......)

Immediately jumping out of the bed, Hiiro grabbed the ’’Piercer Sword’’ that was leaning against the bedside. Although Hiiro was wary of the opponent, Shamoe seemed to maintain a constant distance as she kept glaring at him with sharp eyes.

(Hiiro) (This fellow seems to have a good intuition. She seems to be extremely wary of this magic barrier.)

The word magic ’’protect’’ would still remain active for a little longer. After receiving such a mysterious attack, Shamoe deemed that it was worthless to draw closer at this particular time, seemingly basing it on pure animalistic instincts.

As the standoff continued for a while, Hiiro used that opportunity to once again install the word ’’Protect’’ onto his arm. The instant Hiiro finished writing, the magic barrier that had been protecting him up until now disappeared.

In that instance, the maid's eyes flashed as she forcefully kicked the floor, launching herself towards Hiiro. While gritting his teeth, Hiiro took a stance as he prepared to swing his sword. However, in that moment...

’’Please wait!!’’ (???)

Suddenly, the door burst open as Silva stood in the doorway shouting. Hiiro's hands involuntarily paused. As Hiiro's resolve to attack faltered at Silva's words, he was utterly unable to avoid the approaching Shamoe's assault, his left shoulder being bitten as a consequence.

’’Gu-a!’’ (Hiiro)

His face distorted due to excruciating pain.

’’Gu...... t-this f*king-!’’ (Hiiro)

As he was being bitten, Hiiro activated the previously installed character, ’’Speed’’ and began to fly forward with full force. Naturally, they moved with tremendous velocity.



Shamoe, whose back collided with the wall at full force, involuntarily spat out salivation before collapsing directly onto the ground.

Hiiro used the word ’’Speed’’ in order to accelerate towards the wall. As Shamoe collided with the wall, Hiiro shoved the hilt of his katana into her stomach, inflicting some damage. It was obvious that the damage dealt was significant as her legs buckled and she tumbled to the floor.

Following this, her hair that was black returned to the same shade of pink that Hiiro noticed during their first meeting. Her Kemonomimi and tail also retracted.

’’Haa, haa, haa......’’

Hiiro staggered as he held his wounded arm.

’’Hiiro-sama!’’ (Silva)

Silva supported Hiiro from behind with both hands.

’’Ku......Y-you better explain this, Jii-san.’’ (Hiiro)

As Silva made an apologetic expression, he returned a faint nod. Yet, the remaining resident of the mansion began to speak.

’’Let me take care of the explanations.’’ (???)

It was Liliyn. Wearing black negligee, she was carrying a plush teddy bear by the hand, the plush's neck having cotton spilling out of it. Although she wore a sleepy expression, after taking a glance at the unconscious Shamoe collapsed on the floor, she moodily grunted.

’’Silva, go carry Shamoe of to her room. After that, begin treating the boy.’’ (Liliyn)

’’As you command.’’ (Silva)

Quietly responding thus, Silva let go of Hiiro as he carried Shamoe off to her room. Following this, Liliyn turned on the lights as she drew close to the sofa.

’’Now then, for the mean time sit down. I have a lot of explaining to do. Not to mention, I also have some things that I want to ask.’’ (Liliyn)

Her current expression was unlike the suspicious smile she wore during dinner. Her eyes were narrowed and her mouth was slightly pointed in seriousness.

Hiiro similarly sat down on the sofa while suppressing the pain. As it was just the two of them, he sat down so that they could converse face to face.

In that moment, Silva returned with, what seemed like, a first aid kit. In reality, he did not need to be treated. If he used the word ’’Healing’’ then Hiiro's wound would be neatly cured. Yet, as he could not afford to use his magic here, he had no choice but to accept the treatment.

As Hiiro was being bandaged by Silva, Liliyn began to speak once the treatment was over.

’’I'll say this first. I apologize on behalf of our kin.’’ (Liliyn)

Hiiro thought this was slightly surprising. Ever since he met her, he thought that she was the type who would never offer apologies. As such, Hiiro could now determine that she was civilised, even if only slightly.

’’Never mind that, just give me an explanation. Why the hell did she come here and attack me? Not to mention, her appearance......’’ (Hiiro)

’’Umu. Well, no need to rush. This was entirely caused by our carelessness. However, I'll still explain it to you.’’ (Liliyn)

As she said thus, Silva, who had disappeared undetected, seemed to have gone to prepare tea as he returned and set down some tea in front of the two.

Liliyn took the tea with one hand, taking a sip before exhaling. Following this, she began to softly speak.

’’I'm assuming that you already know that this place is the Demon World.’’ (Liliyn)

It seems that the [Evila] call their own world the Demon World, the [Gabranth] call theirs the Beast World, and the [Humas] the Human World.

’’Although those living on this continent are mainly [Evila], there are some other races that secretly make their homes here.’’

This was not a particularly unusual story. There were some Gabranths who lived on the Human Continent and vice versa. As the Demon World had harsh environments and strong monsters, it seemed more likely that other races living on this continent were rare.

’’As you can guess from the flow of the conversation, Shamoe isn't an [Evila]. Actually, in hindsight, perhaps saying that she's not a pure blood might be better.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Pure?’’ (Hiiro)

As he picked up an intriguing word, Hiiro echoed.

’’Shamoe is a crossbreed between an [Evila] and a [Gabranth], she's an abandoned child.’’ (Liliyn)

’’ she's a half?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah. If we were to classify her, she's of the Majuu (Demon Beast) race.’’ (Liliyn)

As Hiiro contemplated about the existence of such a race, as it had explained Shamoe's Kemonomimi and tail, he somehow accepted it.

’’But when I first met her, she didn't have Kemonomimi or a tail, right?’’ (Hiiro)

Yes. If he was to say one or the other, she had the appearance of a normal person.

’’Among the race known as the [Majuu], they can be split into 2 types: those with strong [Evila] blood and those with prevalent [Gabranth] blood. Shamoe is of the [Evila] group, thus she normally doesn't have Kemonomimi.’’ (Liliyn)

’’I see. So? The reason why it suddenly grew is?’’ (Hiiro)

’’We were careless. Tonight is the night of a full moon.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Ah?’’ (Hiiro)

As Liliyn peered out the window, Hiiro followed suit. What he observed was certainly a full moon floating in the night sky. It's size was incomparable to Japan's moon as it was magnitudes larger.

’’On nights of the full moon, it seems that the [Gabranth] blood strengthens. But don't misunderstand? Not all [Majuus] run wild like Shamoe. There are fellows who don't lose to either blood line, to the point that they can control it completely.’’ (Liliyn)

In other words, Shamoe was simply still immature. It seems that there are [Majuus] who have matured and have a full understanding of their bodies, thus being capable of controlling their blood. However, as Shamoe has not yet become an adult, she does not possess the mental strength capable of preventing herself from going wild.

’’Although lately, it seems that she was able to control her urges. Perhaps because a lot happened today, her heart was uneasy.’’ (Liliyn)

’’My condolences.’’ (Silva)

Silva lowered his head apologetically. It seemed that today was the very first time she had to serve a guest. In addition, as Silva, who she was constantly worried about, had finally returned from the toxic mountain, she seemed to be extremely distressed.

As her heart's stability had been impaired, she was unable to suppress her instincts, unlike usual, which led to her assaulting Hiiro due to her going out of control.

’’But still, why did she come to my room? You guys have also been attacked, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah. Certainly, it's as you say. The one who's on the receiving end of these attacks is usually me, you know.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Well, if would rather enjoy I were the target of her assaults.’’ (Silva)

’’Shut it, pervert!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Gibyo-!’’ (Silva)

Receiving a magnificent hook, Silva flew towards the bed. No matter where he was, Silva would remain Silva.

’’Her [Gabranth] instincts are stronger than most. It often reacts to dangerous people. Thus out of those in this mansion, Shamoe's target was basically me.’’ (Liliyn)

Come to think of it, Silva indicated that Liliyn's strength was on the level of making a dragon cry and beg. if this was true, then it was understandable that she would trigger the Gabranth's instincts.

’’But today......a strange event happened.’’ (Liliyn)

Saying thus, Liliyn narrowed her eyes.

’’Who Shamoe deemed as being dangerous was not me, but you.’’ (Liliyn)

It suddenly occurred to Hiiro. It was certainly as Liliyn had indicated. Shamoe's instincts had judged Hiiro to be of a greater threat than Liliyn.

’’Certainly, there's many mysterious things about you. Even though you're not of the [Imp Race], you have their appearance. In addition, there's the previous struggle with Shamoe.’’ (Liliyn)

Thinking that he had been seen, Hiiro began tightly grinding his back teeth.

’’You, I heard from Silva that you were a fire-user, yet I there were no signs of flames. In spite of this, there's still the presence of magic being used.’’ (Liliyn)

’’............’’ (Hiiro)

’’Not to mention, those last movements. It felt like your power spiked for a brief moment. During that time, your arm also emitted a faint glow.’’ (Liliyn)

As she said thus, Liliyn pointed towards Hiiro's arm.

’’Instead of me, Shamoe's deemed you more dangerous. Her instincts thought such to the extent of trying to kill you. That has not occurred even to me.’’ (Liliyn)

She sounded a little angry. As she thought that Shamoe had chosen Hiiro over her, she displayed slight jealousy. However, it seemed that she was even more shocked when she witnessed Hiiro's [Word Magic].

’’I'll ask again, boy. Who in the hell are you?’’ (Liliyn)


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