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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: The Finesse of a Butler

At that moment, Hiiro clearly noticed Liliyn's eyes shine. It seemed that Liliyn had a personality similar to Rarashik.

If someone somehow found out he wasn't an Evila, it would become troublesome in the future. It would be even more troublesome if the Evila found out that he was human.

(What should I do...) (Hiiro)

He had no obligation to answer her question, however, unlike Rarashik, the person before him looked warlike, cunning, and generally uncontrollable.

(If it's come to this, I guess I should escape with the [Transition] word) (Hiiro)

Hiiro took a sharp breath and swallowed. He just remembered that he didn't know the location of Mikazuki. Silva lead her to a grazing ground nearby. However, remembering the words he set up before, Hiiro realized he could use them to gauge Mikazuki's location.

Closing his eyes, he could sense the whereabouts of his magic. He sensed two words nearby. It was undoubtedly Mikazuki. She was nearby, however, there was no way to accurately pinpoint her location unless he exited the house.

[Transition] 『転移』 can only be used to go to places that he has been to before. There is a chance that he could appear outside the house. Thus, it would be best to exit the house before casting the spell.

(This is bad. Even if I teleported outside, it would take some time to look for Mikazuki. I would also have to write the [Transition] word again to get out of this place. But...) (Hiiro)

It would take too much time. It takes a long time to just write the words. It was highly probable that he would be caught while doing so. Also, if he used a two-letter word, all the single-letter words would disappear. This would also include the ones installed on Mikazuki.

Furthermore, they were people who can sense even the smallest amount of magic. If he was found out, they would be immediately grow wary and constrain him right away.

(...It would be great if I can complete the word [Transition] will less strokes.) (Hiiro)

Even though it was a word with a very useful effect, it takes a long time to cast due to the number of stroke required to write the word.

(That aside, this whimsical person. What would happen if I showed hostility...) (Hiiro)

Thus, even though the only word he could activate was [Pry], he was unable to cast it due to the circumstances. It was clear that the moment Hiiro released his magic power, he would be noticed. As such, it may be seen as Hiiro taking hostile action, making the situation even more bothersome.

Hiiro desperately tried to find a peaceful way to resolve the situation, yet, he was having a hard time coming up with one.

’’So, who the heck are you?’’ (Liliyn)

Hiiro started back at Liliyn's inquisitive eyes.

’’...I am me, Nothing less or more’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kukuku, did you think that I would be satisfied with such a play on words?’’ (Liliyn)

At that moment, Hiiro felt a shiver down his spine. Although the air of intimidation surrounding her was different from Rarashik, he could still feel pressure coming from her.

’’Feeeeeeee...’’ (Shamoe)

Shamoe looked alternately between her lord and Hiiro as she released a flustered cry. At that moment, Silva stood up stiffly and spoke.

’’Mumumu!’’ (Silva)

Silva suddenly took out something from his chest. The other three focused on him.

’’Good! These are good!’’ (Silva)

Silva seemed to be looking at book, however, the nasal cavities increased in size while doing so.

’’Nofo! Nofo! Nofo Fofofo! This is it!’’ (Silva)

’’.........’’ (Everyone else)

Unable to understand him at all, the other three just stared at him.

’’...What are you doing, Silva?’’ (Liliyn)

Unable to endure the situation, Liliyn inquired. Silva opened the book and showed an image of a female figure wearing a swimsuit. In earth terms it would be a gravure photo. Silva cried in joy

’’Please look princess! The line on the hip...such a beautiful line!’’ (Silva)

’’............’’ (Liliyn)

’’Look at that attractive body, a body so unexpectedly fascinating that it's full of dreams. Aah, how I long to be buried in such a fascinating curves...’’ (Silva)

’’...I...I see...’’ (Liliyn)

She rotated her shoulder and then,

Shun~ (a swift and decisive movement)

Something approached Silva's bosom at high speed.

Bogo~! (something hitting something hard)

’’Nyo he~!’’ (Silva)

Like a world boxing champion, a fist collided with Silva's chin.

Baki! (Sound of neck cracking)

Silva's head flew and buried itself on in the ceiling and hanged there.

’’If you wanted to be buried, then be buried in there for the rest of your life!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Feeeeeeeee~!? Silva-samaaaaaa!’’ (Shamoe)

Shamoe shrieked in panic, trying to confirm Silva's well-being. Yet, it seemed that he had once again fallen silent.

’’......Phew, I've lost interest. Shamoe, I'll be returning to my room. Please take care of guest when they get tired.’’ (Liliyn)

’’I u-understand’’ (Shamoe)

Hiiro glanced at the girl who left the dining room and returned to her room. He exhaled in relief.

(Good grief. I somehow managed to survive but...)

Hiiro looked at the hentai whose body was still wiggling with his head stuck in the ceiling.

(This old man, he deliberately changed the topic...)

Even though it wasn't beneficial to him, he interrupted his master's conversation and saved Hiiro. It was likely because Hiiro was his benefactor. However, even putting that into consideration, Hiiro felt that Silva has a strong sense of duty.


’’Nofofofofo! I thought I was going to die! Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

When Hiiro finally returned to the guest room, Silva returned as well without a scratch. Looking at Silva's smile, Hiiro could not help but look at Silva's body with scepticism.

’’I guess I should be saying...thanks?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nh? What do you mean?’’ (Silva)

It seem that he was completely oblivious of it. If he wanted to pretend it wasn't a big deal, then Hiiro decided to follow suit as he pretended the previous event didn't occur.

’’Mind if I ask you something?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, you may. You may ask me anything about a woman's body’’ (Silva)

’’I don't give a damn about that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’...if that is your desire.’’ (Silva)

He wanted to say it was too bad, yet, there is something else he wanted to ask.

’’You sure it's alright? Bringing a suspicious person like me into this mansion?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Suspicious? Whatever do you mean?’’ (Silva)

’’A person who isn't of and Imp-Race yet has the appearance of one. A person like me. You let such an extremely suspicious individual approach your master, you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Fumu......mumumu’’ (Silva)

Silva groaned as he placed a hand on a chin, and when Hiiro thought he was going to respond he took out book.

Bokon! (Something hitting something)

As Hiiro thought he was going to read the book, he smacked Silva over the head.

’’Nofofofofo! You are aware that it hurts, yes?’’ (Silva)

’’Don't say something like that when you weren't hurt at all! Hurry up and answer the question old man!’’ (Hiiro)

’’No, certainly, ever since I had met you, I had planned to take you here.’’ (Silva)

’’......?’’ (Hiiro)

’’As a butler, it is very important to understand people.’’ (Silva)

Hiiro remembered that he said something like this before.

’’If I thought you would endanger my master, I would not have brought you to this mansion.’’ (Silva)

’’......’’ (Hiiro)

’’Since I had determined that bringing you here would cause no problems, I wanted to express my gratitude to you by all means necessary.’’ (Silva)

Either way, it seemed that the master didn't hold any hostility toward Silva since the beginning. His explanation is not something that can be accepted easily but it made Hiiro relieved either way.

’’In addition to that, the most important thing is a person's heart. That not only applies to me but also my master, and Shamoe as well.’’ (Silva)

’’That Akai-Chibi (red-shorty)?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nofo!? Akai-Chibi?’’ (Silva)

Silva had a shocked and frightful expression on his face. Following which, he exhaled as he began to speak.

’’Nofofofofo! To call my master by that name, you are certainly a reckless gentleman. Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

’’What's so weird about it? She has red hair and a short body, thus Akai-Chibi. Well? Isn't it easy to remember?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nofofofofo! Usually if one were to insult the master, they would have to be brought to justice. Yet, hearing it from your mouth, it's so strange that it is funny! Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

’’Well, I don't know what's so funny about it but like you said before, the most important part of a person is their heart. Does the Akai-Chibi believe that as well? I can't really tell?’’ (Hiiro)

As Liliyn seemed to be someone who would dispel their frustration through any means necessary, Hiiro did not believe that she held this belief.

’’No, no. You are not mistaken. If my master wasn't like that, we would have been kicked out of the mansion a long time ago.’’ (Silva)

’’Is that so?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes’’ (Silva)

’’Fu~n’’ (Hiiro)

It seemed that the other two also had their circumstances, yet Hiiro wasn't particularly interested.

’’That aside, I've already eaten so I'm gonna leave, alright?’’ (Hiiro)

If Hiiro stayed here any longer, Liliyn would probably pursue him again.

’’Well I do not mind, however, it is going to be evening soon. During the evening, lots of S rank monsters will appear.’’

’’Like the Grand Slimes in the grasslands a while back?’’ (Hiiro)

’’No, much stronger ones’’ (Silva)

The grasslands was dangerous enough for Hiiiro. Considering that he may encounter even stronger monsters at this time, he determined that it would be a good idea not to go outside.

’’Is this mansion safe?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes. Here, the master has set up a barrier.’’ (Silva)

’’......the Akai-Chibi is really strong, huh’’ (HIiro)

’’That is true...she is strong enough to make a dragon shake in fear..I think that is about right?’’ (Silva)

He was not sure how to digest this information. Regarding how strong little girls were in this world, it provided ample evidence to be wary and fearful of them. Given how the strength of Rarashik and Liliyn, Hiiro sighed as he thought that all the little girls in this world would be just as strong.

’’Since that is the case, it would be a good idea if Hiiro-sama would pay attention to my master's mood.’’ (Silva)

After saying that, Silva who guided Hiiro to his room, bowed and then left. From now on it will be night. Hiiro lied down on the bed in the guest room and let out a sigh.

(A lot of things happened today huh...)

Hiiro could leave anytime during the night, but thinking of the delicious fish he had this evening, he wanted to remain and taste it again by all means.

If something were to happen, he was optimistic that he could deal with it using Word Magic. As he was planning how he would leave tomorrow, he closed his tired eyes and went to sleep.


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