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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: The Devious Girl - Liliyn

After a while, the maid had slightly calmed down, allowing Hiiro to elicit her name. Shamoe Arneil. That was her name. If she were to remain silent, she would undoubtedly be a pretty girl, despite the freckles on her cheeks. However, as she stutters throughout her speech and often trips over nothing, she was practically the definition of a clumsy girl.

Liliyn: 「Well then, isn't about time we heard about you?」

Liliyn's eyes sparkled with intrigue as she stared at Hiiro. However, Silva, who had imperceptibly revived, lowered his head as he respectfully bowed.

Silva: 「In which case, please allow me.」

Liliyn: 「...-tch, you already revived, huh.」

As she literally clicked her tongue, she unleashed words full of disgust.

Silva: 「Nofofo(1), well then. The person before you is Hiiro Okamura-sama(2). He is the benefactor who saved my life at the entrance of the toxic 【Venom Mountain】.」

Liliyn: 「Fumu(3). I have heard this much from Shamoe. Hiiro or whatever, even if he is a pervert, he is my possession. I give you my thanks.」

Hiiro: 「More importantly, can I eat now? 」

No matter where he was, Hiiro was unwaveringly honest to his desires. As he had been forced to wait while a scrumptious meal had been prepared before him, Hiiro was at his limit. The only thing reflected in Hiiro's eyes was the enticing cuisine laid about the tables.

Hearing Hiiro's bluntness, Liliyn could only stare blankly while blinking several times. Her gaze shifted towards Silva. He simply nodded while faintly smiling. It was as if he were saying that the person before them was an intriguing individual.

Liliyn: 「Ahahahaha! I see, I see! He looks like such an interesting boy!」

Although Hiiro would normally scowl at those words, as he was wrestling with hunger, he seemed to be in a half-crazed state.

Liliyn: 「Yosh(4), I guess we can continue as we eat. Silva, Shamoe.」

Silva|Shamoe: 「「Yes, as you command.」」

As expected, the two of them bowed. Following this, Shamoe approached Liliyn as she handed her a napkin. Silva, on the other hand, pulled out a chair immediately in front of Hiiro, as if trying to aid him. As Hiiro sat down, Liliyn began to speak.

Liliyn: 「Now, let's eat.」

However, before she even spoke those words, Hiiro had begun to ceaselessly shove pieces of food down his mouth.

Liliyn: 「...w-well, I guess it's fine. It's good to be able to enjoy it fully.」

Although she was stunned, after seeing Hiiro stuffing his face, she faintly smiled. It seemed that the other two were overwhelmed as they observed Hiiro, however, Hiiro was absolutely oblivious to them.

Liliyn: (Kukuku(5), I get it.)

Liliyn gloated before she began to similarly bring food towards her mouth.

As Hiiro was smacking his lips, relishing in the buffet, he began to speak as he suddenly noticed something that concerned him.

Hiiro: 「Oi(6), aren't Jii-san(7) and the maid gonna eat?」

Lilliyn: 「Mu(8)? You alright with that? This was made with the intention of thanking you, you know?」

Hiiro: 「Like you can talk. You're also eating, aren't you?」

Liliyn: 「Isn't that obvious? What the mansion owns is mine.」

Hiiro: 「Fu~n(9). Well, not that I care, but there's a substantial amount of food. Even if they eat, shouldn't it be fine?」

Since Silva's stomach was howling earlier, there was a slight reluctance to continue eating should it be only the two of them.

Liliyn: 「I see. Well, that's how it is. You two, sit down.」

Shamoe: 「B-but I-!?」

Silva: 「Shamoe, the Master's orders are?」

Silva posed a question to Shamoe.

Shamoe: 「A...absolute.」

She sat down while shrinking her body.

Silva: 「Well then~, Itadakimasu(10) zo~(11)

Silva emitted these words joyfully. Shamoe's expression also seemed to somewhat soften as she took some bread and began to eat it.

Liliyn: 「But you're a pretty unusual fellow, aren't ya?」

Hiiro: 「Nn?(12)

Liliyn: 「You know that normally, people wouldn't let servants sit on the same table and allow them to have a meal together, right?」

Hiiro: 「I could say the exact same back to you.」

Ultimately, Liliyn was the master of the mansion. Even so, she allowed her employees to share the same dining table with her with little resistance, something that was most uncommon. Therefore, it could be observed that rather than the guest, it was Liliyn who was the peculiar one.

Liliyn: 「Fun(13), if everyone eats together, isn't it more efficient?」

Hiiro: 「Well, I guess there's that. But don't most people care about appearances?」

Liliyn: 「This is my mansion. I don't take crap from no-one.」

Apparently, the individual known as Liliyn prioritized her freedom, as opposed to those close-minded aristocrats that are stubbornly fixated on social status. Hiiro felt that such an attitude was appealing as he continued to fill his mouth with food.

Hiiro: (Putting that aside, this fish is really good.)

Hiiro stared at the fish fillet pierced by his fork.

Silva: 「Nofofo, that is a fish that exclusively inhabits this lake, the 《Hammock》. It's white meat is full of protein. If left to simmer until the meat has darkened, the flavor becomes even richer.」

Hiiro: 「I see. It's certainly not bad. *hamu*(14) *mogumogu*(15)...what's this?」

Following this, he began to eat something resembling ham that was wrapped up with many layers, forming into a cylinder. Curious, he inquired its identity.

Silva: 「Oh yes, those are 《Grand Slime Spring Rolls》.」

Hiiro: 「Gohho! Gohogohogoho!(16) The hell'd you say!? 」

Hiiro felt that he noticed a word that he could not let pass by.

Silva: 「Indeed, those are 《Grand Slime Spring Rolls》.」

Hiiro: 「............」

It seemed that Hiiro was not mistaken. Upon inspection it was colored red and significantly resembled ham, even though it seemed slightly jelly-like. Also, according to Hiiro's memory, Grand Slime's should be colored green.

Silva: 「Although most of the Grand Slime is inedible, a part that resides in its center, referred to as the 《Red Sphere》, is said to be a palatable delicacy.」

It suddenly came to Hiiro that he remembered the Grand Slime possessing a red part that acted as its nucleus. He also had the feeling that upon attacking it, it would burst into flames.

Silva: 「With that said, it is a fairly difficult recipe. Are you aware that 《Red Spheres》 will ignite upon reckless stimuli.」

Hiiro: 「Aa(17), as I fought some on my way here I know all too well.」

Liliyn raised her eyebrows upon hearing Hiiro's words. Of course, Hiiro did not notice.

Silva: 「Is that so? To cook the 《Red Sphere》, it is necessary to braise it in boiling water for several hours. Once preparations are complete, you must apply a knife in a way that will not ignite the sphere. After which, the taste-」

Silva popped the 《Red Sphere》 into his mouth.

Silva: 「Nofofofofo! The flavor is so strong it would melt one's palate!」

Hiiro followed suit and began to eat it. Although he was slightly concerned whether it would burst into flames, upon experience it's aroma and flavor spreading throughout his mouth, his anxiety was completely dispelled.

Hiiro: (This is pretty good. It's so crunchy that I can't believe it came from that over-sized slime. It's as if I was eating cartilage(18). The more I chew, the more the rich flavor spreads.)

Just as Hiiro thought that this would be perfect as a side dish with sake, the little girl before him brought out a wine bottle as she continued to eat the 《Red Sphere》.

Hiiro: (From what I've observed, the Chibi-Usagi(19) seemed to be an exception but...are all little girls in this world alcoholics?)

Upon recollection, Chibi-Usagi was Arnold's Shishou(20) who went by the name of Rarashik. As she had the appearance of a five year old that seemed to constantly be holding onto liquor bottles, she seemed to registered as a fantasy figure in Hiiro's eyes.

However, as Liliyn was drinking out of a wine glass, it was a mystery as to why the scene seemed strangely picturesque. It seemed that she was quite accustomed to drinking.

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, by the way, Hiiro or whatever, I've heard that you're not too shabby. How about it?」

Perhaps noticing Hiiro's gaze, Liliyn spoke as she locked eyes with him.

Hiiro: 「How about what?」

Liliyn: 「Don't play dumb. From what I've seen, you're of the 『Imp Race』, however, those guys usually act in herds. Well, I have heard that sometimes they move independently. Alright, let's make it so you're one of those solo Imps. However, you being in the mountains doesn't really make sense, right?」

Hiiro: 「...what doesn't?」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, didn't you say earlier that you fought Grand Slimes?」

Hiiro: 「Aa.」

Liliyn: 「In other words, you've come from beyond the 【Gloomy Grasslands】, correct?」

Hiiro: 「That's right.」

Wondering what the hell she was trying to say, Hiiro scowled.

Liliyn: 「Certainly that is the Grand Slime's habitat. However, it is a place where monsters of Rank S and above are plentiful. Following this, you crossed that mountain of poison and made it here.」

Hiiro: 「...」

Liliyn: 「You are quite remarkable. To be able to consume the 『Imp Race's』 most despised food, the 《Red Sphere》.」

Hiiro: 「-!?」

Hiiro involuntarily strained his face. Apparently, Liliyn had doubts about Hiiro's identity. With that said, the conversation they just had was not necessarily true. As such, Hiiro could not afford to break his poker face.

Staring closely at Hiiro's face, Liliyn snickered as she made a huge grin.

Liliyn: 「Aa. By the way, when I say despised, I'm not talking about simple preferences. When consumed, their bodies would reject it so much that it could be fatal...this is the level of loathing that I'm talking about.」

This was bad. Although he was still unsure whether what she had said was true, if it was, his disguise of being one of the 『Imp Race』 would be revealed.

Hiiro: (Actually, why wasn't any of this mentioned in the book?! That f*king author!)

Although Hiiro had an extreme urge to burn that picture book, the problem right now was how he was going to survive in such a situation.

Liliyn: 「Yet, you nonchalantly popped that 《Red Sphere》 into your mouth. Actually, it is even weirder for you not to have known its existence. Even if you had some sort of resistance against it, to not know your race's number one weakness is truly strange.」

It was as she had indicated. Hiiro began to gradually grow cornered.

Liliyn: 「Aa. And another thing, those 《Hammock》 are the 『Imp Race's』 natural enemy.」

Hiiro: (This brat...)

Hiiro realized that this entire meal was a trap. Glancing at the other two, Hiiro saw that, in contrast to Liliyn, they wore apologetic expressions. It seems that these two had apparently been aware of it.

Hiiro clenched his hand into a fist. He quietly extended his forefinger, preparing himself so he could cast magic at any instant.

Looking at Hiiro's stern expression, Liliyn laughed as she was intrigued. She then began to speak.

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, don't misunderstand me. I don't really care whether or not you are a part of the 『Imp Race』.」

Hiiro: 「...?」

Liliyn: 「You just simply piqued my interest. Why are you walking around in such an're not a part of the 『Imp Race』, right? Eeh(21)? Unusual Visitor?」

Hiiro had remembered her using the phrase 'Unusual Visitor' when she greeted him. Then it suddenly clicked. Hiiro realized that ever since she met him, she had planned on satiating her curiosity.

Hiiro: 「Do I have any reason to tell you?」

Liliyn: 「Fumu. Certainly not. However, this is essentially the center of my stronghold(22). I don't mind if I have to resort to...extreme measures?」

Hiiro felt a certain stimulus in the back of his eyes. His throat involuntarily made a sound. Following which, Hiiro heard a hard cough *gohon*. He swerved around, the sight of Silva lowering his head entering Hiiro's eyes.

Silva: 「Please excuse my rudeness, Hiiro-sama.」

Hiiro: 「...」

Silva: 「However, I must also ask of you to engage in my Master's discussion. I also wish to know the truth about you, the one who saved my life.」

Hiiro: 「Jii-san...」

Silva: 「In actuality, the 『Imp Race』 is a race that is extremely vulnerable to poison. Yet, as Hiiro headed towards that toxic mountain, you were undeniably calm. This is something that has bothered me quite a bit.」

It was at that moment that Hiiro suddenly remembered. Silva wore a desperate expression as he tried to prevent Hiiro from entering the mountain. This was most likely due to the fact that he thought Hiiro, being one of the 『Imp Race』, would surely lose his life.

Silva: 「I had also wondered whether or not you were truly of the 『Imp Race』. It was most likely that my master had some misgivings about you due to your successful journey through the toxic mountain. Thus, she had prepared this elaborate investigation.」

However, in the event that Hiiro was really a member of the 『Imp Race』, then what would they do? Wouldn't he have died?

Silva: 「However, please be at ease. As these dishes were prepared by professional hands, even if a member of the 『Imp Race』 were to consume them, their bodies would be in a condition capable of running as the severe pain coursing throughout their bodies would be slightly suppressed.」

Hiiro: 「Wait, you said slightly but-」

Hiiro interjected without thinking. Although it was good that he wouldn't die, he wanted to make the critique that they were perfectly fine with inflicting pain onto their benefactor.

Silva: 「However, it is as I thought. Hiiro-sama certainly doesn't seem to be a person of the 『Imp Race』.」

The trio's eyes stared towards Hiiro's direction. Although Hiiro remained silent for a short period of time, he rubbed his head as he began to spit out a big sigh.

Hiiro:「Aa, that's right. I'm not a part of the 『Imp Race』.」


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