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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 65


Chapter: 65 Towards the Mansion

With assistance and information supplied by Silva, Hiiro passed through the rocky terrain, defeated various monsters, and exited [Venom Mountain] without encountering any major issues.

’’Even so, I'm impressed that you are so strong! Nofofofofofo’’ (Silva)

’’Is that so? I'm surprised an old man like you can fight. But...’’ (Hiiro)

This was true. Silva had known a lot about the monsters that they faced and didn't waste a single motion or movement when dealing with them. He was also able to precisely attack the vital points of his opponents. His actions and abilities were like those of an experienced adventurer.

Hiiro knew that the Evila had great combat ability. If even normal people like Silva were this strong, it was hard for him to imagine how powerful the Evila could become.

Silva was not an adventurer. As he was forced to become independent at an early age, he was hired to work for at a Residence due to some unknown circumstance. Ever since, he has been working as a butler.

Hiiro arrived at the conclusion that Silva acquired his combat skills and knowledge in order to protect his master. As a side note, Hiiro was able to acquire such information not because he had asked, but because Silva kept talking about himself after proposing that they should conduct some 'Communication'.

’’We'll cross the mountains soon. Is there a town passed these mountains?’’ (Hiiro)

’’A town...hmm, if you are searching for a settlement, then there is one far beyond these mountain.’’ (Silva)

’’How far?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Very, very far.’’ (Silva)

’’.........’’ (Hiiro)

Is seemed that there was still a long way to go.

’’If it is fine with you, I would like to go back to the mansion and use my skill to treat you to a dinner with the [Gold Rose].’’ (Silva)

’’...dinner?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro's ears perked up as he swallowed.

’’Indeed. Even though I may look like this, I have some confidence in my cooking skills.’’ (Silva)

’’Really?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Of course, there is [Puryun Fruit] as well’’ (Silva)

’’Kui kui kui kui kui kui!’’ (Mikazuki)

Upon hearing the name of her favorite food, Mikazuki became overjoyed.

’’Are you sure it is alright? Don't you need your master's permission?’’ (Hiiro)

’’That is true, however, I believe there is nothing to be concerned about.’’ (Silva)

’’What's with that baseless confidence?’’ (Hiiro)

’’In my opinion, the master is someone that would neither accept nor refuse a person.’’ (Silva)

’’Fu~’’ (Hiiro)

’’Well, if it is a person that master likes, the master will usually try to obtain that person regardless of the means.’’ (Silva)

’’What a peculiar master...’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro thought that what he described was no different than kidnapping.

’’Master is also so cute. long has it I want to look at Ojou-sama's adorable face as soon as possible...and then be commanded.’’

(Aah...I almost forgot, this guy's a big pervert...and also a M...) (M=masochist)

Seeing the old man, who had his cheeks flushed red from ecstasy, staring up in a trance, Hiiro quickly distanced himself from the him. Somehow also sensing that the old man was dangerous, Mikazuki also followed suit.

However, it was undeniable that Hiiro found Silva's offer enticing. Even though there was indeed a town passed the mountain, it was quite a considerable distance away. He concluded that going with the old man would be a good opportunity to rest, and obtain some information as well.

Thus, Hiiro decided to change his next destination to Sylva's house, and then continue his journey from there.


’’Ooooooooojooouuu-saaaaaaamaaaaaa!’’ (???)

A girl wearing a maid uniform hastily headed towards a room, sweat flying off of her forehead. Her twin tails colored a light peach swayed back and forth as she ran. She stopped in front of a door, pausing in order to try and control her ragged breathing before she unsteadily opened the door. However-

Pote (tripping sound)

Even though there was no obstacle nearby, the girl somehow tripped over her own feet, falling onto her face as she opened the door.

’’Puni~’’ (Maid)

The girl began to tear up as she rubbed her nose.

’’Fufue~, it hurts~’’ (Maid)

The girl had faint freckles apparent on her cheeks and something that resembled a red jewel was embedded in the center of her forehead. She possessed charming facial features with eyes that were large and round, resembling the shape of chestnuts. Her skin was saturated with a brown pigment.

She herself was at the age of 16, yet, as this was not very apparent in both her appearance or behaviour, she seemed to have a complex about it. However, her key feature was undeniably her chest. Her ample breasts would bounce (Purun Purun) with each motion.

Even though her proportions and style were good, her face and stature were relatively small. As she was constantly teased with this by the master that she served, it had become one of her recent concerns.

As the girl entered the dimly room, there were skulls, swords, eerie masks and various solemn devices scattered around. The dimly lit room looked as if someone was practicing black magic.

In the center of the room, there was a large magic circle. On top of said circle was a bed veiled by a dark curtain.

’’You're so noisy, Shamoe’’ (Master)

The voice came from the bed. A silhouette of a person could be seen behind the curtain veil. The person didn't make any motions to revitalize herself as she just sat up. The maid, referred to as Shamoe, stood up in attention and spoke with a tense voice.

’’I~I I I'mmmmmm sorry! I~I I I fell down again.’’ (Shamoe)

’’That aside, did something happen?’’ (Master)

Upon hearing Shamoe's words, the person let out a sigh. As the person was just a sleep, she appeared to be in a particularly bad mood.

’’Th-th-thats right, u-um-um-um-um!’’ (Shamoe)

’’It is alright so please calm down.’’ (Master)

’’Ye-yes. Ha~fu~, ha~fu~’’ (Shamoe)

As Shamoe took several deep breaths to calm herself, her chest slightly moved up and down. Following this, she then brought both her hands between her chest.

’’A-Actually, t-they c-came home.’’ (Shamoe)

She spoke with an excited voice and sparkling eyes.

’’...came home?’’ (Master)

’’Yes, Silva-sama came home.’’ (Shamoe)

’’......damn, he didn't die, that pervert.’’ (Master)

’’Yes? Did you say something?’’ (Shamoe)

’’No, it's nothing, that aside is he inside the house?’’ (Master)

’’Eh, ah, yes! But...’’ (Shamoe)

’’Hn? But what...?’’ (Master)

The sudden pause in Shamoe's voice caused her to worry.

’’U-um, that is, he brought someone with him’’ (Shamoe)

’’...brought someone?’’ (Master)

’’Y-yes, his savior who crossed the [Venom Mountain] with him, it seems that he is of the [Imp Race].’’ (Shamoe)

’’Really?’’ (Master)

Having piqued her interest she opened her mouth in a smirk.

’’F-first, we should prepare some appetizers for the guest. I-is something wrong?’’ (Shamoe)

As Shamoe understood that her master may be in a bad mood due to being abruptly roused from their sleep, she thought that she might have executed something offensive and became flustered.

’’...First off, start preparing food for Silva and the guest’’ (Master)

’’T-then?’’ (Shamoe)

’’Aa, I was getting bored. It might be good to pass some time. I can talk leisurely with our guest while we are eating. Kukuku’’ (Master)

’’U-understood!’’ (Shamoe)

Shamoe bowed her head once before leaving the room. On the way out, a ’’puni’’ sound could be heard. It was clear that Shamoe had tripped once again. The person that remained in the room was thinking carefully about the guest, so she did not pay it any mind.

’’Kukuku, that idiot brought a person with him...I wonder what kind of fellow he is...?’’ (Master)

Within that dark room, only the eyes of the person within suspiciously glowed.

Author Note: What do you think about the new character lolol


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