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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 60


Chapter 60: Resurrecting Butler?

Hiiro slowly understood the characteristics of the Grand Slime.

(Hm, if I used the word <Analyze>『解析』 , I would probably be able to find out everything about it. However, if I did, all the other words that I set up would disappear.)

The limitations of the two-word ability irritated him, yet, he felt that it would be interesting to analyze his opponent with his own abilities. He would also be able to find out what he was currently capable of.

(To start with, it seems that normal attacks have no effect. I'll have to...)

Hiiro distanced himself from the Slime and prepared a finger to write a word. The slime reacted by shooting another green ball of slime at him. Hiiro knew that blocking it was pointless so he skillfully dodged it.

The ball splattered on the ground and burst into flames. Looking at the fire, Hiiro judged that the <Fire>『火』word would be ineffective against the Slime. It was also clear that it wasn't a good idea to approach it more than necessary.

If the slime ignited its large body, he wouldn't be able escape with just small burns if he got close. Thus, it was decided that attacking from distance was a good idea.

(As expected of a S-Rank, it has some troublesome abilities.)

Not only was it fast, but it could split parts of its body to attack mid-range targets. This made it dangerous and difficult to approach. Without a doubt, this troublesome monster was an S-Rank.

(So what should I do? I'm sure that core like part in its body is the weak point. Should I pierce through it with my sword? But its movements are so quick. Not to mention, if that thing explodes after stabbing it, things would turn very dangerous...)

Considering all of the above, he came up with a plan. First, he will attack from afar, sheath his sword, and write something on the the slime to deal with its movement speed. As he had prepared the word, the <Search>effect dissipated.

He decided that he would use the word <Ice>to stop the monster's movement and then finish it off with his sword. However, just as he was preparing the word, something flew at him from behind. Luckily, it barely missed him as the object splattered on to the ground and burst into flames.

He sharply turned his head. As he had thought, there was another Grand Slime. It had probably noticed the commotion and decided to join the fray.

For Hiiro this was inconvenient. He wanted to face one at a time. Honestly, it would be quite difficult for him to face two S-rank monsters at the same time.

Hiiro shook his head in exasperation, distancing himself so that he could see his enemies. However, both monsters immediately closed in.

’’Damn, they're persistent!’’ (Hiiro)

He managed to create some distance between them, however, projectiles flew from their bodies as Hiiro desperately dodged them.

The situation began to grow increasingly annoying. As a blue vein of anger appeared on Hiiro's forehead, he clicked his tongue.

’’Stop screwing with me, you puni-bastards!’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment Hiiro activated a word, instantly vanishing from his location. What Hiiro had activated was the word <Speed>. As it had been set up before, it took effect immediately.

Hiiro appeared behind one of the Grand Slime and quickly wrote the word <Ice>『氷』. In an instant, ice spread from the location of the word and froze the Grand Slime. However, the other Grand Slime charged toward him from behind.

’’I know you were going to do that!’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment, Hiiro activated the word <Protect>[防].

Biiinnn (Sound of something hitting a forcefield)

An invisible wall of magic shrouded Hiiro, and, with a bang, the charging Grand Slime was deflected and stunned.

At about the same time, Hiiro drew his sword and activated the word <Extend>.

Zushin! (Sound of a blade thrusting through an object)

The blade extended as it stabbed through the Grand Slime's body. It skillfully pierced its red core as well.

The Grand Slime stopped moving.

’’That must have been its weak point.... right?’’ (Hiiro)


Dokun! (Boom!)

The moment the sword went through the heart, he felt a pulsing vibration on from the sword.

(Something bad?)

Hiiro instantly leaped away from his current position.

Bobobob bobobuuuu! (Sound of spluttering )

The moment the sword pierced its core, the body started burning and spluttering intensely. If Hiiro hadn't moved away in time, he would have been caught up in the spectacle before him.

As it continued to burn away, it left a black scorch mark on the ground. He was relieved that it didn't explode, as he had only instinctively moved far enough to avoid the sputtering flames.

Hiiro looked back at the frozen Grand Slime. He knew that if he didn't defeat the other one within one minute, it would defrost and start moving again.

’’Let's defeat this one like before.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro rushed at the frozen slime and stabbed the extended Thorn-Piercer at the core of the Grand Slime before quickly stepping away

As expected, the Grand Slime burst into flames, setting everything nearby on fire, including the ice that it was encased in.

Hearing the level up tone ring, Hiiro checked his status. It had increased to level 69. It was satisfying. He wrote the word <Origin>『元』on the sword and returned it to its original length.

’’Phew, that was pretty bothersome’’ (Hiiro)

When Mikazuki thought the battle was over, she walked toward Hiiro with an anxious expression on her face. Hiiro gently patted her beak and said.

’’Don't worry, I won't lose in this kind of place’’ (Hiir)

’’Kuii...’’ (Mikazuki)

Even after hearing those words, Mikazuki still had an anxious expression on her face. She was of reminded when he fought with an SS ranked monster. It was very dangerous at that time. Her owner was in tatters and extremely close to being dead. He had barely survived.

When she remembered what had happened at that time, she became anxious as she saw him fighting those slimes. The part of her that felt she wasn't of any help to her owner began to grow.

’’Well, lets continue’’ (Hiiro)

Even then, she looked at the Hiiro who was in front of her. She didn't know if he understood her feelings. However, even if he did, he wouldn't stop moving forward. Seeing such a straightforward master, Mikazuki had no choice but to let out a sigh and keep going.

Hiiro progressed straight toward his destination, fighting and defeating monsters to raise his level.


After walking through the plains for some time, the distant hill appeared to be a lot closer than before.

On his way there, he had fought with numerous monsters. The monsters of the Evlia continent were of a high quality. Most of them had a rank above A.

Because of that, he quickly leveled up. When his level hit 70, he thought he would get a new skill or an ability that he had would improve. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Instead he got the title <Lightning Quick>《電光石火》 and <Wise man>《達人》. Viewing the description for the <Lighting Quick>title, he found that it was a title given to a person who has diligently raised their level several times within a short period. It seemed to amplify the rate of acquisition of experience, as well as the amount.

The <Wise Man>title seemed to be awarded to magic users who reached level 70. It was a title that increased the base MP value, something that Hiiro was grateful for.

As Hiiro had really wanted to learn a new Word-Magic skill, he fought and defeated every monster he had encountered. If he leveled up to this extent, he might not have to use Word Magic to defeat Rank A monsters.

Regardless, however, it seemed that he had no choice but to use magic when faced with an S ranked monsters.

As he made full use of his sword and magic, Hiiro and Mikazuki finally arrived at the foot of the mountain. However, they stopped abruptly.

The reason for this was because in front of him, a collapsed person had his face planted into the ground. The way that he collapsed didn't look like he was going to sleep.

’’..Is he dead?’’ (Hiiro)

He slowly approached the person while riding on top of Mikazuki.

’’Roll him over’’ (Hiiro)’’Kuii’’ (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki followed Hiiro's instruction and turned the body over. She placed her feet under the body and, using some strength, flipped the body over. The man had white hair that was swept all the way back.

He also had a well-formed mustache. Looking at his face, Hiiro could feel that this person was of considerable age. In terms of human years, he would be about 50 years old.

However, his mouth was wide open, and the white of his eyes was all that could be seen. The person seemed to be breathing, yet, why he had fallen in this place was a complete mystery.

The greatest mystery of all was that he was also wearing a remarkable tailcoat, making him look like a butler from a manga or anime.

’’This old guy, is he a butler hired by a rich person or something?’’ (Hiiro)

Either way, as it had nothing to do with him, he simply left it where it was and continued.

Kuwa! (Sound of something moving)

The eyes that were white before, flashed with a light for a moment, before he began muttering a repeated word.

’’Mumumu!’’ (Old Butler)

Following this, he leaped into the air as he spoke the word ’’Tou!’’, and spun his body around several times in the air

Stashi! (Sound of perfect landing)

He landed admirably on his feet. He bent his back and bowed to Hiiro.

Dogon! (Sound of a body falling)

He fell back on the ground in that position, as if he were a marionette who had its strings suddenly cut.

(This old man...what the hell does he want...?)


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