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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias

A week after Hiiro set out on his journey once more, a handwritten letter from the Demon King arrived in the hands of Rudolf, the King of 【Victorias】.

After scanning it with his eyes, he made a complicated face as he left it on his desk. He was in the royal office, and with him was his trusted minister, Dennis Norman.

’’Now what should I do...’’ (Rudolf)

’’We're already investigating the matter, but it appears that the fact the bridge was destroyed by the Demon King was true.’’

’’Yes... the Demon King...’’ (Rudolf)

’’Unlike the previous king, she is lacking in both age and ideals, I believe.’’

’’I'll bet. Otherwise, she would never make an appearance like this. But still, this is...’’ (Rudolf)

’’Correct. With this, more animosity will be created between the 『Gabranth』 and 『Evila』. Though if the 『Gabranth』 were to accept their treaties, it would calm down.’’

’’... Yeah, that's not happening.’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yep, that's impossible.’’

This time, the 『Evila』's actions equated to trampling over the pride of the 『Gabranth』 race.For the Demon Kin, her reasons may have seemed just, but the Beastmen would simply see it as a slight agains their resolve to war.

Therefore, it is currently impossible for the 『Gabranth』 to make amends with the 『Evila』.

’’I understand the Demon King's goal. If this written peace treaty means just as it says, then they must be planning to ally with us to decrease the 『Gabranth』's motivations for war.’’ (Rudolf)

’’That's plausible. But with just this treaty, we do not have definite evidence. Perhaps destroying the bridge was to get rid of an obstacle, so they could focus on destroying the 『Humas』 Race. There are other possibilities.’’

’’... This is hard. By forming an alliance, it's not like there are no merits for our side.’’ (Rudolf)

’’But you don't wish to involve yourself in those two sides' war... right?’’

’’If possible. But with this, I'll be able to learn of the internal affairs of the 『Evila』.’’ (Rudolf)

’’But that would be the same for them.’’

If they do form an alliance, and increase their interaction, they'll be able to get a better understanding of the other's state of affairs. I would be easier to grasp for their weaknesses. But that would be true for the 『Evila』 side as well. It was both a merit and demerit.

’’What sort of conditions did they propose for scheduling a meeting?’’

’’As written here, they give up all rights to choose, and leave it all in our hands.’’ (Rudolf)

’’My, My. Are they placing faith in us, or are they confident that they would be able to take whatever we can throw at them...?’’

’’Or perhaps both...’’

’’But if we can decide all the conditions ourselves, then if we play this well...’’

’’Fumu, eve so, it's too early to make a decision. Even if we form an alliance in name only, there are plenty of humans who would object to it. I've also lost my daughter to them.’’ (Rudolf)

(TL: And a few more to yourself)

Rudolf's face turns bitter.

’’... How are the Heroes?’’ (Rudolf)

’’They're growing favorably. But according to Vale, they requested that legend, Judom Lankars to be their trainer, but have yet to receive a favorable response.’’


Rudolf closes his eyes, and gives a light sigh.

’’That man is hard to deal with. He seems to be under the misconception that a mere Guild Master has the same authority as a king.’’ (Dennis)

Denis lets out words colored with anger.

’’In emergencies, he is a dependable source of offensive power, and his trust lets him command large groups. The previous King agreed to give him quite a bit of power. But he's a commoner to the end.’’ (Dennis)

’’Dennis, it's fine.’’ (Rudolf)

’’... Understood.’’ (Dennis)

’’Even so, he's my old friend. Don't badmouth him so much.’’ (Rudolf)

’’I apologize.’’ (Dennis)

He lower his head, and apologizes.

’’Most likely, Judom will learn of this meeting through his expansive information network. He'll ask me to hold it without a doubt.’’ (Rudolf)

He had said something similar before. About how Rudolf should accept their invitations no matter how many times they were sent. He stormed on about how he would protect the King no matter what dangers lay in wait.

’’Dennis, go call Judom over.’’ (Rudolf)

’’... Are you sure?’’ (Dennis)

’’Yeah, no matter what decision I make, I'll need power. Isn't that right... Dennis?’’ (Rudolf)

’’... Understood.’’ (Dennis)

Dennis respectfully lowers his head, and leaves the room.

’’It's always best to have more pieces. The four Heroes, and Judom... For that purpose, let's delay the meeting, and raise the Heroes.’’ (Rudolf)

With a stern face, he gazed out of the window.






’’The war ended? Who won?’’ (Taishi)

The four heroes were doing team training as they did every day. Upon receiving such words from Vale, the only male in the group, the long, brown-dyed hair Ikemen, Aoyama Taishi asked as he wiped away his sweat with a towel.

’’No, both sides are unharmed. It seems the Demon King made the war end.’’ (Vale)

Upon hearing of how she easily decimated such a large bridge, the four heroes were slightly taken aback.

’’S-so they really are that strong... the Demon King...’’ (Chika)

The one speaking, while turning pale was a certain Suzumiya Chika. To instantly destroy a bridge spanning 30 kilometers was a little bit much.

’’The amount of magic they possess is definitely over ours. Apparently that Aquinas was there as well.’’ (Vale)

’’Ah, from that 《Cruel》 you told us about before?’’

The one speaking this time was the one possessing the Kansai Accent, Akamori Shinobu.

’’Yes, they are among the strongest of the demon race.’’ (Vale)

’’S-so such people exist. As I thought...’’

With an anxious expression, Minamoto Shuri spoke. They thought they had become strong, but they had not the power to accomplish the feats they were hearing of. The Demon King who could do that in an instant must be terrifying.

’’I wonder just how high its level is.’’ (Taishi)

Taishi's questions was what everyone wanted to ask. With that strength, just how wide was the level gap between the Demon King, and the current them It was natural for them to be curious.

They would be fighting eventually, so it was necessary information. However, Vale did not have the means to get such information.

’’I don't know their levels, but the former SSS Ranker Judom-sama fought Aquinas once, and almost died.’’ (Vale)

’’Ah, that Guild Master you're always talking about? Last time you went to see him, he wouldn't meet you. I wonder if he hates us.’’ (Chika)

’’No, I think the thing he hates is this country's system in itself... probably.’’ (Vale)

Vale gives a bitter smile as he answers. Upon seeing this, Shinobu hit him on the back.

’’Well get yourself together, Vale! You can't forget to be positive here!’’ (Shinobu)

Upon seeing her give off a bright smile, he couldn't help but feel a little better.

’’Yes, that's right! If we work hard, something will happen!’’ (Shuri)

’’That's right.’’ (Shinobu)

Shuri and Shinobu smile at each other. Continuing the previous conversation, Vale coughs for a bit, and sighs, before speaking.

’’At that time, I believe Judom-sama had just crossed the level 90 mark.’’ (Vale)


Taishi unintentionally cried out. Or course. They were only around half of that level at the moment. Yet such an amazing person almost died facing Aquinas...

’’He's really last-boss class...’’

’’And that might not even be his final form.’’

Chika continues Taishi's sentence, but Vale tilts his head, not understanding its meaning.

’’C-can we win... against such people?’’ (Shuri)

’’Shuri, it'll be fine as long as we don't give up! And they're not attacking us at the moment, right?’’ (Shinobu)

’’Yes, that seems to be the case.’’ (Vale)

’’Then until they do, we just have to frantically raise our level! We're aiming for the Counter Stop!’’ (Shinobu)

(TL: Counter stop is when the integer value for a stat is at its maximum, so the counter won't increase anymore)

Shinobu raised her fist high into the air, but as Vale had no idea what she was talking about, a question mark continued to float over his head.

’’Ah, but is 99 the max?’’ (Shinobu)

’’No, we can't say for sure. I mean to almost kill someone at level 90, wouldn't they have to be over 100?’’

’’Hey, Vale?’’ (Shinobu)

’’What is it?’’ (Vale)

’’What's the highest level?’’ (Shinobu)

’’I do not know. But from what I've heard, there are people who have crossed over level 100.’’ (Vale)

’’I see. Is there even a counterstop...?’’ (Shinobu)

’’Well, isn't it fine? That means that you can get as strong as you want, right? That makes training all the more worth it!’’ (Taishi)

Taishi speaks while smiling, but Chika gives a sigh.

’’Really, you sure are care-free.’’ (Chika)

’’I don't want to be told that by you!’’ (Taishi)

’’W-what!? You're the one who's always laid back!’’ (Chika)

’’What do you mean!?’’ (Taishi)

’’Ah, yes yes yes, let's just leave it at that. If you have time to argue, then you better get back to training.’’ (Shinobu)

’’T-that's right, you two. We have to try hard as not to lose.’’ (Shuri)

Upon hearing the other two's words, Taishi and Chika look down, and try to make their bodies smaller.

(TL: As in they're embarrassed)

’’Haha, good teamwork. I'll be counting on you henceforth, everyone!’’ (Vale)

As Vale said that, everyone gave their various responses.

But he didn't know yet. The gears of war were still moving. Battle was drawing close.

And no one knew just what that war would bring them. It was not too long before they would learn the true meaning of the war.


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