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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: A New Journey

’’Oh, what are you thinking, packing your things?’’ (Rarashik)

The one who asks Hiiro is Rarashik, with her hands in her white lab coat and her ears moving *pyoko pyoko*1.

’’I'm going to leave on a journey immediately’’ (Hiiro)

’’Haa? Immediately... Didn't you say you'd be leaving in a week?’’ (Rarashik)

She thought it was strange that Hiiro had brazenly come back to her basement and started packing. However, Hiiro says he's leaving. Even though he said he'd stay for a week in order to gather information.

’’This is rather sudden. Did something happen?’’ (Rarashik)

’’No, I just did something a bit bothersome’’ (Hiiro)

’’Bothersome?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Don't worry. It's not something that'll cause you any trouble, Chibi-usagi2... Maybe...’’ (Hiiro)

’’What do you mean 'maybe'! Well, I don't really care, but do Arnold and the others know?’’ (Rarashik)

’’...No’’ (Hiiro)

Hearing that, Rarashik lets out a small sigh.

’’Are you fine with that? Without saying anything. How about at least waiting until they come back? To be honest, it'd be helpful if you stayed a little and assisted me in my research’’ (Rarashik)

Deep in her eyes, a light seems to shine *pikaaan*3, but Hiiro shakes his head.

’’It's not like I'll never see them again. As long as they're alive I'm sure we'll see each other again’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nahaha, same could be said of you, boya4’’ (Rarashik)

’’I won't die’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro frowns and thinks.

(If I use the word ’’Immortality’’, then... No, I don't want to quit being human. I'm fine as is for now) (Hiiro)

He thought that if he used ’’Immortality’’ then he'd be able to stay alive, but there is no guarantee it'll last indefinitely after he uses it, and thinking of the possible risk should he fail activating it, he couldn't bring himself to use that word.

While he was thinking that, Rarashik talks while smiling like she's having fun.

’’Well, putting your level aside, you seem like you'll live a long life, boya’’ (Rarashik)

’’I don't know about that. But, I don't plan on dying in a year or two’’ (Hiiro)

After checking his bag, he picks it up.

’’...Are you really leaving?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Yeah, I'm leaving before the king and his men come back’’ (Hiiro)

’’Boya, just what exactly did you do...?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Ask that ossan5 when he comes back. He can probably tell you about it’’ (Hiiro)

In reality, when Hiiro left the <<King's Tree>>while using ’’Transparency’’, he saw Arnold and Muir. He had verified that they were heading towards the garden. He figured that if it's them, they would probably be able to figure out most of the situation.

After that, Hiiro went to town and bought anything he thought necessary and put them into the bag he's carrying now.

’’Well, if you say you're going I won't stop you, but do you have a message you want to leave behind for them?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik asks while her ears move *pyoko pyoko*.

’’Let's see... Nothing in particular’’ (Hiiro)

Rarashik stumbles forward with a *gaku*6

’’'Nothing in particular', are you serious!?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik looks at Hiiro, thinking he couldn't possibly be serious.

’’Even if you say that... Ah, that's right’’ (Hiiro)

’’What is it?’’ (Rarashik)

’’The next time we meet, let me eat good food to my heart's content’’ (Hiiro)

’’...And to the jou-chan7?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Tell her... to become strong’’ (Hiiro)

’’Got it’’ (Rarashik)

After making sure Rarashik understood, Hiiro began climbing the ladder. Rarashik just stared as he left.

’’Yare yare8, my disciples sure have a strange companion’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik shrugs while sighing in exasperation.

Hiiro, after leaving Rarashik's place, heads immediately to the city exit.

(I didn't say anything before I left, but, well, it's ossan and company. After they shout and scream they'll probably calm down) (Hiiro)

At first he had decided to travel by himself, but traveling with Arnold and Muir was more novel than he had expected. He thought that he wouldn't mind traveling together again if it were with people like them.

(Well, the next time we meet will at best be half a year's time, huh) (Hiiro)

While walking, he looks toward the <<Tree of Origin, Aragon>>.

(Ossan and Chibi9, I wonder how they're doing) (Hiiro)

He looked forward to it a bit.

Arriving at the city exit, Hiiro looks back toward the <<King's Tree>>where Arnold and Muir are.

’’Later’’ (Hiiro)

Though he sounded a little reluctant, Hiiro continued walking and left the country.

’’What did you saaaaay!? Hiiro leeeeeft!?’’ (Arnold)

Long after Hiiro had left the country, Arnold and Muir, who had just returned to Rarashik's laboratory, were dealt a great shock.

’’Yup, he left lickety-split’’ (Rarashik)

’’N-No way... That's too sudden...’’ (Muir)

Muir says with a shaky face, her expression turning bitter.

’’T-T-That bastaaaaaard!!’’ (Arnold)


Arnold hits the wall with all of his strength. On the wall is a small crater, and fragments fall to the floor. Rarashik sighs while looking at Arnold, who is grinding his teeth.

’’Come on, Arnold, don't break the room. Also, there's a message from the boya’’ (Rarashik)

’’M-Message?’’ (Muir)

Muir asks.

’’To jou-chan, no, Muir, he said to become strong’’ (Rarashik)

’’...Hiiro-san said... Is... Is that so...’’ (Muir)

Muir understood after hearing those words that the fact Hiiro had left was neither a joke nor a lie.

’’Shit! That Hiiro! Why'd he leave without saying anything!’’ (Arnold)

No, in reality he knew the reason why. He was able to determine after hearing Mimiru's story from Muir that Hiiro would most likely leave the country as soon as possible. The king and his men would return soon. If it was discovered that Hiiro was the one who cured the princess, it would certainly cause a lot of trouble.

Because he didn't want to deal with that, Hiiro left as soon as he could. Arnold understood that. However, he couldn't stand that he left without even saying a single word to them.

’’Why didn't he say anything!?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold was upset, thinking that Hiiro thought that they were worthless and didn't even deserve parting words. Arnold thought, though it was only for a short period of time, that they had gotten along well on their travels.

Because Hiiro didn't say anything before he left, Arnold thought that he mustn't have thought the same and became upset. However, Rarashik tells Arnold.

’’Arnold, the boya said this. 'The next time we meet, let me eat good food to my heart's content'.’’ (Rarashik)

’’H-Hiiro did...?’’ (Arnold)

’’Yeah. It seems like the bond between you three hasn't been severed yet’’ (Rarashik)

’’Oji-san!’’ (Muir)

’’Y-Yeah...’’ (Arnold)

Seeing Muir's joyful expression, Arnold's eyes started to get hot. If this continued, an old man pushing on years would end up crying because of a shitty conceited brat. His pride would never allow that to happen.

’’H-Hmph! Don't kid me! I'm not his personal cook! Seriously, that Hiiro!’’ (Arnold)11

Muir looks at Arnold, who's putting on a strong front. He was smiling with the corner of his mouth.

’’Fufu, Oji-san isn't honest’’ (Muir)

’’W-What on earth is this girl saying! I'm just stating the obvious!’’ (Arnold)

’’Okaaay okay, I know you're happy, but let's get started with the program’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik claps her hands *pan pan* in order to get the two's attention.

’’Program?’’ (Arnold)

’’Yeah, of course. I'm talking about the training. You want to become stronger, right?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Ou12!’’ (Arnold)

’’Hai12!’’ (Muir)

In order to one-up Hiiro. It goes without saying that this became one of their objectives.

’’Then while you're in training, work hard without a single complaint! If anyone complains I'm kicking him out!’’ (Rarashik)

Listening to Rarashik's words, Arnold and Muir look at each other and nod.

’’’’Hai!’’’’ (Arnold &Muir)

They both give an enthusiastic response.

’’Just you wait, Hiiro. I'll punch you first thing the next time we meet!’’ (Arnold)

Muir, as if hiding her determination, clenched her fists tightly.

(I want to stand next to those two! So I'll become strong! I'll become strong enough to be accepted by Hiiro-san! By Hiiro-san... By Hiiro-san... Uuu, it's because Mimiru-chan said such weird thiiings) (Muir)

Muir's face steams as she becomes flustered. Seeing her like that, Arnold becomes irritated without knowing the reason and clenches his fist.

With strong resolve, the two begin taking steps towards the future. Of course, without knowing what's going on, Hiiro is traveling somewhere by himself.

And then the reunion between the two and Hiiro, which comes to be due to unbelievable circumstances, but... that is a story to be revealed in the future.


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