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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Identity of the ghost and friends

(TL: Some notes. Mimir=Mimiru, Kukklia=Kukulia, Raiev=Raiev)

Chapter 53: Identity of the ghost and friends

’’In any case, this is wonderful news! Whether it was the work of a spirit or not, father and the rest of the family will be thrilled!’’ (Kukklia)

Kukklia and the soldiers expressed great joy at what had occurred. Because it turned into such a commotion, Arnold could only let out a sigh.

’’Um, Kuu Onee-sama, who are those people that you brought with you?’’ (Mimir)

’’Ah, right. Let me introduce them to you. You guys, come over here.’’ (Kukklia)

Hearing what Kukklia said Arnold and Muir moved towards Mimir.

’’Mimir, this man is Raiev's younger brother. Also, the girl is his daughter.’’ (Kukklia)

’’I'm Arnold Ocean, a chef and an adventurer’’ (Arnold)

’’I-I'm Muir Castrea. An a-adventurer.’’ (Muir)

Mimir smiled as she slightly raised her skirt before bowing to them.

’’I am the Second Princess of [Gabranth Kingdom's Captial: Passion], Mimir King. It's a pleasure to meet you.’’ (Mimir)

Faced with such polite greeting, Arnold and Muir unhesitatingly lowered their heads. She was, without a doubt, a young princess. Mimir held a certain air of authority, one that should not be disrespected. Arnold was especially wary as she had a connection with his older sister, Raiev, who was the person he had feared the most.

’’ look similar.’’ (Mimir)

As Mimir looked at Arnold's face, Arnold could only let out a dumbfounded ’’Eh?’’

’’You're Raiev's little brother, right? You have the same eyes’’ (Mimir)

As Mimir giggle right after looking at him, Arnold couldn't help but became embarrassed.

’’That's right. Now that Mimir's illness is cured, I need to tell mother. You guys wait here and play with Mimir.’’ (Kukklia)

Kukklia left the area in a flash, her smile never leaving her face. She was truly overjoyed. The guards also returned to their posts as Mimir walked back to the garden.

’’If it is alright with you two, shall we talk in the shade?’’ (Mimir)

Hearing this request, Arnold placed a hand on Muir as he pushed her body forward. Arnold could tell that Muir was a bit tense via eye contact as she felt that she needed to bow to Mimir or something.

Arnold wanted Muir and Mimir to be able to talk alone with just the two of them. Thus, he decided to stay there and watch over them.

’’Ah, Arnold-sama?’’ (Mimir)

’’Ah, w-well, I am a bit tired so I'll just stand over here.’’ (Arnold)

’’...haaah’’ (Muir)

Unsure of what she should say, Muir remained silent. Normally, if someone was tired, then they would want to sit down and rest on a bench. However, as was overly nervous, he made a flustered response.

Muir blanked out for a moment before putting on a smile.

’’Please come this way.’’ (Mimir)

’’Y-yes!’’ (Muir)

Muir rigidly approached, causing Mimir to laugh.

’’Fufu, please don't be so tense. Even if I'm a princess, I wish to talk to you as myself right now. If it alright with you, may we be friends?’’ (Mimir)

Mimir offered her hand and looked at Muir. Muir pointed to herself and waited for a response. Mimir nodded.

’’I-I'd like that as well! I-it'd be an honour!’’ (Muir)

’’Fufu. In which case, Muir-sama-’’ (Mimir)

’’P-please wait a minute!’’ (Muir)

’’Eh?’’ (Mimir)

’’W-well, you don't need to put '-sama' on the end.’’ (Muir)

’’The how shall I address you?’’ (Mimir)

’’T-There is no need to use honorifics!’’ (Muir)

’’Fufu, is that so? Then please call me by my name, Mimir, as well. Make sure to leave out the '-sama'’’ (Mimir)

’’E-eeeeeeeeeeh?!’’ (Muir)

As Muir was presented with huge hurdle, she couldn't help but voice her surprise in a loud voice.

’’If you do not wish to do so, then I shall keep addressing you as Muir-sama.’’ (Mimir)

’’Eh...a...Uu~’’ (Muir)

Muir was speechless as thoughts whirled around inside her head. Seeing her flustered over such a small thing made Mimir laugh out loud.

’’Fufu, you are an interesting person. Please just call me by my name.’’ (Mimir)

’’E-eh...well...that....lets try...Mi-Mimiru...chan’’ (Muir)

’’Okay, Muir-chan’’ (Mimir)

Muir felt a burden lifting from her heart when the Princess had called her by name.

’’Aaah, I said it! I called the princess using '-chan'’’ (Muir)

Muir was worried, uncertain, and flustered when she realized she had called the Princess 'Mimir-chan'. She placed both hands on her head, not sure as to what she should do or expect. Seeing Muir's befuddled expression, Mimir laughed again.

’’Please don't worry about it. In this kind of situation, we need to stop using honorifics. That way we can get along as friends.’’ (Mimir)

’’.....................’’ (Muir)

Her offer made Muir happy, however, as Mimir was a princess, Muir was unsure as to what she should do. Arnold, who was overlooking the situation, had subtly encouraged Muir to keep going.

It seemed that Mimir possesses a formidable personality. She carried an air of authority. As one would expected of Kukklia's younger sister.

’’...I understa...Uun, I got it, Mimir-chan’’ (Muir) (E: Uun is different from Un. Un = Yes. Uun = No. Subtle, but there is a difference)

Muir summoned all her courage to say those words. As Mimir returned her sentiments with a happy expression, Muir felt relieved.

Mimir held both of Muir's hands and stated.

’’Today is truly a joyous day. I was able to meet that person, and I was even able to make some new friends.’’ (Mimir)

When Mimir said 'that person', Muir's shoulders twitched in response.

’’Um, excuse me...’’ (Muir)

’’Nh? What's wrong, Muir-chan?’’ (Mimir)

’’Eh, aa, that...that person you met a while ago...were you referring to that <<Ghost>>?’’ (Muir)

Mimir's ears slightly twitched, however, Muir didn't notice it.

’’Oh, yes. Even though it happened in a dream, they were a very elusive person. Although our exchange was a bit one-sided, I'm still very grateful for what they did.’’ (Mimir)

Apparently, she possessed a great deal of gratitude to 'that person'.

’’Ah, well...Ah, no...You know...that. Um, was that [Spirit] wearing a red robe?’’ (Muir)

Mimir froze instantly. Following this, she grasped Muir's hand with both of hers. The atmosphere between them had completely changed.

’’M-Muir-chan! Could it be that you are also aware of them?! Can you also see [Ghosts]!?’’ (Mimir)

Mimir abruptly turned ecstatic.

’’U-um, well,, what?’’ (Muir)

Because of Mimir's misunderstanding, Muir began to panick.

’’If you know that person then please tell me!’’ (Mimir)

She pleaded with a sombre expression.

(What? She didn't meet him? Ah, but the robe..she remembered that robe...then they met, but they didn't talk?) (Muir)

Muir realized that Mimir had apparently no knowledge about Hiiro.

’’Red robe...Yes, there was a red robe! And they also had glasses!’’ (Mimir)

Muir recognized it immediately. Even if Mimir didn't say anymore, it was clear who the [Spirit] was.

(So it was Hiro-san...but...a [Ghost]? What in the world happened?) (Muir)

Thinking such, Muir decided that this would be good time to go over the situation in detail.

’’Neh, Mimir-chan, that person...he's not actually a [Ghost], right?’’ (Muir)

’’What?’’ (Mimir)

’’Because if he was a [Ghost], he wouldn't be wearing a red robe or have glasses, right?’’ (Muir)

’’Ah...’’ (Mimir)

As she realized her mistake, Mimir shut her mouth. Her cheeks glowed crimson with embarrassment. She regretted that she had failed to keep her promise.

Because she was so excited that Muir was able to see ghosts like her, she involuntarily told her everything. That part of her is still juvenile in contrast to her mature demeanor.

’’Ah, that, um, that is...’’ (Mimir)

Even though she was flustered she tried to come up with an excuse. Having felt that such a thing had occurred previously, Muir laughed as she spoke.

’’It's fine, Mimir-chan. That person is our acquaintance.’’ (Muir)

’’S-so you can see them after all!’’ (Mimir)

’’Well, I don't know exactly what you're talking about but, they're a living person named Hiiro. He's a respectable huma-, no, a Gabranth’’ (Muir)

That was a close call. Muir had almost revealed that Hiiro was a Humas.

’’Eh, Living?’’ (Mimir)

’’Yeah? Although, I'm not sure why you thought that he was a ghost though...’’ (Muir)

’’T-that is...’’ (Mimir)

In all honesty, the atmosphere surround that person was different. He had, at the time of their meeting, a ghost-like presence. It was because of this that she had presumed that Hiiro was a ghost.

(Come to think of it, that person was constantly telling me that he was not a ghost...) (Mimir)

She believed that he was ghost who wasn't aware of their own death. Making such a big mistake, she felt ashamed.

’’Wh-what was I thinking?’’ (Mimir)

She was so ashamed that she covered her face.

’’Ahahah, you're really cute, Mimir-chan’’ (Muir)

’’Uu~, I have to apologize to him.’’ (Mimir)

’’Hiiro is not a person to be angry over something like that so you don't need to worry about it.’’ (Muir)

In reality, Muir thought that Hiiro wouldn't care as it was something that didn't pique his interest.

(For those who have no interest, they wouldn't care about such things.) (Muir)

’’Ah, Muir-chan. Can you please tell me the name of that person again?’’ (Mimir)

’’Eh? Okay. That person's name is Hiiro Okamura. He's a companion that we traveled with.’’ (Muir)

’’I-I see, so that's why!’’ (Mimir)

The ghost said he was led in here by some of his companions. It seems that those companions were Arnold and Muir.

’’Yeah. We arrived here together, but then Hiiro-san suddenly disappeared. I guess he came here.’’ (Muir)

’’Yes. We met here and talked for a bit’’ (Mimir)

’’So what happened then? Did he use his magic on you or something?’’ (Muir)

At that moment, Mimir's eye opened wide and nodded in understanding.

’’As I thought, that was magic...wasn't it. In which case, doesn't that mean that he is a Humas?’’ (Mimir)

’’Eh....Eeeh!?’’ (Muir)

Muir involuntarily let out a surprised voice. She turned pale upon realizing that she had just said [Magic].

’’Eh, a, that..I said it wrong. It's just that he's a person that refers to the <<Binding>>ability as [Magic].’’ (Muir)

It was a poor explanation, yet, Muir had to somehow convince her. Muir knew that they would not be let off easily if the fact that they brought a human to this place was brought to light.

However, Mimir realized what Muir was thinking and just laughed.

’’Fufu, please don't worry about it. I don't have anything against the Humas people.’’ (Mimir)

’’Eh? Is that so?’’ (Muir)

’’Yes, it is not the first time that I've seen a Humas. Although the first time I met one was a [Ghost].’’ (Mimir)

It wasn't unusual for Mimiru to see ghosts without any animal ears or a tail floating around.

’’Huh...[Ghost]...’’ (Muir)

Muir gulped upon hearing about the ghosts. However, upon seeing Mimir casually talk about them, Muir decided to remain silent about any of her grievances.

’’When I first saw him, he had black hair without any sort of beast ears.’’ (Mimir)

’’W-wait a moment.’’ (Muir)

Hearing something that she didn't expect, Muir panicked as she spoke hastily.

’’B-black hair!? Is that true!?’’ (Muir)

’’Yes. Black hair, glasses and a red robe. Aren't these that person's key characteristics?’’ (Mimir)

(Eh? How is that possible? Hiiro returned to his human form?...but why?) (Muir)

This question naturally surfaced to the top of her mind, however, she was unable to come up with any sort of answer. It was unfathomable that Hiiro would returned to his human form, especially in the place where the royal family of the Gabranth resided.

However, Muir clearly remembered Hiiro's Humas form. She began pondering as she had no clue as to what this meant.

’’Is something the matter?’’ (Muir)

Mimir was worried about what Muir was thinking so she asked. Muir shook her head in a hurry.

’’No! Nothing is wrong!’’ (Muir)

’’Is that so?’’ (Mimir)

’’Un! B-by the way, was his hair really black?’’ (Muir)

’’Yes. Having such beautiful black hair made me a little jealous.’’ (Mimir)

Seeing her light chuckle, Muir began wandering why such a thing had occurred. She had determined that the chance of Hiiro revoking his magic was close to nil.

(From the old man, I heard that there were spirits called ’’Phoem’’ who can see the truth before them. I've heard that there are some Gabranth who also have that ability.) (Muir)

The one that can see the truth are the ’’Phoem.’’ If someone had that power, they would be able to see through Hiiro's disguise, and see that he is human. There are some people known to have that ability.

Muir didn't know if Mimir had that ability. However, she felt that to prevent Hiiro from being exposed she needed to say something.

’’Is it possible, Muir-chan, that you know what magic that person used?’’ (Mimir)

’’Yeah, I know. What about Mimir-chan?’’ (Muir)

’’Yes. Using a mysterious power, he restored my voice.’’ (Mimir)

’’Ah, he also said those words, right?’’ (Muir)

’’Eh?’’ (Mimir)

’’ 'This is a loan. You'll have to return it someday. Don't forget' ’’ (Muir)

’’Eh...Ah, yes’’

’’That's definitely something that Hiiro would say. Well, that's what made me think the [Ghost] was him though...’’

Apparently Arnold and company's suspicions were right on the mark. (E: Chapter 52 Title Drop?)

’’Excuse me, but...where would that person be right now?’’ (Mimir)

’’Hmmm, I'm not sure.’’ (Muir)

’’Oh, is that so.’’ (Mimir)

Mimir's shoulders dropped as she made a crestfallen face

’’Maybe, because he didn't want to cause any more trouble here, he probably went somewhere else. You were probably also told not to tell anyone about him, right?’’ (Muir)

’’Y-yes, that's right.’’ (Mimir)

’’As I though. He might have already left from the <<King Tree>>and returned to the city. He's someone that really hates standing out.’’

’’Muir-chan, you seem to really know a lot about this person, am I right?’’ (Mimir)

’’Well, I guess so. Even though we only travelled together for a short time, ever since we met him, there was always one surprise after another.’’ (Muir)

In particular, she was bewildered when faced with Hiiro's outrageous actions and dark motives.

’’...I'm envious of you’’ (Mimir)

’’Mimir-chan?’’ (Muir)

’’I didn't even have a chance to express my gratitude. He just cured my voice and then left right away...’’ (Mimir)

’’Ahaha. That sounds just like Hiiro.’’ (Muir)

’’Will we...not be able to meet again?’’ (Mimir)

’’'s not that I don't understand your feelings...but I think trying to do so will prove difficult.’’ (Muir)

’’I-is that so? But he is your companion, no?’’ (Mimir)

’’Yeah, but he's a person that enjoys his freedom. He he probably wouldn't listen to a word we said. Haha’’ (Muir)

She was unable to say that Uncle had been making all of the food for him. Even if he was treated to a scrumptious meal, she had a feeling that Hiiro would probably never set foot in the <<King Tree>>again. Should he be found out for some reason, it would cause an uproar.

Not only that, but Hiiro was Humas. If the Gabranth Princess Mimir and the Humas Hiiro met, it would spell trouble in several different ways. (E: This is not a challenge for those who are confident that they can break the English Language.)

’’Also, it seems that Hiiro will be leaving this place soon.’’ (Muir)

’’I-is that true?!’’ (Mimir)

Mimir raised her voice without thinking. The atmosphere instantly became silent. Upon noticing her outburst, Mimir sat down quickly and spoke in a softer voice.

’’I-is that really true?’’ (Mimir)

’’Yeah. I asked him not to go, but it didn't work.’’ (Muir)

Muir said with a dejected countenance.

Looking at Muir's expression, Mimir sharply inhaled.

(I-is there a chance that Muir...might be attracted to that person?)

In that instance, Mimir felt something swirl around inside of her. It was as if a tiny needle was prickling her heart. It was a sensation that seemed painful, itchy, and ticklish all at the same time.

However, no matter what she felt, she knew that this situation could not be left as it is. Mimir spoke as looked at Muir and held both of her hands.

’’Muir-chan, I will not lose!’’ (MImir)

’’Eh...a, um, yes...?’’ (Muir)

Muir didn't comprehend what Mimir's declaration was for.

’’I mean, it's like that, isn't it? Muir-chan adores that person?’’ (Mimir)

’’Adore...Eh.Eheeeeeeeeeeee!?’’ (Muir)

Muir's face turned bright red as she stood up in bewilderment.

’’That surprised reaction. It was as I had suspected.’’ (Mimir)

Biting her lower lip a little, Mimir stared at Muir.

’’No, Its w-w-wrrrrooooong! Hiiro is like a older brother to me! That is why...’’ (Muir)

Muir waved her hands and tail desperately in denial. However, Mimir still sent her a suspicious gaze.

(T-that can't be! I don't think of Hiiro-san as........) (Muir)

As she began seriously considering this, she felt her face grow hot. She desperately shook off those thoughts. She hadn't been conscious of it, however, when Mimir suddenly said something about Hiiro, she felt a fuzzy feeling in her chest.

She wasn't aware whether this was love or not. She was also unable to accept nor deny it. Due to her lack of experience, when Mimir challenged her, she was so confused that she was unable to come up with a reasonable response.

’’I won't lose, Muir-chan!’’ (Mimir)

’’L-like I said, you're wrong!’’ (Muir)

When Arnold saw the exchange between those two, he had first thought it was pleasant. However, he suddenly had queasy feeling in his chest.

(I have no idea why, but I really want to punch that Hiiro right now....) (Arnold)

Whether this was the power of an Oya-Baka, or whether Arnold had awakened as a parent for a one could say for sure.

(E: I wonder if Edea has laws about pedophilia?)


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