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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Promise Between the Two

Chapter 51: Promise Between the Two By CapsUsingShift

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Hiiro gets irritated looking at the girl who's face is still blank, not having reacted to his words yet. Reluctantly, he lightly flicks her forehead.

’’...ya’’ (Mimiru)

She was surprised at suddenly getting hit and held her head with both hands, but her voice, as faint as it was, had definitely been heard.

However, the girl seems to have not realized it herself and begins to write on her paper. Seeing that, Hiiro snatches it away from her.

She gasps, then extends both hands toward Hiiro. Though she has not said anything, it seems that she is demanding he give it back.

’’If you want me to give it back, then try telling me so’’ (Hiiro)

’’...!’’ (Mimiru)

Mimiru glares at him with eyes that say ’’You know that I can't talk’’. Her eyes, however, were tearing up and she was not scary in the slightest.

’’Listen. I hate kids that hold back despite being kids. If it hurts, say it hurts. If it's painful, say it's painful. If there's something you want to do, say you want to do it. The brat that I know is at least more honest about herself than you are’’ (Hiiro)

Because she doesn't have her paper she grinds her teeth, not being able to say what she wants to say. Seeing her like that, Hiiro lets out a small sigh and puts the board aside. Then...


Hiiro pulls on both of her cheeks.

’’I-It hurfs! It hurfs!’’2 (Mimiru)

’’See, your voice did come out’’ (Hiiro)

’’...Eh?’’ (Mimiru)

Unconsciously, the girl places her hand to her throat. She couldn't hide her confusion at the thought that she had just spoken.

Time seemed to have stopped for the girl, but ignoring that, Hiiro continued to speak.

’’Listen, never tell anyone that it was me who brought back your voice’’ (Hiiro)

Mimiru widens her eyes, wondering why Hiiro would ask that. She thought that if Hiiro really did fix her voice, then she should tell her family so that she and everyone else could thank him for what he has done. But Hiiro told her not to do that.

’’Eh... Why?’’ (Mimiru)

’’No questions. I'll be the only one asking questions from now on. You will answer them. Deal with it’’ (Hiiro)

Being told these things in rapid succession, Mimiru unconsciously nodded.

’’Alright, first thing. I've guessed it already, but are you related to the royal family?’’ (Hiiro)

Noting that she was relaxing by herself in the garden of the , Hiiro thought that she was not a civilian.

Also, her way of greeting him resembled that of Lilith, the princess of Victorias that had summoned him. From the mood, he had determined that she was related to the royal family somehow.

’’Y-Yes. I-I am called Mimiru King’’ (Mimiru)

Hearing that, Hiiro clicks his tongue.

(If I remember correctly, the name of the king is Leowald King. That means... This is turning into a bigger deal that I thought it'd be) (Hiiro)

He had thought that she was related to the royal family, but her being the daughter of the king was outside his expectations. He didn't think that a princess would be allowed to play by herself in a place like this.

(Guess it means that public order in this country is just that good) (Hiiro)

After thinking that, Hiiro asks another question.

’’Like I said earlier, the fact that I fixed you with my magic has to be kept a secret. In fact, don't tell anyone that you even saw me here. Just tell everyone that you don't know the reason why you've been cured. Got it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’B-But why?’’ (Mimiru)

’’I told you 'no questions', right?’’ (Hiiro)

Mimiru looks downcast being told not to talk about Hiiro's existence. To her, it wouldn't be enough no matter how much she thanked him. She wanted to officially invite him to the <<King's Tree>>. But then, she suddenly realized.

(Ah, that's right. This person is a ghost. Everyone else can't see him...) (Mimiru)

She thought that was the reason why Hiiro didn't want her to speak about him to anyone.

In reality, Hiiro was panicking. Following a tingling sensation from his conscience, he ended up restoring her voice. He thought that it'd be a big deal if she were a civilian, but now even more so knowing that she is a princess.

If this were to be found out, he would without a doubt have the eyes of the kingdom's royal family on him. He wanted to prevent that from happening no matter what. He wanted to avoid anything that would restrict his freedom.

’’I'll be going now. If I stick around it looks like I'll be involved in something troublesome’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, please wait’’ (Mimiru)

’’Listen, just be happy about the fact that you have your voice back. That's what being a kid is. Just don't tell anyone about me’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro says so as if to discard what Mimiru wanted to say. Then he begins writing the word ’’Transparent’’ again.

’’Ah, your name! Please tell me your name!’’ (Mimiru)

Mimiru shouts, wanting to know at least that much. Hiiro answers her while his back is still towards her.

’’You don't need to know’’ (Hiiro)

After saying that, Hiiro begins to turn transparent. In Mimiru's eyes, however, he still appears as plain as day. Hiiro begins to run and leaves that place.

’’Ah...!’’ (Mimiru)

She tried to call out and stop him, but Hiiro was soon out of her field of view.

(I couldn't say anything... Thanks or even his name... Even though I received such a great present...) (Mimiru)

It was something great that no other person has been or would be able to give her. It was something that she had once lost, and though she had longed for it, there seemed to be no hope for ever getting it back.

However, Hiiro tore apart that truth with ease and gave back Mimiru's most important thing. She wanted to thank him. She wanted to hear his name. And above all, she wanted to talk with him more.

(TL: Hiiro, the Loli Slayer)

Noticing that the board Hiiro took was lying on the ground she picked it up, then her eyes opened wide in surprise.

’’This is a loan. I'll have you pay me back sometime. Don't forget it’’

She didn't know when he wrote it, but answered ’’yes’’ in a small voice. She decided in her heart that because no one else can see him, she must be the one that repays him for his favor.

(Ghost-san...) (Mimiru)

As she looks towards the direction Hiiro left, a guard who is on patrol in the garden came and called out to her.

’’Mimiru-sama3, is everything alright?’’ (Guard)

’’Yes, thank you for always worrying about me’’ (Mimiru)

’’No no, Mimiru-sama is like an angel to us. It goes without saying that we protect you’’ (Guard)

’’Thank you very much’’ (Mimiru)

The guard bows deeply.

’’I do not deserve such thanks. I shall come again. Mimiru-sama, please look after your health and return to your room at an appropriate time’’ (Guard)

’’Yes, I understand’’ (Mimiru)

Mimiru answers the guard while smiling, and the guard also smiles and leaves.

The guard who left the garden is lost in thought while walking with a smile on his face.

(Maaan, Mimiru-sama is as cute as always. And her voice... I'd love to hear her sing again. Ah, that's right, I can hear it anytime. Because Mimiru-sama's voice is... Her... voice...) (Guard)

He stops walking, and the spear he was holding drops to the ground. His eyes open wide, his mouth agape, making the most surprised look he's ever made in his life.

’’It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!?’’

It is said that his shout reached everyone within the <<King's Tree>>.

’’Hm? What was that shout just now?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold tilts his head hearing the shout that reached all the way to the dining hall. Not only Arnold, but everyone else also had the same question.

’’The voice just now... From the garden?’’ (Kukuria)

Kukuria, while moving her ears *piku piku*4, looks towards the west.

’’Oji-san?’’5 (Muir)

’’Hm? What is it, Muir?’’ (Arnold)

’’I don't see Hiiro-san anywhere...’’ (Muir)

’’Aah... He probably went exploring inside the <<King's Tree>>or something?’’ (Arnold)

’’As I thought?’’ (Muir)

’’It'd be good if he doesn't cause too much trouble’’ (Arnold)

This was not in the city, but the residence of the royal family. If he were to wander around as disrespectful as he always was, there's a chance he could be captured by the soldiers. Arnold starts sweating just thinking about what would happen if Hiiro wandered into one of the private rooms of the royal family.

(I-If it gets found out that Hiiro is actually a Humas, and if he does something stupid, I won't get off lightly either, will I... Haa6, I beg you, please don't cause any trouble) (Arnold)

Arnold begs from the bottom of his heart.

’’It bothers me, so I will head towards the garden. What will you two do? I believe Mimiru, whom I talked about before, will be there as well’’ (Kukuria)

Kukuria asks Arnold and Muir.

’’If I remember rightly, she is your sister, correct?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold asks to verify.

’’Yes. She is still nine years old, but her way of thinking put adults to shame. Her intelligence can't even be compared to mine. And her songs...’’ (Kukuria)

’’Songs?’’ (Arnold)

’’Ah, never mind! Anyway, let's go!’’ (Kukuria)

What she neglected to finish saying bothered them a little, but as she had stopped talking and began to walk, Arnold and Muir hurriedly followed behind her.

’’Ah, what are you going to do, nee-chan?7’’ (Arnold)

’’I have work to do. I don't have free time, unlike you’’ (Raiev)

’’Oh, is that right. Sorry for having so much time on my hands!’’ (Arnold)

Muir smiles like she's having fun watching their exchange. Leaving behind Arnold's sister Raiev, the three of them head towards the garden.


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