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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Mimiru and the boy

This is from Mimiru's Perspective

A strong feeling flowed through her body when she saw it for the first time. The air at that point was different, in the starry sky there was a pale light, a light that she never noticed before appeared. It was such a strong light that she had no choice but to look at it.

In a regular space before her, she saw space being distorted by something. When she looked at that point carefully, the figure of a person appeared.

(It that..ghost-san?)

The little girl was called Mimiru, ever since she was born, she was able to see these kind of things on a daily basis. She tried telling her family about but they just made fun of it.

A ghost in this place would mean a Evila's soul. Therefore, there is no way for them to exist here, if they were ever spotted it would be killed quickly by one of the Gabranth Guards in this area.

But in the past Mimiru has never lied before. There was definitely a ghosts that read books. The Soul of a dead person wandering around the world. the ghost never talks but it would float in the air and move through walls with ease.

Even if she talked about it no one would believe her. She didn't have a strong personality so she didn't push onto others the things she saw. She just retained, in her own mind, that such obscure beings could exist in this world.

It didn't hurt to look at them, and looking at them didn't change her way of life. However, the ghost that she saw before her right now was different, it was looking directly at her.

Usually, when she saw them, they would just look at her and move on without doing anything. But it was different this time.

When she noticed, it was already looking at her. It wasn't looking at her with swaying eye but it was looking straight at her with solid eyes as if a real person was there. Because of that the ghost piqued Mimiru's interest, and she stared back.

The ghost was a boy, a boy with black hair and glasses. She thought he looked scary but seeing how he was surprised as well the mood between them became lighter.

There was more than enough to represent a solid existence, especially the flowing red robe and the fact that it was standing steadily on the ground. It was her first time seeing this type of ghost.

The ghost pointed his fingers at himself, and then at her, which asked the if she sees him or not. She nodded continuously.

At that moment, she felt an even stronger presence from the ghost. The ghost felt no different than someone who is alive. In that state, it would not be strange if other people can see or interact with him as well.

’’... How did you notice?’’ (boy)

The pitch of the voice was not too low or too high. But yet for some reason she wanted hear more of his voice. It was her first time communicating with a ghost. She hesitated at first but then she wanted to let him know that she can't speak, and wrote on her board.

[Ghost-san?] (Mimiru)

She waited with expectation for a response but was surprised at what he said next.

’’You're mistaken. Or what? Could it be that since her ability to sense the paranormal was so high that she was able to see me?’’ (boy)

She blanked out in surprise. She heard about ghost who didn't know they were dead. She assumed that the person before him an example of that. Actually, she assured herself that was the case.

[What's the ability to sense the paranormal?] (Mimiru)

’’Instead of writing, couldn't you just talk? It's a matter of efficiency.’’ (boy)

She understood what he meant, but there was a reason why she couldn't speak. She made an apologetic face and said.

[I apologize. Mimiru, is unable to speak.] (Mimiru)

She was surprised when he understood.

’’ that so? Sorry about that. Forgive me.’’ (boy)

[No, please don't worry about it.] (Mimiru)

What he said was a bit rude, but it didn't make the mood between them worse. It was probably that person's usual attitude. Everyone has a different version of normal. Being able to see ghosts is a normal for her. Thus, his informal way of talking didn't incite any joy or wrath from her.

’’In any case, about before. I'm not a ghost. Do you understand what they are?’’ (boy)

[Yes. It seems the only one in my family that can completely see them is me.] (Mimiru)

’’I see. No matter what world you're in, there's always somebody who has developed a sixth-sense. (Hiiro)

[.....?] (Mimiru)

’’Don't worry about. It seem that your perceptiveness is much higher than normal.’’ (Hiiro)

[Is that something good?] (Mimiru)

’’Who knows? But it's better to have it than not, right?’’ (Hiiiro)

[Then all is well.] (Mimiru)

She was happy. For someone to be able to understand made her truly happy. If her family heard what she said right now they would just laugh, he just accepted it like it was natural.

However, looking at his face he seems displeased. She thought that he couldn't accept her explanation but the authenticity in the voice used before made it seem that was not the case. Something else seem to be causing his displeasure. Feeling some sweat on her forehead, she took out a piece of cloth and wiped it off.

[Ghost-san. What are you doing here?] (Mimiru)

’’I told you that I'm not a ghost, already. Besides, I just came here by chance.’’ (Hiiro)

[Do you know where this is?] (Mimiru)

’’The <<King Tree>>, right? It's not like I sneaked in here. As a matter of fact, I was brought here by my companions.’’ (Hiiro)

For the ghost to be guided in here by his companion;Mimiru inclined her head, she definitely wanted to meet them.

[I see. Is this your first time being here?] (Mimiru)

’’Aaah’’ (Hiiro)

[I like this place as well. When I was five, an illness took my voice. Ever since then, I come here really often.] (Mimiru)

When she was 5 years old, she caught a severe cold. She had a high fever that lasted for a long time. When it was finally cured, the illness caused such a horrible throat infection, that it took away her ability to speak.

Everyone was shocked when it happened. Mimiru liked singing. She used to come to the garden often with her family to sing to everyone.

When the soldiers listened to her sing, it was like listening to an angel. She was very happy about it. She wasn't born with a talent for war and battle like her sister Kukulia, but to be able to sing with such a beautiful voice, and make others happy was something to be proud of.

The family and the residents also enjoyed her singing. To just see their smile again, Mimiru worked even harder to perfect her singing skills.

But all her efforts ended in vain when she lost her voice. Her mother, father, brother, and sisters were all dejected when it happened. Seeing a sudden change in the situation, she decided to be less harsh on her self, but doing so made things worse.

When she noticed that her family was sad, it was too painful for her to bear. That is why Mimiru decided to put on a smile. One day she will recover her voice and sing again. She put on a smile to assure her family that everything will be fine.

The lost of her voice was not an emotional trauma. The country's top researcher determined that even with the current science and magic, there was no way for her to recover her voice.

But they people around her weren't sure, they thought that if they had more magic power, then it can definitely be cured. That is why Mimiru desperately made a smile. It was a lowly act but, because she smiled they thought that she'll be fine and felt better.

There was no doubt in her mind that this was the best approach. As long as she smiled everyone will feel happy, even if she never got her voice back she would keep smiling and something will...

Mimiru, who is sensitive to the emotions of others, was determined to smile for another person, to ensure that they'll not feed sad.

Yet at this moment, she wonder if she is still smiling. If she looked at a mirror, she was sure she would be smiling. It wasn't a smile with little emotion, but an authentic smile.

(But why does ghost-san look like he is mad)

Looking at the displeased ghost, she started panicking. She thought of opening her mouth and smiling, but the moment she was about to do so, the space distorted before her eye.


In an instant, she blacked out.

When she woke she found herself lying under the shade of a tree. Ghost-san was also beside her. She felt a weak warmth on her body. That was probably from this person carrying her to this location.

She didn't think a ghost would be able to touch another person. This might be a special ghost. She expressed her thanks by quickly writing something on the board.

[Sorry for causing you trouble. Thank you for carrying me all the way here] (Mimiru)

Yet after saying so, he still had a displeased look on her face. She was so nice to him, yet there was no improvement in his displeased expression. She thought that there was no way for her to express her concern except by speaking aloud.

With that in mind, tears started welling up in her eyes. She was still smiling, but she want to return the gratitude by saying something.

This was the first that she was moved to this extent. She felt that she had no choice but to express her thanks by speaking.

He looked like he was making a hard decision. He gritted his teeth and said with a serious expression.

’’Oi, what I'm about to do now, you are not allowed to tell anyone, got it?’’ (boy)

She looked at him with a blank face. At that moment, white light started to appear from his finger, and moved it toward her body. It was bit scary at first, but the moment his finger touched her body, she felt warmth spread throughout her body.


She felt something like a gentle breeze on a warm day flow through her body. It was a pleasant feeling;so comfortable that she forgot what she was concerned about a few moments ago.

Her body tingled for a moment and then warmth slowly flowed into her body. She even felt the mood become better as well. She had no idea what happened but she felt much better.

It felt like she was reborn. Then, the boy said to the bewildered Mimiru.

’’’’Now then. Try talking, Ribbon.’’ (Hiiro)


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