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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 5


Chapter 05: As for the Heroes

In the meantime, the four heroes received training in magic right away. Vale Kimble, the captain of the second division from the Victorias army, was in charge of it.

Taishi Aoyama

Lvl 1

HP 35/35

MP 35/35



ATK 28

DEF 23

AGL 13

HIT 19


≪Magic Attribute≫ Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ -Fireball (Fire, Attack)

-Wind Cutter (Wind, Attack)

-Thunder Shock (Lighting, Attack)

-Lighting (Light, Effect)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller

Chika Suzumiya

Lvl 1

HP 28/28

MP 30/30



ATK 25

DEF 20

AGL 21

HIT 17

INT 12

≪Magic Attribute≫ Fire, Earth, Ice, Light

≪Magic≫ -Fireball (Fire, Attack)

-Grave (Earth, Attack)

-Ice Needle (Ice, Attack)

-Lighting (Light, Effect)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller

Shuri Minamoto

Lvl 1

HP 18/18

MP 60/60




DEF 10

AGL 15

HIT 10

INT 20

≪Magic Attribute≫ Wind, Water, Light

≪Magic≫ -Wind Cutter (Wind, Attack)

-Water Wall (Water, Support)

-Heal (Light, Recovery)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller

Shinobu Akamori

Lvl 1

HP 22/22

MP 52/52



ATK 13

DEF 13

AGL 24

HIT 14

INT 24

≪Magic Attribute≫ Water, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ -Mist (Water, Support)

-Paralyse (Lightning, Effect)

-Heal (Light, Recovery)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller

Each of the four told Vale their ≪Status≫.

’’Oh, all of you are so outstanding!’’

Listening to them, Vale widened his eyes and leaked an astonished voice.

„What's so outstanding?’’

Taishi asked as their representative with a doubtful look.

„Let me explain: Originally one is supposed to only have one attribute. Of course there are exceptions and talented individuals possess more than one, but I never heard of anyone having three or even four attributes. Moreover, the light attribute is basically only used by ‚Pheoms'. That all of you have it shows that you are truly Heroes.’’

Everyone smiled embarrassed on the exaggerated praise. They were happy, albeit the cheating status.

„And as far as I can tell from your magic, Taishi-sama and Chika-sama are the vanguard type, whereas Shuri-sama and Shinobu-sama are the rearguard type. Your basic statistics seem to confirm this, too.’’

Indeed, Taishi's and Chika's ≪Status≫ emphasised on attacking, whereas Shuri's and Shinobu's emphasised on defending and supporting. Their magic were in accordance with that too.

„It's quite the balanced party.’’

„Haha, just like in our online game!’’


Taishi and Chika looked at each other and smiled. The four of them had formed a party in an online RPG before. Even there, Taishi and Chika had been attackers, whereas Shuri and Shinobu were supporters, just like now. They were given the exact same roles in this world.

„I'm sure our ≪Status≫ will grow according with our role when we level up.’’

„Oho, just like a RPG. By the way, what about you, Captain Vale?’’

„You can call me just Vale, Taishi-sama.’’

„Mh, really? Okay, Vale, what's your level?’’

„Mine? I am level 48.’’

„Woah~ Nothing less from a captain. I guess you get experience points from defeating demons?’’

„Indeed. Completing quests will also gain you experience points.’’


All four got hooked.

„Jesus! There are quests!? That means there's a Guild too?’’

„Ah, yes. Adventures are registered in a Guild.’’

They all were in awe with „Ohh~’’. The words quests and guild certainly pique their interest as they had always admired the game world.

„C- Can we register there too?’’

„Why, of course. After some basic training, I would like you to register and polish your skills.’’

„Hell yeeeeeah~!’’

Vale blinked with surprise on their excitement.

’’Y- You are this happy about it? Danger always follows an adventurer. I am quite surprised to see you so excited about it.’’

’’Man, it's a Guild! Adventurer, you know! And quests to boost! Naturally this excites you as a gamer! Right, everyone!’’

’’Yeah, I'm itching to act.’’

’’Yes. I'm a bit scared, but it'll be fine with everyone together.’’

’’Yeah~ You can't really do without a Guild~’’

Each of them voiced their opinion.

’’That sounds quite promising.’’

However Vale misunderstand their optimistic thoughts, he felt hope in their brave words and showed a smile.

’’Ah, but what about him?’’

Taishi asked as he suddenly remembered. Chika reacted to it.


’’I mean Okamura.’’

’’Oh, right...’’

Chika replied indifferently as she wasn't interested.

’’He got involved in all this because of us, right? You know, I feel a bit sorry for him.’’

’’Oh come on, he said he wasn't resenting us, so don't need to worry about him.’’

’’Mhm~ But...’’

’’To begin with, I don't like his attitude.’’


’’Yeah, he's always by himself and gives off the vibe that he can do everything by himself. It's not pleasant to watch.’’

The other three kept silent on Chika's outburst of anger. Sure, they had been in the same class, but they never talked to each other. And not just them, they never saw him speaking with anyone else.

He was like air and gone before you noticed it. Either he skipped class altogether or paid no attention during class, since he slept or read a book.

’’Be a loner elsewhere!’’

’’Hey, Chika, why're you so angry?’’

’’It just pisses me off! He rarely attends class, yet always scores full marks on the tests! Just why!’’

’’W- Well, don't ask me...’’

Yes, Okamura Hiiro certainly didn't attend classes regularly. And even if he attended, he was either asleep or didn't listen. Yet for some reason, he got perfect scores on his tests. Chika was angry at that unfairness.

’’F- For all you know, he could properly review and prepare at home.’’

Shuri uttered so merely as a possibility, not in his defence.

’’Well~ There's cram school or a private tutor too.’’

Shinobu added to that.

’’I don't care!’’

Chika turned away, pouting. Taishi made a weary sigh.

’’Okamura-dono was a friend of yours?’’

That Vale added dono instead sama to his named showed the difference in their assessment.

’’He's no friend!’’

’’You might say... he's a classmate, someone who studied together with us.’’

’’Mh, I see. But will he really be alright on his own?’’


’’Our world is overflowing with danger. The 'Evila' for one, but there are strives between the same race as well. To survive on his own, it is very likely that he will become an adventurer. But it does not seem like he possesses outstanding fighting talents like you, so...’’

He might end up dead. Everyone present thought that. A heavy silence hung in the air. Although he wasn't their friend, it was indeed unpleasant to lose a classmate.

During that, Chika was the first to start a conversation.

’’Aw, geez! There's no use to worry about such a selfish guy! Instead, let's think about getting stronger first!’’

’’You sure are vigorously, Chika.’’

’’What, got a problem? Besides, when we defeat the 'Evila' and bring peace, then he can live in peace too, right?’’

Everyone had her mouth gaping open on these words. No one imagined that Chika, angry until a moment ago, would voice such a view.

’’Chika-chan... You're so kind.’’

Saying so happily, Shuri showed a smile, whereupon Chika turned bright red and shouted.

’’N- No! I was just... Aw, geez! We're done with this topic! No more! Got it?’’

The other three looked glad as if to say ’’Sure, sure’’.

’’Chika-sama has a point. We have to think about training you now.’’

Everyone nodded upon Vale's words. Then their magic trained started.

Hiiro found an inn for the time being and brooded over what to he needed to buy from now. He concluded that he wouldn't last a day with his current funds.

(I really need to save up money quickly. And there's a lot of stuff I want to try out)

Saying so, he fell into deep thoughts on the bed in the single room of the inn.

(...My heart's beating faster?)

He repeatedly opened and squeezed his hand. By doing so, he felt that his body was unusually hot, he felt excitement.

(I'm unusually excited? Haha, guess I'm a guy after all)

The RPG-like world gave him a racing heart. A world he could only experience through books or games. Not even in his dreams would he have thought to experience one in real life.

After completing a quest and trying out magic, he felt his excitement growing. Since he was already here, he wanted to try out everything on his mind.

Luckily enough, he had an overpowered magic. If he could make good use of this unfair magic, he surely would have a worthwhile life, even here.

(Anyway, I should get some sleep for tomorrow)

His MP fully recovered after eating the ’’Addicting Seafood Noodles’’. He could go out to level up right away, but so many things happened all at once today, so his mind couldn't keep up.

As that was only inevitable, he decided to go to bed for today to recovery his mentality too and genuinely start taking action from tomorrow onwards.

’’Are you sure you want to accept this quest?’’


The first thing he did after getting up on the next day, was looking at the quests at the Guild and choosing one.

Goblin Hunt E

Kill 10 goblins in the Clair Forest.

Reward: 35000 Rigin


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