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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Hiiro and the girl

Translated by Eric

Edited by XCrossJ

Editor's Note: I've finished a rough edit. This means that I've basically edited the English of this translation. I did not compare it with the Jap cause I didn't have the time. I probably won't amend it in the future. It's not absolutely accurate, but you get the point. (PS. Props to NetBlazer. His translations have improved tremendously.)

Chapter 49: Hiiro and the girl

’’Hey! Were you serious, just now!? Tell me!’’ (?)

Arnold was lifted up by the scruff of his neck by the person that walked into the room. He looked like he was suffocating.

’’Kuu-sama! What are you doing here!?’’ (Raiev)

Raiev was also bewildered by the princess' sudden visit.

’’Ugh....can't breath...’’ (Arnold)

Noticing Arnold's face growing pale, Kukklia quickly loosened her grip.

’’Ah, S-Sorry!’’ (Kukklia)

Arnold, who had just been released from her grasp, took a deep breath as he thanked the heavens for extending his life. It really seemed like he was going to suffocate a moment ago. If worst came to worst, he would have passed on to the next world. Even though she was a girl, it was clear the she inherited the Gabranth's brute strength.

’’S-so, can you please tell me! Is what you said really true? That the information came from that Rarashik?’’ (Kukklia)

Even though Kukklia had not moved a step towards him, Arnold felt so intimidated that he unconsciously swallowed his saliva.

’’Ah, eh...yes. That is...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold told Kukklia what Rarashik had told him.

’’Why would the Demon Lord do that to the bridge...?’’ (Kukklia)

Kukklia's said the exact same question that was on everyone's minds.

’’Wouldn't it just mean that they didn't want to fight?’’ (Raiev)

Raiev casually commented.

’’Actually, it might be just as Nee-chan said. It's just, it was only just recently that the [Evila] declared that they wanted to annihilate everything.’’ (Arnold)

This was during the era of the previous Demon Lord, although nobody was aware of it. Incidentally, Rarashik knew about this, however, she forgot to pass this info on to Arnold and his compatriots.

’’But, if what you said is true, then Papa and his army should be safe, right?’’ (Kukklia)

’’I'll bet. I'm sure we'll be able to see them as lively as ever.’’ (Raiev)

Kukklia smiled joyfully at Raiev's words. Even though it was she herself that had suggested to go to war, having her allies coming back home without any wounded was undoubtedly something worth celebrating.

’’Hn? By the way, who are you guys? Also, earlier you called Raiev 'Nee-chan' but...’’ (Kukklia)

’’Aa, Kuu-sama, this blockhead is my little brother. Also, that girl's his daughter.’’ (Raiev)

’’Heh, I am the child of the [Beast Kingdom: Passion]'s [Beast King] Leowald. The First Princess: Kukklia King. Nice to meet you’’ (Kukklia)

Hearing her introduction, Arnold hastily fell to his knees. Muir, as if imitating him, followed soon after.

’’Aaah, it's fine, it's fine. I don't like being so formal. It's fine to treat me normally. Actually, please do.’’ (Kukklia)

Under such a strong influence, Arnold and Muir timidly rose to their feet. (E: Not accurate, but I don't have the time.)

’’Hmm, as I've heard you are Raiev's....and Muir is your daughter. Nice to meet you.’’ (Kukklia)

Although it was nice to hear her talk in such a friendly manner, because she was a princess, Arnold and Muir could not help but feel tense and confused.

’’Ahaha, you're so cute, aren't you! I got it! Would it be alright for me introduce you to Mimiru?’’ (Raiev)

Raiev was about to say something, however, with the pretense that 'surely she would also be glad to meet them,' Raiev could only accept.

’’Hah...somehow, this turned into something really unexpected...right’’ (Arnold)

Although Arnold was bewildered when the princess appeared, something more surprising had happened while he was preoccupied. This being that Hiiro, who was beside him a few moments ago, had vanished.

’’....Hiiro?’’ (Arnold)

Meanwhile, as Hiiro was wondering whether or not there was anything interesting in the <<King Tree>>, he had began to wander around. Of course, this was all done without the soldiers noticing.


This was the first time he had activated the <<Double-Word-Chain>>skill. As of this moment, Hiiro had transformed into an Invisible Man.

(Yah~ this skill is so broken that I can barely hold in my laughter.)

The soldiers that Hiiro had passed had barely noticed him, to the point that it was as if he had walked through them. Well, there were some that had seemed to sense something was wrong, which caused Hiiro to hold his breath.

(The Gabranth are probably very good at sensing people. Well, even though they can't see me, I still have a presence.)

The Gabranth have a more developed perception than humans. They have enhanced hearing, touch, taste, feel, and sight. Even if he became invisible to the naked eye, they would still be able to sense his presence.

After walking for a little while, he had encountered, what looked like, a garden. There were a large amount of branches that created a scaffolding, with crops and flowers being grown on top.


Surveying the area, he noticed a girl sitting on a nearby wooden bench as she held a plank of wood.

There was a small hole on the top of the plank. The plank hanged over the top of her head with a loop of string tied to the top hole. Even if she were to let go, the plank wouldn't fall to the floor.

Looking carefully, one would be able to see some white paper on it. It resembled a child's sketchbook.

Just when Hiiro was thinking that she might be drawing a sketch of the garden, she looked directly at him in surprise.

’’.....?’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment, Hiiro thought that the <<Transparency>>word's effect had elapsed. However, he felt that the effect was still in place. He thought for the moment that she may just be looking at something in his direction, thus, he continued staring at her.

However, to his surprise, her eyes had remained tracked onto him. Hiiro looked behind him for something that might have garnered her attention...but there was nothing there. It was clear that she was looking at him. He didn't even consider that his supposedly transparent body was detected.

Hiiro pointed at himself without thinking. When he did, the the girl nodded her head up and down in affirmation.

(...what's going on?)

There were moments where perceptive soldiers had almost noticed him and looked his way. However, there wasn't a single person who looked at him directly, not to mention acknowledging his existence.

When he wrote <Transparency>once, the duration would only last about a minute. However, as he wrote it twice, using the <Double-Word Chain>skill, its effect has already lasted over five minutes.

When he used the new word, he had deduced that the word effect would remain in place unless deactivated.

This cheat-like effect was expected for a spell that costed 300 MP. He assumed that if he used <<Two-Word Chain>>with <<Aerial Writing>>, it would cost about 400 MP.

In reality, he had written two words with the Aerial Writing skill. After checking his status screen, he confirmed that it had consumed 400 MP. That much was certain.

400 MP is probably not an amount a regular adventure would have. While this may have been unfair, this didn't really concern Hiiro.

(I'm sure that the effect should still be in place. I should still be transparent. And yet...our eyes had definitely met...right?)

There was no doubt about it. The girl was looking directly at him. She did not just sense his presence, it was clear that she was able to completely acknowledge his existence.

Hiiro quickly surveyed his surroundings, searching for any other witnesses. It appeared that right now, both Hiiro and the girl were the only ones present in the garden. He deactivated his spell, becoming visible. He looked at the girl to see if there was a reaction, but...there was none. Hiiro confirmed that she had seen him.

’’ could you tell?’’ (Hiiro)

She bowed her head over and started to move her hands. It appeared that she was writing something. After she finished writing, she turned the board with the white paper over, presenting him with what she wrote.

[Ghost-san] (girl)

She tilted her head to the side in an adorable fashion.

’’You're mistaken. Or what? Could it be that since her ability to sense the paranormal was so high that she was able to see me?’’

The girl blinked her eyes in confusion as she began to write.

[What's the ability to sense the paranormal?] (girl)

’’Instead of writing, couldn't you just talk? It's a matter of efficiency.’’ (Hiiro)

When the girl heard those words, she grew sombre as she made an apologetic face.

[I apologize. Mimiru, is unable to speak.] (Mimiru)

Hiiro was silent. He understood the significance of those words. She, for some unknown reason, had lost her ability to speak. Judging from her attitude, the cause wasn't something as simple as a sore throat.

’’ that so? Sorry about that. Forgive me.’’ (Hiiro)

[No, please don't worry about it.] (Mimiru)

As expected of Hiiro. He wasn't foolish nor arrogant enough to treat a child, especially one with a disability, disrespectfully. Although his response was a little rough.

’’In any case, about before. I'm not a ghost. Do you understand what they are?’’ (Hiiro)

[Yes. It seems the only one in my family that can completely see them is me.] (Mimiru)

’’I see. No matter what world you're in, there's always somebody who has developed a sixth-sense. (Hiiro)

[.....?] (Mimiru)

Hiiro knew that she wouldn't understand what sixth-sense meant. It would be troublesome to explain it to her. Thus, Hiiro just set it aside.

’’Don't worry about. It seem that your perceptiveness is much higher than normal.’’ (Hiiro)

[Is that something good?] (Mimiru)

’’Who knows? But it's better to have it than not, right?’’ (Hiiiro)

[Then all is well.] (Mimiru)

Seriously considering it to be a blessing, she smiled. Following which, she then took out a handkerchief and wiped her forehead. As it was hot outside, it couldn't be helped.

The girl looked no older than 10 years old. Yet, judging from her smile, she felt a lot older. It is as if she had the smile of an adult.

She had long, reddish-brown hair that grew past her waist. A large, green ribbon was tied around near the top of her head, prominent as if it were her trademark. She didn't look voluptuous, yet her charming, hazel eyes and fair white skin practically ensured that she would grow up to be a beautiful lady in the future.

Her pico-pico beast ears and her flickering beast tail made her look so cute that Hiiro determined that she must be kept away from Arnold. Although Arnold was not a lo*ic*n, Hiiro didn't want to imagine what would happen should Arnold spot a cute girl standing before him.

(For some reason, though, when I look at her face, something keeps bothering me.)

Even though that smile was a genuine smile, it felt unnatural for some reason.

[Ghost-san. What are you doing here?] (Mimiru)

’’I told you that I'm not a ghost, already. Besides, I just came here by chance.’’ (Hiiro)

[Do you know where this is?] (Mimiru)

’’The <<King Tree>>, right? It's not like I sneaked in here. As a matter of fact, I was brought here by my companions.’’ (Hiiro)

However, he made sure to leave out the fact that he was just wandering around the <<King Tree>>aimlessly.

[I see. Is this your first time being here?] (Mimiru)

’’Aaah’’ (Hiiro)

[I like this place as well. When I was five, an illness took my voice. Ever since then, I come here really often.] (Mimiru)

From what she just said, it seemed that she wasn't born a mute. A severe illness caused her throat to be so damaged, she lost the ability to speak.

Silence enveloped the area. This was a sign that meant there was nothing left to say.

(Well, I've solved the puzzle that had been bothering me. I guess I should...)

As Hiiro was about to leave, the girl's leg had suddenly slipped.

’’Tsk’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro instinctively rushed towards the girl. As he prevented her from falling, he caught her in his arms.

’’Darn...without thinking I just...’’ (Hiiro)

As Hiiro began making up excuses in his mind, he lied the girl down on the bench to rest. However, as he looked at the sky, he noticed a blazingly bright sun. It was currently the season of Raer (Summer). If someone stayed out in such conditions for a long time, it will not doubt drain their vitality.

(The fever and her fainting. Along with this amount of sweat. Without a doubt, these are the symptoms of heatstroke.)

Hiiro contemplated about how he should deal with this situation. He had considered just leaving her on the bench, however, there were strong rays of sunlight beaming down which would only worsen her condition.

(A cold towel should be applied to the skin. The subject should be moved into the shade and laid on the side of their head with arms placed underneath. The feet need to be raised with a cold object applied to the sole...wait, am I seriously thinking of treating something like this?)

In that instant, treatment methods for heat stroke had surged through his mind. However, Hiiro realized that he such thoughts were unnecessary.

He carried her to the shade, placed a finger on her forehead and proceeded to write something before pausing.

’’Why do I have to do this for her?’’ (Hiiro)

He let out a sigh as he removed his finger. He had no obligation to help her. The symptoms were nothing major either. He judged that if she just rested, she would recover without issue.

As he let go of her, the girl opened her eyes. She trembled as she desperately began to write on her plank of paper. After she was done, she showed it to Hiiro.

[Sorry for causing you trouble. Thank you for carrying me all the way here] (Mimiru)

She displayed an apologetic smile. Looking at her face, he saw a single tear drop fall from her eyes. Hiiro narrowed his eyes. He suddenly felt irritated for some reason.

(As I thought, this brat's face is really annoying.)

He had discovered the source of his discomfort throughout the encounter. It was that face filled with a sense of inferiority and pain. That smile, it was one that flipped between pain and happiness. Hiiro scowled as he noticed that expression plastered on to the face of a child.

If its painful then just say it hurts. Even if it's just an expression of agony on your face, its fine. Yet, for her to force a smile when exposed to such a situation would only make someone feel irritated.

(This brat's such a...even the Chibi's more honest than her.)

Whether it was good times or bad times, Muir was still honest with herself. Actually, she's trying to be true to herself. She has the will to be honest with herself. However, the girl before him probably put on that smile so as to not hurt those around her. It reeked of deceit, for a child to act mature and put on such a facade, it was not something that can be easily accepted.

If it was the usual Hiiro, he would have just ignored the girl. He would just tell it to her face. That he met her by accident while wandering around, taking that chance to leave.

However, in this instance, Hiiro felt that he shouldn't leave the situation in its current state. The feeling was the same as when he had approached the [Gree-Caves]. If he didn't face this properly, something unpleasant may happen.

He felt that if he didn't address the issue with the utmost effort, he would stray away from his path. However, he was unable to grasp the reason behind his current premonitions.

He was just grasping the situation by instinct. An important crossroad of his life was lying before him. He felt that if he made a mistake now, his existence would turn into a lie.

(I don't really have any deep connection with this person, but...)

Hiiro was a human from another world. This girl was a Gabranth living in this world. There was no way that there would be any sort of connection between them. Yet, at this moment, it was as if his soul was telling him that this was the best choice.

Thus, Hiiro approached the girl whose name he did not know.

’’Oi, what I'm about to do now, you are not allowed to tell anyone, got it?’’ (Hiiro)

Saying this, Hiiro approached the girl as he concentrated on his fingertip and started writing.

(Ku~, as expected, the finger's barely moving.)

It was even slower compared to when he was writing the word [Sleep]. He thought of stopping, however, he was aware that if he stopped while trying to write two words, he would receive a harsh <<Rebound>>effect. The moment he had started writing two words, he had no choice but to go through with it.

The girl looked at Hiiro with a blank expression wondering what he was doing. Hiiro just ignored it and concentrated on writing the word. Unlike the [Transparency] word, Hiiro knew that if he lost focus he would definitely fail.

(This definitely feels like something that cannot be done without a lot of concentration.)

While thinking so, Hiiro focused really hard on moving his finger

[Restore]... Hiiro was writing a word created to help another person.

[Cure] and [Revive] also came to mind, but he felt that the word [Restore] would fit the situation better. In reality, the magic Hiiro chose by instinct was very similar to an already established magic. Of course, Hiiro was unaware of this.

This instinct, in regards to <<Word Magic>>, would actually become a very crucial factor in the future.

Although this was not the first time Hiiro chose a word by instinct, somewhere inside him, he felt satisfied with his word choice.

A brilliant white light appeared, wrapping her body in a pale aura. As the light seeped into her body, her sunburnt red skin returned to it's former fair white. Her sweating had also stopped.

Following this, the girl felt that she wasn't as feeble as before. She suddenly shifted her gaze towards Hiiro, who was arrogantly looking down at her.

’’Now then. Start talking, Ribbon.’’ (Hiiro)


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