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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 48


Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid

Translated by Yoraikun

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid

I didn't plan to do it for this series, but perhaps I should once again take up character dialogue annotations due to majority vote.

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid.

’’Let me introduce you. This is my older sister.’’ (Arnold)

Rubbing his right cheek after getting hit, Arnold introduces the girl.

’’Like I'd be satisfied with such an apathetic introduction!’’ (Sistah)

With a whack on the head, the girl made some distance between her and Arnold.

’’T-that hurt!’’ (Arnold)

’’You're supposed to be an adventurer, aren't you!? Do you want to get whacked?’’ (Sister)

Arnold wanted to retort that he had already been whacked, but saying as such would merely make her do it again, so he held back his words.

’’U-um...’’ (Soldier)

The soldier tries to butt in with apologetic expressions. Arnold's sister raises her hand, and answers them.

’’Ah, these kids are fine. This one is my fool of a brother, and the other two seem to be with him. Please let them through.’’ (Sister)

’’Is that true!? If that's the case, then we can't complain. Go ahead.’’ (Soldier)

With a smile, the soldier ushered the group inside.

(The Old Man's sister... She seems to have quite a bit of trust here.)

Otherwise, her words would never have let others enter the dwellings of royalty during times of war. No, even if the country were not at war, getting in shouldn't have been this easy. Even so, by her order, the group easily entered. The trust placed in her must have been considerable.

What they entered was a space like a small dining hall. There were three wooden tables, and a counter with a kitchen area behind it. Hiiro's group took their seats at the various chairs enclosing the tables.

’’I'll get you something cold. Stay put for a second.’’ (Sister)

She gave a bright smile, and walked towards the kitchen. Hiiro continued observing her.

She had the same blue hair as Arnold, but unlike his short-cut hair, hers was long and neat. Her facial features weren't bad, and her height was on the higher end. She had a thin and soft-looking tail swinging back and forth behind her.

She was worthy of being called a beauty. But a maid that smokes tobacco as she works is a little bit off.

But one thing that did catch Hiiro's interest was the top of her head.

(... There's nothing there.)

Just like Arnold, she had no ears. Noticing where Hiiro's attention was directed, Arnold gave a bitter smile.

’’So you noticed?’’ (Arnold)

’’Noticed what?’’ (Hiiro)

He had no intention of prying into it, so he played dumb. However contrary to Hiiro's expectations, Arnold continued.

’’Don't misunderstand. Sister isn't a former slave or anything.’’ (Arnold)

Hiiro's eyebrows twitched. He was sure that Arnold lost his ears upon becoming a slave to the human race. He though that she had lost her ears under similar circumstance.

But his thoughts were immediately refuted. This made Hiiro mildly curious, but he didn't speak up.

’’Hey, thanks for waiting.’’ (Sister)

Arnold's sister came carrying a tray of glasses, the number of which was that of the number of people present.

’’It's 【Pashion】 specialty Schwartz.’’ (Sister)

(TL: It's written as specialty, pronounced phonetically as Schwartz)

It was a clear, sky-blue drink. Looking closely, many bubbles rose and formed within the liquid. Could this possibly be...

(... It's cider.)

It truly was. A so-called carbonated drink. Hiiro never thought he would be able to put such a thing into his mouth after being transported to this world, so he was delightfully shocked.

Making a pleasant gulping sound, he downed the glass in one swig. It was perfectly carbonated, and the feeling of it going down his throat was quite pleasant.

’’Oh, you drink well! I have more, so drink all you want.’’ (Sister)

She showed her teeth as she laughed happily.

’’Hit me.’’ (Hiiro)

Saying that, Hiiro held out his glass. Muir also seemed to be enjoying it as she drained her cup.

After bringing a refill for Hiiro, Arnold's sister lowered herself into a chair. She took the cigarette out, and held it in her hand as she blew out a stream of smoke.

’’First is that I guess. Could you tell me about those kids, Arnold?’’ (Sister)

’’Yeah, this ridiculously cute apple of my eye, that pulls at the strings of all of our hearts is the lovely Muir Castrea.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold's eyes sparkles as he points at Muir.

’’M-my name is Muir! It's a pleasure working with you, Uncle's sister!’’ (Muir)

’’Haha, you can call me Raive, Muir. Nice meeting you.’’ (Raive)

’’Ah, yes... Raive-san.’’ (Muir)

She embarrassingly fidgets as she stares at the woman in front of her. Live lets out a laugh

’’Ahaha, what's this? This child's really cute, isn't she!? Where didja pick her up, Arnold?’’ (Raive)

She speaks as she heartily pats Muir's head. Following the motion of her hand, Muir's head shook from side to side. However, Raive didn't seem to notice it at all.

’’By the way, Arnold, what was with that introduction? When did you become a lo*ic*n?’’ (Raive)

’’You're wrong! Muir is my daughter! Though our blood isn't connected, we're father and child!’’ (Arnold)

Even Arnold's sister conferred with Hiiro. This was enough to depress Arnold considerably, so he began speaking rapidly.

’’Ah, so that's it? I thought that, due to your lack of popularity, you kidnapped someone's cute daughter, to reap your crop after raising her exactly to your preferences.’’ (Raive)

’’Who the hell do you think I am!? There's no way I would do that! Do you really think of your cute younger brother as such a person!?’’ (Arnold)

’’Ah, that was a joke, a joke. About half of it, at least.’’ (Raive)

’’So half of it was serious!?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold took severe mental damage from his sister's words. Seeing Arnold hang his shoulders, Raive let out another spout of smoke, and hit him on the back.

’’Geho! Geho! What are you doing!?’’ (Arnold) (TL: Sound of coughing)

’’Go on. Who's the other one?’’ (Raive)

’’Hmm? Ah, that guy. He's Hiiro Okamura.’’ (Arnold)

’’T-that was quite a simple introduction.’’ (Raive)

Raives smile cramps for a moment. She considered whether the two were on bad terms, but deduced that they were not.

’’But he sure is quiet. He hasn't been saying anything for a while, but is he alright?’’ (Raive)

Hiiro was wholeheartedly drinking his cider. His expression didn't really show it, but he truly was in heaven. He was celebrating his fated reunion with soda.

(Fumu, if they mixed fruits or berries into it...)

As his head filled with thoughts of soda applications, he unintentionally let out smile. Seeing this, Raive asks Arnold once more.

’’Is that child alright? He's started smiling for some reason.’’ (Raive)

’’Y-yeah, he sometimes does that. Just leave him be.’’ (Arnold)

’’I-is that so? By the way, you suddenly left, and came back just as abruptly. And with companions at that. You better not be planning to go to war, right?’’ (Raive)

Her gentle eyes suddenly became sharp.

’’N-no, you're wrong. It's true that I was curious about the war, but I didn't come back to join it. I came here to get master to train someone.’’ (Arnold)

’’Hmmm, so did you get permission?’’ (Raive)

’’Yeah, I'll be under her care along with Muir.’’ (Arnold)

’’Hm? What about that Hiiro kid?’’ (Raive)

’’Ah, that guy's going to go on a journey after about a week.’’ (Arnold)

’’Is that so?’’ (Raive)

’’Until then, I thought I would show him around the city. Since I was here, I also decided to drop by and see you.’’ (Arnold)

’’So I'm just an add-on!?’’ (Raive)

A fist came into contact with Arnold's skull once more.

’’O-ow!’’ (Arnold)

’’Quiet down, and endure it!’’ (Raive)

’’... By the way, how are things going on your end?’’ (Arnold)

According to Raive, she had been working here as a maid for a number of years. Contrary to her appearance and personality, she worked diligently and made it up the ranks to Head Maid.

The King was quite fond of the meals she made, and happily ate them. She had heard of the war, but did not participate in it.

It's not that she couldn't fight, but she obstinately stood by her position as not to.

She became a maid because she wished to make people happy. She didn't want to use her powers to harm anyone after all this time.

That's why she felt great relief upon learning that Arnold did not come to go to war. He wasn't the best brother, but he was still precious family. She didn't want him to be taken away by the war.

’’Did you know about it, Raive?’’ (Arnold)

’’About what?’’ (Raive)

’’The war is over.’’ (Arnold)

The cigarette dropped from her mouth onto the floor. She hastily picks it up, and puts it into an ashtray-like fixture. But her eyes remained open wide.

’’W-what are you saying?’’ (Raive)

’’I understand your reaction. But this is information from master.’’ (Arnold)

’’...... Is this for real?’’ (Raive)

She was still half in doubt, but Rarashik's information was quite reliable.

’’Yeah, it seems both sides suffered no casualties. They should be returning soon.’’ (Arnold)

At that time, a large noise sounded out. Everyone turned their attention to its source.

’’I-is that true?’’

Standing there was the first princess, who was held from battle. The princess, Kuclear.


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