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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: The Gabranth's Roots.

Compared to the time when they first met Rarashik, the science-like room they had returned to had one thing different about it.

’’W-what's the deal with this thing?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro, looking at the strange object that was right in front of him, asked with a furrowed brow.

(It's white and small and looks like a rabbit...isn't this?) (Hiiro)

’’Oo, it's been a while since I've seen Shishou's <<Spirit>>.’’ (Arnold)

’’<<Spirit>>? You mean this thing? ' (Hiiro)

Hiiro involuntarily cast a suspicious gaze. No matter how you looked at it, what was in front of him looked exactly like the snow rabbit that children would make on snowy days. As it was bouncing energetically, it seemed impossible not to be surprised.

’’More importantly, was that warning real?’’ (Rarashik)

When Rarashik asked the <<Spirit>>, it responded in affirmation as it faintly shook its head up and down.

’’No way...what in the couldn't be that the irregular case would actually...?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik put a hand on her chin. Arnold acted as the representative of those in the dark as he spoke.

’’A-ano, Shishou? What exactly...?’’ (Arnold)

’’.................’’ (Rarashik)

’’A-ano?’’ (Arnold)

’’.................’’ (Rarashik)

’’S-Shishou...?’’ (Arnold)

Not matter what Arnold said, there was no response. Rarashik just remained there, frozen in a thinking posture as if her time had been stopped.

Arnold scratched his head as he looked toward Hiiro for a response. However, Hiiro just shrugged his shoulders as he leaned against a wall. Arnold had no choice but to wait for Rarashik to break out of her trance. Therefore, Arnold placed the unconscious Miur in bed.

After waiting for a short time, the [<<Spirit>>] starting bouncing on top of Rarashik's head. As if that attack stimulated something in her brain, Rarashik finally redirected her gaze towards the others.

’’Ah, Shishou?’’ (Arnold)

’’.........haa~’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik let a about a big sigh. Not knowing why she displayed such a depressed attitude, Hiiro and his group looked at each other with their heads tilted to the side in confusion.

’’Shishou? What in the world just happened?’’ (Arnold)

When Arnold asked a second time, it looked like they would finally get an explanation. Furthermore, the contents of the answer was startling.

’’...The army is returning’’ (Rarashik)

’’...hee~the army is, huh? I didn't know that....wait a minute, S-S-S-S-SERIOUSLY!?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold had replied with great force. However, the contents of the answer was so astonishing that his brain skipped, causing his comprehension time to lag.

The King's army should be in the middle of a war right now. Furthermore, they only started the war three days ago. It was a battle that would determine the fate of two powerful races. There was no way that the war would end in only three days. He had passed off Rarashik's words as a joke. However, she had a serious expression on her face.

’’Seriously. My <<Spirit>>thoroughly investigated it.’’ (Rarashik)

Saying thus, Rarashik placed her hand on the head of her <<Spirit>>

’’W-wait, you say investigated...huh? You mean the war, right?’’ (Arnold)

’’Aa.’’ (Rarashik)

’’The war that just started 3 days ago?’’ (Arnold)

’’Probably.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Yet, the King's army is returning just now?’’ (Arnold)

’’Aa.’’ (Rarashik)

’’...even if we lost, isn't that too fast? No, even if they were victorious, it would be just as unbelievable.’’ (Arnold)

It was just as Arnold assumed. Even if they lost, they would just gather the [Gabranth]'s elite and replenish their forces at the border. Numbers are a significant factor in war. They were not a force that could be completely subdued within 3 days.

The same thing could be said for the foe [Evila]. Behind their front lines was their home territory. Even if the [Gabranth] had obtained victory, they would wind up having to face the full force of the [Evila]. Completely invade within three days was impossible.

’’Eto...are you sure the report isn't false?’’ (Arnold)

It was understandable for Arnold to think that. However, Rarashik just shaked her head.

’’No, I asked this child to monitor the fate of the war. I also ordered him to sound an alarm if the king withdrew from the battlefield.’’ (Rarashik)

While explaining thus, Rarashik pointed to a red button installed in the wall. Certainly, a red button did exist there.

’’'s really true?’’ (Arnold)

’’That seems to be the case. If you want the details, this child can saw it all so if we listen then maybe we can understand what happened.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Is the King's army already in the country?’’ (Arnold)

’’No, they haven't arrived yet. However, we're talking about that person so coming back shouldn't really be...’’ (Rarashik)

As the two of them made a difficult expression as they thought about the current situation, Hiiro, who was listening silently, opened his mouth.

’’Oi, more importantly, what's a <<Spirit>>?’’ (Hiiro)

No matter the circumstances, he was really the same, self-paced Hiiro.

’’Y-you're unbelievable! The war just ended, you know, the war has! Instead of saying 'more importantly', be surprised a little, huh?’’ (Arnold)

Anyone would have shared Arnold's sentiments. However, Hiiro sullenly wrinkled his forehead and looked at him with displeasure.

’’I don't give a damn about the war. Frankly, I'm more interested about the Jelly-like fellow.’’ (Hiiro)

(E: Punipuni is an expression that describes something soft and jelly like. Often used when referring to pudding or people with chubby cheeks. Or at least, that's the best explanation I can come up with.)

Hiiro has met the [Pheom] before. He even directly spoke with the Fairy Queen. It's precisely because of this that Hiiro held considerable interest in the existence known as Spirits.That is why he was interested in the small existence of the <<Spirit>>. Furthermore, he felt some sort of affinity with its shape.

’’Y-you really are....’’ (Arnold)

Although Arnold, who was amazed Hiiro's nonchalant attitude, stared at him with a half-open eyes, Rarashik could only look at him with a blank expression. Then, as her stiff mouth began to relax...

’’Nahaha! You're definitely an interesting person, boya~!’’ (Rarashik)

...she let loose a boisterous voice as she laughed.

’’To think that someone would have no interest in this abnormal situation! Better yet, that person is the same as us, a Gabranth! Nahahahaha’’ (Rarashik)

'No, he's not a Gabranth though...' is what Arnold almost said without thinking. However, he managed to somehow stop himself.

Rarashik was laughing so hard that there were tears coming from her eyes. She rubbed her eyes lightly before she raised both hands towards the <<Spirit>>on top of her head, holding it between them.

’’Alright, I'll tell you. This child is my <<Spirit>>, Yuki-chan.’’ (Rarashik)

'So it's not food?' is what Hiiro thought but didn't say it out loud. In this world, it did look like snow was present. However, there was no way of telling whether their way of playing with snow was the same as Japan.

’’So why's it here? In fact, can you even make a <<Spirit>>work?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nn~ Boya, even though you're a Gabranth, you don't know this? That reminds me, you don't seem to have a nameless bracelet...are you really an adventurer, boya?’’ (Rarashik)

Hiiro was at a loss as to how he should respond. Hiiro was simply not a [Gabranth]. He only used <<Word Magic>>to disguise himself, not to equip himself with a <<Nameless Bracelet>>. From what he heard Arnold tell him, all Gabranth Adventurers wear a bracelet in order to draw its powers when in combat.

Not possessing the bracelet would mean he would be unable to use the <<Binding>>skill, severely limiting his battle potential. Arnold glanced at Hiiro, fidgeting as he also tried to come up with a response.

’’Nn? No, a while back you used that strange skill, right?...boya, what in the world....’’ (Rarashik)

Hiiro remembered when he was seen using his <<Word Magic>>.

’’Also, you're of the same race as the little miss, right? You don't possess a bracelet that she has, you're able to use a strange skill. On top of that, your knowledge of the <<Spirit>>is severely limited...’’

Hiiro was gradually being cornered. Seeing that, Arnold was unable to further witness the situation. However, Hiiro's attitude did not change. It was the same, nonchalant demeanor as usual.

’’Don't return a question with a question. If you intend to pry further, you don't mind if I go, right?’’ (Hiiro)

As Hiiro indifferently made his response, he narrowed his eyes as he met Rarashik's stare. Thinking that Rarashik had been angered, Arnold shivered. However, the first to break the staring contest was Rarashik.

’’Ha~, it can't be helped. Even though my curious heart is aching, I guess I should leave the questions for later. Besides, since you seem to be insisting that I finish off my earlier explanation, I'll stop asking you questions.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Aa, although asking Ossan about it is fine with me.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Aaaa~aaaa~, I really wanna know. Hey boya, want to become my experiment subject?’’

’’I refuse.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Uu~, even though such an existence has sparked my curiosity~’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik hugged her shoulders with both hands, wriggling about with her cheeks flushed. ’’What a disturbing little girl' is what flashed through Hiiro's mind.

’’Meh, it can't be helped. No one would agree to anything a stranger asked of them.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Putting that aside, are you going to talk or not?’’ (Hiiro)

Putting on a displeased face, Rarashik spoke.

’’I got it, I got it. I'll tell you, alright? Listen up, this [<<Spirit>>] is a different existence compared to those that live naturally in this world.’’ (Rarashik)

’’...what do you mean?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I'm assuming that you already know that when you awaken the bracelet, you'll form a contract with a [<<Spirit>>] which will grant the bracely a name.’’

’’Aaah’’ (Hiiro)

’’Arnold contracted with the <<Wind Spirit>>which made his bracelet a <<Wind bracelet>>, whereas the little miss formed a contract with the <<Thunder Spirit>>, creating a <<Thunder Bracelet>>. However, even if we say we form a contract, the <<Spirit>>contracted are not those that are normally present in this world. The <<Spirit>>is contracted are those that lay dormant within the contractor.’’ (Rarashik) (E: This was a bit tough. Basically, it's something like a familiar that sleeps within the one who made the contract.)

’’Dormant?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah. The Ganbranth were originally an existence formed by beasts that became integrated with [<<Spirit>>s].’’ (Rarashik)

’’Hou~’’ (Hiiro)

If what she said was true. The Ganbranth could be considered as <<Phoem>>that obtained a bigger frame.

’’Well, it seems that a long time ago we were called <<Sacred Beasts>>. Of course, that was when we didn't have a humanoid form like we do now. As time passed, we slowly evolved into a form that made living easier. It's a little ironic that we ended up with a humanoid form, though.’’ (Rarashik)

It is true that taking a human form is more convenient than living in an animal form. In human form, one is able to freely use their arms and legs independently. With it, the production of tools and objects in the country should more efficient as well.

’’But at the same time, the Grabranths' <<Spirit>>also became weaker. I don't know if it was a drawback caused by our changing forms, however, our bodies seem to have lost the ability to use magic. At the same time, however, our physical power and vitality have contrarily increased.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I see, so the reason for the Gabranth's beast-like Flexibility, Athletic Ability, and Vitality was because they were exchanged for control over the power of the <<Spirits>>.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Aa. Even though I say our <<Spirit>>power became weaker, that doesn't mean we are unable to use it. Us Gabranth have the power of the <<Spirit>>slumbering within ourselves.’’ (Rarashik)

Saying so, Rarashik pounded her chest as she pointed towards it with her thumb.

’’I see, so the <<Nameless Bracelet>>is a trigger to awaken that hidden power, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Oo~, you're pretty sharp, huh. That's exactly right. Although it doesn't have a very strong effect so it has to be in contact with the body.’’ (Rarashik)

’’So it's basically used like a booster then?’’ (Hiiro)

Honestly, Hiiro thought that the inventor of this bracelet was amazing. She seems just like her father, however, this could be considered the invention of the century.

’’Booster, huh? Well, you're not wrong. It is something that draws out the user's <<Spirit>>and then amplifies it to the limit.’’ (Rarashik)

’’This <<Spirit>>that we draw power from is basically our own power, right? In which case, wouldn't it mean that we are making a contract with ourselves?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Well, to put it bluntly, the <<Spirit>>. is another you. It's a soul from the past that has been passed down ceaselessly between generations. We call them the <<Soul Spirits>>.’’ (Rarashik)

’’So when you make a contract with this <<Soul Spirit>>?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Aa, the Yuki you see before you is a manifestation of the <<Soul Spirit>>phenomenon. Well in actuality, only a few Gabranth are able to manifest their <<Soul Spirit's>>phenomenon.’’ (Arnold)

Hiiro looked at Arnold who, seeing Hiiro's gaze, immediately stiffened his cheeks.

’’E-either way, I still can't use <<Phenomenon Manifestation>>.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold sulked, dropping his shoulders in disappointment. At that moment, Hiiro remembered that the <<Binding>>skill <<Phenomenon Manifestation>>that he saw on her the status screen.

(That's the skill used to summon this thing, huh...) (Hiiro)

Hiiro contemplated as he stared at the cute rabbit Yuki. That snow rabbit was adorably rocking its head from side to side.

(But to think that the Gabranth's roots were the <<Spirits>>... this has gotten very interesting.)

It was a good idea to learn about this right here, right now. Since he was pretending to be a Gabranth, if he wasn't able to answer something that should be obvious to a Gabranth, it would raise the suspicion and draw the public's attention. That's why Hiiro determined it would be best to obtain this information now.

’’Uu...’’ (Muir)

At that moment, Muir began to wake up. Arnold rushed to Muir's bedside.


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