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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Muir's Test Complete!

Two days had past. The end of the last day left before the time limit drew closer. During this time, a chance to catch Rarashik had not yet presented itself to Muir.

Due to the fatigue caused by her constant attempts, Muir was barely able to stand. Her condition was in tatters. Throughout the two days, she had wasted a considerable amount of time due to losing consciousness several times.

As expected, without eating, drinking, or resting, continuing constant battle for three days was impossible. Therefore, breaks were provided throughout the spar (although they were fairly short). However, the benefits of having those breaks had yet to present themselves.

Even during those three days, the smile on Rarashik's face failed to disappear.

’’Nn~, this is looking bad, huh.’’ (Rarashik)

Scratching her head, Rarashik gazed at Muir who was lying stretched out on the ground, exhausted. It would not be strange for Muir, who had been relentlessly continuing her assault for the last few day, to be devoid of energy.

’’It's good to see that you're stubborn but, if you're only at this level then you lack the power to become my disciple.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Uu....’’ (Muir)

Muir desperately put all the strength she had into pushing herself up from the ground. Arnold closed his eyes, unable to stand looking at the spectacle any longer. Seeing his aversion, Hiiro opened his mouth.

’’That's surprising. I expected you to have told them to stop by now, but?’’ (Hiiro)

’’As if I would stop them! That have such a desperate look on her face, there's no parent in the world that would stop them now.’’ (Arnold)

’’Fun.’’ (Hiiro)

’’All I'm saying, is that I believe that Muir can win.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold held up both hands as if he were praying. Hiiro presumed that, considering Arnold's personality, he would have stopped the spar. However, what Hiiro failed to realize, was that Arnold was always thinking about what was best for Muir.

As it was by her own will that Muir made this decision to struggle against Rarashik, Arnold had to accept it. If Arnold stopped them, it would be as if he were denying Muir's will. If he were to do such a thing, he would be disqualified from being her parent.

(Well, those two can think whatever they want. Regardless, things will undeniably get harsh from here on.)

Throughout this two day period, there was barely any progress. Even if Muir's movements had gotten better, it seemed insignificant when compared to Rarashik.

Whether Muir passed or failed this trial, Hiiro didn't give a damn. This was simply because Hiiro was completely unrelated to this matter. However, seeing the tattered body of a girl who was putting out earnest effort, Hiiro thought that it was probably naturally to hold the other side in contempt.

Such a girl's opponent was emitting a conniving smile, as if the girl were dancing in the palm of their hands. Naturally, it did not give a very good feeling. Hiiro couldn't help but feel that he wanted to erase Rarashik's smirk with bewilderment.

Which is why Hiiro decided to open his mouth.

’’Oi, Chibi’’ (Hiiro)

Everyone started at Hiiro who was the source of the sudden noise. Even Muir, who was battered and fatigued, reacted to Hiiro's voice.

’’If you want to become stronger, then stop being so meticulous.’’ (Hiiro)

’’.......?’’ (Muir)

’’Remember what happened before. Even if it's vague, just do what you felt at that time.’’ (Hiiro)

’’A-at that time...?’’ (Muir)

Hiiro folded his arms as he closed his eyes. That was the sign which meant he had nothing left to say.

’’’’ (Arnold)

Arnold eyes widened as he stared at Hiiro. It was unbelievable that that Hiiro had given someone advice. For better or for worse, Hiiro only cared about himself, and yet, he gave advice to Muir. Somehow, Arnold felt happiness spread somewhere inside of him.

’’That's right, Muir! Even if you have no faith in your own strength, place your faith in the me that believes in your strength!’’ (Arnold)

’’O-Ojisan....’’ (Muir)

’’Listen up! You'll definitely get stronger! I guarantee it!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold's words seemed to pierce Muir's chest. Following this, Muir felt as if Hiiro's words had wrapped around her entire body.

’’Gee~z, they're a noisy bunch. If you think those words will make her stronger, then...’’ (Rarashik)

Suddenly, Rarashik's long rabbit ears tensed. She looked at the Muir who was staggering to her feet.

’’Hiiro-san, Oji-san....thank you’’ (Muir)

A strong light dwelled within Muir's once uncertain eyes.

’’...fu~n, I see...’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik wore a meaningful smile. Whether her eyes were filled with expectation or amusement at a weakling's struggle was uncertain.

Muir closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

(Right now, I'm not sure if I really have strength. I don't know if I can become stronger. However, Oji-san believes in me. Such a person has placed their faith in me!)

She clenched her hands tightly.

(I won't hesitate any more! I just need to remember what happened in that moment!)

Muir recalled the moment when she was captured by the clay-viper, when she had awakened to her power. It was fuzzy, however, at that time she herself had desperately wanted to escape. The thoughts of wanting to obtain power had definitely passed through her mind.

’’That's right! I'll be able to do somehow do something by myself!’’ (Muir)

In that instant...

*pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachiiiiiiiii* (E: Crackling sounds. Think static electricity discharging.)

A vaguely familiar sight had been achieved for the second time. Muir's body shone brightly, giving birth to a tremendous amount of electrical discharge. The sparks ferociously scattered in all directions, as if they were beasts hunting for prey.

’’Wha-?!’’ (Rarashik)

As expected, this outcome was outside of even Rarashik's expectations. Her eyes widen as her pupil seemed to slightly convulse in bewilderment.

However, Rarashik wasn't the only target. Anything other than Muir had been determined as prey for the lightning to lash out at.

’’W-whoa-!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold desperately dodged. A bolt of lightning scorched the ground black. It was a chilling sight. If one was directly shocked, it was possible that they wouldn't walk away unscathed.

Following that, another bolt of lightning extended itself towards Hiiro.

’’Unbelievable. I know I said not to think too much, but getting bystanders involved is a bit much, you know.’’ (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro tried to evade to the side, another bolt had already made its way there as it flashed towards him. No, it was more like the discharge had practically surrounded him. At this rate, he would fall prey to the bolts of lightning.

Clicking his tongue, Hiiro was forced to write the word ’’Protect’’ in order to defend himself. A pale wall of magic wrapped around Hiiro's body, deflecting the incoming lightning.

’’That's...-tch!?’’ (Rarashik)

Taking in the situation, Rarashik narrowed her eyes. However, lightning was steadily approaching her.

’’This isn't the time to be looking away.’’ (Rarashik)

Lightly clicking her tongue, Rarashik avoided the lightning with nimble movements. As she evaded, she contemplated.

(So it's about this level of power that was released. I'm guessing that the little miss has lost conscious...wha-!?)

The torrent of energy was clearly in a rampant, uncontrolled state. Muir, who had produced such discharge, would seem to have been deprived of her consciousness. At least, that was what Rarashik had though. And yet, Muir was staring directly at her.

Of course, Muir's face contorted in pain. Yet, the light in her eyes had not faded, plainly capturing the image of Rarashik within them.

(No way! She's still conscious!?)

Following this, Muir damaged cap flew off, revealing the appearance of her silvery white hair and splendid kenomimi(E: Beast Ears).

(As I thought, isn't it exactly like that Hiiro or something boya...)

She remembered that Hiiro stated they were only of the same race. However, what happened in the next instance shocked Rarashik.

Suddenly, Muir's silver-grey ears started to glow with a silver light, transforming from ears that would be considered normal to a shape that resembled wings. The size of the ears had also double when compared to the original.

(That's the <<Silver Feather-Eared>>! That hair and those ears!? To think that there was a survivor of that clan!)

However, even that thought was fleeting, as while she was running and jumping, a bolt of lightning, similar to earlier, had flared up in front of her. Rarashik momentarily she stopped her legs as if she were applying a brake in order to avoid being hit. However, it was precisely this moment that Muir was aiming for.

(Now! This is the only chance I'll get! Put all my remaining strength in my legs!)

Even though Muir was still unable to freely control her power, light gathered at the base of her feet. In that moment, her ears fluttered as if they were wings.

*Byun* (E: *Zoom* Think of a car, or doppler effect.)

From her current position, as if she were a spring, she kicked at the ground.

’’S-so fast!?’’ (Rarashik)

Seeing Muir rush towards her with tremendous momentum, Rarashik instinctively placed her right hand on Muir's back as she jumped over her, avoiding Muir's body blow.

However, it was highly likely that Muir would slam into a wall with such momentum.

’’MUIR!!!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold yelled as he immediately brought himself between Muir and the wall.


Arnold caught Muir with his own body, the sound of his body colliding with the wall ringing out. Arnold's body served as a cushion, resulting in Muir's body being unharmed. However...

*pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi pachiiiiiiiii* (E: Do I need to explain again?)

’’Ma, mamamamamamatatatatatagagagagagagaaaaaaaaaaaaa’’ (Arnold TL: Probably saying something like 'I will be fine')

(E: No idea how to edit this. Well, I probably could, but too lazy to. For those who can't read between the lines *pun*, think of Arnold getting shocked with electricity.)

Once again, like the previous time, it was Arnold who had suffered from the attack.

After receiving the damage, light gradually faded from Muir's body. It seemed that the sparks had subsided. Muir's ears also returned to their normal state.

’’O-Oji-san! I-I'm sorry!’’ (Muir)

Within Arnold's arms, Muir looked up and immediately apologized.

’’Aha...hahahah...I'm alright, I'm fine...’’ (Arnold)

As his body was convulsing, it was clear that he was not ok at all. However, he simply smiled as he tried to reassure Muir.

’’I-I''m so glad...’’ (Muir)

Expressing her genuine relief, she dived into Arnold's chest in exhaustion.

’’Muir!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold hastily supported her in his arms. However, after hearing her silent breathing, Arnold's countenance changed to one of relief. He gently placed his hand on her head.

’’You really tried hard, Muir.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold affectionately caressed her head. The one who was being petted showed relaxed cheeks in a comforted expression.

Looking at the two, Rarashik intuitively displayed a wry smile.

’’I don't believe it. To think that I lost the game in just three days...’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik muttered as she stared at her right hand. Indeed, one of her handicaps the restriction of both hands. The fact that she use her right hand meant that it was her complete loss.

’’With this, she's now your disciple, huh Chibi-Usagi?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Guess so. Honestly, even though I said it looked like a pain, all I wanted to do was measure her power and potential.’’

’’Oi, does that mean that even if you guys didn't have this little spar, you would have made her your disciple anyway?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah? More or less. Arnold's an idiot but even so, wasn't he being a bit too foolish? I didn't think he'd bring along someone who lacked both the talent or the experience on a dangerous journey. Therefore, I knew that something was weird about that girl think that she was a <<Ginryuu>>(Silver Dragon)’’

(Ginyruu? Is that Muir's clan? Ryuu ? Ryu as in Dragon? So basically, she's a silver dragon? I don't recall it being in the reference book, but...)

Even though Hiiro expressed interest since a word outside his realm of knowledge appeared, there was something else bothering him that he needed to take care of.

’’Oi, Chibi-Usagi. Don't tell anyone about my power, alright?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nn? Power? What're you talking about?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Don't play dumb. When I used my skill, I noticed you looking my way.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ho~, got caught, huh.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I don't care. Just don't tell anyone else.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Well, from what I saw it looked like a unique magic. I guess you've got your reasons.’’ (Rarashik)

’’...keep it quiet, alright?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Now, what should I do~?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Y-you f*kin'!’’ (Hiiro)

(But they're full of peculiar things, this bunch. I have to keep the fact that little miss' a [Ginryu] in check. The thing that's really mysterious is this boya. Even though he's a Gabranth, he can use magic? Not to mention it's unique. Furthermore, he's of the same race as the little miss, a [Ginryu]...)

If Rarashik were to find the discover the answers to her questions, riddle by riddle, Hiiro seriously considered using the word ’’Forget’’ to erase her memory. As he was contemplating this, Arnold walked towards them.

’’S-Shishou, t-the test...?’’ (Arnold)

’’Nn, Ah? Aa, she passed. Make sure to tell the little miss when she wakes up. We need to make sure we take extra care of the roots.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Y-Yes!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold genuinely made a face of joy.

’’Well, let's head back for the time being. We have a lot to talk about regarding what's gonna happen from now on.’’ (Rarashik)


Just when they were about to leave, a series of ringing tones echoed.

’’S-Shishou, what is this?’’ (Arnold)

’’......they came back? What in the?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik seemed to have understood what the signal meant. However, Rarashik scowled, seemingly unable to believe what had been conveyed to her.

’’S-Shishou?’’ (Arnold)

’’For now, we're heading back’’

In response to Rarashik's suddenly serious expression, Hiiro and Arnold could only tilt their heads in befuddlement. However, in order to listen to her explanation, the two followed after her.


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