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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 - Interruption of War

’’W-What is that tremendous magic power!? I-Is it the Demon King!?’’

On the Gabranth side, witnessing the actions of Iveam and Aquinas, Regulus judged that it was indeed the work of the Demon King.

’’Yeah. This amount of magic power, there's no mistake.’’ (Regulus)

In the face of such an extreme amount of magic power surpassing his own, even Renion was clenching his teeth. His hands naturally became sweaty.

’’Nyohohohoho! Well now, this is bad!’’ (Yuuhit)

’’What is it, Yuuhit? What's bad? Because they're going to fire it in this direction?’’ (Renion)

As Renion asks, Yuuhit shakes his finger.

’’Non non. If that were the case, they'd have to be closer in order to annihilate us. But they stopped at the middle of the bridge, yes!’’ (Yuuhit)

’’...You can't mean!?’’ (Leowald)

King Leowald gasps as Yuuhit confirmed what he wanted to say.

’’That's correct. I'm afraid they...’’ (Yuuhit)

’’To use such large magic... It can't be!? N-No, but...’’ (Marione)

On the Evila side, the very first to realize was Marione. Even though he came to that conclusion, however, he could not believe it.

’’To think Her Majesty would do such a thing...’’ (Marione)

Among the soldiers, there are those that are impressed feeling the enormous magic power. They did not understand what was going to happen, but they are deeply moved witnessing the power of the one they were supposed to protect.

However, Marione was beside himself with worry. If those girls do what he thought they were going to do, he thought that he must stop them. However, there is no longer a way to stop them. The soldiers ask Marione what those girls plan to do. (TL: 彼女ら, note a plural for woman, implies that Aquinas is also a woman as opposed to Unlimited Novel Failures' description in Chapter 11)

He clenches his teeth and tells them as if spitting out his words.

’’They are...’’ (Marione)

’’They need to break the bridge.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro gives an answer to Rarashik's question. Everyone aside from her, however, has a blank look on their faces.

’’Oh, and your reasoning?’’ (Rarashik)

’’If they break the bridge then just as you said, it won't be able to stop the war but it will delay it.’’ (Hiiro)

’’W-What do you mean?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold asks while furrowing his brow.

’’Isn't that so? That bridge is the only thing connecting the two continents, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’...Ah!’’ (Arnold &Muir)

Both Arnold and Muir seem to understand what he said.

’’I get it! Destroying the bridge will stop their advance!’’ (Arnold)

’’Y-Yeah, and if everything goes well, then just like Ms. Master said, both sides may come out uninjured...’’ (Muir)

(TL: It sounds kind of awkward, but I thought it'd be better than leaving it as Shisho-san)

Then, Rarashik grinned and started applauding.

’’Congratulations. You're a smart one, boy.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Hmph’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro didn't feel bad being complimented, but since he was done so while being looked down upon by a little girl, he felt conflicted.

’’No, wait... There's no merit for them if they do that...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold mutters while crossing his arms. To that, Muir asked.

’’What do you mean?’’ (Muir)

’’Because, they're at war. Especially because it was the Gabranth side that started it. It not likely that they'll do something to lose their standing. There were rumors that the Evila were also plotting war. Rather, they've advanced across that bridge several times. The war this time around is a convenient turn of events for the Evila. Because the Gabranth are the ones that started it. They wouldn't go out of their way and destroy the bridge, would they? Since the Evila are stronger anyway.’’ (Arnold)

’’Ah, you're right.’’ (Muir)

’’It's like I said, right? Theoretically, it's possible. But there's no merit, and someone that could break such a large bridge... Well, even if there were someone that could, he'd have to use close to all his power, so while it's theoretically possible, there's no one that would do it.’’ (Arnold)

The Gedult Bridge, having been destroyed in the past by monsters, has been developed so that such a thing would not occur again.

It may be possible to damage it a little, but something like completely destroying it would be difficult and there would be no reason to do so, so only the methodology of doing so has ever been presented.

’’Well, if the Evila have a reason to not fight and there is some merit that outweighs the demerit of losing the bridge then they might do so. There probably isn't though.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik says so, but they did not know that there is someone in the Evila who has a reason to not fight.

’’Is that so... So the war can't be stopped after all...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold mutters, and Muir has a downcast look.

’’If only there was some miraculous irregular happening... But, the world isn't such an easy place.’’ (Rarashik)

Listening to Rarashik's philosophical words, Arnold and Muir get more depressed, but Hiiro was thinking of something different.

’’The Evila, there is definitely a reason why they haven't attacked despite being so powerful. If that reason was... No, I wonder...’’ (Hiiro)

If the reason was related to avoiding the war, it doesn't necessarily mean that anything may happen in this war. Though this was nothing more than Hiiro's conjecture, the answer would be known soon.

Whether it will become a full-scale war, or it won't... The answer would be known soon.

’’We're releasing it! Aquinas!’’ (Iveam)

Iveam, who was building the magic array, continues to pour in magic from her pitiful left arm.

’’Okay.’’ (Aquinas)

Followed by Aquinas, who was pouring in an equal amount of magic. The black mass that appeared grew in size, filling the gap between the two magic arrays.

’’Let's go, Aquinas!’’ (Iveam)

Her yell acting as the trigger, the black mass wrapped around the magic arrays as if to cover them.

’’Disappear into darkness! 《Cosmo End》!’’


(TL: What's a good onomatopoeia for earthquakes and such?)

The black mass that was fired off with tremendous speed and headed towards the bridge.

It was an instant. Yes, it happened in an instant.

The monsters that were supposed to be on top of the bridge were sucked into the black mass...

The black mass touched the bridge and instantly wrapped around all 30km of it.

And then a few seconds later, the giant Gedult Bridge disappeared without a trace. It was as if a bridge never existed there in the first place...

The weather suddenly cleared up. There were almost no casualties on both sides. Only the path that connected them had disappeared. Only that.

’’Uh...’’ (Iveam)

The wings on Iveam's back disappeared and she fell towards the sea. However, Aquinas appeared and caught her.

’’I... I may have used up too much blood...’’ (Iveam)

’’...’’ (Aquinas)

Her face looks pale, but she felt happy that she was able to follow through with what she wanted to do. Aquinas carried her and started leaving from where they were. When suddenly!


(TL: Sound of cutting through air. I need better English onomatopoeia)

’’!?’’ (Aquinas)

Something was fired towards them from the Gabranth. Aquinas instantly dodged it. It looked like a spear, but it was surprising because it was a spear.

(If there is someone who could throw a spear all the way here, it would be...) (Aquinas)

Thinking that, Aquinas focuses her eyes towards the Gabranth. Where she is right now is approximately 15km from the Gabranth forces. Throwing a spear accurately from that distance is no easy feat.

There was also a fair amount of power behind it. Aquinas determined that if the spear had hit its target, she would have taken considerable damage. There was only one person Aquinas knew who was capable of such an attack.

’’...The Beast King, huh’’ (Aquinas)

’’Shit! She dodged it!’’ (Leowald)

Leowald spat out those words while his face contorted in anger. Even for him the distance was too far and he was unable to hit his target.

’’How dare you... How dare you! Evilaaaaaa!’’ (Leowald)

Leowald screamed into the sky. It couldn't be helped. They assembled their forces in order to fight a war today. They formulated a plan, determined that they could wipe out the Evila this time, and decided to go to war.

Despite that, their enemies left the scene before the fighting even began. They didn't even think that such a thing could have happened.

’’If it's like this, one might think they were being sincere with their peace treaty.’’ (Regulus)

Renion replies to Regulus's muttering.

’’Even though I thought it must've been a trap or something. Are they really seeking peace? There's no way!’’ (Renion)

It wasn't just to the Humas. The Evila had also sent a peace treaty to the Gabranth. Of course it was not taken seriously until now, but with what happened today they were able to determine some of the intention behind the treaty.

’’You shiiiiits! Fiiiiight! You Evila traaaaash!’’ (Leowald)

Everyone watched Leowald scream with resentment, as if he had lost himself.

’’Anyhow, we need to talk about what we will do from now on. We have to stop Father, Renion.’’ (Regulus)

’’Tsk, what a pain in the ass.’’ (Renion)

The two went to stop their father who was taking out his anger on the ground and nearby rocks. After watching those two, Yuuhit looks towards Iveam and Aquinas, who disappear into the sky, with a smile on his face.

(Nyohohohoho! To think it would end like this. It seems like I need to hurry in completing 'that'. Nyohohohoho!) (Yuuhit)


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