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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Arnold's Master

Before the party stood a residence similar to those in the area. However, it was much smaller than others. It also had a door but unlike the other houses, it looked rough and scratched up. Overall, it looked like an abandoned old house.

Arnold went up to the house and knocked on the the door, and frowned when there was no answer. There was a chance that the resident is pretending not to be home, mainly because it would be troublesome to deal with whoever was on the other side of the door.

With a light push the door opened with a creaking sound;the door was unlocked.

’’Is is okay to enter without permission?’’ (Muir)

Muri looked at Arnold with uncertainty, and then he nodded in response.

’’Well, look’’ (Arnold)

’’What?’’ (Muir)

Arnold stuck out his finger and pointed at the bell hanging at near the top of the door.

’’What does the bell mean?’’ (Muir)

’’It is my mentor's habit. Whenever he heads out somewhere, he always puts a bell on the door. Right now he is out.’’ (Arnold)

It does seem that way, since around the top of the door interior here was something that looked like a hook, and a bell was hanging on that hook.

’’I see, so?’’ (Muir)

’’Well, it is just like Shishou, he is probably out drinking and then fell asleep somewhere.’’

With that said, they enter the house. Like Arnold said, the smell of alcohol was thick in the air. They wrinkled their noses;it was clear that there was no ventilation in the house.

’’It smells so bad, for the moment lets leave the door open’’ (Hiiro)

Looking inside, it could not be even called a house or even a barn, it was small enough to be labeled as a storage room. Nonetheless there were a lot of bottles scattered on the floor and placed on the shelves. They could not sense a presence inside.

’’What is going on. Isn't someone supposed to be here?’’ (Hiiro)

His question was obvious, but the strong smell of alcohol put him in a bad mood.

’’Ahh, it is fine, it is fine. From that I remember...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold started rearranging the items on the the shelves. After he finished rearranging a lever appeared.

’’There, I found it.’’ (Arnold)

When Arnold pulled the lever, a small part of the floor slid away revealing a trapdoor. Lifting the ring like handle revealed a pathway small enough for a person to fit in.

(What is this, a ninja house? That aside, why was such mechanism installed?)

The reason for creating something like this was worrisome, but looking closer there seem to be a ladder leading down from the pathway. It looked like the trapdoor lead to the basement of the house.

’’Oi, old man. There is no way...’’ (Hiiro)

’’Wait, he is down here. I am sure of it.’’ (Arnold)

’’It makes me wonder what kind of old lives in this kind of place.’’ (Hiiro)

’’I.. I'm also interest as well.’’ (Muir)

Their conversation faded slowly as they lost themselves in thought about who might live here.

’’Well, you'll know when you meet him.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold started heading down the ladder.

’’Well, lets go’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, I guess?’’ (Muir)

Both Hiiro and Muir cautiously followed Arnold down the ladder.

Inside was lot bigger than expected. More like there were several opening in the room like tunnel made by ants. If a dubious person wondered carelessly in this area, then their is a chance that they'll get lost.

There were also bottles on the floor but he just ignored them and started looking around. Right cavern, right cavern, left cavern, middle cavern, left cavern. Arnold proceeded like that through all the caverns in the area until finally he found the correct room and motioned the rest of the group to follow.

When they entered the room they saw what looked like a science lab. Various organic specimens decorated the room. There were also jars with strange liquid on the shelves.

(Incredible, instead of just a science lab, this looks like a research facility)

Hiiro looked around the area restlessly, lost in thought. At that moment, Arnold stopped. Wondering what happened, Hiiro looked infront of where Arnold was. There in a makeshift bed, someone was sleeping on it.

*Snore~...*Snore~...*Snore~ (Guga~, Guga~, Guga~)

The loud snoring can be clearly heard.

*muttering sound* (むにゃむにゃ ......)

When the other two saw Arnold's master, they were shocked. When Arnold saw this he looked as his master with an exasperated expression. To think that this was his master...

But it was the truth. His master, who was wearing only a white lab coat and underwear, was sleeping soundly with a bottle of alcohol.

Oh my..........................this is a little girl

’’Oi, gramps......are you there...?’’ (Arnold)

As by instinct, Arnold said immediately.

’’It is alright, it's alright, I know what you are thinking but I'm telling you are wrong’’ (Arnold)

’’Why, then, why is there little girl in such a dimly lit place;She looks no more than 5 years old.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Well, I lot of things could have happened. This person is my master you know.’’ (Arnold)

’’Really, is this true?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Uwaaaaaaaa’’ Muir looked at him with the same suspicious eyes.

’’It is true isn't it? You are a loli-con’’ (Hiiro)

’’Dammit Hiiro! I told you that is completely wrong. I'm normal!’’ (Arnold)

’’Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!’’ (Arnold's Master)

A sudden voice shouted like a siren causing everyone one to cover their ears in surprise. Then, they looked at where the voice came from.

’’So loud! I'll personally deal with whoever is causing this ruckus...Arnold is that you?’’ (Arnold's Master)

’’Oh, hi, nice to see you again, master’’ (Arnold)

Arnolds face twitched as he made the greeting.


’’So, let me start the introduction. This person here is my master, her name is Rarashik Fan'naru. Well that is about all, as you can see.’’

Abruptly, a slipper smacked him across his head sending him sprawling along the floor. Muir was surprised when she saw it happen. Hiiro on the other hand, casually observed that she had a lot of strength.

’’Who do you think, you are calling 'that is all' you are so full of yourself Arnold-boya’’ (Rarashik)

’’Huff. That was cruel master’’ (Arnold)

’’Ignoring my orders and heading out by yourself, I don't want to be called master by someone like that!’’ (Rarashik)

Coming out her small mouth, it didn't sound scary at all. However, Arnold had an expression of complete dread. He felt that he was in a terrible situation.

’’To head to the Humas continent at that time day, what were you thinking?’’ (Rarashik)

’’But, master...’’

’’Why didn't bring me along?’’ (Rarashik)

’’............what?’’ (Arnold)

’’How dare you leave your master in a lonely place like this? Do you know how much I suffered?’’ (Rarashik)

*Slap (Pakeshi)

With that, Arnold's head smacked into the ground again from the impact.

(What is going on with this little girl...?)

Because of the unreasonable remarks, and actions, Hiiro looked at the little girl carefully. She had green hair that was bunched together in the shape of an ’’O’’ at the back of her head. From his first impression she looked like a grade schooler with her height and looks. The most distinguishing part of her is the long ears at the top of her head.

(From those ears, she would be called the were-rabbit race right?)

Drawing from his memory, with the green hair, and long ears, she had all the characteristics of the were-rabbit race.

In addition to that, there were so many more interesting things to look into. For example, why does Arnold call her master? If so, then there should be considerable age difference? Yet, the appearance, the cellar-like house, the research facility-like room. What she is doing or who is she is a complete mystery.

(I'm not interested in this individual...but I'm interested in finding out what she does exactly)

It was the first time Hiiro saw a were-rabbit like her, but from what he read from an illustrated book, there were no were-rabbits like her.

(Is it a 'mutant' Or is there just a problem with her growth?)

While thinking, Hiiro was disrupted by an unpleasant stare from Rarashik.

’’What is wrong boya? You shouldn't stare at a girl like? Or could it be that you have an interest in this body? (Rarashik)

With a mean grin, he half-heartily listened and responded with casual voice

’’Do you think I would be interested in such a undeveloped body? I'm not a loli-con like Arnold’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hey, idiot Hiiro’’ (Arnold)

Arnold raised his voice, and saw beside him the trembling body of Rarashik. He started sweating all over.

’’Hey.... Arnold’’ (Rarashik)

’’Ye, yes!’’ (Arnold)

He stood stiffly like a soldier.

’’Oi, brat, do you want to do an experiement?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik said through her teeth with a villainous grin. Seeing so, Arnold started sweating even more.

’’Nah, I don't want to’’ (Hiiro)

It isn't as if Arnold hasn't considered the 'experiment' but if Rarashik rampaged now it was clear he will also receive some damage. He stood there and quickly took out a bag.

’’M, master. Here!’’ (Arnold)

The moment she saw the object inside the back, her faced turned from one of wrath to one of happiness immediately.

’’Isn't that <Honey Drop>?’’ (Rarashik)

The moment he handed her the bag, she pulled it toward her chest as if it was a precious treasure.

Arnold finally let out a relieved breath when he saw her mood get better.

’’Why, oh why? If you had something like this why didn't you bring it out earlier?’’ (Rarashik)

’’We-well, my bad...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold quickly wiped the swear on his head, and put on a exhausted smile.

’’Hmm, so why are you here and who are those two behind you?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Finally, we can get a real talk going....’’ (Arnold)

Arnold proceeded to tell her about what kind of connection he had with Hiiro and Muir. While listening silently, Rarashik stared at the other two.

’’Hmm, for an idiot like you be able to find companions’’ (Rarashiki)

It was unclear if it was complement or an insult, but even then there was a smile. However, there was a boy who couldn't read the atmosphere.

’’That is wrong, we are just fellow travelers’’ (Hiiro)

Rarashik looked at Hiiro with a blank face. The remaining two just shook their head in exasperation. It was fine just being a fellow traveler but it is just like Hiiro to say it like that.

’’Traveler? What you saying? You are not companions?’’ (Rarashiki)

’’Well that is...’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro summarized the time he spent with Arnold's party. Of course, he made sure to leave <Word Magic>out.

’’Oh, isn't that okay? As the teacher or Arnold, wouldn't it be fine for me to join your party?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Nah, we don't need a little girl like you.’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment, the air between them seem to crack with electricity. Arnold couldn't help but regret bringing Hiiro along.

’’You arrogant bastard. You who hasn't even lived 1/10 of my life, do you want to die?’’ (Rarashik)

’’If you can do it go ahead!’’ (Hiiro)

But at that moment, Hiiro felt cold steel at his neck.

(What? No way....!?)

Before he can react, Rarashik was behind him with a small knife, pressed on his neck. Muir was so surprised that she wasn't able to say anything. But Arnold just let out a sharp breath and watched.

’’You see? I am no just little girl, nor do I have an undeveloped body. Even though I looked like this I've lived for over 200 years. The next time you call me a little girl, I'll turn you into a human experiment. Understood?’’ (Rarashik)

After saying that she returned to her original position. Hiiro felt a unpliant drop of sweat flow down. His whole body felt a very strong killing intent.

(I had no idea what happen...if she was serious I would have been...)

Without touching his neck, he could feel his heart pounding. It was as if he barely escaped with his life. From that sensation, he realized, for the first time, the terror that resides in the world.

(This kind of person exists, huh...A person I can't even react to...that person)

If he used Word Magic before the encounter he might have been alright. If he used the word [vision], he would be able to see the other person's movements, if he used the word [speed] he might have been able to react.

Even then, Hiiro knew that if the person fought for real, he was guaranteed to die


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