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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Demon king's determination

When I looked at the status screen I noticed something interesting


It is just as it says, I have great expectation for this skill. I want to try it right away, but I need to suppress my desires. It is essential to make sure what it actually is.

<<two-word-chain>>MP Cost: 300

Two words can be used to cast a spell. The effect is much stronger than when a single word is written down and activated. It will influence everything the written area, and the reach of the effect will also improve but it will also be limited by the what is written as well. The duration of the two-word-chain effect is limited to the shortest word within the spell. Unless you have an precise image of the word effect, you will not be able to write the two words.

If you are interrupted while writing the two words, you will receive a <<rebound>>of 50% reduction in all stats, and you will not be able to use magic. All stats and abilities will be returned to normal after 6 hours.

(This is a very strong skill, but that <<rebound>>is nasty)

If two-word-chain fails or is interrupted there will be a significant <<rebound>>effect

(Reduces everything by half huh ... It takes time to write two words as well. I need to create a special plan in order to use this skill)

Indeed, if someone disrupts me while I am writing, and that someone is formidable foe, then it would not be odd if it lead to an instant death, even if I avoid it I will have to deal with that penalty for the rest of the encounter.

(But that is the only risk. Definately, the effect of this ability is something to look forward to)

Even then, it make me tremble. Just the thought of what this ability is capable of make me want to use it. I want to quickly create some free time for myself so I can go somewhere to test this.

’’Oi.. Hiiro, what titles do you have’’ (Arnold)

’’This and that, how about you?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hmm, well, I have some titles, but I think they were all your fault. I want to talk about them thoroughly with you, mainly <<Wild Swordsman>>’’ (Arnold)

’’Hoo-’’ (Hiiro)

’’No matter what I want to get rid of that <<status>>title, you are probably going to take advantage of it... How is Muir?’’ (Arnold)

’’Ah, nnh, It's really good, how should I say?’’ (Hiiro)

When Muir read out her status, Arnold was so surprised that his jaws dropped with a pop.

’’Aah, your level....increased...’’ (Arnold)

’’U, un. I don't know if I should be happy or not....I wonder?’’ (Muir)

Her feelings must be in turmoil. When you reach level 34, it is a proof that you are a good adventurer. However, Muir never fought before. But yet reaching that level is a truth that she will have to deal with from now on.

But in reality, the body will feel lighter as a result. One would feel and witness the what kind of power the body has obtained by leveling up.

’’Whatever, it is alright isn't it? Levels are level. No matter how high your level is it is better to be doubtful of your abilities instead of being overconfident. I think Muir is fine being a bit doubtful.’’ (Arnold)

’’Re-really?’’ (Muir)

’’Ahhh, well, it might not concern Muir, but believe me for now. You will become useful if you work hard. Everything will start from now.’’ (Arnold)

’’un, unh’’ (Muir)

Arnold said as he strongly returned the nod. Right, it is time to make the determination to fight. Thus, it is time to enforce my will to become stronger.

’’We should be happy that our guild rank also increases. It is the same for you guys right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes’’ (Arnold)

’’Un’’ (Muir)

’’It is definitely helpful to create a party’’ (Hiiro)

Simply said, a person fights, even if other people just way. thier experience will increase.

’’With the help of Muir, Hiiro was able to defeat the clay viper. Making a party is definitely a good choice’’ (Arnold)

Arnold made the killing blow, if he was by himself he would have reliably escaped because he was holding on to Muir.

’’First, let move forward. That is what we want to do right?’’ (Arnold)

At that moment, Hiiro felt the ground shake. What he saw before him in the forest was a big gate

’’Aaah, that is the Beast Kingdom's Passion Entrance’’ (Arnold)

Before Hiiro headed to Passion. ’’Demon Kingdom Chaos’’ (need a name for this [魔国・ハーオス]) was in a tense state. This was because a few days ago the people of the beast kingdom sent them a letter.

The letter contained a declaration of war.


A large amount of soldiers were lined up below the Demon Queen's terrace,. Ivemu, Demon Queen of the Demon Country, looked at the scene with a bitter face.

A youthful looking girl, with beautiful blond hair that flutters with the wind was looking at the scene with her teeth gritted waiting for her attendant, Kilia to open her mouth.

’’Is this alright?’’ (Kilia)

’’..............’’ (Ivemu)

’’If we leave it like this it will be a war of total annihilation’’ (Kilia)

’’I know!’’ (Ivemu)

The queen raised her voice to deny Kilia's remark. However, when things go to this point, she had no idea what to do next.

’’To think that the Gaburanth would move this fast....’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’No, this was within my expectations’’ (Kilia)


Right, It is not as if she didn't do anything, She also sent a peace treaty to the human race. But, there was no response or decision from the other side. She considered bowing her head to the Gaburanth, but Kilia said that the Gaburanth won't stop.

As a result, she looked for other ways, she tried to establish a meeting with them but the all of them failed.

When she finally received a response, the Gaburanth was determined to destroy the Evila. Their intent can be felt implicitly.

’’Why does it always end up in a fight?’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’That is because it is the most straightforward method’’ (Kilia)

’’How! Why do we have to determine everything with strength! Power is naturally unequal! You have power and you have communication, yet power is placed above everything else. No matter what, blood will be shed.’’

’’What do you think about that though’’ (Kilia)


The Demon Queen said as she lifted her gaze and looked at Kilia

’’Words are light’’ (Kilia)

’’Tsu...’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’Sure, everyone has words but words don't have power behind them, they are empty to begin with’’ (Kilia)

’’Empty?’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’Yes, the power of persuasion can be brought forth from those empty words. Those words can not only pass through a person's ears but they can also be able to engrave a memory into the minds of another. However, do you think such words can avert war?’’ (Kilia)

’’That is....’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’This is the definition of war. In order to create peaceful world, negotiations must take place regardless if it is in the form of communication or combat.’’ (Kilia)

’’.......’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’At this moment, it is war. People will die. War is not a trifle matter, it is the greatest obstacle you will face. Are you able to face that obstacle and carry along with you all the burdens and consequences of your decision?’’ (Kilia)

’’That's.....’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’It is superficial for you to be a demon king. Thus, the will of the previous demon king will continue. The Evila is abundant and strong;a battle-hardened race. Such weak will anger those your kind, to say such things to them....’’ (Kilia)

’’Enough!’’ (Queen Ivemu)

Ivemu said as she grinded her teeth and clenched her fists until the blood stopped flowing.

’’I..just do not want to hurt anyone. Everyone is family to me. If that family starts fighting who will be happy. I'm powerless...’’ (Queen Ivemu)

A single tear slides down her face. She is the king of this world yet she feels hopeless. It is regrettable that the anger towards herself is bigger than the anger toward the rest of the world.

’’Then, should we lower our weapons and surrender?’’ (Kilia)

’’..what?’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’There is a chance that the Gaburanth would understand our true motive.’’ (Kilia)

The ideas sounds attractive, but Ivemu can only frown. Looking at her face Kilia continues.

’’But in case that doesn't work, the Evila may be laid to ruin without being able to do anything’’

If a fight erupts, then the Demon King will like be taken as a prisoner, with everything taken away, imprisoned, sealed, and brought before the people to decide the final result.

If it succeeds, there is a chance that the extermination of the Evila can be prevented. But the possibility of the captured ones getting killed is very high.

Furthermore, the Cruel (TL: the queen personal guards) is too powerful to suppress and they will be a concern for the rest of the world.

But if she doesn't surrender, a lot of blood will be shed. Even if we win there is a high possibility that they other size will not surrender till the bitter end.

(TL: from here on it is my interpretation of what they are talking about from listening to a much longer conversation with complicated words T_T)

While thinking so Ivemu put on a painful face. Seeing such a face, Kilia said confidently, ’’I have a proposal for this problem. But I hope you will not be angry.’’ (Kilia)

’’I will not be angry with whatever you have to say’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’Very well, I would suggest that we head out by ourselves to resolve this issue. What do you think?’’ (Kilia)

’’Yes...?’’ (Queen Ivemu)

’’Rest assured that I will protect you with my life.’’ (Kilia)

’’Ye.., yes, I think is it a great idea. There no time to waste we should head out as soon as we can.’’ (Queen Ivemu)

Carrying an air of determination, Queen Ivemu stepped off the terrace and headed out the castle entrance ignoring the clamour of voices around her. Kilia followed behind soon after.


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