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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 30


Chapter 30 - Rumors of War

Posted on January 31, 2015by

Big thanks to everyone in the comment section!


’’Oy, Hiiro! What did you do to your face?’’ (Arnold)

’’Seriously...’’ (Hiiro)

’’What happened? You've got bags under your eyes.’’ (Arnold)

’’Shut it.’’ (Hiiro)

I grumbled at Arnold. I couldn't get a wink of sleep last night, or even practice my <<Word Magic>>

I certainly gained some valuable experience, but it feels like various things are being pushed onto me. Terribly annoying. But above all, I'm tired.

’’That reminds me Hiiro. Yesterday, were you talking to someone? Anything important?’’ (Arnold)

’’If you keep bothering me, I'll seriously stab you.’’ (Hiiro)

’’... Sheesh’’ (Arnold)

Frankly, you're way too honest. It feels like the only thing keeping you alive now is God. And that's just cause he's in a good mood.

’’Anyways, I'm gonna take a nap. If you anything happened, don't bother me.’’ (Hiiro)

I hopped onto the Raidpic and started snoring.

’’... It can't be helped, we'll travel slowly’’ (Arnold)

’’Of course you will!’’ (Hiiro)

The party travelled towards <<Passion>>on the Raidpic. We passed by what seemed to be a town, but since we had enough food, and since Hiiro was asleep, we decided to skip it.

’’At this rate, we'll arrive in <<Passion>>pretty soon.’’ (Arnold)

TL: Or so you say...

Since the Raidpic's speed exceeded my expectations, we'll be arriving sooner than expected. However, my ass still hurts.

’’Woah! A demon?’’ (Arnold)

A demon came into view. It looked similar to a rhino.

’’That's a Funsai demon. It's not worth the effort, but whatever.’’ (Arnold)

’’Is.. is everything alright?’’ (Muir)

’’If anything happens, wake up the sleeping beauty over there.’’ (Arnold)

TL: Need help with そこのグースカピーを起こせよ

’’O... okay...’’ (Muir)

Arnold got off the Raidpic. With his broadsword sheathed on his back, he advanced. The Funsai charged.

’’Let's go! <<Wind Fang>>’’ (Arnold)

Wind coiled around his blade. He spun his sword in big arcs, finally swinging down on the Funsai.

SFX: Bushaaaaa-tsu!

’’Haha! Witness my <<Binding>>! I'll send you to hell!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold waved his sword around, shaking off the blood, and returned to Muir.

’’Welcome back uncle’’ (Muir)

’’Easy Victory!’’ (Arnold)

’’But uncle's still amazing...’’ (Muir)

Muir was worried.

’’You're strong, you can use <<Binding>>. Unlike me...’’ (Muir)

Arnold patted Muir's head.

’’Don't sell yourself short! When I was just like you, I didn't know if I was strong enough either.’’ (Arnold)

’’...’’ (Muir)

’’However, when you do get stronger, don't get cocky!’’ (Arnold)

’’Uncle...’’ (Muir)

’’Even I started out as merely a slave. Only later did I get stronger’’ (Arnold)

It was supposed to be a dark story. But he said it with a smile.

’’I used to cry for help, but now I want to become stronger. Just like you!’’ (Arnold)

’’...’’ (Muir)

’’Do you think that you're weaker than other <<Gabranth>>? C'mon! You have 'that' family's blood. Moreover you're 'his' daughter.’’ (Arnold)

’’... Okay’’ (Muir)

’’Let's get stronger together. Once we settle down in <<Passion>>, we'll go through training together!’’ (Arnold)

’’Re... really?’’ (Muir)

Muir's face brightened, and she nodded.

’’Ah! Don't try to become ridiculously strong! I can't have you beating me can I!?!’’ (Arnold)

’’Thank you uncle!’’ (Muir)

As Arnold patted her head. They looked just like family.

’’By the way, is that guy still sleeping?’’ (Arnold)

’’W... well...’’ (Muir)

The two were amazed that he was still sleeping soundly.

A few days later.

’’Soon! We're already at <<Rintenbu>>’’ (Arnold)

TL: リンテンブ

Arnold then explained.

’’<<Rintenbu>>is a town near <<Passion>>’’ (Arnold)

’’It's where <<Werecats>>live.’’ (Arnold)

We'll spend the night here and arrive in <<Passion>>tomorrow. In fact, since we're so close, it'll only take us another day considering the Raidpick's pace.

’’It's been a while since I've slept in a proper bed.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro declared that being homeless was boring. He hadn't read a book in a while and was looking forward to one.

As they continued moving, the town came into view.

’’It's the <<Werecat>>city of <<Rintenbu>>!’’ (Arnold)

As expected, the town was located in a forest, the size was impressive. I tethered the horse on the outskirts of the town. Muir reminds me to feed it. Arnold told us to head the general store first.

Upon entering the town, we saw crowds of <<Werecats>>. Of course, there were also other kinds of beastmen. Travellers like us, merchants. As expected, many people visited the town of <<Werecats>>.

(However, I did not like this for it reminded me of Nekomimi and Japan. I don't have a fetish for this stuff. I'm not an old man. That reminds me. What race do the old man and pipsqueak belong to? I would say...)

Animal ears and tails, pretty standard features. Though there are some beastmen who have paws. Arnold told me to try touching them. Apparently being stroked feels pleasant.

More importantly, Hiiro was worried. He had a troubled expression on his face. It seems that Arnold also noticed. Arnold was wondering whether or not to ask about it when he entered the store.

’’Wh... what!?!’’ (Arnold)

Upon entering the store, he heard the news. It seemed that the inhabitants were returning injured.

’’Wha... w... WAR!?!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold was startled. The shopkeeper nodded.

’’Ah, though I don't think they'll be marching tomorrow. Towards the border that is.’’ (Shopkeeper)

Hiiro was surprised. He had only heard rumors. While there was certainly tension between the races. A war was a sick joke. He didn't think that <<Passion>>would started moving so soon.

’’A bunch of young men volunteered to go.’’ (Shopkeeper)

The volunteers who went out were in high spirits. But many of them had yet to experience war.

’’Have you not heard the rumors about this town?’’ (Shopkeeper)

On the way here, there were some towns and villages, we passed them since we had enough food. It seems we missed some important information.

’’Bu... but! A war... will the Evila fight? Is it alright to leave the kingdom completely undefended?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold was concerned. Although large, <<Passion>>did not have much war potential. Marching to their enemies was basically suicide.

’’No, those are just rumors. Not all the soldier have been deployed.’’ (Shopkeeper)

’’I see... they'll gather more troops along the way.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro nodded.

’’I can only pray for their well being.’’ (Shopkeeper)

’’Th... thats’’ (Arnold)

Arnold was shocked. He had gone through much trouble to return to his homeland, only to find it on the brink of war.

’’What will you do?’’ (Hiiro)

’’What should I do... I'll head to <<Passion>>. There's someone I must see’’ (Arnold)

’’I see. I'll head to the inn and buy a few things.’’ (Hiiro)

Arnold will go to <<Passion>>to get some information. Nothing shocking. He'll arrive at his destination. What should I do now?

’’Oh yeah, is there a guild hall ahead??’’ (Hiiro)

We arrived at the guild hall and registered for a party of 3. In addition to sharing EXP, you can also take on higher level quests.

TL: Really not sure about this one, ’’besides of earning EXP points’’? Seems a bit weird.

However, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting Hiiro. When he got his card back, he found that the frame had turned pink. Proof of B-Rank.

Hiiro, Arnold, and Muir were all surprised. I guess it's cause he defeated the Red Boar? Since he defeated an S-Rank demon alone, his rank had jumped up.

But still, to go from D-Rank to B-Rank, Arnold was terribly sad to learn that he had been one-upped. Delighted, Hiiro showed off his new card.

There was also a tremendous bounty on the Red Boar. Hiiro's card had been updated.

Name: Hiiro Okumura

se*: Male

Age: 17

Origin: Unknown

Rank: B



  • Weapon: Thorn Sword - Piercer
  • Guard: Red Robe
  • Accessory: Fairy Ring

Rigin: 3 869 000

He chuckled at having become a millionaire.

The three exited the guild hall and went to the inn. They would spend the night here and head to <<Passion>>tomorrow.


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