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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 29


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Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 29: One Night's Experience

Using 『Pry』 to view her status, he found that lies would definitely not work on her. This power seemed to be able to see inside one's heart as well, and it was quite a high-class word, though its effects could be improved if he could imagine the effects better.

’’So do you believe me now?’’

’’... A little...’’

’’That's unfortunate.’’

She found the fact that she couldn't completely gain his trust a bit unfortunate, but she was delighted when she saw him cram the 《Vanyer》 into his mouth one after the other.

The 《Vanyer》 were tastier than he had expected, he thought as he ate them. They felt like Gummies to the touch, but they somehow made him want to stuff them into his mouth.

(It's that. Once you start, you can never stop. That sort of thing.)

In Japan, he had often faced the same problem with small candies. After you finish one, you find yourself reaching for another, and eventually you can't stop eating them. The taste came in many varieties, so it was impossible to get tired of it.

’’Please partake in that 《Melnym》 as well.’’

Hiiro gazed at the white, milk-like drink inside of his cup. Its smell was reminiscent of peaches. He took a sip.

(I see. It's a sweet, refreshing juice. But, it tastes more like apple than peach.)

He was able to determine that it was some sort of fruit juice. He had no idea what it was made out of, but it was the type of drink you'd want to enjoy when you get out of the bath.

’’Is it to your liking?’’

’’Well, it's not bad.’’

’’Fufu. That's good.’’

She held her hands together and smiled as if she were a little girl. Her appearance was that of an adult woman in her late 20s, but when she smiled, she let out a youthful aura.

’’But it seems like I've been ignoring the 『Humas』 for too long. For them to even be able to use summoning magic now.’’

’’But in order to summon the Heroes, it seems they made their own princesses into sacrifices. It's a idiotic concept.’’

That was one of the reasons Hiiro wanted to leave the country as soon as possible. No matter the reason, he didn't want to serve a king who would kill off his own daughters.

’’... Why do you not act with the other summoned ones?’’

’’Ah? Of course it's because I don't want to. Why must I bury my own will and listen to another's foolish orders?’’


Hiiro's speech seemed to have hit something.

’’Anyways, why do I have to travel and work with people I don't like. There's no way that would be any fun.’’

’’Fufufu. I see. So does that mean that you consider the people you're travelling with right now to be your comrades, at least?’’

’’No, they just have their uses, so I just happen to be with them.’’

’’Fufufu. Is that so? So from now on, you will never fight for the sake of the 『Humas』 race?’’

’’And I'm asking why I have to go out of my way to break my back for this country. Can't these people sort out their own problems on their own?’’

Niño narrowed her eyes and stared at Hiiro.

’’Then what would you do if the ones at your side right now were to be injured?’’

’’I told you, didn't I? I'm merely with them because they have their uses.’’

’’I... see.’’

’’... Well, while I don't love it, we're together for now. If something cruel and unfair happens to them before my eyes, then I'll take the appropriate measures. However, if they bring misfortune onto me with their own carelessness, I have no obligation to stay.’’

’’... You are a strange person. Perhaps you would call this tactlessness? Or maybe honesty?’’

’’Is that so? A majority of people only care about themselves, don't they? But they care about those watching them and public opinion, so they act like they're doing things for others. Wanting to become strong is never a desire for the sake of others. It's because you don't want your comrades to die and leave you alone. You become strong for yourself.’’

’’T-that sure is a twisted thought process.’’

Of course, as it was his own mind, Hiiro did not think it was twisted in the slightest.

’’I've decided to do the things I like for myself. If someone tries to unjustly take my things away, then I won't forgive them. If they don't involve themselves with me, then I won't bother them. Generally, I just don't have any interest in others.’’

’’... I see. You sure are an interesting person.’’

She held her hand to her mouth and laughed.

’’By the way, why can't the others see 『Phoem』? The red one said something like that.’’

’’Hmm? Isn't it because the others aren't interested?’’

’’... You were that sort of character?’’

Worrying that her true character was leaking out, Niño once again narrowed her eyes at Hiiro.

’’Fufufu, I was a little mean in my wording. I apologize. About your previous question, in order to detect our existence, one requires a high level of magic. But that's not all. It's also based on the nature of the beholder.’’


’’Yes, the people who talk about communicating with 『Spirits』 and『Fairies』 are beings of similar constitution.’’

’’Wait a second. I'm human, and I have no wings.’’

’’That isn't what I meant.’’

Ah good. He was worried about what he would do if wings suddenly sprouted.

’’We are a sort of existence that lives more in the world of the mind than the physical world.’’

’’The mind?’’

’’Yes. We're a race heavily linked to magic. We definitely do have a physical body, but those are mostly vessels to house our magic.’’

’’I see. Is that why the『Fairies』 all had similar appearances?’’

The only difference was their hair color, and other than that, they were pretty much identical. If their hair was of the same color, Hiiro felt that he wouldn't be able to distinguish them. It was as if they were identical twins.

’’Yes, to say our physical body is but a costume... may be an overstatement, but to the 『Phoem』, there is no point in having differing physical forms. The『Fairies』 are especially similar.’’

’’And? Since you're mostly an existence made of magic, it's hard for humans to see you? Then why is there such difficulty for『Humas』 alone? The 『Gabranth』 don't have much magic either, right?’’

’’That's because the『Gabranth』 were existences close to us from the start. They love nature, live alongside it, and die by its law. That environment has caused them to develop a nature that is able to perceive us.’’

It was an answer Hiiro was satisfied with. It's something that could be seen from looking at the difference between the『Humas』 and『Gabranth』 continents. The Beastmen greatly valued nature. He had confirmed it from the sky.

The『Humas』 were instead gifted with wisdom. They used nature and altered it to make their own lives easier.

However, as always, the Beastmen continued to live among nature. And it was that decision that allowed them to develop a nature that could see『Phoem』.

’’But why could I see them?’’

’’That's because of your naturally high magic and because your soul is similar to ours.’’

’’Hmm... Anyways, I should see it as an advantage, right?’’

’’Um... Perhaps?’’

’’I mean it's like that, right? I can do some things that other humans can't. Talent truly is an unfair concept.’’

’’... Fufufu.’’

’’Why do you laugh?’’

’’No, I just found it interesting that there were people like you among the humans as well. I understand Orun's interest in you.’’

’’I don't really care, but...’’


’’Seconds please.’’

Saying that, Hiiro held out his plate. Somehow, the mountain of《Vanyer》 had vanished.

’’Fufufu, you eat well.’’

For a while, they continued to talk and exchange questions. And eventually, Hiiro said it was time for him to return.

Niño made a gate like thing, linking him back to the hill he was on.

’’Ah, please wait! Please wait!’’

And suddenly, Orun came running over. The other three were with him.

’’You're returning there, right? Right?’’


His habit of repeating his last line twice was getting annoying.

’’I give you this! Give you this!’’

What was handed over was a ring.

’’What's this?’’

’’Fufu. That seems to be a《Faerie Ring》. It's a sign that you've received the trust of the『Faeries』. Orun was pleased with his first meeting with a human. If you'd like, I want you to accept it.’’

’’Well, I'll take what's given to me.’’

Perhaps it could sell for a bit, he thought to himself. But he definitely wouldn't say it.

(TL: she can read your mind, dude.)

’’And this is from me.’’

Niño produced a mass of magic like the one he had seen from the old fortune teller, and she pushed it into his chest.

’’O-oy, this is?’’

He was a little shaken as he asked.

’’That's an item that links you here. It will let us meet again.’’

’’W-wait a second! I don't really want-’’

’’The talk was very interesting.’’

’’Bye bye! Bye bye!’’

’’I-I'm not coming back.’’

’’Ah, and if you happen to meet the『Spirit King』, make sure to give him my regards.’’

’’S-spirit? What are you ta-’’

And the space around Hiiro twisted, and he was enveloped by darkness. By the time he came to his senses, he was on top of the hill again. And...

’’It's... Already morning.’’

It seems he stayed up all night. He grimaced from the bright sunrise as he stood still for a while.


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