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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 274


Chapter 274 - The Terms of Forgiveness

Upon seeing Hiiro's figure, Eveam had an astonished look. It seems she did not anticipate his arrival personally. She must have mistaken the knock as her maid.

Naturally, it further increased Eveam's shame as she tried to run away not noticing that there was no escape from her bed. Thus, due to her panicked state, she held the pillow with both of her arms which Hiiro found it strangely childish of her.

More importantly, why was she still wearing a bath towel? Hiiro thought but he decided to simply ignore it since he would just be adding more unnecessary problems upon himself if he did so.

’’.....haa, I have no excuse. It was my fault. Sorry’’

Hiiro who doesn't bow his head easily to anyone, showed his sincerity in such an occasion to the mistake he committed.

Even though it was unintentional, it was careless of him to use his magic like that to the point of peeking at a woman who was in the midst of their bath. Or rather, what he did was already an invasion of one's personal space...

However, even though he had apologized with such intentions, Eveam had not responded anything back to him.


Fortunately, his voice reached Eveam this time as her body jerked up in surprise. However, not only the ears peeking out from the sides of her long hair, but also her hands turned red, it seems she was still considerably embarrassed about the recent incident.

While Hiiro was worrying about this,


Hiiro heard a muffled voice. But since he couldn't understand it, he made an expression as if to say 'Come again?'. In response, while still in her embarrassed state, she said,

’’.....did you see?’’

Clearly, Hiiro comprehended her words this time. Perhaps she was asking if he saw her naked body that time.

To be honest, Hiiro could hardly see it with the steam, but it was true that he did get an overview of Eveam's feminine figure. And it was more bigger than he expected it would be.

But how far can he honestly tell her the truth? Only an experienced protagonist who is good at dealing with the female population could actually manage to smooth things out in this lucky pervert situation.

But Hiiro wasn't among those standards. Rather, he doesn't know of such methods that could help him in his situation. So while he ran through the knowledge from the books he read and desperately seeked to find an answer to his problem,

’’...H-Hiiro? What's wrong?’’

Eveam's worried voice reached Hiiro who hadn't responded for awhile.

’’Ah, yeah, no.......I didn't see...anything.’’

’’I-is that... really true?’’


’’I was really worried about it you know?’’

Oh shoot!, Hiiro thought. It's no wonder that Eveam who knew of his usual self would be suspicious of his attitude. Eveam felt it was unnatural for Hiiro who expresses things arrogantly and with an indifferent attitude to the words he had spoken just now.

’’....let me ask you again, did you really not see anything?’’

With a slight amount of effort, Eveam stared at Hiiro with a discerning pair of eyes. Hiiro somehow managed to maintain his usual poker face, but his eyes lost to the overpowering feeling of her eyes as it looked away.

’’Ah! You looked away! So you really did see something! How far! How far have you seen!’’

’’I-I hardly saw anything because of the steam! I only saw your breast! I couldn't see below!’’


......he said it. Of all times, why did his head turn away when the situation was very critical, damn he hate his own self.

But she was the one who wanted to know right? Well, it was rude of him to shout it out but....yeah, what he said was the truth of the matter.

Speaking of Eveam, when Hiiro saw steam coming out of her,

’’Y-you idioooooooooooooooooooot!’’

The pillow that she held was suddenly thrown out at him. It was quite fast, but Hiiro caught it lightly with his right hand.

’’So you saw it? Idiot! Stupid Hiiro! Ecchiiiiiii!’’


Thinking it was getting troublesome to deal with Eveam like this, Hiiro unconsciously spilled a sigh.

’’Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot Idiot IDIOT!’’

There was not a trace of the renowned Demon Lord, as she glared at him with teary eyes. Right now, she was just a girl. A girl he couldn't just refute since he had certainly saw her naked.


Eveam groaned like a small beast with her head casted downward. After a few moments, although she was still angry, she finally stopped shouting, so he decided to make his move.

’’....sorry about that.’’

’’Uu~, you saw a woman's naked body you know?’’


’’Moreover, you saw it in plain sight?’’


’’I-if it wasn't you, I would have slapped that person!’’

Hiiro thought he would be slapped after those words, but then she let that matter drop.

’’B-but, Hiiro is my savior, and also the benefactor of 『Evila』’’

Hiiro found Eveam's current appearance cute as she pouted like a peeved child. Though her face was still flushed red.

’’T-that's why....I forgive you.’’

He felt relieved wholeheartedly when Eveam said those words. Hiiro was relieved his troubles were over.

’’B-but ... on one condition.’’

Oops, it seems it was too early for him to feel relieved yet. However, based from his impression of Eveam's personality, she wasn't the type who would give an unreasonable demand.

So Hiiro deemed her task as easy as done.

’’Sure, anything is fine. However, it should be in the range where I can do by myself, alright?’’

He took the initiative to say it as it seems too troublesome to involve other characters in her condition.

’’....r-really?....anything is fine?’’

’’Hm? Yeah, or more like, how about we make it into a condition where you get me to order one thing you so desire?’’

After Hiiro spoke those words, Eveam suddenly raised her face and stared at him. Hiiro wondered if the condition he gave was good because her eyes regained light as it shimmered brightly


Eveam crawled towards him while on all fours on her bed. Her face was serious. But Hiiro wondered if she was aware about her bath towel appearance. He could definitely see the cleavage of her developing bust.

’’Y-yeah. I'm completely in the wrong this time, so I feel bad for doing it’’

Then, her expression turned contrary to her once teary expression. It had completely changed into a full blown smile. However, soon after, she became taken aback and distances herself from Hiiro while blushing once again.

’’Alright, I-if that's the condition, I forgive you!’’

Eveam hid her face from Hiiro when she said that, but it was obvious that she was embarrassed due to her flushed red ears. However, Hiiro doesn't understand the reason for her shyness.

’’Deal, with this settled, I'll take my leave?’’

’’P-please wait!’’


’’...j-just to confirm it once again, I can ask for anything I wish right? You will do anything I order you to do?’’

’’I don't go back on my words.’’

’’...I see, ehehe’’

Hiiro felt relieved as he saw Eveam's mood restore back to her usual.

’’Yeah, so if you have decided for your wish, call me. I'll take my leaven then.’’

’’Yes! I-I'll tell it to you later when we meet at the office, please wait until then?’’

’’Why not? I also have some things to report to you, so that's convenient.’’

’’Thank you!’’

Hiiro went out of the room after glancing at Eveam's smile for the last time. Upon leaving Eveam's quarters, the maid on standby said ’’As expected of Hiiro-sama’’ with a smile, although couldn't comprehend why the maid said those words.

He didn't do anything that would warrant such praise. He simply admitted and apologized to her. And then she cheered up on her own. It was really a mysterious feeling for Hiiro.

So the day went smoothly, Marione did not shout at him, because awkwardness between Hiiro and Eveam was lost.....or not.

At some point, he heard a yell from Eveam's bedroom, ’’Aah! What kind of attitude was that me!’’. And then, ’’Hiiro's an idiooooooot! I even forgot to tell him my wish!’’. Hiiro hurriedly left the place. Their next meeting might still be awkward.

Midway to where Liliyn and the others resides, Hiiro met a surprising person.

’’Oh? Well if it isn't Okamura-chi!’’

It was Akamori Shinobu and Minamoto Shuri who were both under house arrest in this castle.

(Hm? Something's strange?)

Obligatory aside, Eveam had permitted them to roam around the castle with a field monitor besides them. However, there wasn't one near them right now.

In other words, they weren't being monitored. By the way, the person in charge was as expected Shublarz. Although Hiiro doesn't know, Shublarz fancied the two as they look around inside the castle a lot.

However, neither she nor her subordinates were present. What is the meaning of this?

’’W-welcome back, Okamura-kun.’’

Shuri shyly expressed her greeting to him as she fidgeted while looking at Hiiro.

(....well, they don't seem to have escaped, and if they got permission after all, then I don't have to meddle.)

And if the likely chance they are planning to do something, they'd be troubling 『Evila』 not Hiiro himself. Hiiro decided to abandon such thoughts away.

At that moment, Hiiro heard another approaching footsteps.

’’Oh my~, there you are Shuri and Shinobu.’’

Shublarz appeared carrying her usual seductiveness as her large pendulous breasts swayed with each step.

’’Oh my, if it isn't Hiiro-kun. I heard you know, about Her Majesty's !?’’

Hiiro immediately teleported behind Shublarz and held her mouth with his hand.

’’If you continue more, I'll turn your body similar to Red Loli, alright?’’


Was it too much? Because Shublarz was desperately shaking her head on both sides with a pale expression. Hiiro wanted to avoid another similar situation turning into something troublesome again.

Excluding Shuri, Shinobu was by far the most curious of the bunch, so she's likely the one who would dig the matter deeper.

However, they don't seem to have done so, probably because of Hiiro's abrupt action awhile ago.

’’W-what's wrong Okamura-chi?’’

’’A-are you alright?’’

It seems Shuri's words were intended for Shublarz who was released by Hiiro.

’’Y-yes, I'm alright Shuri, t-this is just his peculiar way of greeting.’’

’’Really? It kind of felt there was surge of blood thirst awhile ago...’’ (Shinobu)

’’I-I agree....’’ (Shuri)

’’A-anyway, you don't have to worry about it! E-even I have some things I want to protect most of all!’’

When Shublarz declared so,

’’W-whatever was that....understood.’’

’’S-same here....’’

Both seems to have consented although each of them still had a curious outlook.

’’Haa, anyway, I'm going. Don't tell anyone, alright?’’

’’Y-yes.’’ (Shublarz)

The three people stared at Hiiro who was quietly leaving the scene.


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