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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 273


Chapter 273 - The Pure Hearted Demon Lord

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Anyway, here's the weekly chapter for this week. How long is this author going to continue these fan service chapters.... yare yare, that's men for you.

Enjoy Chapter 273: Innocence can be a pain sometimes. (Haha)

Under the guidance of Marione, Hiiro headed to the room of the Demon Lord which is also the private quarters of Eveam. The reason for his arrival was because of what Marione told him about Eveam secluding herself inside her room due to the shock of being seeing naked by Hiiro.

’’Follow the maid from here onwards’’

Marione suddenly stopped his foot upon arriving at the front of a big door. There was a woman wearing housemaid clothes ahead of them.

It seemed this place is not a good place to step in easily even if it was Marione of the Cruel division.

He seems to be a man mindful of the personal quarters of women. According to him, only those who are intimately related to Eveam were allowed to enter from here on out, so Marione held back himself for he was maintaining his courteousness as a gentleman.

While Hiiro thought that what he was doing was beyond the house rules of this area, he asked Marione about it, and the latter responded that it was alright since this was considered an emergency.

If Eveam stays as it was, it would hinder all the work waiting upon her approval, so Marione wanted her to recover as soon as possible.

Fortunately, there seems to be almost no work for her today, but for tomorrow, there would a lot that would come in which is the reason why Marione wanted her back in her normal state.

So Hiiro couldn't refuse the invitation to her room in order to deal with this situation since he was the one responsible for it.

’’I'll be working at the office.’’

Upon receiving the words of Marione, the maid replied 'Yes' and then she expressed a smile to Hiiro and urged him to follow her, 'This way, please.'

There was another big door again in front of him. According to the maid, inside was said to be the bedroom of Eveam. The maid gently knocked on the door to receive her permission of entry.

Unaware that Hiiro was tagging along, Eveam immediately gave out her consent with a mumbled voice.

Eveam POV

Eveam Gran Early Evening was a 16 years old young girl. Even compared with Aquinas and Marione, she has not yet experienced what they consider the 'short life' of their race.

In such a young age, Eveam was tasked to be the Demon Lord of 『Evila』. Although at first she refused such position, the responsibility was arbitrarily forced on her due to the immediate need of a ruler.

Back in the old days, her close attendant Kiria would always clean the mess of her failures. She had also passed a lot of troubles to Aquinas and Marione. And even right now, she's still making more.

However, just a little, Eveam was confident that she was getting used to the duty of being a Demon Lord. Of course, this was all thanks to those who had supported her, so she was glad of being able to manage the works of a ruler.

She became unexpectedly happy when Marione had praised her that she had grown up well. Because of that, it pulled the motivation from her to desperately study in order to improve the country through her leadership.

Today as well, she was able to finish all the work for this day very early. But that's because the amount of work wasn't that many.

Since Eveam had a lot of free time, she had decided to inspect the city after a long while. Though she thought of it as an 'inspection', but truthfully it was more like a 'relaxation' for her as Eveam wanted to visit the shops she heard recently that were selling new delicacies.

Because of this desire, one of her maids said, 'Since you are planning to go out, I believe it would be best if we put on a neat personal appearance.', and so went to bath.

The bathhouse she used was a personal use one for the Demon Lord only, meaning she was the only one allowed to use it.

This was also one of her wishes when she became the Demon Lord, a place where nobody would be able to obstruct her as she can gracefully spend her personal time alone.

That's why Eveam loved to take a bath. And so as she entered the bathhouse, washed her body and pleasantly soaked herself in the bath, she noticed a dark shadow ahead of the steam.

She did not expect that someone would come here. So out of curiosity, she approached the shadow.

But it was a mistake. She never expected that such an event was waiting for her.

The true identity of the shadow was............ the hero of the 『Evila』, Hiiro.

But the moment Eveam saw him, happiness welled up inside her. Finally, he came back from his trip from the country of 『Gabranth』. She wanted to talk to him, talk to him about books since her hobby is reading after all.

So Eveam was honestly pleased with his return......... yes, to the point that she wanted to beat herself up for forgetting a very important matter. She was inside a bathroom....naked.

If the other party was a woman it'd be alright, but he was a man, a man who she was holding goodwill in no small way. Her body became hot as if she wrapped in fire instantly, and then before she noticed it, she screamed with all her might.

Eveam went out of the bathroom since then and rushed to her room. She slipped between the sheets of her bed at full speed as she covered her head under the blanket.

’’That can't be true That can't be true THAT CAN'T BE TRUE~!’’

She denied what happened inside her mind like a chant. To think she would be seen by Hiiro....naked.

’’I was seen by Hiiro, I was seen by Hiiro, I was seen by Hiiro...’’

Eveam felt like someone called for her, but she hugged her pillow tightly and thought it was just her imagination.

’’It's too embarrassing! Why were you in that place! What face will I show him the next time we meet!’’

Her temperature had not cooled down yet as she desperately shook her head.

’’I can't believe it! I was seen....I was seen by someone....moreover, it was Hiiro!.....uuu~’’

That said, she didn't feel bad for being seen by Hiiro. On the contrary, what was in her mind was,

’’....Hiiro s-saw my body, he disappointed....perhaps?’’

Normally, she would condemn Hiiro, but Eveam was most concerned on what Hiiro saw of her body.

Eveam lightly touched her chest while on the bed.

’’ breasts aren't that lacking...but there are a lot of little girls besides Is it possible that's the type of women Hiiro likes?’’

It was certainly true that there are lot of women who had childish figure around Hiiro's surroundings. Even Eveam knows a few of them.

So it may be reasonable to misunderstand whether the taste of Hiiro was based on that.

’’More far have you seen Hiiro...t-there's steam my f-face only? O-or perhaps down to my chest? Or else..........’’

Her line of sight went down naturally, but she immediately shook her head.

’’Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is too embarrassing to think about!’’

After thinking for a long while, worrying in agony about it, she heard a knock from the door.

(Hm? Did I perhaps made someone wait? Oh that's right I came out of the bathhouse without saying anything huh? No wonder they'd get worried.)

In fact, Eveam wasn't aware that the maid who witnessed Eveam's distress had already told Marione everything about it.

So right now, Eveam wasn't expecting to meet the person she didn't want to meet the most at the moment.

Eveam allowed the entry of the maid as she stayed in her bed. She heard the sound of the door opening then closing.

Thinking that it's improper to stay as it was, Eveam slowly peeled of the blanket wrapping her and spoke in turn while her back was facing the personage who entered.

’’I-I apologize for my behavior. I was distracted by an unforeseen’’

Eveam slowly moved her sight towards the personage behind her, then upon seeing the person, she hardened like a stone.


The unfriendly reply trembled the whole body of Eveam as steam gushed out from every part of her body at once,

’’W-w-wha #%&$?*¥!& !?’’

She had mumbled undecipherable words. Because the person in front of her was.....


It was the boy of her worries.


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