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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 272


Chapter 272 - As Expected of Hiiro

Due to the abrupt appearance of Marione, it was revealed that Hiiro had peeped on Eveam while she was taking her bath.

Naturally, Hiiro didn't intend to encounter such a scene on purpose, but it was also a topic he couldn't tell the others at the moment. So when he came in here, Hiiro simply ignored the worried intentions of his companions.

However, his deceit to hide it was in vain due to Marione's entry. And the one who was bothered the most about it was Liliyn.

Obviously, she was quite ill-humored. Hiiro didn't understand why she'd suddenly change her attitude like that.

’’Now then, you are going to tell me exactly what happened right?’’

Even Marione who tried to inquire about the matter was taken by Liliyn a step ahead.

’’...even if you ask me...that was just an accident, you know?’’

’’Hoh, so it was an accident you saw her naked?’’


’’H-how far did you see?’’


’’I'm asking how far did you see, idiot!’’

’’....why do I have to answer that to you?’’

If it was Eveam, he would honestly answer that question. Because he was the one who made the mistake, so answering the question could serve as a means of his apology.

However, he didn't have any obligation to say these to Liliyn. Hiiro frowned at such thought.

’’Just answer it!’’

’’I refuse. It's none of your business.’’

’’Wha!? Uuuu~’’

Liliyn groaned at her loss in their argument as she held her hands into tight fists.

’’Idiot! Don't make that obvious face as if you're pretending to be uninterested in these matters, you pervert!’’

Hiiro did not know what to respond as he looked at her speechless at Liliyn who was shouting while pointing a finger at him.

’’Ehem’’, then, Hiiro heard a coughing sound, shifted his attention and saw Marione seizing the opportunity to intervene them.

’’For the time being, even if you are the benefactor of our country, it seems certain that you have peeked at a lady in the midst of their bath time, moreover, the Demon Lord of this nation. Her Majesty has shut herself in her room and hasn't come out since then. Youngster, you have to take responsibility for this.’’

According to Marione's information, it seems Eveam immediately ran to her room after the bath incident. And while concealed under the drapes of her bed, she muttered repeatedly 'Hiiro saw me, Hiiro saw me'

Since 10 years ago, Eveam hadn't taken a bath with someone else. Even Kiria who was her former aide, she never let her be accompanied in her bath time. Part of her embarrassment stemmed from that fact, but to think she would be seen by someone else naked, moreover by a man whom she's very intimate with, it further increased the shame she felt.

’’Despite what Her Majesty looks, she's quite innocent’’

Hiiro was aware of her inexperience, but dropping it with this timing was making it harder for him to respond.

’’Because to Her Majesty, you, it is because he was seen by you that she's like that.’’

Well, that's natural, since until now men had never seen her naked, so it isn't strange for her to to suddenly have this kind of response to it. But it seems there's something else hidden the way Marione told it to him.

’’Even right now, she's probably buried under the sheets of her bed and won't come out. Like what I said before, you have to take responsibility for this. So come by all means to her room.’’

Marione had a point. Although it was an accident, this is still the consequence of his mistake. He shouldn't run away from this or even think he was unrelated to this. Hence, the invitation.

’’....haa, I understand. I'll go.’’

’’Wait Hiiro!’’

Even though he reluctantly decided to go, Liliyn calls out to stop him.




Liliyn had this expression as if she wanted to say something, but Hiiro cannot understand what was it.

’’... if there is something you want to say, quickly tell me. I don't have time all day.’’

’’Uu, fine....what I'm trying to say was, don ’’


Hiiro couldn't hear her whisper like response and tried to confirm it again. While blushing, she responded,

’’D-don't be too gentle to her!!!’’

What is this Red Loli saying? It was natural that he should treat wounded women with care. Especially if the cause of their distress came from him.

’’You, what are you trying to say....’’

’’Mou! Forget it! Just get out of here already!’’

Liliyn turned her back to him as if saying there was nothing to talk about anymore. Her actions felt more and more confusing lately, but he should give priority to the Demon Lord's matter first.

So Hiiro went out of the room with Marione in tow.

After Hiiro went out of the room, Silva quietly opened his mouth to Liliyn who was crossing her arms while puffing her cheeks.

’’That gentleman really lacks delicacy to women, huh?’’

’’You can say that again! And here I thought when he'd come back soon! Then he does this!’’

’’Haha, calm down, let's just think of it as one of Hiiro-san's virtue, shall we?’’

Although Cruzer said so, Liliyn responded with a sharp glare at him.

’’You call seeing a woman naked a virtue?! Moreover, to that Demon Lord herself!’’

’’Nofofofo! Is Milady perhaps suggesting that she'd want to be seen as well?’’

’’D-don't say something foolish! Who said I wanted to be seen by Hiiro naked!’’

As Liliyn's flushed expression turned beet red, she desperately tried to make an excuse.

’’Hee~ so Liliyn-dono wanted to take a bath together with Shishou this much, huh?’’

’’L-like I said before, that's a misunderstanding!’’

’’Is that so? But it's quite fun to take a bath together with Shishou you know?’’

’’J-just because it's fun doesn't mean that you have to involve m..... wait, what did you just say?’’

’’What I said? Ah, the one about bathing? Yup, I enjoy it quite a lot!’’

’’N-no, before that.....y-you went to a bath with Hiiro together?’’

’’Yup~! Although Shishou disliked it, me and Mikazuki had taken a bath together with Hiiro several times already!’’

Nikki bragging about it while puffing her chest. Mikazuki who was nearby was making a similar face as well.

’’Yeah, I even invited Shamoe-chan but she refused my offer, right?’’

’’Fueeeee! T-taking a bath with a male together is too much of a hurdle for me!’’

Shamoe covered her face with both hands as she blushed at the mention of Mikazuki's words and shook her head vigorously.

’’Ahaha, Nikki-san and Mikazuki-san sure are close with Hiiro-san.’’

Cruzer couldn't help smile at the two them as he said so, but then, as if he felt something strange, 'Hii!', he leaked such a voice. Because a black aura was gushing out from Liliyn in front of him.

’’T-that stupid think he had done it with Nikki and Mikazuki as well....’’

Although Liliyn was trembling along with her clenched fists, she shook her head as if to regain her composure and then took a deep breath.

’’No, calm down me. He is talented for unconsciously inviting such situations to himself. Even if I question each of them one by one, there's no helping it since what has happened happened....kukuku, that's right. I should just stay calm and be cool about this.’’

Gradually, Liliyn regained her composure. However, Silva spoke something who didn't try to read the situation for a bit.

’’Surely at this time, Hiiro-sama is apologizing to Eveam-dono as their distance begins to shorten once again.’’

Clearly, a vein popped out on Liliyn's forehead.

’’Hiiro-dono may be trying to comfort Eveam-dono but he's unaware that it's actually imprisoning her more through his gentle consolidation....’’

Then, Liliyn begins to shake her head little by little.

(Nofofofo! A jealous Milady sure is delightfully cute! Nofofofofo!)

Apparently, Silva seemed to have said that to deliberately make her jealous. It was Liliyn's desire when she told Hiiro not be gentle with Eveam regarding the matter.

It was words expressing her vigilance, guessing that Hiiro would say some heart-robbing words to Eveam.

Of course, Liliyn herself isn't aware of this intention. It was only Silva who sharply realized it. Hence, Silva stirred up her heart as he wanted to see that adorably jealous expression of hers.


At that time, Camus appeared as the door opened. To his shoulder was Tenn the 『Spirit』. Naturally, they both asked where Hiiro was, so Silva explained accurately the details of what happened.

Camus was 'Fu~ I see' while Tenn seems to have completely comprehended the situation and said 'Not again'


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